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Amber Heard Nude Photos Leak with Message to Johnny Depp - Report

Amber Heard Nude Photos Leak with Message to Johnny Depp - Report

Nude photos of Amber Heard have reportedly leaked.

According to TMZ, over 50 alleged photos of the 28-year-old actress appeared on 4chan and Reddit on Sunday afternoon (September 21), including one topless one that apparently includes a message to her fiance Johnny Depp.

This is just the latest addition in a slew of celebrity nude photos that have leaked over the past month. This latest wave also includes Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Gabrielle Union, Hayden Panettiere, Aubrey Plaza, and more.

As usual, Just Jared will not be linking to the alleged photos.

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  • Alaia

    Well pat yourself on the back for not posting the pictures but spreading the news.

  • Bean

    if Amber had that disgusted face when she was sending her topless for Johnny, so Johnny, my friend is better to look for another fiancee, you don’t deserve it

  • K

    *Sigh* It seems like Johnny’s personal life is out there more than ever before. More appearances than usual. More private photos being posted online. All this exposure is ruining him. And a lot of it sadly, traces back to her. Not hatin’, just sayin’.


    jared you need a spinoff for this event? stop encouraging the hackers

  • Truth

    Amber’s too pretty for that foul beast. #FreeAmber

  • Giulia

    Someone posted this pic, Jesus she is really a bitc…..

  • Bia

    Probably Amber herself leaked them. She loves attention

  • What message u ask?

    “Good Afternoon My Beloved Tonto Man. This Blonde Texan B!tch Will Eat You Alive. I Want. I Need. Give Me What’s Mine.”

  • Bia

    @K: agreed. Amber is ruining Johnny’s life in every way

  • I don’t have a name

    Seriously this isn’t something that needs to be updated stop this.

  • Domino


  • Hahaha
  • Jenny

    Really people, blaming the victim? Nobody deserves to have their privacy invaded.

  • Hahaha

    I have already said this before, Amber loves only herself

  • Brian

    Yup, Amber jinxed the movie

  • Brian

    So vulgar

  • well

    as far as the leaked pictures go- hers are pretty tame and no where near as gross and tacky as jlaw.

  • Bia

    what? Amber’s pics are tacky, sickly and of a homewrecker

  • may

    @Bia: Vanessa has nude pics too..big deal. At least her legs were not wide open unlike some of the leaked pics of the other celebs.

  • Lola

    @Bean: Dude she had such a “I-want-to-get-f*cked*hard” face in the pics and in one of them she is holding a message that says “good afternoon my beloved tonto this texan bitch is ready to get f*cked hard” or something like that.

  • jo.

    Amber is not seen nothing just topless. Johnny is living to the fullest amber is a hot woman. If vanesaa has many photo s nude and showing off herself, at least they invaded amber

  • mimi

    Amber made a magnificent portfolio to be able to postulate for porn roles ! She should make of a big box-office !

  • Milu

    I’d love that Amber had never been part of the life of Johnny

  • Amber is hot. Johnny still enjoys.

  • mimi

    Perhaps these nice photos are not all of them destinate to Johnny !
    I hope we will have other soon, it’s a great moment !

  • well

    Oops well maybe I didn’t see them all. I just saw the ones on tumblr that were mainly her in the bath tub topless and a couple standing.
    didn’t see the one with the message…

  • mimi

    It would be better than Lily doesn’t see these photos. She should want to do the same !

  • Lola

    @Truth: The only foul beast here is you. She is madly in love with him. Didn’t you see the ones she sent for him?

  • Remember the first nude vanessa was 16 years old.

  • nac

    There is certainly others, thousands maybe, with the cooperation of Johnny ! And why not with the favorite female photographers of Amber !

  • jo.

    The example of lily should be your mother. No amber

  • Hugo
  • Hugo

    @nac: yep, for sure. There others pics for others lol

  • Poorga

    All what you see is her boobs. No pu$$y or butt. No big deal but I feel sad for her that she got her privacy assaulted like this.

  • Poorga

    @nac: Not really. The 50 pictures they leaked are the only ones they’ve got.

  • Creepy Old Depp

    Goldigger Amber probably leaked the pics herself

  • ##

    @Creepy Old Depp: oh please! there are 100 women more with pictures leaked. Did they also leaked their pictures?


    @Creepy Old Depp: Did the thousand other of women who got their nudes leaked leak them too?

  • ##

    @Poorga: yes her pictures are quite classy compared to the pictures of JLaw, other than the pictures with the racy messages for Johnny the others are just nude pics, nothing scandalous. But i also feel bad for her and their privacy as a couple (i bet Johnny won’t be receiving more nude pics from her). All these women are victims

  • Traw

    @Poorga: she was masturbating

  • Traw

    I feel sorry for Johnny. She is clearly a penny a line

  • Traw

    Jambernews good article

  • Kim

    All these comments on here are horrible. No woman should have their privacy invaded. I hate that people are calling all these women “sluts” and “whores” for these pictures. Any woman has the freedom to express/share their body as they want. I really do hope they catch this hacker(s). They deserve to be arrested because I bet they wouldn’t like it if their own mother had her privacy invaded. I am support these women and we should respect their decisions.

  • KBB

    @Kim: I concur. They get their privacy invaded and then their degraded because of it

  • haa

    Which is not the problem of people and body. We are born naked is not a crime, so much talk about other amber and haters, if you hate an artist that you follow.

  • ##

    @Traw: that’s not true. All her album was delivered and there are around 50 pictures, and not pictures of her m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-n-g, nor videos/threesome/nor having s-e-x /nor Johnny in the pictures, etc, etc.

  • @

    @##: There are 54 pictures and according to the people from reddit there aren’t more pictures of her. So all those comments about a video or another kind of pictures, etc, are fake

  • ew

    what a s/k/@/n/k

  • Abracadabra

    If you think her message was a love note, it wasn’t.
    It’s troublesome and eerily foreboding. In my opinion, the woman is unbalanced.

  • Nope

    How has her privacy been invaded? Just google The Informers. Her “work” in that POS is much more racy than these pics. Ooohhhhh, you’re right…that’s different because it was for her Art. Hahahaha!