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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Photo - See Her Oscar De la Renta Dress!

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Photo - See Her Oscar De la Renta Dress!

Check out George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin looking into each other’s eyes during their wedding on the cover of People‘s latest issue, out on newsstands on Wednesday (October 1)!

The 53-year-old actor is featured on the cover wearing a Giorgio Armani tuxedo, while the 36-year-old English lawyer looked gorgeous in an Oscar de la Renta dress.

“[Giorgio is] the class act of all class acts,” George shared. “He’s been a good friend for many years and the night wouldn’t be complete without him.

Amal added about her dress, “He’s such an elegant designer and such an elegant man.”

“We met in Italy. We have a home there. We knew that was where we wanted to get married,” George said about the wedding, which took place at Aman Canal Grande Hotel on Saturday (September 27).

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Sarah

    Beautiful dress!

  • Icy

    These two are working it like crazy. I’m sure George is about to announce some new foundation. There’s a reason he’s trying to make Alamuddin into a public figure. And I’m sure he hired some stylists for her.

  • Sarah

    OMG. Enough already! She is ugly and he is getting old.

  • 3@

    Hater … she is beautiful.

  • Em

    It’s pretty, but it looks JUST like Katie Holmes’ dress when she married Tom Cruise

  • sam

    she looks great. but, the choice of a western dress is interesting.

  • None

    Hello has another cover, a close-up shot. @6 what do Muslim brides usually wear? On another site they said that ham and prosciutto were served. Her family seems westernized and more modern.

  • Cam

    Ok, when this hits newstands so, so quickly after a very photographed “courtship” and “wedding”, you know something’s amiss, and its not just the body language or the fact in nearly every photo we’ve ever seen of her, Amal is actually POSING for and totally loving the paparazzi, who just so conveniently appear everywhere that she is dolled up for. George has finally crossed over into the territory of being crazy, in my book. Anykithing for publicity is his m.o. Even if that means faking relationships and now faking a loving marriage. Its absolutely insane!! If celebrities ever find themselves going to this extent for attention, that means it’s time to hang it up! Retire, old man! Everyone online is commenting on how fake it all is. From Sarah Larson to Italian b#tch face to the WWF loser to this. No one’s buying it. And yet he still presses on, determined to prove a point because he cannot handle criticism. Jesus, dude! If your life is made so bad by being a celebrity that you have to live inside a bottle and fake your love life, walk away! Why on earth someone would w-h-o-r-e themselves outbwhen theyve already got an a-s-s load of money is beyond me. He needs to get a life! Holy crap! They always say actors are more often than not self-involved, but this has gone from ridiculous to down right crazy. What a stupid old man. Sorry to those of you who’ve drank the Kool Aid but its maddening. I do firmly expect his movie ratings to get far worse. It’s definitely a cover, but not for being gay. He’s not. You will notice, however, his hair looks good, but where was Waldo? Seriously, where’s Waldo? He’s always at George’s beck & call. So when he’s nowhere to be seen, you know his absence was intentional, which makes everyone even MORE suspicious. I’ve long suspected he retained her law firm & agreed to using her as the cover. But what makes me more suspicious is that this relationship came about just around the time of Berlusconi’s trial for hiring underage prostitutes at parties George has been to. In fact George is rumored to be a regular client of that socialite who runs that Hollywood prostitute ring that was promoted through that book, “Room 23.” What better way to turn any damning character assassination than to clean him up and marry him off to a squeaky clean “human rights” attorney? And so wuickly! He isnt running for office. He’s keeping the left hand busy so no one will see what the right hand is up to. And if this dumbbell lawyer was worth her salt, she demand he go to rehab & clean his drunken self up already. No one wants a husband with the DT’s. All this insanity’s about to catch up to him and no one will feel sorry for him. I do believe Amal will regret this publicity trainwreck in short order. She’s wrecking credibility she had as an attorney and it wont nake her popular. Green card or not, she shouldn’t assume Americans to be as dumb as obviously most Europeansmust be for buying into this garbage. He isnt a person any more. He’s a puppets with lots and lots of hands shoved up his a-s-s and he doesn’t even care. No wonder he’s a gigantic alcoholic. Just a little insidr opinion, and not from one who had to sign a NDA.

  • ismail

    @Sarah: she looks like a man in drag. GC was so nervous saying his vows he must of got a bit of a culture shock seeing so many muslims. No way out now. But what gets me is that for a couple who have been together for such a short time there don’t look madly in love…there body language is weird. GC looks the same with any of his other woman on his arm and this is the one he chose to marry…..

  • Someone who’s been there.

    It’s definitely suspect, considering George wouldn’t even touch his first wife on the night of their wedding but instead got very wasted. It’s true, he needs help.

  • asif

    @Cam: wow you got a lot of your chest Lol but I do think American are stupid and will fall for the PR trip. But were are the A listers I thought this is the wedding of the year! The funniest thing I ‘ve heard about the wedding is that Amal’s father said in his speech babies next. Maybe GC thought a career woman wouldn’t want any but what muslim woman isn’t expected to have children and follow their faith, language, culture, religion just because amal chose a western wedding her family present are all muslims fact! it’s who we are and our identity. GC should of married a women closer to his own if he doesn’t want kids. I can’t wait to see GC future pan out, what a reality check is to come.

  • Michelle

    OMG, ENOUGH WITH YOU HATERS!!! The most negative bitchy comments! Got a headache reading all that crap. Why can’ you just be happy for them ? They are a gorgeous couple. She is stunning and had a wonderful sense of style. She is educated, classy, smart and most importantly seems like a very sweet and nice girl. Too bad one can’t say the same about any of you haters!

  • rosie

    @Someone who’s been there.: His first wife was stunning, how did a Hollywood man end up with this. Shes looks smug but for the passed 20 years GC has been around the block there is no woman out there jealous he’s an old man who looks as old as amals father and she young enough to be his daughter.


    “TERROR BRIDE AND THE COMMIE : PART 1 1/2″ in theaters nowhere!! In SENSURROUND!!

  • siennagold

    Beautiful dress! Wishing them many happy years ahead.

  • Heard it a thousand miles away

    Ok, George. You definitely set yourself up for this one.
    She may now officially be called ANAL CLOONEY.

    Hey, it’s his fault, not mine. Anyone who sinks to this new low making a media circus to counter all the gay rumors had it coming.

    Have a lovely new life, Anal Clooney!

  • Lola

    Ummm…. No…. i don’t like her dress neither her hair. I was expecting something really glamorous and classy from her at her wedding especially after all the ‘advertisement’ and fuss that they made about it.
    I was expecting something like… Grace Kelly at her wedding style and not something as…… may i say, casual and carefree hair…
    I was disappointed.

  • Anal Puddin Clooney

    Hey “Heard It”!

    Sorry but this tops them all:


    Just sayin….

  • Brooke Rodriguez

    I can totally see why he feel for her. Beautiful, intelligent, good career. He was probably tired if all the loser babies he dated in the past and fell for her now that he is also getting older. I think she is uniquely beautiful, Good for them I say!

  • http://justjared naomi

    congratulation—however, enough already, it’s starting to appear this is a kanye and kim tactic PR,PR,PR attempting to make relevant???, but to show those others women he wasnot washed up. if she ends up pregnant guest???. yeah she is an attorney annnn. this does not impress a commoner like me.

  • PR Gone Wrong

    Looks like two men, one wearing the most expensive dress, and it does nothing for her, could as well be hanging on a hanger.
    By the way the dress is wearing her not the other way around.
    The father-in-law don’t know George got snip, he will be waiting for grandchildren for a long time.

  • Rose

    LOL! I knew there would be a People spread! George’s PR is so desperate to prove this marriage is legit it doesn’t surprise me there’s a spread. Too funny! LOL

  • maria

    Geez. Has it ocurred to anyone, that he may just be over the moon for her, and he wants the world to know? When you meet THE one, you don’t give a damn who sees you; you just want to yell it from the rooftops! They have acted like this since day 1, people. They are a good match, and he found his girl. They had a fairytale wedding in a magical city, and that’s that! I never thought he’d find someone after the bimbos he’s had relationships with. I think they look amazingly in love, i adore her classic dress, and off they go into the sunset. Good for them!

  • LoveTheShoes

    @Cam: WAAAAAY to much time on YOUR hands Cam. I read the first word and the last as it’s all I have time for. Whew! What in the world is missing in your life that you took that much time to opine about GC?!

  • LoveTheShoes

    @maria: “Geez. Has it ocurred to anyone, that he may just be over the moon for her, and he wants the world to know? When you meet THE one, you don’t give a damn who sees you; you just want to yell it from the rooftops! They have acted like this since day 1, people. They are a good match, and he found his girl. They had a fairytale wedding in a magical city, and that’s that! I never thought he’d find someone after the bimbos he’s had relationships with. I think they look amazingly in love, i adore her classic dress, and off they go into the sunset. Good for them!”


    maria, I couldn’t agree more with you. Unfortunately there are a whole lot of unhappy, cynical and insecure people who with the help anonymity sites like JJ give, just let the ugly spirit fly. Its really sad and unfortunate that they simply refuse to believe even celeb’s fall in love.

  • AmaLooney

    What a let down. boring dress.

  • norah

    @Cam: I have always liked george but somehow with this wedding and the courtship and even the engagement seems so off – the whole spectacle and the posed pictures even the wedding dress etc – gosh she is very tall reminds me abt katie and tom but all this driving down the canals was imo so over the top and unlike him. Ok if someone is in love etc but i always find that those pple who do so much of love in public always end up breaking up – mariah nick tom and katie etc – puts me off completely and sad to say that amal is really lapping up allthe attention – what is the difference between her and sarah or stacy etc ? anyway to each his own but frankly something is really very fishy about this whole spectacle but i hope that they will be happy anyway.

  • Registered Nurse

    OMG she is so ugly the same with her father aka George Clooney

  • Carlota

    It was a beautiful wedding! Get over it haters.
    Most of the stuff pre-wedding was bull and wasn’t “leaked’ by him so that complaint is silly
    As for the wedding- Unlike Angie this is her first time wedding and she wanted to do what she wanted- so why should she have to try and sneak and make some super small private thing. The inside the actual wedding was private though – where it counts. The other stuff- if they knew the paps were going to try and get pics no matter what they did they may as well do it the way of her dream wedding. Good for her- she is a lucky smart girl. Most people would love to have something like that. I like her even more since she comes across so confident and like she doesn’t care at all what negative people say.

  • tick

    BARF @ both of them. I hope they STAY in Italy.

  • tick

    She is not English. She’s a Lebanese Arab.

  • tick

    They will have to adopt. He is too old to have kids. So is she for that matter. They would probably have birth defects if she doesn’t miscarry.

  • OhCanada

    I am tired of these two already. ENOUGH. This planet is not big enough for George Foolney and Anal’s ego. Get off my news feed and my planet.

    Shana Tova to be brothers and sisters!

  • http://justjared naomi

    looks like Katie Holmes,but STACHIE KEEBLER would have been a better match she was the one that got away.

  • jane

    the dress is nice. not amazing, but ok. and he does kinda look like the father of the bride here and not her new husband, lol.

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez

    She is so beautiful and the groom is very handsome wish them both the best

  • cowbulls

    They just bite the mutherfrucking tool off with their mouthpiece protrusion.

  • cowbulls

    They just bite the mutherfrucking tool off with their mouthpiece protrusion.

  • cowbulls

    boring dress.
    Like curtains draping off a rod.
    And that massive hooked nose of hers is just hanging off her face touching her chin.
    Mad drunk loser George Clooney!


    ***Amal Alamudin makes look so old, short and feeble.***
    Horse-faced Arabic woman who needs to be photoshopped to look Plain.
    AT BEST!
    Everything from image resolution, de-noise, sharpness reduction, resizing has been used to soften and alter her appearance.
    But she STILL looks so unattractive.
    Destroys the dress. Overly embellished to draw attention away from how manly she is.

  • lol

    Borning dress why not support your own LEBANESE designer AND CULTURE , and you are not a BRIT


    ***Amal Alamudin makes George look so old, short and feeble.***
    Despite the Photoshop in the magazines to soften her grotesque features,
    George gets to view the full harsh reality:
    *An ugly skeletal frame.
    *A bag of bones from her nose to her twig legs.
    *coarse Fran Dreschler hairdo
    *ugly face with ghoulish eyes and asss chin.

  • no one cares

    big massive pathetic advertizing campaign is all this embarrassing desperation is.
    A red cent won’t go to charity. Public will be fed lies, and no evidence that a penny went to any charity.

  • peter

    @VOGUE: spot on! But GC must be in love because why would he marry such a ugly woman they say love is blind. But I want to no why no there was no Sandra bullock/ Jennifer Aniston / michelle Pfeiffer/ Nicole kidman there meant to be friends for many years It just looked like a bunch of Muslims were there. This was the wedding of the year Lol

  • cate

    @maria: Good post. Amal looks stunning and so does her dress. They seem very happy.

  • HawkEye

    He marries AA – Alcoholics Anonymous initials…. which he hates.
    And her sister has the same name as his ex-wife. LOL

  • With all the tea in china

    Do something with your HAIR WOMEN…For crying our laud .. Why always the same… Day and night… Night and DAY… and on your wedding day…… OMGggggggg ……BOOOOOOORIiiiiiiiiiiiiiNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorenzo


    @peter: I don’t think he looks in love.
    Word in the know, at my Beveley Hills hair salon is, that he married to spite his one true love from many years ago. She was 10 years older and from what I recall Kelly Preston dumped him because she felt G really loved another woman, who was her friend.
    I think she confessed to Kelly that G had hit on her.
    Kelly dumped him for Charlie Sheen and in the end… to spite both women (his true love and Kelly) he married another older woman: Talia Balsam.
    No, I don’t get the feeling of love here. Amal may be in love. But that’s the full package: his money, fame …. his elderly father figure appearance. SICK!! . She tries to make him jealous by flirting with younger men, but he doesn’t care. Amal would never love him if he was a cotton-picker still.
    He still loves that woman from long long ago. She is a stunning blonde.
    Celine Balitran’s coloring. But that lady still torments him.
    So he married an ugly manly Kramer from M*A*S*H clone out of self-loathing.

  • With all the tea in china

    - out loud-

  • Lola C

    @Lorenzo: really?? which Beverly Hills salon? Fekkai on Rodeo Drive?? I heard similar too.
    But what about Waldo Sanchez his own hair stylist companion who has been with him since around that time.
    How can a bi-sexual man love a female. I mean they can, but it doesn’t make sense.