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Katie Holmes Responds to 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion Hopes

Katie Holmes Responds to 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion Hopes

Katie Holmes rocks double denim while walking around town on Thursday afternoon (September 18) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress chatted with Gossip Cop this week about possibly doing a Dawson’s Creek reunion with her castmates from the show, which she said “touched a certain generation.”

“It was innocent at a time when innocence was very valued and present,” Katie said. “But it had that teen angst that really revealed what everybody was going through…maybe we all want to feel those feelings again. I don’t know. Maybe that’s why they want a reunion.”

“It’s hugely flattering. We had a great time working on it,” she added.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Current/Elliott jacket.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes chatting on her phone…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 01
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 02
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 03
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 04
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 05
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 06
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 07
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 08
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 09
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 10
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 11
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 12
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 13
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 14
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 15
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 16
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 17
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 18
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 19
katie holmes responds to dawsons creek reunion hopes 20

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Arlene

    She still looks a little dazed. Has she concluded her Scientology deprogramming?

  • forrest gump

    tommy must be glad she left him.
    she looks like some granny here…………..

  • superstar

    Haha she sure does Gump.

  • Katie’s Herpes

    Dare you to google Katie Holmes Herpes.
    Just don’t do it while eating.
    It’s nasty

  • Macca

    You better hurry up Katie and get it going. Looking at these pictures she is going to age faster then you can saw ‘beam me up Xenu”.
    She isn’t too over the hill looking just yet but by age 40 she is going to hit the wall.

  • Mean

    She looks trashy looking. Women can’t find work anymore. Look like she’s on drugs and dope.

  • Ask Kirstie Alley not Kate

    Wah what happened to living in th 2.5 million dollar LA Home?

  • #7

    She said she is ‘bi-coastal’ now. Who knows.
    Another site said she was doing a commercial in these pictures.
    Anyone know what she was advertising or was it just the pap set up?

  • Deanna

    Has anyone else noticed that out of the four main cast members: Katie, James, Josh, and Michelle, that she is the only one who hasn’t trashed the show? All but Katie have dissed the show in some way but Katie never has. Probably because the writers kissed her ass and made the show revolve around her in the end.

  • annie

    Katie looks nice!

  • annieagain

    Yes she does!

  • annieagain

    like her style!


    I think it’s because she is fake and the others were honest. Katie also made a comment recently that they were all good friends or that she loved them all or whatever. Please, I bet you anything she never talks to them. This is the girl that only said things were amazing and magical for 6 years in her marriage. Don’t expect anything but fluff.

  • anna / really annie again

    yes wonder what the ad is!

  • Missy

    Eonline says oil of olay

  • annie/anna/againandagain

    katie is lovely!

  • Pics
  • Missy

    @SHE’S FAKE:
    She’s always said that she doesn’t see her former cast members often but that they’ll always have a special bond. Don’t see that’s fake. It’s like your old High School friends.
    I’m glad that she doesn’t diss the show. Nice that she appreciates what opened doors for her.

  • annie/anna/againandagainandaga

    Only me again saying the same old thing.
    me me me me……you know… Annie! Anna! Annieagain or Annie again and again.
    Don’t you think my posts somehow sound familiar…notice how I seen to be saying the same old thing and responding to myself …..this is crazy fun!!

  • Missy

    I see the crazies are even crazier tonight. Better bow out of this thread.

  • annie/anna/againandagainandaga

    @ missy
    I am a bit crazy tonight, don’t I sound the same as the one who posts over and over . The one who posts something then responds back to herself.
    Missy I’m disappointed now.

  • @annie/anna/againandagain

    Please point to a post where someone has replied to themselves. Besides you.

  • Twice

    Old castmate Van Der Beek was on some talk show, and the guy asked him about Holmes, and he asked, “Is she allowed out?”

    Van Der Beek laughed.

    This was pre-divorce. The other guy, who played Pacey (and who dated Holmes during the show), had a similar thing on another talk show. Apparently Holmes hadn’t talked to him in ages and called him up a soon as she was divorced.

  • annie

    @22 seriously give me and everyone else a break, it’s probably you!
    posting over and over just using different names!

    Kevin Williamson said that Katie made DC . He said that without Katie as Joey there would never have been a DC.
    James Van der Beek said a few things about DC, but the producers didn’t want him in the beginning, but Williamson thought he’d give him a go.
    Williamson said that when he saw Katie. he knew she was his Joey( the joey of his imagination).
    Only when she was supposed to turn up for a real audition not the taped one she sent in , she rang and said she couldn’t make it, because she was in the school play. He also said that he was a bit dismayed by her decision but when he thought about it, he liked her loyalty.
    He also said he was terribly excited, and couldn’t wait to meet her in person. But then then he also said that when you meet her you fall instantly in her spell.
    He has said really nice things about Katie .over the years.
    Just thought I would share that with you!

  • @annie/anna/againandagain

    Nope. Sorry. The party already started before I got here.
    Also, I haven’t and would never ever post to myself.
    Party on though, peeps.

  • @23

    Do you have a link for the Joshua Jackson show?

  • Just a Comment

    When you appear in a movie or commercial most likey they are going to put on your makeup and do your hair. I think that is what happened here only the paparrazi caught her arriving to the set with a clean face (canvas) and freshly washed hair. Only Katie should have brushed her hair and put on her sunglasses. But that’s her a very casual jeans girl.

  • Just a Comment

    I met to post this link to my above post.

    As I have posted before, Katie Holmes has lived through so many extreme ups and downs in the last 9 years. I hope she finds a nice balance. In my opinion, I don’t think she has that right now. She has several projects coming up and trying to get others off the ground plus deal with the move to California and alledgely still living in New York. She doesn’t strike me as a very organized person so unless she has a very organized personal assistant she must have a chaotic living situation.

  • Just a Comment

    I don’t see this reunion happening especially if a “Friends” reunion is talked about but doesn’t happen and that show was more popular than Dawson’s Creek (I never saw it and its available online streaming).
    I also doubt Michelle Williams would want to go back and appear on a Dawson’s Creek reunion. Michelle Williams has moved on & done other award nominated roles. It seems like all these “new” posts of Katie are of her doing uninteresting things but is being kept on this celebrity website. I get the feeling this is her publist Leslie Sloane behind the scenes trying to keep Katie in the media just as her movies Mania Days, Seagull, and Miss Meadows are coming up within a couple of weeks and ALL THIS YEAR. Good luck!!!

  • annie

    Oh yes of course, her publicist rang up OLAY and said….put Katie in a commercial ASAP, we need the publicity!
    Quick! quick!
    Seriously this is crazy. Do you guys ever stop to think what you say?
    It’s like ..ok gotta say something, and out it comes whether or not it makes sense or not.

  • annie

    Michelle Williams died on Dawsons Creek, so it might be hard bringing her back.

  • Days and Nights

    “Star-studded troupe turns in a master class” – Vanity Fair


    Special opening night Q&A with writer/director Christian Camargo following screening!

  • Days and Nights

    “Christian Camargo has crafted a beautiful film with fantastic performances from every single actor in the film,” Jonathan Sehring, president of Sundance Selects/IFC Films.

  • Pollyana

    Where is her career?????
    Why isn’t the “beautiful and talented” getting good work???
    Some think she is pretty and some think she isn’t. You can debate appearance all you want but can’t deny she is not getting good roles. All the excuses in the world can’t change what everyone sees. Obviously the rest of Hollywood must not feel the same way about the little precious. She is very ambitious and someone like that does not just prefer to do movies that open in one theater.

  • american

    OH DO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • proud brit


    Words usually said by someone who doesn’t have a good reply.

  • Please DO shut up!

    The hateful comments here are made by the same individual. Its rather pathetic that one individual has so much hate for a complete stranger that they spend their entire lives, day in and day out, trashing them (and others who speak up about it) on the internet. Now she’s started co-opting the names of other regular posters to further flood the board with trash. Who ever this chick is (obsessed with Cruise maybe) she’s in desperate need of psychiatric treatment.

    Personally, “OH DO SHUT UP” seems like an apt post.

  • @Please DO shut up!

    @Please DO shut up!:

    And only one individual (with multiple names) responds to the comments as if they’re about him/her.

    Quit taking it PERSONALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And take your own advice – Please DO shut up!

  • #37

    @Please DO shut up!:

    I don’t know if you are new here or what, but most of the people posting have been posting for years. Do you think you are honestly going to make a difference by telling someone to shut up? Not to mention this Annie person is always accusing negative commenters of being the same person. It is like she can’t believe more than one person doesn’t care for KH.

  • Just a Comment

    #33 – Christian Camargo appeared with Katie in her Broadway debut of All My Sons (fall 2008 through Jan 2009). So they probably discussed making The Seagull back then. It was filmed in Connectuct in the spring 2012 (in a matter of weeks) and was completed right before Katie and Cruise divorced June 2012.

  • Nathan

    I love the Katie Pictures in this article.

    Dailymail – Getting her kicks! Katie Holmes skips stilettos in favour of sneakers despite filming a glamorous commercial.

    Katie’s Just too cute she has the best smile ever.

  • #40

    Did anyone get an answer as to what happened to Molly?

  • Please DO shut up!@38

    I didn’t take the comments personally crazy person nor did I originate the “Please DO shut up”comment. I’m simply agreeing with a previous poster. I stated my opinion, which is that there are one or two people who make it impossible to enjoy this board due to their aggressive, nasty behavior (ex: look at the first 10 posts on the board obviously from one individual). I’m sorry you don’t like my comments, but that’s just too bad. As I’ve been told in the past, we’re ALL entitled to say what we wish and I sincerely wish that the ONE OR TWO individuals who constantly post here using several names would see a medical professional for their obsession with Katie Holmes. I’ve been told to F___ off by that same poster, so I’m surprised you find my post so offensive.

    Why don’t you spend your time doing something productive rather than ranting and raving about KH on JJ and then repeatedly going after posters who dare to disagree with you. YOU DO IT CONSTANTLY, DAY IN AND DAY OUT AND I, FOR ONE, AM SICK OF YOU.

  • Please DO shut up!@39

    I hope you realize that you’re doing an awful job of disguising yourself. It’s very clear that you’re both # 38 and 39. I don’t post frequently but I’m not new here. Whether it changes the board or not, I’m entitled to speak my mind with regard to the one or two posters here who flood the board with negativity CONSTANTLY and attempt to intimidate the fans who try to post. I’ve seen annie’s posts – was it you that was badly trying to impersonate her earlier today – she is almost never rude and I don’t believe she uses different names. I KNOW others do because they’re very easily picked up on. You’re not fooling anyone. I’m sorry your obsession is so uncontrollable.

    Do I think I’m making a difference? Maybe, maybe not, but that isn’t going to stop me from calling you out and showing you for the hateful person you are. You’re hateful toward this actress, you’re hateful toward anyone who disagree’s with you, and you’re probably spending your days here at JJ doing the same thing on several boards. You’re entitled to waste your life in any way you choose and I’m entitled to call you out for being a nut and a hater. Don’t like it? Too bad.

    You need help from a shrink. Get it and please stop bullying the fans.

  • lily rose

    @ Please do shut up

    Thank you !!!! I’m glad u r calling these haters out. Its def the same couple of people. Anybody can see that. I think lots of people might not like Katie but these couple of people are over the top with it. Keep callijng them out.

  • @43

    @Please DO shut up!@38:
    I am not #38 or #39 that replied to you above but regarding your statement that the first ten comments are all by one person that is an assumption and it’s wrong. I know I made one of those comments so it wasn’t just one person making them all. I also know Arlene is a name I recognize from other threads here . She uses that name seemingly all the time and not just a KH poster. I think she posted in the Jessica Alba thread last night too. So since I am not 38, 39, or Arlene that makes at least 4 posters right there and I am sure there are others. It is fantasy that you think it’s one (now you switched it to two I see). As #39 said KH threads go back years here and there were even more “haters” if you will, back then.

  • Candi

    Boy this place is a total hole these days. That hater that keeps using different names is on overload today. You are not fooling anyone. Thanx to Please for saying what we r all thinking.

  • What happened to Molly?

    Seems to me, Katie Holmes would like to exploit the single mother theme line, something aligned with her and her child support check.
    Too bad, Tommy has been quite famously generous with money towards her meal ticket, so when she stars in this ‘on the verge’ of poverty single mother and daughter flick, Daily Mail and any other news outlet will definitely retell the story about the alleged divorce settlement and Suri’s $400K/ year child support, tuition and medical expense as extra from Tommy’s vault.
    Then whatever idiotic interviews KH makes or any lines in this “on the verge of poverty’ movie will only make the audience giggle.

  • Just a Comment
  • @Please DO shut up!

    @Please DO shut up!@38:

    Still taking it PERSONALLY I see.

    Newbie to the gossip blogs.

    You’ll learn.