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Jennifer Lawrence Alleged Nude Photo Leak: 'This is a Flagrant Violation of Privacy'

Jennifer Lawrence Alleged Nude Photo Leak: 'This is a Flagrant Violation of Privacy'

Jennifer Lawrence‘s spokespersons are firing back at the persons responsible for an alleged nude photo leak that occurred earlier today (August 31).

A spokesperson for Jennifer Lawrence has issued the following statement to Just Jared: “This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

Photos of Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, and more female stars have also allegedly leaked, though their authenticity has not been verified and we will not be posting these photos.

This story is still developing…

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  • Lil

    well let’s hope that they don’t leak the alleged videos too.

  • Mia

    This is wrong. So wrong.

  • MikeG

    Victoria Justice with semen around her vagina… seriously wtf man??? this is some pornographic shit

    Yes privacy… but Im glad these stupid whores got exposed. She was the innocent.

  • Michael Baney

    Thank you for your integrity and I sincerely hope that the authorities catch those responsible.

  • assman

    dumb celebs stop using crapple software / hardware that exploit Chinese salve labor, karma

  • A

    lol y is this a big deal? it happens all the time with “regular” people. y is she so different?

  • Niagirl

    Human decency left the building a long time ago. DON”T TAKE NUDE PICS and save them. Someone will find and sell them. Is it fair no but life isn’t so protect yourself and take pics clothed. These people will never learn.

  • lol

    Everyone knows you’re a big sl-t now, Jen. Deal with it.
    Can’t believe how stupid those celebs are.

  • Cate

    Well, at least her PR people aren’t laughably pretending they are not real like Blake Lively’s people did.

  • #bustedho

    Did she send those pictures to Harvey Weinstein, Bradley Cooper, Nicholas Hoult or Chris Martin?

  • martha

    Lets hope the person who hacked all those phones can be track down and behind bars as soon as possible. What a terrible day for those women, thats their private life, no one should breach the privacy of others. I know the way to avoid this kind of situations is not taking the pics in the first place or it would be better if they didnt keep the pics once they took it and send it to their significant others..but hey, no one can dictate you what to do in your room.

  • Sam

    Ouch. Her career and public image will never be the same now.

  • why

    Why do celebs feel the need to pose nude and have the pics on their phone??
    Yes I know they should be allowed to do what they want but we should also live in a world where we don’t have to lock out doors at night but we all know that isn’t the case so we lock up.
    Why does everyone feel the need to have nude pics? vanity??

  • Do what I do and use Polaroid camera not cell phones, idiots.

  • Tom

    Glad this happened ! Jennifer Lawrence is so freaking fake. Everyone can see now her true face.

  • Niagirl

    Wait a flat iron?

  • mike

    It’s too late. What happens online, stays online. Forever.

  • Megan

    Wow… She needs to apologize asap to miley cyrus for all the shit that she said about her and the something like this happens

  • leila

    yeah right. millions of people are posting and spoofing them on twitter as we speak, so nice try with that fake “prosecute” bullshit, they cannot afford to go after millions of people.

  • Kayla

    Somewhere Gwyneth Paltrow laughs.

  • true colors

    3…2…1…before Chris Martin leaves her.

  • leila


    mte!!! LMFAO

  • Socialmatic

    People are so weird these days like they dont have things to think of and improve

  • ummm

    If you don’t want nude photos leaked, DON’T TAKE NUDE PHOTOS!! It’s the same for sex tapes. Why would Lawrence need to take nude photos, anyway? She wasn’t posing for Playboy.

  • Karma

    Weinstein’s phone got hacked? Now we know how these “talented actresses” get their roles. Supposedly she’s got several naughty videos including a facial.

  • Court

    Anyone can be slutty in their private lives and for their boyfriends. Whatever comment she made about Miley Cyrus or her public image have nothing to do with private pictures she may have been sending to Nicholas or whomever else.
    The idiocy in this case is that famous people should realize that once their private pictures are out they are EVERYWHERE, especially when it comes to a person of a profile as high as Jennifer’s. They should be able to be as slutty as they want privately, but they should be much more careful about who they share it with, and which sharing services they use. *cough*delete old emails*cough*

  • Amy

    I’m sorry but why do celebs keep taking nudes on their phones when they know they can be hacked into. Not smart.

  • SFX


    You’re a wank stain mate.

  • Court

    The “bleeped” word I used is sl*tty.

  • SFX

    They’re all fake anyways. JLaws been having short hair for AGES lads.

  • toplel

    LMAO celebs thinking they can do anything to anyone who has fapped to these

  • The hackers names just happens to spell GOOP backwards. hacker POOG.

  • brady

    @SFX: She’s got short hair in the one in which she is showing her a$$hole and pu$$y from behind. It’s her, she just confirmed it dude.

  • go go


    This. Nothing wrong with being sexy for your man/woman.
    But dont be careless, esp. when you are a celeb!!!

  • CeciliaG

    Poor Jennifer, I feel really bad for her but at the same time and it’s kinda like a sick thought but this gives me so much joy, just because I have been reading and hearing horrible things about Kristen Stewart for a very long time after what she did and the majority of those people saying rude and disgusting comments were Jennifer’s fans claiming that she was a saint, decent person and that she would never do something like that or any inappropiate thing but look at this now hahaha! I don’t have anything against Jennifer but people should learn that even celebrities make mistakes and we should not judge them for that because a mistake doesn’t define who a person is! Whatever, it’s their business but I guess none of Jennifer’s fans can’t talk about inappropiate things anymore or about what type of person Kristen is!

  • jojo

    Crap…I hope mine don’t leak out ;)

  • Court

    @CeciliaG I understand your intentions, I’m not saying you’re wrong but PLEASE don’t bring Kristen Stewart into an already heated discussion. This is not the time. And Kristen did something much worse than just having nude pictures online. I believe anyone who judges Jennifer for her pictures right now is either too young or too narrow-minded. Jennifer and all others could be called stupid for not having their pictures protected but that’s it.

  • Belinda

    She looks like a cheap hooker in the pic, Chris Martin better doesn’t let his kids hang out with her.

  • Niagirl

    Is that you girl with that curling iron? UGGGGGH NASTY.

  • @39

    Is there a pic with a curling iron? I saw a few on twitter but nothing with an iron.

  • martin

    You can watch the video that Jen’s pictures were leaked from lol. It’s on

  • Courtney

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t help catching sight of these pics on Twitter. However, I’ve noticed that she has long blond hair in a lot of these pics. They aren’t recent. I’m not going to judge her for these pics. Yes, she made a mistake, but better that the photos only showed her naked. There are worse things she could be caught doing. These were for private use only. She wasn’t flaunting them all over the place like some celebs will for attention. Just because she took a few private pics dies not mean she is a bad, dirty person. She is generous, nice to her fans, funny, and a talented actress!

  • #39

    @martha: don’t you think that’s a bit dramatic? Overcrowding is bad enough, and now you want to lock a dude up for being horny and tech savy at the same time? It’s controversial I know, but we ALL are naked under our clothes. Keep ur clothes on = not naked, keep ur clothes on AND don’t take pics = no nudes.

  • Lara

    Oh wow, saw some of the pictures and a thumbnail of the video, she totally made her way up via casting couch. Not surprised whatsoever!

  • Courtney

    @lara But you didn’t see the video, did you? How would you know she made her way up via the casting couch? She probably took these pics for other reasons. Don’t give her any more hell than she’s probably been through today and don’t assume things you know nothing about!

  • Sweetness

    For those if you who are judging her why would you look at the photos?

  • James

    Well at least we know how a girl with very little acting talent got to be an Oscar winner. Casting couch pics tend to not stay private.

  • monica

    you mean Harvey?
    Katie Holmes is his new pet. I wonder if she is next.

  • 1189

    men in this business are probably apart of it! how sexist!

  • Evelyn

    it’s sad that her personal pictures were leaked, but i think as a “celebrity” she should of known better not to take those picture. (thats my opinion) she is definitely not a slut or anything bad like people are calling her. and to be honest, we’ve already seen her naked, x-men! lol. so get over it! so many other celebrities have had their nudes leak and are doing fine! blake, scarlett.. i know some people will disagree with me, but like i said, this is my opinion.