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Jennifer Lawrence Joins Chris Martin Backstage at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014! (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence Joins Chris Martin Backstage at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014! (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her midriff in a crop top while walking around backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival on Friday evening (September 19) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The 24-year-old actress was in attendance to support her new boyfriend Chris Martin, who is at the festival performing with his band Coldplay.

This is the second time this week that Jennifer is supporting her new man. She reportedly sang along to every word at Chris‘ concert at the Ace Hotel Theatre in Los Angeles this past Wednesday.

“She knew every word to every song and there was a glisten in her eye as she watched Chris perform,” a source told E! News. “She couldn’t take her eyes off him.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an Emilio Pucci top and pants.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin backstage…

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  • Sarah

    Oh wow, looks like they actually are together. Good for them

  • Tammy

    In ten years he will find her too old.

  • sweetness

    She looks gorgeous and I never realized how tall she is..she towers over some of the people nearby her!

  • stam

    So the “source” says the same thing twice? Oh yes they’re so together this is not a PR stunt at all. Nope not one bit.

  • Nik

    I guess its real or they are in a mutual PR relationship. Either way I’m kinda grossed out by it.

  • sweetness


    it’s not much of a PR stunt..because we’ve yet to see a pic of the two of them together….

  • LaCroix

    This is utterly gross. She needs her head examined to be with a man with children/divorced.

  • stan

    @sweetness: Wow you really are a delusional riturd. Here’s the link with proof this “source” said the same exact thing for his last concert she went to. Unless the “source” is a broken record player i call PR written all over this Hollywood ho. I can’t believe you’re eating this dookie up, served on a silver platter for you. I meant to put my name as stan to make fun of what you j-law and Brangelina freaks are.

  • Arlene

    What complete rubbish. Not one picture of them in close proximity . Why on Earth would she be attracted to this wimpy pasty skinned Brit?

  • stan
  • M

    @stam: They are together. Just because you don’t like or are jealous, doesn’t mean that this relationship is fakee. They are two big names, she more than him, they don’t need it.

    I wish happiness for them.

  • M

    @stan: “I meant to put my name as stan to make fun of what you j-law and Brangelina freaks are.”

    It speaks volumes about who you really are.

  • really

    She looks drugged up, she needs rehab.

  • sweetness


    this was reporting about her attendance at the concert the night before..this is not the same because the concert hasn’t begun yet when these pics came out..did you not grasp that retard stan..why is it pr? when other stars date is that pr..He was married to Gwyneth Paltrow why the he77 would they need PR…duh.

  • tu

    Lol. Puke. Middle aged still married father. Good catch Jennifer.

  • Whatamess

    she is a full out hard core groupie, what a mess.

  • Just sayin

    PR relationship or the real deal, this is much more accurate information to show that the two are dating rather than the ridiculous rumors of Nicholas and Kristen and Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs that are based off of nada.

  • stan

    @M: Yes it does loud and clear! I’m not a sheep like you i call it for what it is. You on the other hand.

  • Living in a box

    Chris Martin, from a blonde winner Oscar best actress to another blonde winner Oscar best actress.

  • J

    Jen looks amazing. I’m so proud of her for not hiding in the dark after all the things that have happened. She’s handling it all with grace. Plus, she looks unbelievable. Love you, Jen!!

  • stan

    @sweetness: Such a stupid little coontie aren’t you?

  • TrueLove

    When you fall in love, nothing really matters. Wish the best for them!

  • effy

    The fact that he was with Gwen aka the most single-minded person makes me wonder about him.

  • Uhhhh

    I liked him (his music) before this relationship became public, but now I can’t help but think he is a smarmy middle aged guy looking for lost youth. I don’t blame him for separating from GOOP, but going with JLaw screams cliche…like BLASTS it on the airwaves!!! BAD Example for his children and for the youth of today, not to mention, all of the wives who are in the age range of their husbands. GROSS and unclassy move, Mr. Martin!

  • pah-lease

    I see 9 pics of Lawrence, including one of her with a coy, sly look on her face at the camera (wonder what that means?) and one of Martin. Oh, but none of them actually together.
    Even if they’re pictured together-so what? Doesn’t mean anything except Lawrence, the movie star Coldplay fan, got a ticket and backstage pass to one of the biggest music festivals of the year, compliments of her friend Martin. Must be nice to know someone in the band-saves on fighting the ordinary folks on Ticketmaster to get a ticket.

  • sweetness


    stan you’re just comical ..or maybe you’re just plain envious that she’s a huge star living her life and dating a famous musician and all you can do is gripe and whine about her life…aww pathetic loser you are.

  • Nik

    @pah-lease: true and Martin apparently invited the main cast (Hutcherson, Lawrence and Hemsworth) to the LA concert and I <3 Radio Festival a while ago. Esp Jen since she is a fan. If we go this whole weekend without one photo then I'm calling BS. If not then its a relationship either rebound or PR

  • forrest gump

    D*MN, it gets worse & worse!!

  • forrest gump

    …………….they like bankruptcy?

  • forrest gump

    it’s getting Worse & Worse!!

  • forrest gump

    without her we see him as F*ggot….

  • Cate

    Why is is it so hard to believe that they are dating? Some of you all behave like she’s started dating Marilyn Manson or something?

    That outfit makes it seem like she really wanted to be seen. That is not an outfit for just hanging around backstage or going incognito.


    No pics?? Still no pics??!! Still no pics of them together!!?? She’s walking somewhere and an old pic of him!!??!! NOTHING!!!!!!!! They keep saying she left the business and it sure looks like it!!!!!!!!

  • pah-lease

    @Cate If Lawrence wore something other than that, like jeans and a t-shirt, people would be all over her for being such a slob. She is a celebrity, after all. She has a certain image to uphold in public, especially at big events, even if it’s not for something related to her work.

  • allison

    Don’t take it so seriously. They are both having a rebound relationship. Hopefully both are having a little some fun then they will breakup and find someone more appropriate for each other.

  • Nik

    @Cate: @pah-lease: LOL I wore something similar to a Justin Timberlake concert (with boots no heels) and other girls were wearing similar and nicer outfits than me (dresses and six inch heels) and we aren’t famous. She’s at a concert…thats what people wear lol


    @pah-lease: She stopped being a celebrity over a couple of years ago, pah-lease. These are pics of her walking around somewhere and one old pic of the other girl. She quit the biz ages ago. No more drama from Jlawn.

  • stan

    @sweetness: Why would i be envious that you’re paying her to live that life? That’s you’re money she’s spending not mine…idiota! Shoot let me sell myself into acting and soon you’ll be paying me, I ain’t got no worries! LMFAO!

  • meme

    finally the haters and nay sayers can SHUT UP and stop telling me I’m wrong and telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. lol

    you wish you knew!

  • @stan:

    Hi @stan, oops I mean at @Lena… I see you, still can’t change your writing style and its sad how envious you are of this woman.

  • chi-town88

    Nicholas Hoult dodged a bullet. He should of never been with this casting couch hoe.

  • miki

    @Just sayin: Puh-lease! there are no rumours of KStew and Nick going on, except when they went to dinner and mags wondered, cause her PR team wanted to bury Alicia. It’s just her fans’ wishful thinking now, no1 believed they were dating. Besides, Kristen is living with her girlfriend Alicia in LA, Kristen took her in and they shacked in the house she used to live with her ex, Robert Pattinson. Everybody knew she was gay, she just had to take some time to realise it herself, and she finally did. Hope her next gf is hot though, cause this Alicia girl…oh man, she is so god d@mn fugly!!!!! WHY on heaven’s name did Kristen give her a chance??? it’s insane!!!!! hope her next gf is a hot model!!

  • stan

    @: Too bad you couldn’t handle the heat sweetness it was nice chatting.

  • Poppy

    If they confirmed this relationship, she probably could disappear like she usually does. I don’t like her acting or fake personality but she really can do that (not like other celebs). But no, they continue this mess, everyday new article, new rumors, new speculations. It’s nothing but PR right now. She has a movie to promote, he’s on tour I guess. Maybe this relationship is real for them but her PR team is milking it.

  • Loop

    She looks great. Sad to see her dating for a 40 yrs old inbreed looking divorcee with kids. She can so much better.

  • guest

    Why would she flaunt a relationship with a man who is still married. If she is going to be sleeping with a man who is still legally married, she ought at least keep it undercover.
    And the same goes for him. He should at least wait until he is divorced before he flaunts a new bed-mate.. S l u t s.

  • Oscar

    Like Angie with Brad? he was still married but Martin is SEPARETE, it’s different

  • Janet

    yall are MAD.Jennifer can date whoever the fk she wants !!!!

    what’s wrong with Chris Martin ? he seems like a nice wtf

  • Mel

    @miki: wow sounds like your a lesbian and really really want Kristen to be gay, well unfortunately you won’t get your wish and her and nick did more than just a dinner, every time they are not filming he’s with her nonstop, bungee jumping, go kart, zip lining, eating out together and taking tons of fan pics as proof , even got a hair cut together and the stylist posted it , nick even has pics with fans this week and he’s dressed like k and has the big baseball hats like her hmmm? Means their living together and dating according to your pea brain lmao…

  • xoxo

    She finally got him after harassing him LOL!! Ehem!!! HOE…