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Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Children Will Be Bilingual, Talks Essentials for a Healthy Sex Life

Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Children Will Be Bilingual, Talks Essentials for a Healthy Sex Life

Zoe Saldana is glowing on the cover of Cosmopolitan for Latinas‘ September 2014 issue, on newsstands August 12.

Here’s what the 36-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star had to share with the mag:

On how to have a good sex life: “To be uninhibited. I’m not talking about bringing in a third person or watching porn all night: That’s what leads people to believe they are amazing in bed when they’re the worst ever. Pornography is not sex education – it’s the opposite! Don’t allow insecurities to close you off. Be creative.”

On if her and Marco Perego‘s kids will speak Spanish: “Of course [our children] will speak the languages that we speak; my sisters and I grew up learning French and speaking English and Spanish, and because of that, we’re able to understand Italian and Portuguese. But I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to speak Spanish to my children, because I speak Spanglish.”

On what makes a man sexy: “A man who has a natural respect for women – I don’t want a man who worships me: Stay away from those. Worshipping doesn’t count as really seeing me. I like men who work with women, are challenged by women, learn from women.”

On loving her age: “At 35, you make better choices in men or partners, divorce people and situations that are not right for you, and learn to say ‘no’ with a smile.”

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Credit: Alexei Hay/Cosmo for Latinas
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  • GradBoy

    Will her kids be taugh to recognize a connection to Black people of the Americas, or is that not a priority for Zoe and her pretty boy artist?! Lol.

  • GradBoy

    She is gorgeous and strong. I like her, but have to call her about her denial of blackness in the past.

  • Christina

    I really like her!! Seems like a very nice and strong person.

  • Lee

    Pretentious twaaaat

  • ugh

    @GradBoy: She’s not African American – get over it!
    African Americans (MY ethnicity) are those descendants of African slaves that came to the new world we now call America.
    Zoe is Dominican. She can’t look into the 1800s in America and find her ancestors.
    Stop hijacking people’s history. And it’s not “boy” , it’s Man. You seem jealous as hell of this woman. Get some self esteem, damn.

  • J

    @ugh: EXACTLY. Black does not = African American. There are black people from all over the world, but people who are African have ancestry connected to Africa. I’m black, but I’m not African. Just as there are white people from Germany, Ireland, England, Sweden, Canada, etc. there are black people from the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, etc etc. I don’t know why people are so ignorant when they’re online and have easy access to learn history if they’re too lazy to pick up a book.

  • J

    I’ve never been a fan of Zoe, but I agree with a lot of what she said here..especially about her age. I feel like once you’re out of your 20s, you look at life and relationships totally different. It’s probably the best time to make the decision of who you’re going to marry. I’m not saying younger relationships/marriages don’t work out, but I agree with her on what she said.

  • she fine

    @GradBoy: lmao. have a problem she with a white guy? jelly? asking to teach that good old racism? Ns date Ns? old age N-stuff. that’s what reeks outta your post. lol jelly loser stuff. :D

  • GradBoy

    @ugh: If you are going to pay attention to what I said and criticize me you might read carefully. I said a connectionto black peoples of the Americas which would include the Dominican Republic. There were slaves all across the Americas, not just the U.S. You seem stupid as hell; read some more and get over your lack of intelligence.

  • GradBoy

    @J: Read some more yourself before you accuse people of not reading. People of significant West African ancestry have a connection to Africa regardless of where they are from. I was speaking about Black people all over the Americas not just the U.S.

  • GradBoy

    @she fine: For the record I’m white. I grew up around a lot of Black Americans because my mother married a Black American man when I was twelve. I have dated both Black women and white women. I’m not jealous of Zoe’s pretty boy. I’ve said it before that I admire Zoe, but i find her pretentiosness where her Blackness is concerned pretentiousness, and like to addres it, especially since it riles the fan so much! Lol. This is not a fan site but a gossip site, so it is okay for me to be critical of Zoe.

  • ugh

    @GradBoy: Really? You’re not even black and you want to school someone on their ‘blackness’?
    Also, Zoe has stated in several interviews how proud she is of her black African heritage. What more do you want from her? Honestly, you sound like a troll who got his/her a*s handed to them and now wants to backtrack. GL with that.

  • Sassypants

    Though she comes off as unapproachable and not very friendly, she seems very grounded and mature which is refreshing when so many “it girls” in Hollywood sounds like attention seeking morons.

  • allison

    I hear you gradboy. She only wants to be acknowledged as black when it fits her need to play a black character in a movie. Otherwise she wants EVERYONE to know that she is a Latina. Funny thing is Alba use to do the same thing.
    They use the AA community to get fame then once they are famous ignore them and claim to be a Latina.

  • Sayer

    Zoe identifies as black for professional reasons–she can go after the designated black person roles in movies, without being restricted. In real life, she wants nothing to do with black people.

  • J

    @GradBoy: Clearly you DON’T read because I didn’t mention YOU at all. I was speaking in general about people who assume that all black people are “African American”. I am a black woman but my family is not African. I am an American who is black with ancestry tracing back to many different countries. For the most part almost everyone in the US has ancestry to different parts of the world but people who are not black constantly refer to black people they meet as African American, and that’s incorrect if you don’t know if their ancestry is African. Just as you don’t meet anyone who speaks Spanish and assume they’re Mexican, because they’re not always. But, like I said, I was replying to someone who was talking to you, but I was not talking to you. However, if you’re so offended/defensive by what I said then clearly you identify with the ignorant people I mentioned who don’t know the difference between someone who is black and someone who is African American.

  • Lola

    OMG, that was exactly what I was going to wirte … to this day I have never met a black Dominican or a white Dominican or a Caribe Dominican or a black Cuban or a white Cuban or a Taino Puertorrican or a black Puertorrican or a white Puertorrican … Islanders don’t tend to introduced themselves as *color* / nationality… people don’t get that in the US of A.

  • Lola


  • Lola

    By replying I had forgotten to write … I liked her interview.

  • Hm

    @GradBoy: Does Zoe “denying” herself hurt you in anyway? Because, if not, I don’t know why you care so much about how she’s living her life. There are people all over America “denying” their roots whether it’s being black, being of mixed race, being Italian, and the list goes on… do you go standing on their front lawn telling them to accept themselves? Why don’t you worry about yourself and stop worrying about how Zoe’s living her life. It has absolute no baring on you whatsoever. I mean, you’re not even black but you’re sitting on your pedestal calling Zoe out. Zoe’s skin color is her skin color, but her heritage is something else. Do you call out Italians who have Irish ancestry and say “you’re focusing too much on being Italian”? I doubt it. Zoe did an interview with a LATINA magazine, so she’s going to talk about that side. Do you expect her to do an interview and constantly go “oooh I just love being black”? I don’t walk around saying “wow being black is awesome, but I’m also white too..let’s not forget that”. Just because Zoe doesn’t preach about being black doesn’t mean she’s denying being black. SOME PEOPLE see people as people before they see people as color. Who cares if her husband has white skin. They both speak the same language and have a lot in common. Does that register to you or does their skin only matter? You say you dated black and white women, if you married one of the black women because of how you connected on many levels, would it matter do you that people said “nah, bro, you should’ve married white” even if you had nothing in common with the white woman you dated previously? What if you ended up finding out Marco had a grandmother who was black, would that change your opinion? You could meet people every day that you think are white because they look white and then find out they’re black. Mariah Carey married a black man and no one says anything because she’s also black..she’s bi-racial so it doesn’t matter. But, what if you didn’t know that about her? People would think Nick Cannon just married a white woman. Black people come in all different shades. You need to stop preaching about who’s “black enough”. Worry about you, don’t worry about Zoe…she’s doing just fine.

  • Chris

    @allison, Ive been a fan of Jessica Alba for years. I don’t remember her ever claiming to be anything but Latina. And then only a bit. She never once claimed to be black. I found some interviews regarding her mentioning her childhood being harsh because she couldn’t identify with the school racial groups because shes so mixed, but never anything about her identifying with blacks.

  • gross

    who she still looks like a scary clown that haunts my dreams..

  • gradmans the man

    grad boy is more than right….this c u next Tuesday only wants to be seen as black for money and fame …however GOOGLE SHOULD BE YOUR FRIEND if you don’t believe anyone who EXPOSES her as an enemy to the black race or anyone who respects blacks which I believe gradboy does. SHE HAS ONLY WHITE BOYFRIENDS AND NOW HUSBAND …AND SO DO HER SIBLINGS…AND IS MIXED AND THERE IS NO REASON WHY THIS C U NEXT TUESDAY SHOULD BE FORCED UPON BLACKS…SHE HAS NO BLACK IDENTITY IS NOT PROBLACK AND ONLY black simpletons defend this trash when she doesn’t want anything to do with you in her personal life…please bish the joke is on the black losers who defend her!

  • LOL

    gradmans the man IS grad boy.


    this lying fake black thot should never have opened her mouth against black women being lazy in Hollywood…this no talented scumbag would never have gotten anywhere without her precious white male’s casting couch and also cares about skin color only when she is being rejected for roles!

  • yahos

    who she still looks like a scary clown that haunts my dreams

    why do you have to be so funny gross?

  • reba

    The only ‘color’ I’m going to mention in this post is the purple/lavender dress. I really like it!

  • RachelSun

    Zoe has always said she is a black woman. Her culture is Latin which is not a racial classification you racist POS! She has never denied what is plain to see. She married an Italian so what jealous much. Like someone else said a white person telling a person of African descent how black they should be. get off your racist white horse and sit down.

  • GradBoy

    @ugh: How have I backtracked? I haven’t changed my opinion, just clarified it. For the record Zoe has indeed distanced herself from Black people until recently. Do your research. GL with that. Bye, silly little messed up Oreo!

  • GradBoy

    @J: My dear girl, if you are Black you are associated with Africa, unless you are biracial, regardless of your complexion, features, hair texture, etc. That is the way it is. All the confused rambling and self-loathing denial will not change that. And in response to ‘Ugh’ that I forgot to post. it doesn’t matter what my race is, I can call out hypocrisy if I want to in anyone, including a black woman about her blackness!

  • GradBoy

    @Hm: You need to slow down a bit dear. Come back when you’ve taken your meds. I have no intention of ever getting married, for the record.

  • J

    @GradBoy: I’m not your girl and I’m not associated with Africa. You’re not even black but you think you have some authority on who is black, who’s black enough, who’s African, etc. I’d say come back and talk to me when you have a clue, but how about you come back to me when you become black yourself..I’m sure it would take just as long as finding that clue.

  • J

    @GradBoy: and I wouldn’t go around telling people to take their meds when you went off your rocker on this site initially freaking out over someone’s life that you don’t even know and continued to unleash the crazy. You should probably get out more and stop fussing over other people’s lives…I suggest spending some time in a classroom or library. Have a good life.

  • Bella

    Zoe has no business being on the cover of Latina magazine she is Negra not Latina. Besides, African Americans can not stand this woman and resent her taking on African American roles. Her black people the Dominicans were also slaves much longer than they were in the states.

  • WhiteLatina

    She looks like Chris Rock in a dress but she doesn’t look Latina. The only reason she gets white guys is because she pays for everything all of the white guys she buys are unemployed.

  • Cubano

    @Bella: That’s becuz African Americans look down on Dominican blacks and think they have no culture or self-esteem that’s why they are always trying to portray African Americans on film, no one wants to see Dominican blacks in movies.


    Anyone who is black and defends someone like hoey saldana (who prefers white PEOPLE)is a moron!!!…whitelatina and anyone else is free to say whatever negative truths they want about her …..I cannot stand Dominican blacks.BECAUSE they are enemies to the black race like saldana.IS .. SAMMY SOSA ANYONE????….I met a cool Columbian black man who was fine being black…ok….so blacks in latin countries are not all slaves with white supremacist mentality!

  • ??

    Hey check out the phillipino / assistant she is claiming to be her mother ! Looks asian with a masculine haircut!! I have seen her mom she is black just like her .

  • GradBoy

    @J: You should follow your own advice and not give me a hard time for stating the truth. And I don’t have to be black to call out Zoe on her hypocrisy. I’m not criticizing her lack of blackness but her hypocrisy. She doesn’t want to be Black, but then wants to claim Blackness when it suits a role she is portraying.

  • Anna

    You guys are crazy.. i’m brazilian and nearly everyone here is mixed race, sure there are people who identify as blacks or whites but they’re mixed somewhere and we idebtify ourselves as brazilians, there’s no such thing as an african-brazilian! It must be the same with dominicans! No racism there!

  • …..

    @Anna: So true…and everyone wants to label all black people as African-American…yet Charlize Theron is a white woman who actually IS African-American. @GradBoy is the poster boy of ignorance. There are white people who are African and black people who are Brazilian. My dad has white skin but both of his parents are of mixed race…his birth father looks black. Genetics are tricky like that. GradBoy needs to quit tripping out. He doesn’t know how Zoe feels, so he should ease up. She doesn’t need to talk about being black to the public in order to love herself.

  • Castilian

    There is no such thing as a Black Latina Latin people are white and descendant from Europeans blacks who speak Spanish are from the slaves the Spanish had.

  • Jenna

    @Castilian: You’re very wrong, first of all. Second of all, there are white Latin people, black Latin people, and the most comment Latin people with light brown skin. Second of all, there are Latin people with skin that appears “white” but one of their parents could have black or tan skin. Unless you sit down with every Latin person in the world, you will never know everyone’s family history. Not everything is so “white” and “black” as racist people think. My mother has white skin and she’s a black woman, but people don’t know that when they meet her. People have been mean to me but nice to her by not even thinking she and I are together in public until she tells them off. You truly can not know and judge a person by their skin color because you could be totally wrong.