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Zac Efron Spotted Traveling with Sami Miro - Are They Dating?!

Zac Efron Spotted Traveling with Sami Miro - Are They Dating?!

Zac Efron is making rumors swirl that he may have a new girlfriend!

The 26-year-old actor was spotted arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday (October 12) alongside a pretty blonde named Sami Miro. See the pics over at the Daily Mail.

Sami works in business development for a media company, according to her LinkedIn page. A quick glance at her Instagram profile also shows that she most likely does some modeling. She sure is a fashionista at heart!

Zac was most recently linked to Michelle Rodriguez after a whirlwind summer romance that ended back in August. While we’re not sure if he is dating Sami, they have reportedly been spotted getting cozy on multiple occasions over the past month.

20+ pictures inside of Zac Efron‘s possible new girlfriend Sami Miro

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 01
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 02
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 03
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 04
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 05
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 06
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 07
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 08
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 09
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 10
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 11
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 12
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 13
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 14
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 15
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 16
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 17
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 18
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 19
zac efron spotted traveling with sami miro 20

Photos: Getty, Instagram
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  • lauren901

    jared, you took sami’s instagram pics and made a post based on that.?

  • MikeG

    HAha. First Robert Pattinson now Efron… Lol those idiot fangirls will go KKK on her ass…

  • NO NO

    that’s invading someone’s privacity if she is not “famous” how unprofessional jared!!

  • yuck

    She looks like a monkey.

  • Truth

    Zac likes them rough looking.

  • Eva

    no pics? Weird.. I hope he is happy.
    This Twitter account look like having some news about zac and this girl but i don t understand lol

  • Probably

    Probably…they were out with Dylan Penn and her bf Shiloh Fernandez last month…Sami is one of Dylan’s best friends.

  • Anabelle

    And let the racist comments start now!
    I think she’s pretty just like FKA Twigs is. Mixed girls are extremely gorgeous imo. And the only thing that should matter is that both Zac and Rob are happy so everyone should just stfu.

  • Lauren901

    Zactunews isn’t really legit ,they just report on things to sound legit.

  • Lauren901

    Thsts prolly not gonna happen.

  • link

    I like this woman. I have no clue who she is, but I like her.

  • ..

    @Anabelle: why even bring rob and twigs into this? do you know how many white guys, especially celebs, date girls who are black, spanish, asian or a mixture of both? these days TONS of girls are mixed race. zoe kravitz dated michael fassbender, nick simmons is apparently dating amber rose now…eve married a white man and even reversed…ashlee simpson married pete wentz who is mixed race and now she married evan ross. there are sooo many people to mention, but for some reason, no one in hollywood can do anything without robert pattinson being brought into it. zac has always dated girls of all races…vanessa hudgens isn’t 100% white, she’s Filipino and no one made a big deal about it. for all anyone knows, rob and zac could’ve dated several girls who were mixed race or black before they were famous so i don’t know why, just because they’re famous now, it should be some kind of shock that they’re not dating white girls. fast forward 6 months and they could both have new girlfriends who are white or asian…are we going to go through this drama every single time they date someone? it’s stupid.

  • lisa

    She needs to ditch the blonde.

  • ru4uut

    Ohh!!! come on this girl is just a little more pretty than twigs. Lol

  • boredom

    what is ugly lke this nikki red row n,no substantial economic effect on whover is uglier than two-year.zac must be gay !!!!!!!!!!

  • OK

    Zactunews tried to say she was at Zac’s house when she wasn’t .
    The sho posted a pi. of Zac hugging a girl and said it was her and later it was discovered it wasn’t her. She is very unreliable.

  • boredom

    before ugly is just like nikki reed hope it is a prank because Zac must be gay

  • pasaj

    @yuck: At least she doesn’t look like you a Gorilla. Jealous much

  • OK

    No need to call Zac gay or make nasty comments about looks or race.
    We our al God’s children.

  • OK

    Sorry that should say she posted a pic of Zac hugging a girl and claimed it was her. It wasn’t. (Post number 16)

  • boredom

    before ugly is just like nikki reed hope it is a prank because Zac must be gay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blah

    @ru4uut: it always comes back to rob…nevermind the fact that zac has dated two girls already who weren’t white, nevermind comparing them to ryan gosling and eva mendes (because sami could be black or spanish or filipino, no one knows if they don’t know her)….it just always has to be about rob. i’ll tell you what is a fact though, everyone gets so up in arms on comment boards whenever someone is dating someone and then some time in the future they break up and it’s onto speculating why it is they broke up. you guys freak out and then end up having nothing to freak out over at all. rob didn’t marry twigs and zac hasn’t married sami…why don’t you guys put your complaints and defense stance on simmer?

  • LoveTheShoes

    @..: Just a clarification about “Spanish” or Latino or Hispanic. These are not races. Spanish, latino and Hispanic people are from ALL races. Someone isn’t half black and Puerto Rican or white and half Cuban. You’re either a black Puerto Rican or a white Cuban. Being Asian is the same. Asian can mean someone from India just as I can mean someone from Japan. Hopefully this will be take it in the spirit it was given. Just get bugged as an Afro-Latina how we aren’t considered just as much a Latino as J-Lo etc based solely on skin color and nothing else.

  • Seriously

    This guy is such a loser. As soon as he flubs his reputation somehow like sleeping with sleazes or drugging and drinking, he allows his stupid PR peeps to set up another loser situation like this one. When is he gonna grow some balls?????????????? Not to mention, this girl is extremely unattractive, and it’s not skin color. He is so clueless.

  • Lauren901

    How is zac dumb? We don’t know Sami at all or who she really is, she’s petty and not ugly? Why do u think his pr team set him up ?

  • Scarjo

    I’ll give him some credit. He’s not going to be seen on his own time (not just carpets to sell a movie) with someone that he is not interested in. His PR just spins it the best they can like the did with that lost cause Michelle Rod. He basically has somewhat of a type in terms of looks and personality. So no surprise. The best thing is she’s not Michelle Rod…hope he learned his lesson. I really hope he finds the one.

  • jade

    First Robert Pattinson with a black chick, now Zac….Whites chicks are s-hitting themselves over this! lol

  • ..

    @LoveTheShoes: yes, I agree…I worded my comment wrong, probably because I was heated but yes I understand what you mean. The fact is that Zac has always dated girls who were of colorful backgrounds and just because he’s continuing to do so, that shouldn’t equal him being compared to another actor who is dating a mixed race girl. People are people and what color or heritage they are shouldn’t factor in when they’re dating someone. Rob and Zac aren’t the first white guys to date non-white girls…it shouldn’t even be an issue, but it’s sad that it is and it’s ever sadder than Zac doing it seems so foreign to people that he has to be compared to the only other actor they can think of who is doing the same, despite the fact that Hollywood is FILLED with interracial couples.

  • ..

    sadder that Zac doing it*

  • ..

    @jade: why? it’s not like they all had a chance anyway…he can only date one girl at a time lol. damn.

  • Mean

    She is a dog. She is not cute. Zac you can do better than that. You desperate to get a girl and get some sex. Go back and get v.

  • What??

    Sorry but she is very common looking . I wonder if he met her on skid row . She looks like a druggie . No class at all , It looks like she has some smarts but she looks like the girl at the local bar trying to get paid for BJ’s

  • lauren901

    like in all seriousness what is with half of these comments, half are racist and half are implying she’s ugly and a monkey and other uncalled things, just bause this girl isn’t a vanessa doesnt mean she’s ugly and crap, really? well most of you had no idea who she is and still dont know who she is.

  • Seriously

    @Lauren901: Oh lauren, laure, lauren. Puh-leeze. Didn’t your buddy, OK, predict this? Didn’t he say this was PR? Quit playing dumb like Zac. He is never gonna run his own life, and that is why he is dumb. He lets everyone help him ruin his life, and then drinks and does drugs to deal with the pain of his stupidity. GROW UP, Efron. He is effin up his life.

  • tina

    This has nothing to do with her being black it has to do with her not being pretty enough for Zac . Model my A** these are not for any legit model agency looks like she modeled clothes for a friend and she put them on her instagram. agree with all her creditials she doesn’t look like a professional career woman at all. More like she dances at the local dive in the Valley.

  • Seriously

    @lauren901: Come on, lauren. You KNOW she is unattractive. Don’t care what color she is. She is Dylan Penn’s BF, has been hangin with ZE on set and in his trailer, works for a media company, and recently dyed her hair. How’s that? She is still not attractive and don’t care.

  • Scarjo

    @Seriously: why does he need this woman for PR? Are people still going after the gay cover up angle? It’s so played out. He’s not gay otherwise there would be at least some proof. There is absolutely no proof. There is more proof to the contrary.

  • Scarjo

    I do think if she ditched the platinum hair which doesn’t work, she would be do in herself a huge favor.

  • lauren901

    she’s pretty, but did you know she was actually in a three year relationship that recently ended in the summer? probably not? so if she was white or asian u still would call her ugly? what does dylan and her being friends have to do with anything? they were first spotted hanging in early september and she dyed her hair in the summer if you actually knew what your talking about , you keep implying this is PR? how is this PR if she’s not even famous then again well known, she works for a media agency and is actually smart? why would zac’s team set him with a girl who’s older and smarter then him? why are you getting bitter over everything zac does? do you know him personally?

  • lol

    She must be a great lay. After getting rid of Michelle and just a couple of weeks later getting with this one and now after just a few weeks she gets a European vaca out of it, all expenses paid. Like I said she must give it good . She has a great bod butterface? Heard she recently just dumped her BF of 4 years guess Zac was a better prize. Oh wait he is.

  • lauren901

    are you lazy and just copy and pasted your comment from jjr?

  • Emmie

    all these black chicks coming out of no where smfh

  • ha ha

    @Emmie: Get used to it, white men LOVE black women.

  • chelle

    @tina: I agree. As much as I hate to say it. Nothing to do with race. She also looks sad in a lot of her photos which seems odd.

  • zumvo

    looks like he got himself a whooooe, what a surprise. she’s gross and vulgar

  • Market

    this has nothing to do with race. she’s a buttaface. zac lets messy people around him. too bad for him, his problem.

  • David

    yuk. she looks like a prostitute you find on a corner of a street. zac sure likes them manly too.

  • 9

    i love how zac takes the wrong decisions and brings shady people into his life.
    He’s a hollywood mess.
    It’s a great show though.

  • not been confirmed

    @Truth: And so what if he does,it’s his personal preference not that Sami or Michelle are rough looking,that’s just your opinion

  • Favor

    what’s up with the blond/white hair on that face? ohhh nooooo. wtf is that?