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Jennifer Aniston Completes Ice Bucket Challenge, Justin Theroux Pours a Ton of Water On Her Head!

Jennifer Aniston Completes Ice Bucket Challenge, Justin Theroux Pours a Ton of Water On Her Head!

Jennifer Aniston has just completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in this hilarious video!

The 45-year-old actress’ fiance Justin Theroux, who nominated her for the challenge, poured the ice water over her head!

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Jen went ahead and nominated her Friends co-star Courtney Cox, BFF Chelsea Handler, and others. She also made sure to tell everyone to donate to the cause.

Be sure to watch below! And watch Justin‘s Ice Bucket Challenge in case you missed it!

Jennifer Aniston Ice Bucket Challenge

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  • yep


  • Bruna

    LOVE IT!!!

  • gis

    LOVE HER!!

  • Mathilde

    JA declined to do hers?

  • Louise

    “Look at me, I’m having, like, so much fun with my boyfriend. He’s, like, so cool and we love each other. Watch me, like, not being lonely and pathetic.”

  • Taylor

    @Louise: You are definitely lonely and pathetic. What a sad person you are.

  • MK

    @Louise: Kill yourself

  • Tiffany

    She’s so stupid

  • Jack

    Poor Louise. What a depressing life you must lead.

    Congrats to everyone who has participated in this. If you want to donate go to

  • Letizia

    @Louise: Let me guess, are you a fan of Angelina Fake Saint Jolie? LOL, of course you are. Go to her page to do what probably a loser like you do best: live her life.

  • MK

    @Tiffany: YOU are stupid.

  • cat

    Haha good sport. Love her

  • Kaley

    Jennifer is amazing, funny woman. Always good to see a truly funny woman and not a fake saint one.

  • Jack S.

    Love her! And she’s going to make a “ginormus” check to ALS… go girl!!!

  • lol

    Damn, she sure hit the wall fast. My grandma looks better.

  • allison

    She’s like Oprah. The makeup/hair people should be awarded for making them look good. Because neither are natural beauties. But good for her for writing a check.

  • WOW

    I honestly did not recognize her. I thought it was Bobby Brown (the make-up artist). Praise be to their team of professional make-up artist, stylist and hair dressers.

  • ike

    6,7,9 and 10. A person states their own opinion and you say, sad, pathetic, KILL YOURSELF? I think IMO that one person wrote 3 posts, but it doesn’t matter. Not everyone thinks like you. You can’t control the world honey so I don’t understand it when someone bashes a commenter, no matter who the article is about instead of ” go die or your an idiot”. It’s demeaning to yourself.

  • Jason

    Jennifer is wonderful

  • Troy

    She is such a cool girl, unpretentious and fun. I love this girl.

  • Roberta

    Love Jennifer!

  • Scarlett

    Jennifer is hilarious. Loved, his laugh is contagious.

  • Mary Alice

    Way to go Jen!

  • guest

    she looks so old without makeup

  • Louise

    What, is it like high school? Do I have to like Angelina, just because I don’t like this old fake hag?

    BTW, I’m pretty sure comments 19-23 are from the same person.

  • sky

    jen, justin rock…so good together

  • Shar

    Wow she looks old w/o make-up.

  • booth


    You can’t reason with her crazy fans. Anyone that says something about her has to be an Angelina Jolie fan.. Because they actually think that everyone one in the entire world wuvs her so much. that everyone was a Friends fan. That everyone thinks she is the best. Sorry folks. I’m not a Jolie fan and I don’t like this woman at all. And I can say that.
    Didn’t watch Friends and don’t think she is all that.
    She should have taken off the glasses..
    . Well she is finally doing something for others. maybe she will give some of the proceeds from all that Smart water and hair products to charity. LOL nope.. not going to happen.


    Honey you need to get a life.. Jennifer Aniston is not your Friend.. and if you came on her property she would throw you in jail. You are way to vested.. and too sensitive. her “pain is and should not be yours. Get a life and stop thinking this 45 year old woman NOT GIRL needs you to attack everyone for her.

  • iris aranda

    Heheh …awesome

  • Summergirl

    I love Jennifer Aniston!!! So cute in this video! What a sport! :D

  • Pd

    Haha! Adorable!

  • 500.000 dollars for Haiti ?

    Hope JA remember to give the money she promised to Haiti victims too. They are waiting !!!!!

  • isjeh

    i just love jennifer aniston!

  • yep

    Wow. Brangelina fans can’t even be positive for a worthy causes….Jen thanks for caring, giving and being a good sport.

  • Seriously??


    STFD AND STFU. you hens are the last ones to ever ever talk. You dish the nasty all the time. Then cry like babies if anyone says something about this woman.
    Point a finger when your hands are clean.

  • Dp

    Sooo cute! She is the nicest! Love her!

  • BloggBrattBimbo

    What did you mean you did not recognize her in those pictures? They were some of the better pictures I have seen lately of her! LOL You all say she is a natural beauty…PLEASE. That’s a joke. No wonder Brad dumped her for Angelina, waking up to her…Yuk!

  • Fake Woollywood

    This is success! Ice Bucket Challenge stay in second plane…all about ex-husband allways most important in your fake live!!Congratulacione,you have more comments…More respect for Justin,fake lover!Who many dolar you give?

  • holly

    Not a huge fan of hers but really loved her challenge.

  • Annie

    How much is her huge ginormous donation?? She always says something that is not true. I’m sure it’s just a few thousands but she inflates everything. She is such a fraud. The organizer should sue her if her donation is not in the millions because as she said she will donate ginormous and huge. Let’s see!!!

  • She’s Da Man

    Her voice like a Man.. She looks like a Man… She cover that manly face just coz she will really really looks like a real Man…. Oh maaaannnn !!!!!!

  • Haiti

    Hey Jen they’re still waiting for the money, you promised the Haitian Earthquake Fund.
    ALS is going to be waiting a long time for that money, unless you plan to donate used handbags like you usually do.
    On David Letterman’s Show, you said Charity was not your thing, and you’re right, one of the stingiest people in Hollywood. Her mother goes to a free health clinic, while her daughter is a millionaire.
    The heifer looks old and all the plastic surgery was for nought.
    Maybe she will donate Justin’s monthly allowance, he looks like a thirteen year old underdeveloped boy, Jen is bigger than him. Her arms are bigger than his thighs.

  • She’s Da Man

    Like someone said .. When her lips is moving… this barren cow is lying.

  • Hawaii

    Her mother is a very special person. Her mother could be proud to have a daughter like Jennifer. But her mother prefers to write the books…
    I don’t understand it. I think her mother has a life she wants and she doesn’t want to accept any help from her daughter.

  • Hawaii

    @She’s Da Man:
    Welcome to Jolie’s admirers club!
    The most “decent” people in the world!

  • Joy B Angie

    Everyone can see Jen has a natural beautiful hair without any extension.
    This water is really cold, I think.
    COOL !

  • ann

    What happened to her “hair”? It was a foot longer last week.
    Hey Jen, Living Proof called. They want their endorsement back.
    I might learn to respect her if she never wore extentions again and did her commerials without the fake hair. It’s like pushing a hair growth product with a slapped on wig.

  • bone_in_the_throat

    Hey, Jen is not barren !

  • bone_in_the_throat

    Sorry, it was an answer to Haiti, not Hawaii.
    Haiti you are ss tt-uu-ppid.

  • K K K

    “Living Proof” forever !