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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin: New Couple Alert? (Report)

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin: New Couple Alert? (Report)

Rumors have heated up that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are a new hot couple!

The 24-year-old Oscar winning actress and 37-year-old Coldplay frontman reportedly started seeing each other after her and Nicholas Hoult split back in June, E! News reports.

Meanwhile, Chris recently split from his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, but the two seem to still be good friends.

We have no idea if this rumor is true or not, but they sure would make an interesting couple!

DO YOU THINK that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin make a cute couple??

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  • Leneya

    Awww man! Is this beotch coming out with something? She’s as bad as the Kartrashians.

  • Hannah

    Not sure about this rumor, but it sure seems like the tabloids love talking about her even though she is very private about her personal life.

  • l


  • Carmem


  • ml


  • true

    She’s a fan of Goldplay.

  • LOL

    Random rumor playing off the fact she was seen leaving a coldplay concert back in July. When did E Online become a gossip rag website with the old “multiple sources” excuse to post the article. Who knows what is real anymore, the rag sites just want clicks and viewers.


    WHAT ?!!!!! ^^’

  • sadness

    @LOL: Your post is so pessimistic.

  • ….

    I think he’s still with Alexa Chung.

  • Bloop

    Oh gosh, Those Hollywierd men have their midlife crisis earlier and earlier. Idiots.

  • Cate

    IF this is true I usually would think such a big age gap is gross but given how successful Jennifer is an older guy who is already top of his field might be a good idea. Most guys her age are just starting out and sadly some might feel intimidated by a woman who is so much more successful. Chris Martin seems pretty chill and he already has a huge career.

    She sure seems to like English guys if this is true.

  • LOL


    Sorry but its true, if they are together or just friends thats between them but saying “multiple sources” as an excuse to post an article is a joke. Wait until their is real proof to post things like these.

  • Josephine

    This comes at the same time another tabloid reports that she tries to “steal” Bradley Cooper from Suki Waterhouse. The truth is – she just broke up with Hoult and the gossip mags couldn’t miss the opportunity to randomly match her with every male she has ever been even briefly connected too. Who’s next – Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson or maybe someone much more scandalous – Christian Bale?

  • vera

    @Cate: English guys have an intelligent sense of humor and if you end up with a good one you are such a lucky girl because they’ll treat you like a queen.

  • vera

    @Josephine: The Christian Bale rumor just existed in your own imagination.

  • AlwaysLateToTheParty

    I am taking this rumor by jugging the whole container of salt. Hope I don’t die from sodium poisoning waiting to see if this is actually true or not to finally come out. HAHAHA

  • Guest

    Why Jennifer? Why? You are way too young to be a step mom to anyone

  • Kristen

    well I’m SHOCKED.Jen truly has a thing for british men.

    I don’t see this lasting.and E!news confirmed I guess it’s true.

    she could way way better but I guess as I stated she has a thing for british guys LMAO

  • dd

    hope its not true. cause I love both of them, but not as a couple. ewww

  • moi

    Shes far too young for him. Id say hes still seeing Alexa Chung but hey what do i know

  • Melanie

    shit E!news basically confirmed it.he’s way too old for you Jen.come on the fk on !

    now I wonder if Jen and Brad were single at the same time….

    he def had a huge thing for her and he basically adores her.

  • guest

    Please, let it be true!

  • isabelle

    @moi: And Alexa Chung aint that young for him? As a geisha? It seems thats how you consider asian girls.

  • isabelle

    @moi: ok forget about my comment

  • Loool!!!

    She and his ex wife have some similarities, they both got Oscar because of Harvey Weinstein, maybe he loves them out of Weinstein “test”…

  • Go

    Somewhere in the world Bradley Cooper is very angry! Did not see this coming.

  • Annie

    This could totally be happening but i doubt E! knows anything. Jen is very private. Nobody knows anything about her. Tabloids are desperated for something on her especially now she is single but unless someone leaked that there is no way Ecould find this out.

  • dfgvfx

    Chris martin is a good choice to rebound. He is also british. Poor Nicholas, you miss your chance. Good lucky finding someone like Jen again.

  • Buhah

    He is too old for her just like bradley but for someone like Jen must be really hard to date someone at her age in this industry so good for her but if this is true its is obviously a rebound thing. Not even 2 months ago she declaring her love for her bf.

  • S

    Chris is yummy, he can play my piano anytime! ;) Go Jennifer!

  • shelly

    Sounds like BS to me. No other reputable sources (Entertainment Weekly, People) are reporting this (I no longer consider E! that reliable). Not to mention that she’s been paired up with a bunch of guys she never dated (Liam, Bradley, even Prince Harry) and she was at the Coldplay concert but what everyone neglects to mention is Coldplay did a song for the Hunger Games album so the cast met the band and went to the after party. They were done shooting the final movie in Germany so they all went to the concert, not just Jen (Liam and Josh Hutcherson went too, would someone like to imply they’re also seeing Chris?) I’ll wait till some real news outlet comes out with this news or someone’s rep issues a denial or confirmation.

  • Guest

    She could do so much better than a divorced old British dude with two kids

  • cari

    @Loool!!!: lol, so true! It’s hard to believe that these two obnoxious, talentless, basic women achieved something thanks to their hard work. In Lawrence’s case it was always about PR and not an actual talent. She would never get an Oscar without Harvey’s “help”. Same with Goop.

  • LousyLovers



  • Imbruglia/Chung

    well dont believe it ,and i dont want to ,she’s to good and attractive for him just like Gwyneth .
    but there are rumors (in london) which others believe to be based on fact that he has/had been screwing a local woman in sw london for at leasT seven years there is also ‘rumor’ recently he had an affair with singer natalie imbruglia and english model Alexa Chung ….

  • Ice

    I could see them together as basically a bit of a fling, having some fun, enjoying life for a bit but I couldn’t see them together in a serious, long-term committed sense.

  • Take your meds

    @Cate: Brad robs the cradle with every women. But, is he is exempt from your idiocy?

  • lola2014

    Oh god I hope not. This is horrible.

  • Drats

    They look so much alike, so I am going to say that yes, this is happening.

  • Amy

    So her type is unattractive British men?

  • Roberta

    Jennifer is flawles,young,very successful,amazing actress and can do so so much better.gurl why are you dating this ugly a** british guys ? come on.she clearly has a thing for them

  • henny b

    He’s finally gonna handle some “perks”.

  • Janire

    I like Jennifer, I like Chris… I like them together!

  • Holly

    So CM is finally living the rock star life of dating very young chicks for publicity. Good luck, just that JLaw is a no talent, trailer park chick with little career prospects after her IT girl moment wears off.
    But whatever, they are both overrated

  • Kam

    @Leneya: Hardly. Lawrence is a very talented Oscar winner. The Kardashians are not talented at all.

  • Kam

    @Bloop: Mid-life crisis? Your ignorance is sad. The great Lauren Bacall just passed away. The love of her life was Humphrey Bogart, who was 25 years older than her. And if you hate “Hollyweird” so much, why are you here?

  • Kam

    @Cate: In what world is this a huge gap? It’s a 13 year difference. Bogart was 25 years older than Bacall. They’re called May/December romances.

  • Kam

    @moi: Sigh. This place has so much ignorance. Older man/younger woman or Older woman/younger man stuff happens all the time. Bogart was 25 years older than Bacall.

  • Kam

    @Loool!!!: Jennifer won her Oscar because she gave a brilliant performance in a great movie.