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Jennifer Lawrence's Hacker Allegedly Bragged About Nude Photos Last Week

Jennifer Lawrence's Hacker Allegedly Bragged About Nude Photos Last Week

Some new information has been uncovered in the major developing story of Jennifer Lawrence‘s leaked nude photos and it appears that whoever hacked her was bragging about it last week.

According to Gawker, it seems that people on an anonymous message board, which is primarily made up of leaked or stolen pictures of non-celebrity women, started talking about one user who was bragging about a “major win” and “ripping iclouds,” which is allegedly how the photos were obtained.

Users on the message board began moving from a regular thread about stolen content to a thread dedicated to Jennifer this past weekend. While many other users were skeptical, as the pictures started to leak, the attitude in the thread reportedly changed.

A tip email sent to Deadspin even detailed the photos weeks ago after the person who stole them requested that the tipster send nude photos of his girlfriend in exchange for the stolen pictures.

The authorities were contacted yesterday by Jennifer‘s team and we hope whoever did this is caught soon!

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  • Mel

    poor society , we are not friends with celebrities , they are making great movies great songs , that’s all , after they are living their lives , we should not be able to see their private photos because of a no life man .

  • .

    Haha. Poor Jen. Funny how she’s so “down to earth” except when things don’t go her way, then she turns into a completely different person.

  • go go

    Now she can join the ppl in Seth McFarlane’s song I Saw Your Boobs. I remember she was waving her hand to him when he sang that, “you didn’t see my boobs” lol, irony! but is a total violation of privacy and is very wrong.

  • nfff

    @.: How is she suppose to act when someone steals something that is hers, no matter what it is!?

  • ?

    iCloud is such a joke. Seriously my 3 year old nephew could hack into their security.

  • leila

    get over yourself, jennifer lawrence. this is not the OJ Simpson trial.

  • allison

    These guys on these sites sound like perverts. I wonder how many (non celeb) women’s nude pictures are on the internet and they don’t even know it.

  • Ava

    This guy’s crazy.. Scarjo’s hacker got 10 years in prison and over 50 thousand dollar fine… Unless this guy foreign , Russian or Chinese, there’s no way the FBI wouldn’t find him.

  • Ava

    You people are SICK.. Someone’s private photos are stolen , most of them deleted pictures and you blaming her … People like Jennifer are on set in foreign countries for months, they probably send pictures to boyfriends then delete them., they don’t f–ken think some pig will spend his life hunting their deleted pictures to publish them for the world to see.

  • ?

    That’s the problem you don’t have to even send the photo. You can take a picture, delete it but it’s still saved in the iCloud.

  • Darla

    Don’t put your photos out there! I don’t feel sorry for you at all!!!

  • han


    You need to get over yourself acting all high a mighty behind a keyboard. She has every right to be upset about the pictures being stolen.

  • han


    Victim blaming, that is what society has come to. Such a shame. She has every right to expectation of privacy. Only the hacker is to blame.

  • hehe

    @Ava: And why would you send them in the first place? Just don’t. Call and say nasty things. Guy knows how you look. Those celebs know that eventually this will happen. I will never feel sorry for these women. They’re hypocrites.


    Jen shouldn’t wants to do hustler magazine. All these hoes secretly want to do porn.

  • Pauly


    I agree with @han on this, everyone on here blaming her and the other women who were hacked. most likely she took a picture sent it and deleted it. Apple’s icloud kept the photo and it got hacked so its on really them and the sicko who did this is the one to blame. Everyone has the right to do what they want in their own privacy.

  • Lola

    @han:I will say you what Dane Cook said to Hudgens once – Phones are for phone calls girl. You gotta keep your clothes on! There’s nothing to do with the fact that she’s famous (it’s just more scandalous). If you don’t wanna be on the internet naked, DON’T TAKE PICTURES. EVER. End of discussion. Nothing is private these days. If you’re so stupid and want to please some random dude, be ready for this scenario. I feel ashamed as a women. They all think that they can act like sluts and then play some kind of innocent card. Yeah, dude who stole needs to go to jail, but if you’re stupid,this is what you get. Have some self respect.

  • jen


    AMEN. As a female I think this too.

  • han


    @jen and @lola, so say you go out wearing a skirt or mini dress and some sicko decides to grope you or worse molest you as you walk by its your fault as well. that is basically what you are saying. i know you will say its not the same but it is, she has every right to expectation of privacy just like you would if you are out in a skimpy outfit you expect privacy and not to be fondled.

  • Lola

    @han: You can’t possibly say that mini dress is a wise outfit. If you dress sexually provocative, you wake up maniacs. Same goes for those pictures. I’m not saying that the guy had any rights to steal and expose them. NO. Law is on Jen’s side where it should be. But if you wanna give your man a picture, take it with an old time camera, develop that picture yourself (hello,there’s cameras who do that right away) and give right into his arms. And only if you TRUST that person. So no, you won’t make me feel sorry for fellow woman who don’t keep her secret life safe. There’s a saying : Protect yourself and God will protect too.

  • Fruits

    I hope Jlaw will get out of this.

  • forrest gump

    another kid’s play?

  • get a clue

    People aren’t slut shaming by pointing out it was stupid.
    It is possible for two things to be true at the same time.
    1) it is true the hackers are criminals- no one debates that.
    2) it is also true that is is foolish to do these things as a celeb knowing the risk.

  • Tammy

    If she didn’t take them in the first place she wouldn’t have been hacked. Welp use disposable next time or a digital camera and keep em on a stick. For that one comment that said she was sending to her bf because she works and bla bla….-__- he knows what she looks like naked already just use phone sex and use ur damn imagination.

  • han

    @getaclue and @tammy. I am glad that everyone agrees that the hacker is to blame for this as well as icloud having flaws that allowed the hacker to get the photo. But I cannot put blame on all the celeb ladies that got hacked, they were photos that were private. Everyone has done something that would be embarrassing if it got out, how would you feel if this was you, your sister, best friend, etc. – they made a mistake in private using a phone that has a flaw that copies the photo to icloud with their partners or friends but I don’t see how that is their fault as that is victim blaming and its not their fault.

  • Pretty Ka

    Ugh! There are scome very creepy people out there.

  • Jenniferpaintedblue

    Really people, I think everyone has seen Jennifer naked already. She is naked ALL throughout Xmen. Whats the difference between paint and her naked skin?

  • leila


    you need to stop being a fag

  • mitchie

    you know jennifer lawrence would be the first to look up nude celeb leaked photos and kims sextape. She’s as nosey as the rest of us.

    So I hope she doesn’t mind i saw all these pics haha I wanna see this video they’re talking about!!

  • Pauly


    I agree with @han. You are being the ***. What you are saying is wrong. Its like saying that because your house was robbed of valuables and possible humiliating things its your fault because you did not do enough to secure your home. Or you go to the bathroom and someone puts a camera in there and films you but its your fault for using the bathroom. I don’t blame the victims they thought it was private and did those things even though some of us don’t agree its not their fault for it being exposed and mocked on the internet. It is the hacker and sounds like iClouds fault.

  • Amy


    Guess what? As an adult you make choices in life and you have to deal with the consequences of your choices. They took a risk by taking pics on a cell phone which is their right but now they have to deal with the leak.

  • woot


    ok so a girl walks the street in a dress or skirt and gets raped but she has to deal with the consequence of her choice because she chose to walk the street. read what your typing and stop blaming the victims.

  • Amy


    Here’s a better scenario:

    Central Park in NYC

    Would you go jogging there in the middle of the night alone?

    No. Why not? Because it’s not safe.

    Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.

  • woot


    Ok keep on blaming all these celebs who have been violated. I will blame the hacker and icloud for the problem. Everyone has the right to do what they want behind closed doors with the expectation of privacy which these women thought they had, I do agree these women should have known posing nude on the phone could be a problem but they have the right to do that like you and I and it does not make them responsible for this as they expect icloud apple to do its job and protect the data. from what i have read most of the photos were older and had been deleted by the celebs but icloud had continued to store them for some unknown reason. i wonder if apple is going to get sued in all of this, i know if i were these ladies i certainly would.

  • comedown

    Personally I don’t blame the celebrities but it does make me wonder, would the public + celebs make a big deal if the pictures had been of them fully clothed? I find the obsession with female nudity to be more disturbing. A naked body is just a naked body and people should stop being so shocked. Yes it was an invasion of privacy, but nudity shouldn’t be taken so seriously, especially adult nudity. I actually find the reactions to nudity much more disturbing than the event itself. If these celebs are so disturbed of being seen naked, than why take the risk of immortalizing it in pictures, it doesn’t make sense.
    In a weird way they are lying to themselves and the public by keeping what they perceive is a “good girl image” as if a naked body is something to be ashamed of. Take and actress like Rooney Mara (just an example) she’s nude in some films, yet no pictures of her have been hacked, you know why because she probably has no need to take naked pictures of herself since she is comfortable with who she is. Now take someone like Kate Upton who just last week was all like ” I’ll never do nudity” because she obviously feels like “nudity” is not a good thing, yet obviously spends lots of time doing exactly that. If anything I think they are pissed that their hypocrisy has been exposed.
    BTW I am against the invasion of all peoples privacy, celebrity or not, but I noticed that this issue isn’t even about the invasion of privacy; the fans of high profile actress like Jennifer Lawrence seem to be the most pissed off, as if this is something personal to them and it’s quite frightening how involved fans get involved with celebrities lives. They think that someone put a gun to Jennifer Lawrence head and made her take her clothes off, but in reality this is something she did herself and that’s her problem. The fans are angry because they had this image of her in their heads and this hacking “scandal” broke that image. Meanwhile she had a lot to do with creating that image too, wanting to be a “perfect” “good girl” and according to popular belief good girls don’t take their clothes off,,,whatever.
    I also find it weird how so many have jumped on this defending bandwagon like they are going to get a metal or something yet these are the same people who I’ve never seen supporting vulnerable real life women and girls who have actual problems. But oh no a celebrity has been wronged, let’s call a meeting of the internet police to save the reputation of these celebs. I’m not saying celebrities don’t have problems, I’m sure they do but let’s not make this something it’s not and focus on real life problems not some stupid pictures of someones tatas and butts.
    Meanwhile there are 1,200 aboriginal women and girls missing or murdered, where are Lena Dunham and Seth Rogen opinions on that? nowhere because they are too busy trying to defend a $40 million worth actress tatas and butt from being seen by the public from a picture she took herself. Give me a break, come down to the real world mother F.erssssss

  • assman

    how to prevent it, don’t take nudes

    who backs up p0rnpics to icloud

  • dingtaowang

    as a public actress, she has important effections on thousands of people; so her nude photos would get bad effections, it is a punish for her