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Jennifer Lawrence Joins Chris Martin at Kings of Leon Concert! (Exclusive)

Jennifer Lawrence Joins Chris Martin at Kings of Leon Concert! (Exclusive)

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are keeping their romance going… this time backstage at the Kings of Leon concert held at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday evening (October 3) in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old Coldplay singer was a surprise guest performer at the concert, where he sang and played piano on two songs – “Talihina Sky” and “Notion.” Check out pics of him sitting at the piano in the gallery below!

Jen was taking photos and videos of Chris during rehearsals on her phone,” a source exclusively told “They engaged playfully with each other, appearing like a couple in love. She kissed him on the lips several times.”

Jennifer previously was photographed supporting Chris backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas last month. He was performing at the concert with Coldplay.

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Photos: Getty, Just Jared
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  • Losers

    Jennifer – the Porn Star cheated on her ex. I feel sorry for him.
    This relationship is a joke. Chris and Jennifer are so boring and immature.

  • Groupie

    She’s just a groupie slut.

  • D

    Jen is very private person I wonder why this source is mentioning all these things about her private life !!!! What are they going to penefit from it

  • what

    @D: Chris’s ticket sales and the super bowl will benefit

  • Losers

    @D: What a joke. “Very private person”. Source: Their PR team. They want to show off their relationship.
    “What are they going to penefit from it.” NOTHING. Now everybody knows she cheated on her ex. And Chris ex-wife looks much better than this immature girl.

  • what

    @Losers: Jen did cheat on Nick, Chris and Jen had an affair in April in NYC when she did interviews for Xmen.

  • dee

    So weird but alright

  • Cindy

    @D: Lol, she’s as private as any other celebrity… They’re all about PR and nothing more there. But her PR team was good enough to convince people she’s so diffrent than the rest and so relatable, and so talented. Great job, really.

  • Pkimkm

    They need to need to cancel this contract early. The PR teams went about it the wrong way by going overboard with the info sent to the tabloids. Jennifer and Chris are embarrassing themselves almost as much as Henry Cavill embarrassed himself with Kaley Cuoco.

    There was no cheating because Jennifer and Nick were for PR only too. She’ll date whoever she’s told to date because she sold her soul(and T&A) to some very powerful people.

  • what

    @Cindy: Not to mention her family was in on her BS image telling stories about how unaffected by fame she is and how she always goes home well now where are her family members where are her brothers? Jen is as fake as the rest of them period.

  • Katherine

    @Losers: here the only loser are you

  • what

    @Katherine: Na just you, your the loser for defending these idiots.

  • Jonathan

    @what: And you who known it? nobody has benn cheated here

  • Henry

    @what: they are idiots but you are here writing a comment every five minute. LOL

  • what

    @Henry: because i want people to know the truth not this PR BS about romance (they are having an fair/fling)

  • what

    @Jonathan: Yes they have don’t be naive, Chris started grinning like an idiot in April while Jen was in NYC they crossed paths just do the research they cheated. Chris met Jen at the met gala 2013 the Boston herald did a story about Chris being interested in Jen thats why Joults breakup was all over the place August July then finally June was the last official breakup article (because Jen cheated and got caught out). A list celebs are not met to behave in this manner just ask Kristen, look how it ended for her (this is a cover up).

  • Vero

    1000s of fans at the Hollywood Bowl. 100s twitted about Chris Martin’s guest appearance, not a single one mentioned Jennifer’s presence. This despicable gossip rag must have an excellent “source” with great eyes and no camera. Ok!
    Some of you act like these gossip rags are gospel. This is a nice place to look at pictures, that’s it!

  • Athena

    @what: Is that you again Lohan?….everyone knows you troll the boards especially when it has to do with successful A list actresses.

    Anyway, the point is, “what” is a troll and knows nothing. Neither does JJ, where are the backstage photos to support the story. Leave Jennifer Lawrence alone!.

  • what

    @Athena: F off i am not Lohan stop defending Jen the tramp. This is my fist post ever so stop generalizing you turd.

  • Dev4

    “what”, “Losers”= same person=troll.

  • what

    @what: You are an idiot, Jen was sighted leaving a private Jet with Chris, Jen was photoed the day after the Chateau Marmont dinner in the hotel, Jen has been sighted at 5 of Chris concerts, Jen has been photoed twice in Malibu near Chris house and the paparazzi have seen her enter his house after only dating for two months or 4 dates. They have been having an affair for a long time, no one moves that fast ever. So call me Lohan but i will continue posting against stupid. Also Chris was in Paris in May close to where Jen was and he was grinning then as well.

  • what

    @what: I am not loser so F off, I post under what.

  • Claire

    Bleurgh. Someone get her to a movie set & him on tour so this fling can end.

  • anonymous

    I dont know what the heck these people above are talking about.. .for me, I ll never see JL the same. Its the porn photos, its the fact she’s *** chris martin.. I dont know. She seems totally different from the naive, sweet girl I had pictured from her interviews.

  • sad

    This girl can not go a day without being alone she has some serious mental problems.

  • WOW

    So this fling is still on? well there goes T.H.G ticket sales in America.

  • marc

    chris martin seems a total douche f*** JL. she’s so much younger than you man…
    Plus, what were you thinking leaving Gwyneth Paltrow for Jennnifer Lawrence? ahhh..

  • Ted

    @anonymous: That was her publicists best work convince the public that Jennifer was something that she is not “i guess” but its so sad that I was fooled again. I was hoping that she was different from the rest :(

  • Courtney

    So, no pictures? It’s fine if she was there at the concert, but I’m going to need more proof than hearsay by these “sources.”

  • Courtney

    Guys, seriously, why is it that all the haters seem to gather on this site? You don’t know for sure if this was done by her PR team, which I highly doubt because she doesn’t do things just for publicity. She’s an extremely private person, which makes me think that there is some truth to these rumors about Chris and Jennifer. She wouldn’t date someone just for publicity. I now believe they are dating, but within reason. It’s nothing like the gossip rags make it out to be. Unlike most actresses, Jennifer doesn’t show up at every single event or party known to man outside of filming or promoting. Most of you commenting here are just cynical with nothing better to do.

  • Courtney

    I guess now that Gossip Cop exposed the rumor that Jennifer was living in Chris’s Malibu home as false, the tabloids are trying to cover up their asses with this article. Yes, it’s possible she was there, but people can get pictures backstage and I’m not seeing any of those to go along with this story.

  • Fercat

    @Ted: Much of the deception came from her publicist. She herself was not. She even gave hints that what people read and think about her were likely false. And now we know.

  • Ted

    @Courtney: Seems that you too have nothing to do better to do? Why is it so implausible that this is half PR, why so much is written about two peoples relationship? They aren’t even that interesting a couple but we get to see it on Just Jared every weekend like clock work? Well that sounds like PR to me and all these source that turn out to be true like Radar telling people that Jen will tour with Martin and magic it happens?

  • Reid

    @Fercat: So who is the real Jennifer, because i don’t like the one i see now and i am sure parents don’t either?

  • Courtney

    @Ted Two concerts is hardly what you would call a tour. Those are gigs, there is a difference. Yes, she was there for the LA show and the iHeart Radio Music festival, but Chris also invited Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth to the festival as well. It’s not like she’s invited exclusively. Yes, she did say people make things up about her, but she said that these “sources” make up details about her life, not so much her publicist. People just need to know that you can’t believe everything they read when it comes to Hollywood. Most of the printed media sources can’t tell the truth to save their lives.

  • Dev4

    Lots of trolls here…ignore, ignore, ignore.

    Anyway, more than likely, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are not in a serious relationship at all. Lawrence’s rep with fans and studios remains one of the strongest in the business and Mockingjay is estimated to open at 155 to 157 million. Trolls are sociopaths, mentally ill, mal adjusted people that thrive on stirring up conflict.

  • Deni

    @Courtney There are pics of Jen at this concert? There are tweets from people that testyfying the presence of Jennifer? Or is the usual story without concrete proof?

  • richard


  • Vero

    Just when did Jennifer tour with Martin? You do understand what touring is I hope. Doing a private gig and performing at a festival do not a tour make. Coldplay is busy recording an album to be released in a yr or 2. So no tour at the moment.

  • Courtney

    @Deni Here’s your answers: No, no, and yes.

  • Deni


  • Vero


  • MeMe

    Another day, more BS. The good news? Just Jared gets tons of links-in with this “new” story. Yay…more $$$$ for YOU.

  • Courtney

    @MeMe I know! Funny, people were able to get pictures of Jennifer backstage at the iHeart gig in Las Vegas, but none at the Hollywood Bowl? It’s true she may have been there, but where’s the proof?

  • Deni

    @Courtney Thanks! Reading this article,i am reminded that of iHeartRadio,when the tabs written that Jen & Martin kissed in the a similar article. All other concerts we have had proof of the Jennifer’s presence,with pics,tweets etc. if there’s nothing pics,no tweets about her..she was not here yesterday. Also because it would be stupid continue kissing and making the couple only in the backstage at the concerts! And it’s strange that these storie came out when Martin was a guest performed at a concert..after that for 2 weeks they have made their own business.

  • Reid

    @Vero: Semantics whats the game you want to play? Tour or being there who cares she was there on multiple occasions which constitutes touring!

  • MeMe

    @courtney I was bored so I checked around, didn’t see any pics on Twitter or Instagram which, as you know, is strange. Also checked the Music Mags like Billboard and EMI–no pics BUT “rumors” about her being there with links here. You would think maybe Music press people would confirm directly. That was my thought anyway.

  • MeMe

    My theory? One of these two are sick of this and are now planting break-up stories around the internet. More of them are coming out with Chris being deemed “boring” and Jennifer wanting Hoult back. Let’s see if this parleys into Hoult/Lawrence “reunion” because they couldn’t live without each other just as MockingJay PR gets into full-swing.

  • Courtney

    @MeMe True. If it’s just based on words, then it’s hearsay. Unless Hollywood Bowl has a no picture policy, which I doubt.

  • Yes

    @Courtney: We will know soon popcandies will have video of the Celebs comings and goings.