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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Photo - See the New Pic Here!

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Photo - See the New Pic Here!

Check out this newly released wedding photo of George Clooney and his new wife Amal Alamuddin in their wedding attire on Hello! magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands tomorrow.

The 36-year-old bride wore a French lace Oscar de la Renta dress, while the 53-year-old actor chose a sleek Giorgio Armani tuxedo. George finished his look with cufflinks gifted to him by Amal, which read “George” in Arabic.

“My verdict on being Mr and Mrs Clooney? It feels pretty damn great,” George told the magazine of his nuptials.

In case you missed it, check out another wedding photo from their special day.

To read more from the wedding, visit Bigger photo inside…

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  • $$$$$

    But is she catholic or what religion is she?

  • Registered Nurse

    OMG what a ugly drag with her old man I feel sorry to the magazine they won’t make any money at all phewwww ugly

  • NA

    Drag Queen ugly with her big Ego old sugar daddy

  • Jealous Pitt

    I’m so jealous. They look so happy. Just some days ago I said I’m unhappy. And everybody knows my “wife” Morticia Jolie is very unhappy. I said “wife” because our wedding was fake. She is not my wife. Our wedding was a circus.

  • Koko

    @$$$$$: She’s a muslim .. Whether she’s practice it or not is another story ..

  • Nikki

    @$$$$$: She’s an anti-Semitic quasi-Muslim.

  • Mendacity in overdrive here…

    George is not an Arabic name. It’s Greek. Why write it in Arabic, camel??
    Next thing she’ll convert him to Islam and forbid him from eating pork.
    Ugly she-male.

  • Mendacity in overdrive here…

    Clooney has been photoshopped so much he looks like Kofi Anan in this photo.
    All the image retouching can’t fix an ugly wife with a massive nose & ghoul eyes.

  • myself

    I like her pose

  • She loves the spotlight

    It looks like he has given up his privacy for her. She seems to love all the attention and publicity. She looks like Jerry Seinfeld in drag.

  • peter

    @NA: they are no Angelina jolie and brad pitt!
    Mid life crisis for GC why else would he end up with this drag queen with a degree is he trying to tell the world there is no beautiful educated women out there.

  • forrest gump

    all about PHOTOSHOP, folks!!

  • stop your racism

    @Koko: @Nikki:
    SHE IS AN ARAB so a semitic as well arabs are the children of the levant, read history books, plus mizrahi look like arabs of the middle east, it’s were they came from CANAANITES, so different then the ashkenazim jews, who came from europe ( the empire of khazar)


    Are all western muslim women hoes? Yeah, ok, now I understand their religion.

  • Yves

    He looks ridiculous in this “Prom” pose. Too old! The whole marriage is seems so unnatural. You can’t see any love between them. It’s just weird.

  • Gary

    I’ve seen more love between two cats.

  • Leni

    What is he trying to prove? It’s very obvious that he doesn’t love her. His expression when he is around her is strange. It almost seems like he finds her disgusting. I’m confused.

  • Emerald


    (heavy sarcasm) So tell us all, what should George have done in those photos to convince you that he does love Amal. And what kind of expression is he supposed to have when ever he is with Amal that will allow you to accept that he is happy with his choice. After all, you DO KNOW that your opinion is of NO importance to George.


    Don’t be confused.
    This is all about George Clooney still hanging on and wanting to prove that he still loves Barack Obama, and everything that he stands for; plus the sexy smart girl ain’t that bad either.

  • Amal “Anal Puddin” Alamuddin

    Lol! His MOUTH is totally photoshopped! That isn’t his mouth. You can tell by the rest of his facial expression that he was barely even smiling. ROFLMFAO!! His smile had to be Photoshopped. Omg, now I’ve seen it all. This man is LOONEY!

  • Ivy

    They’re SO overexposed.

    People can feel the fakeness.

    I think George is trying too hard to rescue his dirty ol’ man image with all this.

  • What a snooze!

    @Ivy: Now he has an even worse image. There is a lot of people convinced that this marriage is a sham. With all the pr nonsense, it now has been proven to be so. This mess cannot help but implode. The question is when?

  • Why…

    It seemed to me that he was far more expressive when he was with Elisabetta Canalis. Maybe its because she was shorter but he always stood close to her and had his nose buried in her hair, he also seemed to get got cuddling with her, even more than with Stacy. Though I do think his rush to the alter had more to do with Stacy than with Elisabetta. I think her dumping him hurt his ego and maybe even his heart. Seems strange that Brad couldn’t take a few days off from shooting to attend a very important day in his friends life. Either they are not that close anymore (though Matt showed up) or Brad thinks the whole wedding is not a good idea.

  • Sham Wedding!

    He has had to fake and pay for dates, gurlfriends (leaving in the typo), and now apparently for a wife. Why do his parents keep playing along with it? Seems everyone who showed up had a share in on the publicity, especially this Anal chic. She waves and poses in every pic. This whole thing is blowing up big time. What’s he gonna do when he meets someone he’ll really fall in love with? How will he explain all the Tom Foolery, especially women like the Vegas escort ho was showing her vag meat in a photo of her taken on the job in Vegas? How will Anal’s family recover now that eeveryone’s making fun of the Kim Kardashian daughter who married George for show? His career just bottomed out.

  • Li

    she is tall, very beautiful eyes (more than Angelina) , lovely face, and stylish. Lawyer of important personalities, in the human rights area , internacional law, OMG, she is the dream of any woman, and her beauty is more natural (not the hollywood plastic surgery). Young also ..
    George Clooney, i am a woman and i envy you.. being married with someone with brain, is something very difficulut to find in this times.

  • Lee

    she is tall, very beautiful eyes (more than Angelina) , lovely face, and stylish. Lawyer of important personalities, in the human rights area , internacional law, OMG, she is the dream of any woman, and her beauty is more natural (not the hollywood plastic surgery). Young also ..
    George Clooney, i am a woman and i envy you.. being married with someone with brain, is something very difficulut to find in this times. but also is true that nobody can be perfect in this life

  • Sam

    She is breathtaking.

  • Elvira

    I think she is beautiful and she is not young 36, George looks good next to her. Very sexy couple.

  • ali

    The ugliest couple.. 20 years of being drunk has gone to GC head…mid life crisis how sad. And he think people are going to be jealous of that drag queen because no other woman in the world has a degree really. I hope he is in love because he can never leave her and if he doesn’t have a baby with her what do you think the muslims will do to him. She should of been married off years ago. You can tell he does what she says GC is acting like a middle aged man promoting her like she is the queen of England. I hope it works out for him long term.

  • Suz

    Apart from the photoshop, generally they look good. It appeared to be a beautiful wedding.
    For a while now I have suspected that George is a serious “show off”. He has tried to hide it with humor and self deprecation over the years. Some think this is about politics or sexuality. I think this is simply little boy George saying look at me, see- look how well I have done!

    I do think they are into each other, at least for now. They share common interests and some noble goals. After this show, I can’t help but think that two of the things they have in common are a love of attention and that they are both full of it These came through in spades. After all the wedding hoopla, let’s hope for a good marriage.

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    George Clooney’s parents, Nick & Nina married within months of meeting too.
    But they were 19 and 24 respectively. Young and impressionable..
    Clooney is 53.
    Clooney, suffering from a desperation to change his stagnated image &/ or possibly late-midlife crisis, at 53, after having affairs with hundreds of people, a previous marriage, remarries months after meeting some stranger.
    Well, not a complete stranger. She was researched in advance by his PR team who were looking for the next publicity partner for him.
    Another Clooney wedding was planned years ago by these strategists.
    Venue booked last October, 2013, six months prior to the engagement.
    As soon as Alamuddin agreed to enter this “mutually beneficial arrangement.”
    Pathetic world of George Clooney.
    It’s a clinical psychologist he should have married. S/he’d help him deal with his inner demons.

  • http://JustJared Basia

    I find it very interesting that this accomplished human rights activist and barrister who defended Julian Assuage did not bother to at least make a public statement on behalf of Sgt. Tahmooresse imprisoned in Mexican jail under deplorable conditions. I doubt she raised this issue with President Obama when she attended a private movie showing at the White House with George Clooney. This is how the liberal progressives selectively fight for human rights.

  • Mia

    I think they are beautiful together …nice couple and they really seem in love …best wishes to them !

  • B

    @Lee: Amal is not more beautiful than Angelina Jolie. She has certain “classiness” that Jolie doesn’t have, and I don’t know if that’s just because we know more of Jolie’s history and personal issues. Jolie usually has a more serious, take-charge facial expression. Amal looks like she hasn’t had many struggles or that life has been good to her. I know that look in some women. It’s something I’ve sensed about Amal from the start. I think she’s probably the best GC will find. She’ll rub off on him too.

  • Opinion

    Amal Alamuddin is an unattractive woman physically. But that doesn’t matter. She had education.
    General consensus indicates most people think this is a fake publicity marriage like Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes.
    It’s evident that she’s so photoshopped that when you see some candids, you’re shocked at how flawed she is.
    But people can’t have it all.

  • Opinion

    Her eyes are her ugliest feature or her nose. They droop and look ghoulish like Mr Bean or Boris Karloff.
    Bucktooth palate too like a nerd.
    Legs are awful unphotoshopped. Lumps, ugly knees, skinny, muscular twigs.
    Clooney gets to see her in all her ugliness in reality. That ugly face!!
    How uninspiring for him.
    Imagine how revolting she is in a bikini in real life.

  • Magic 8 Ball

    It doesn’t matter how someone looks. What is important is the heart.
    I agree the PR teams pile it on calling her “beautiful/ queen (lol)/ stunning.” And by her photos she seems to be posing like she believes that she really is a superstar.
    So I see other posters contradict the PR teams by spinning back her flaws.
    Tonality of agendas.

  • B

    @Opinion: It does not matter what Amal looks like. Definitely not ugly. She is more than enough for GC after all he’s done in the past. In fact, physically, they look great together. Why are you so focused on her being beautiful? It’s like fans here are stressing out and going crazy because this wedding was more physically appealing than others we’ve seen.

  • B

    @Magic 8 Ball: Amal is GC’s new wife. He is outgoing. I can see that she can hold her own in a crowd. I think he likes that about her. What is she going to do? Stand around and look like a dork? Hang her head down like a scared little girl, afraid of the fans and press? She is a professional lady who looks very confident and she is not giggling and grinning widely. She look statuesque and gracious. Again, like royalty.

  • B

    Because Amal is gracious enough to wave and smile, looking ever so confident, she thinks she is a superstar? I was warned, but I came here anyway. Time to find another blog board.

  • B

    @Opinion: and YOU are writing crazy things, trying to make people post here. Are you on the payroll? That’s what I hear.

  • zack

    @DISCLOSURE ~ gratis: I don’t think the general public understand PR as celebrities life it all about image he has spent years with 2 year contracts on his arm. Even his peers made fun of him then within a year he gets married. GC is in love really I wish him well and if he goes in politics the general public are stupid enough to believe because he’s married he make a better politician he even tell us to buy the magazine the wedding photos are in as the money goes to charity.
    We have a voice we don’t need him to tell us what to buy as it promote him as some sort of saint we can give money to any charity of our choice because we can!

  • Beatrice402

    OMEGA (the watch) payed the wedding.

  • Beatrice402
  • Lee

    you can see how people reacts when a hollywood star had a relationship with a non occidental name, for example edward pattinson, etc..

    She is so high even for GC, she has the beauty and the attitude (is a lawyer of course), and ok she has the money too, but, look is a woman of middle 30s ,no children, (probably an ex a NoMo) that for me simbolizes freedom for woman, beauty, classy, strenght, is the time to admire not just beautiful stars with plastic surgery, also the hardworking woman who have success, and have to deal with prejudice.

    sorry but I like big eyed woman, and yes she looks superficial , but i dont care her personality, she doesnt need the charisma , she has a real job, and sucsess. maybe she should gain more kilos.

  • dumb people on here

    Lee you’re an idiot.

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    @dumb people on here: indeed. Pathetic George. A case study.
    Especially when drunk and fluffing gibberish…discus 2 days ago… Don’t need spyware to sniff him out.
    Likes to convince himself that this is “good for GC image.” As
    Lee/zack/likeahepburn-drag/etc tries to endear…too obvious.

    -his pathotogical urge to outdo Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie….
    No the “witchy-poo” bride was never discriminated for being Islamic.
    Growing up in UK, wealthy Arabs flash obsene wealth and display haughty contempt towards infidels. Her life was privileged.
    The big nosed, ghoul-eyed bride never felt prejudice,
    Foxing maybe,
    No, Witchy-Poo Amal could never be Angelina much to George’s obseessed envy of Brad.
    She’s nowhere near Angelina in beauty. Blue-green almond eyes are not bullfrog, manure colored ghoul eyes on bone skull hed.
    He could never achieve that Brad & Angie power success.
    Unfortunately for George, his ugly soul is showing externally.
    Way2Demented4Dis image strategist advised him what is good & she changes his proverbial diapers.
    Fuel him with his demon & inebriated control.
    Trick is to let him think he made his own independent choice,
    Control is objective.
    They brainstormed their decrepid minds: Stan, Way2Demented4Dis (& her alter egos), Bryan….Devised a plan. It worked.
    They think it went undedected too. Hmmm….
    Interesting character analysis.

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    -his pathological urge to outdo Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie….

    The big nosed, droopy ghoul-eyed bride never felt prejudice.
    Foxing maybe…
    No, Witchy-Poo Amal could never be Angelina much to George’s obseessed envy of Brad.
    She’s nowhere near Angelina in beauty. Blue-green almond eyes are not bullfrog, manure colored ghoul eyes on bone skull hed.
    But like in a film, the frustrated elitist alcoholic thinks he can create an illusion.
    And live a lie.
    The dichotomy of mad “king” George’s colliding worlds. Fact: Fiction.
    “What is reality?” he philosophises…

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    He married a “degree” and “a real job” which the complex-stricken George covets.
    An actor with no education, unlike Jodie Foster who graduated from Yale.

    He married an illusion and maybe there is love & it will grow. But only when it suit his one true love: his public image.
    An aging, insecure narcissist who is so ego driven.
    His thought process…
    Makes for an ultimate vullinous character this exploration of a sick mind.

  • DISCLOSURE ~ gratis

    Edit – Makes for an ultimate villainous character…