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Kristen Stewart Graces the Cover of 'Elle' Magazine's September 2014 Fashion Issue

Kristen Stewart Graces the Cover of 'Elle' Magazine's September 2014 Fashion Issue

Kristen Stewart gets locked up in Chanel for the cover of Elle magazine’s September 2014 fashion issue, on newsstands nationwide August 19.

Here’s what the 24-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her growing career: “Never at any point have I sat down and plotted how I should proceed from here on. As soon as you start thinking about your career as a trajectory”like, as if you’re going to miss out on some wave or momentum”then you’re never doing anything for yourself anyway. Then you’re truly, actually, specifically working for the public. You’re turning yourself into a bag of chips.”

On not being a people pleaser: “Now I feel like if I smiled for a paparazzi photo”not that I ever would”that’s exactly what people would be desecrating me for. They’d be like, ‘now you’re going to give it up, now you’re a sellout.’ like, okay. What do you want? What would you like?”

On when she realized the impact of Twilight: “The day the movie came out there was a picture of me”in the New York Post, I think. I was sitting on my front porch, smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and dog. And I was like, Oh sh-t, well, I have to be aware of that.”

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Photos: Michael Thompson for ELLE
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  • Sterges

    Biggest sellout ever. And a hypocrite. Growing career, ha ha… More like stumbling post-minicooper one.

  • GG

    GORGEOUS! Love her! Can’t wait to get the magazine!

  • Great! Not!

    I m a subscriber so now I am stuck with her ugly mug

  • LiiL



  • Unhappy subscriber

    Stuck with her ugly mug for the month

  • bc

    Insufferable bitch.

  • MAR


  • mfmaefh

    I love her, good luck in your career

  • RV

    Does she even promote something? Or they just put her on the cover for no reason?

  • Blah

    It’s not like she can actually smile

  • Guest Speaker

    This quote: “I was sitting on my front porch, smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and dog. And I was like, Oh sh-t, well, I have to be aware of that.”

    Really Kristen? how about the very public images of you smoking a pipe in NOLA in a public park with people around? Her friends post IG pics of her kitchen with those pipe on the background. She acts as if she is innocent. WHATEVER!!!

    She may be a good actress but she ain’t no saint and she doesn’t fully own up to it.

  • Candy

    You go Kristen keep living your life!!!

  • Yay

    Kristen looks amazing!!!

  • bland

    I cant understand her at all. I wonder what its like to actually be talking to her.

  • h8e

    Putting Chanel on her is like throwing diamonds in the trash.

  • booklover

    gorgeous cover!!

  • Nic

    omg gorgeous.

  • Royal

    Kristen Stewart is the most beautiful girl.

  • bobby

    GO KRISTEN, love you girl❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ignore THE SATANS comments, still pressed….hahahahaha bye bye

  • http://ggg homely

    Home wrecker

  • http://ggg homely


  • http://ggg homely

    Fake hipster trash

  • Bree

    She is the last celebrity I would think of when I see Chanel

  • bae

    Sexy KStew

  • jesse

    She’s flawless & beautiful

  • JustSayin

    To me, she unintentionally sounds pretentious.
    Having long-term career goals and plans isn’t stupid. It’s actually pretty smart. I think she means more in dealing with people’s intentions than their strategy instead.
    It’s also a bit ironic she’s so against the pleasing people business; yet, she talks about not wanting people to believe she’s a sellout multiple times.

  • groovy8899

    @JustSayin: Do you and @also… get paid to be on every thread? Please let me in on it.

  • talia

    @Guest Speaker: kristen’s doesn’t act like she is innocent,she isn’t perfect but let’s face it nobody is. Plus it ain’t illegal to smoke weed,something which the majority of people in LA and probably america as a whole do.

    @RV: she most likely will be talking about her upcoming films that will be released later this year and next year in the interview.

  • Sim

    @homely: Rob fans, please go away, just pollute the air here, you’re embarrassing neloiby you ignore Kristen, Kristen is gorgeous and you blunt

  • Guest Speaker


    Kristen plays the game just like every other actor/actress. She acts like she doesn’t but she does. If she truly didn’t care she wouldn’t be a spokesperson for Balenciaga perfume or Chanel.

    She does come across as pretentious..whether its intentional or not I don’t know. I noticed in the last few interviews.

  • Guest Speaker


    I know she doesn’t think she’s innocent but she acts like she hides all her habits. Like mentioning those old pipe smoking pics from 2008…she JUST did it again in a public park on her bday. She clearly hasn’t learned anything. And clearly doesn’t care if the paps catch her doing that stuff.


    Clyde Lewis was talking about Ms. Stewart’s royal Scotish blood-line Holy Grail conspiracy plot to take over the throne of England last night on Ground Zero Radio. You can google his latest pod cast and hear it if you like.

  • Sam

    I am happy that her career and personal life are going well. It signals young women that they too can overcome adversity and move forward. After all, that’s what we are told constantly and what we tell our loved ones — to pick ourselves up when we fall. Still, I wish she would sound a bit more cheerful. She looks good.

  • Nan

    Love her. She is so honest and that really pisses so many off. Haters going to find someone to rag on. Can’t wait till this mag. CComes out!!

  • Jessie

    Sterges @ 08/07/2014 at 10:37 am #1
    I agree that she appears to be a sellout. I’m not a fan of hers, but I don’t dislike her either. I think she was very idealistic before Twilight. She was doing Indy films and said it was all about the acting. But since Twilight she’s gotten caught up in the celebrity machine and has turned to fashion, which she previously said wasn’t her thing. She’s certainly no fashion icon.
    She still talks nonsense. She may not sit around thinking about her career, but she pays people to do that.
    The cover of this issue isn’t appealing. She looks sad and uninterested. There is nothing about it that says ‘buy me’. There are many other pictures that they could have chosen, why they chose this one is a mystery.

  • sarah

    I love her and this cover!

  • Melymori

    Eyeroll of the day…

  • LoveHer

    She looks fab. And I love the things she says, she’s a young woman already 15 years into her career and there’s so much crap in Hollywood and she’s working hard to keep it real. Appreciate her fight against being turned into a mere commodity.
    Keep on rocking KStew. Can hardly wait until her next 7 movies come out in the next year. Looking forward to it.

  • Cate

    Why is she bashing people for *gasp* plotting their careers? It’s sensible and smart to think about your long term goals and something most people have to do if they are not fortunate to luck into a million dollar franchise. That’s what she pays her manager, agent, lawyers, publicist to stylist for too.

    As if shilling for companies if they pay her $$$$ is any better or somehow more honourable or honest! She is such a phony, hypocritical pretentious idiot.

  • LOL

    This woman is so fake and dumb and laughable.


    Are you fricking crazy or something?
    More money is always better than no money.
    “I have been poor, and I have been rich. And I can honestly tell you that rich is better…” Bill Clinton

  • Jessica

    I have always been a fan of her and supported her most of the time, with the exception of the scandal…but ever since Twilight ended she sounds like the biggest pretentious snob. Before I defended her in saying that she was probably nervous and didn’t like her smile and people were too hard on her, but lately it seems like she’s so ungrateful. She never appears like she wants to be at events, she’s trying so hard to look rough, people chalk it up to being a lesbian, which is rude because whether she’s gay or not doesn’t matter to me, but it’s like she is intentionally trying to look awful too. Never thought I’d miss the days of her and Rob (I was never a fan of Robsten) but at least back then she seemed a bit more humble, cleaner (I know right lol), and much more adult in how she conducted herself…now that she had so much time off and has been hipstering it up with her going-nowhere-hipster-hanger-on friends, it’s like she’s just become an immature and ungrateful brat. This will be the first issue of hers that I do not buy. I do not smoke pot, I know people who do and I try not to judge people for that, but it’s a darn shame when you’re spending your days tokeing and spending your career complaining but getting paid big bucks when there are people how there who conduct themselves in a much more classy way and work their butts off and HAVE to work instead of lounging because their jobs don’t pay $12 million for reciting lines. Kristen has it so easy but acts like she has it so hard. I can’t believe I was blinded by that in the past. I try not to judge people I don’t know, but she’s just so public with her antics and as a consumer…I’m disappointed this is a magazine I can’t buy because of her and as a ticket paying costumer, I’m disappointed that movies I’d like to see with have her yucking up the screen like Still Alice. It goes to show that what goes up can come down. If there are more people out there like me, Kristen will definitely lose a good portion of her fanbase who use to support her. I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of crap said to me, but this is how I feel. I wish some of her fans would spend their time respecting women who respect themselves…like Lupita and those like her, instead of calling this snot “queen” all the time.

  • Jessica

    and FYI as long as the fashion world needs more money and as long as magazines will want to stay in print, they will still get celeb endorsements and put people on the cover that are in those book to movie saga/series…they want money, sales and website clicks. Kristen doesn’t get the cover because she’s a fabulous actress, she gets the cover because Elle knows “Krisbians” will buy it and they’ll get money.

  • Woopye

    She only misses out on joy and happiness, doesn’t she?

  • Sien

    @Guest Speaker: What are you talking about? kristen Stewart has declared many many times that she is NOT a saint!!! She doesn’t care what people think and she just lives her life. She has said this countless times! Especially about the smoking!

  • annie

    What a special snowflake. Of course she never created a trajectory for her career. She has people to do that for her. This is why is so hard to like her. Look at her answers. She always acts like everybody else is a sell out and she is special actress who only do things for herself.

  • Truely

    You fans like who you are. Thanks for being yourself.

  • L

    LOL this talentless, pseudo-intellectual, pretentious sell-out c unt
    She tries so f hard, it’s quite sad aand funny as f
    two Fashion endorsements= selling out. specially after dissing other celebs for doing the same. Hypocrite fool.
    Being part of two franchises duh SELLING OUT
    The best part is that she cares sfm lol it’s delicious really. every f interview posted here she mentions the same contrived true to self, not selling out bs.
    keep chanting “stay true to yourself, not selling out” still not true b!tch

    PS. “Desecrating” does not mean what you think it means. You’re not f sacred.
    Drop the thesaurus and grab a dictionary ;)

  • dn

    she is so pretentious and classless until she doesn’t come true with what really happened with the affair she will never gain back the respect of people that apology was fake. thank god that rob has opened his eyes and ran away from her

  • Guest Speaker


    Jessica I actually agree with everything you said. I used to be a fan of Kristen but not lately. No hate but just seeing a totally different side. She does come off as ungrateful. She gets so much handed to her and not once has she said “I am extremely lucky”. She is not as humble as she used to be.

    And I agree when she was with Rob she was more humble and adult.

    I think my dislike for her really started after Sundance when she gloated about getting praise for her role in Camp XRay and then to an interviewer said “I am extremely great at everything I do…” really?

    Anyway, its a shame. I am sure people will pounce on me as well but I don’t care. Some people change and its clear Kristen’s changed and its her fame that has changed her. And of course no one who works with her will fully admit to it but I am sure they see it too.

    And as for her friends, I am sure they are good people but its pretty clear they mooch off of her. Juliette Binoche said in an interview recently that Kristen spent lots of time in between scenes chatting with her friends online.