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Katie Holmes Doesn't Want Tom Cruise Divorce to Define Her

Katie Holmes Doesn't Want Tom Cruise Divorce to Define Her

Katie Holmes gets up, close, and personal on the latest cover of People magazine, on newsstands October 31.

Here’s what the 35-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her life: “I don’t have any fear now, I don’t have a lot of rules for myself, and I don’t take myself that seriously.”

On her career: “I feel ready for new challenges.”

On her divorce: “I don’t want that moment in my life to define me, to be who I am. I don’t want that to be what I’m known as. I was an actor before, an actor during and an actor now.”

On being a mom: “I’m learning every day, and I have been since the minute I became a mom. My patience has grown, but between 4 and 6 p.m…I mean, wow, between tickle fights and glitter art, I try to throw in some manners along the way.”

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  • dalovelee

    …and yet by mentioning his name in yet another article it defines her. Isn’t this the same tactic Nicole Kidman used. Thousands of women get divorced, but they don’t keep harping on the very famous last name of their ex to help promote their careers.

  • Valais

    LOL!! They are really pushing hard and getting her the People cover with mentioning HIM and saying “MY Story”. They will push and push but unless she turns up the goods with some good acting and roles it will all go in circles. This is just pathetic she is using his name and the divorce to get the cover to say she doesn’t want it.

  • plez

    Oh boy People mag has found another star to play victim. Even though the only thing that happen to her was getting a divorce. A divorce that happen 2 years ago. She has been working on movies, Broadway, a clothing line and commercials since then. But I guess it did not get her back to A list so her agency is launching her again and using Tom Cruise to do it.

  • BellaLou

    Glad it’s obvious to some others too. She is going to try and claw her way up but maybe since her actual talent isn’t getting her anywhere she is going to throw his name out there again.

  • CLX

    Nicole Kidman’s career had taken off right around that time, so she didn’t need to mention him, and she didn’t. She maintained many years of silence and has only commented more recently. So don’t throw her into that same category.

  • The Shadow Knows

    I’m sure she was ASKED about Cruise, and she answered by saying it (the marriage) doesn’t define her. It’s not like he’s some schmo on the street. He’s a huge star. She’s going to be asked from now until forever. Rather than be stupid and say “I won’t answer that”, she’s giving a general response. I certainly don’t see how, in those few words, you can ASSume she’s using him to “promote her career. Here’s an idea! Why don’t you actually read the full article before you jump to uninformed conclusions. I have and it’s NOT about him at all. PS. They also share a child, in case you haven’t heard, so you really should prepare yourself for their names to be mentioned in tandem in prepetuity. It is what it is. She’s not letting the marriage define her, but you sure are. LOL!

  • BellaLou

    It’s People mag. They have to approve everything. It’s all very scripted when it’s People Magazine. Katie knows exactly what she is (trying) to do here. However, I doubt this time next year her actual career will have made progress but she still might be making blogs since people are curious about her ex and her child.

  • The Shadow Knows

    You have the copy of the magazine already, I guess? Until you do, you really don’t have a clue what its about so you’re jumping to conclusions. Fact is, most of you here want your ASSumptions to be the truth. Problem is, you’re wrong. She’s not pathetic. You are for making uninformed assumptions based on an irrational dislike to a complete stranger.

  • The Shadow Knows

    You haven’t read the article either, have you? Nah….I didn’t think so. LOL! I dunno whether her career will have “made progress” by next year, and neither do you, but the assumptions being made about the article are wrong which was what I responded to. Moving the goal posts to justify jumping to conclusions doesn’t make you look any smarter than the OP. Oh and OF COURSE she knows what she’s doing. Its the same thing every other actor does to promote themselves. Cruise does it. EVERY actor does it. To attack Holmes for doing what everyone in her business does is just biased.

  • dalovelee

    .. sorry she did not stay silent. Reinventing history and saying she didn’t does not make it true. She still brings his name up in every interview and Kidman is “happily” married with kids. Because unlike Cruise it they are not attached to him, they will be lost in the shuffle of a sea of other popular actresses. So yeah dredging up Cruise and their divorce is a tactic to get them attention.

  • dalovelee

    Of course she could establish prior to the interview NO QUESTIONS ABOUT CRUISE. She’s not beholden to People magazine. Establish it’s off the table or no interview.

  • BellaLou

    Exactly she knows how to NOT have it about him if she wanted to. But since she doesn’t have much of an actual career these days and is doing everything possible to get her name out there again- might as well use the cruise connection when it suits her.

  • Dee

    I wonder if Bella and Connor call her Mom now ???? I remember her saying that and all I could think about was how hurtful it must have been to Nicole. Nicole is a big time movie star and she didn’t need Tom to become one, even Tom said she would have been a star without him.

  • Dee

    Did you say talent ???? The great thing Katie did was to get Suri away from Scientology.

  • Missy

    Maybe it would be different if she were a good actress? Well. Nothing against her.

  • happy666

    Her smile fade long time ago… Hoe

  • Ava Lopez

    She was fully in control of this story and even the picture on the cover has a look trying to say “I am woman hear me roar” . She doesn’t get to dictate how people view her though. People aren’t talking about your latest project though are they? Just your marriage.

  • TippyToes

    Boring,Boring,Boring… This one has absolutely no charisma. She had been in the business for at least 15 years, if she was going to be a star she would have made it already. She should just give up fade into obscurity with what is left of her dignity.

  • NG

    I am surprised Katie got the cover on People but its now Oct 30th and her movie Miss Meadows opens on Nov 14th. Its an industry rule that TWO WEEKS before the movie opens, the publicity machine for a celebrity goes into OVERDRIVE and (and tries to) FLOOD the market with: magazine covers, talk shows, appearances, seen randoming walking around in public, etc so expect to see more of Katie. I would not be surprised if the Olay commercials start runing in this 2 week timetable. I say a lot is riding on the financial success of this movie and will be a turning point for her career. Good luck to her.

  • Caryn Carrington

    Her PR people are earning their money that is for sure! A lot of people have nicknamed People Kneepads. In order for a C to B lister like Katie to get on the cover her people had to do some serious negotiating and probably some of that included a question or two about her marriage, her child etc. Don’t think very many care about her as an actress.

  • kellyf

    I think SHE let (and continues to let) the marriage define her. She went from a fairly likable, albeit untalented, actress, to an utterly pretentious and self-important actress who was still untalented. She used that marriage to catapult her career and status in hollywood. Unfortunately, she still just isn’t talented and mentioning the marriage is the only thing that is going to get her floundering career some attention.

  • NG

    I guess this is the divorce magazine issue because Jennifer Lopez is also on the cover of People (to the bottom right) with the title “the moment my marriage fell apart.”

  • NG

    I agree with you about her publicist getting her the cover of People, there had to be a Cruise angle in the article or headline because that is more interesting to the public than her actual movies. But I bet it will not include things about the marriage directly or why they got divorced because she signed a confidentiality agreement so she’ll be skating on thin ice regarding that subject. This issue goes on sale tommorrow Oct 31 so we’ll know then. But kudos to Katie’s team for getting her this People cover. You can see the change in the strategy of her publicity team. But she still has to deliver the goods, “a talented performance.”

  • olivia123

    I think they thought this was going to go over like a big hit but it didn’t. I am trying to catch up on the daily gossip -(darn doc apt) but checked out People just now, dlisted too, yahoo news, etc…and its not all good news. Most are over it and are like “whatever, you married him, just turn out a good role then and stop talking about not wanting to talk about it”. That is the bottom line really. In a few weeks Meadows will come out but only limited. If it’s not great then what pr cards can she play next time? How many times can she bring it up (or let the magazine do it) Tom without it backfiring even more?

  • olivia123

    From CDAN: His text nor the comments were very nice

    “Katie Holmes is on the cover of People this week. You know, because she is a huge actress. OK, well not so much. But hey, she did just land a role as Jackie Kennedy again which of course the entire Kennedy clan hates because she was so awful the first time. Realizing that acting might not be her thing, Katie is also going to start directing because, yeah, I don’t know why either but the producers really wanted her in some movie and she would only agree to be in it if she could direct. So, now she is a director. One glaring omission from the very long interview is a question about how often Tom Cruise sees Suri or how come there are such huge gaps between visits. That is a question everyone wants to know about and I would gladly have replaced her dinner and bedtime routine with Suri to some paragraphs about Suri’s relationship with Tom Cruise and discussing Scientology more. Katie Holmes is an actress who only gets work at this point because of her name recognition from being married to Tom Cruise. I’m sorry, but her track record over the past decade has been miserable and one indie Thanksgiving movie that was shot before her marriage to Cruise is not a resume builder for the ages. So, ignoring all of that and talking about some random musings of life is not what people care about or want. I don’t want to send money on a magazine that is going to talk about how you are ready to love again or your mantras for life. I want to know about the separate bedrooms, the marriage contract and the nitty gritty of being married to Tom Cruise.

  • imlikeabutterfly

    and she shouldn’t because she is her own person

  • alex

    what think about tom of katie words?is right hear the tom’s voice for the really end about they marriage…..

  • Nathan

    Katie Holmes is directing an ESPN “Nine for IX” film about Nadia Comaneci

    Here’s some pictures of katie and Nadia from Bart Conners Facebook:

    Well i guess that explains why Katie was in Norman oklahoma.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    People usually state the obvious, I don’t want being married to Tom Cruise to defineJoel: Trials r to test your quality of character

  • NG

    This is a recent video of Katie in her director mode. When she is directing a video (her second project now) these are short videos she tends to go for the Annie Liebwigtz (the famous photographer) look, very casual, no makeup, hair messy, and raw. I’ve seen her in this mode twice. Check it out.

    and here is the other video I think was her first video which she is probably doing to give her more credibility.

  • Caryn Carrington

    How can she be a mentor with only one or two directing shorts under her belt? In the film world this is nothing. I must admit in the first YouTube vid she sounds far more intelligent than she has in a long time. However I find the constant use of her hands, her giggling etc., annoying.

  • Bambi
  • Lavender

    Interesting but it’s never clear when it’s a “source” what is really true and what is made up or a plant from pr.
    1) we do know with People Magazine the celebrity has a lot of pull . That is no secret.
    2) We don’t know if she had her people release this now to appear as if she didn’t want to name drop.
    3) Even if it’s true she agreed for the cover to talk about Tom to a degree and knew they would use that angle for the cover. She is desperate for coverage either way. Could Katie have got a cover otherwise on her own merit?
    4) I can see her wanting to do damage control because from all I saw this did not go over as planned. I have to wonder if they thought she was going to receive the same sort of response she got right after the divorce.(cheers) When I saw the cover I thought she might as well but I was surprised how many comments negative. (way more then positive) Even The Daily Mail had this on a moderated post and there was less then 50 comments and not all praise. How many did they reject and what did they really say? An article like that would normally get a lot more but they couldn’t post them?

  • Lavender

    It seems it’s an open secret Katie used the paps for her image often so I think that is why many in the media don’t buy what she is selling. They get the big picture. She is not the only celebrity to ever use the media but the point is they know she tried to craft her mommy image at the divorce.
    This author from yesterday made note of it again.

    “When Katie Holmes lived near me, she would—grimly, behind sunglasses—walk the few steps from her apartment to the Wholefoods next door, holding her daughter Suri, running the clicking gauntlet of paparazzi photographers. One time, while I was standing against a wall to avoid the circus, the very New York lady next to me, said (reasonably), “Why doesn’t she get home delivery?”
    Holmes presumably wanted the images to do the talking.”

  • NG

    Even Wendy Williams during her Hot Topics segment included the cover of this People magazine and she said she didn’t know Katie Holmes from Dawson’s Creek and had never seen it. She knew about Katie from passing the audition to be Tom Cruise’s wife and the flack she got for playing the role of Jackie in The Kennedys. Wendy said she was not familiar with Katie’s body of work and the only way people would not think of her as Cruise’s ex wife is when she finds another love. The part that Wendy Williams discusses the People magazine cover with Katie is at 14:47 in the video:

  • ColoradoHome

    Looks like Tom is selling his Colorado home for 59Million. I can imagine the fact that they only have one interior picture is because he knows it will get out that it is his house. The wall street journal confirmed this is the place.

  • Lavender

    Today from Lainey -basically saying if you thought Katie was a boring zombie just because of Tom, you were wrong, that’s her normal personality.
    Katie Holmes

    So I hit up PEOPLE this morning to scan for any headlines. And one of the top stories on the page around 7am was:

    Katie Holmes is seriously NOT a morning person

    As you know, Katie is the cover this week. So they have to try and get as many stories as they can out of their MEGA EXCLUSIVE. The problem?

    There clearly wasn’t all that much to give because all the subject has to talk about is how she’s ready for challenges and is a heavy sleeper:

    “[I'll be] slapping at the three alarms I have set in case I miss one of them, just going, ‘Snooze, snooze, snooze,’ thinking, ‘It can’t be. It can’t be time to get up now.’ I’m an Olympic sleeper,” she adds with a laugh. “Could that be a thing? Could we have a sleeping Olympics? I would get the gold.”

    Um. Ha ha ha?

    Oh wait. There’s something else. Pancakes:

    “My first two pancakes are always burned. Well, sometimes it’s not just the first two, and I’m seriously under pressure because it’s the last part of the batter and I’m flipping it, and it’s about to break apart, and I’m thinking, ‘No, please, please, don’t break … this is going to set the tone for the whole day. The whole day could be ruined by this!’”

    So pancakes and the snooze button are what we have on offer here.

    I have a friend, a veteran entertainment journalist, who has written for some major publications. She once interviewed Katie at the height of TomKat for a popular fashion magazine. And she said that it was like talking to a zombie. She just kept repeating that life was wonderful and Tom is amazing, over and over again. It was a major stretch to get 700 words out of the piece. That’s what we all assumed though, right? That Katie Holmes’s personality was possessed by Tom and Xenu?

    You can blame a lot of sh-t on Tom and Xenu. But I’m not sure you can blame them for the pancakes and the snooze button.

    Her movie opens in two weeks, Miss Meadows. That feels like a favour. Because she’s certainly not doing much to sell the film herself.

  • Caryn Carrington

    It was really bad, the interview. It will be interesting to see how well this issue sells. I can’t imagine anyone but her fans buying it at the newsstand.

  • Caryn Carrington

    Is he selling those cows he used to get out of paying full taxes on the place?

  • Danelle

    The Lexus ‘short’ just reaffirms how bor-ING Katie Holmes is. The 2 directors she is mentoring shown in the video look like they are struggling to look enthused, encouraged or even interested in anything she has to say.

    Actually, the 2 mentors’ acting interested at what she was saying was way better than any of the acting I’ve seen from her.

    And this advice jewel from Katie – “I love any director who lets you give options….. BE-cause as you know in the editing room its always good to have…[shakes head affirmatively with creased brow and pursed lips]….different options.”

    Huh, what does that even mean?

  • Danelle

    The comments at on this exclusive is almost unanimously agreed that Katie Holmes is BORing… no acting talent and no personality (with or without Cruise).

  • Valais

    I think it’s interesting that below in this thread we have a blogger from Daily Beast , Wendy Williams and Lainely all giving a big ‘whatever Katie’ to her big blitz this week. It’s not just posters but seems to be media as well. We will see soon enough if her big push was worth it.

  • NG

    I think Tom Cruise has done a lot of soul searching and is unloading ghosts (memories) of days past that reside in this home in Colorado. He married Nicole Kidman here, brought Penelope Cruz here to celebrate New Year’s & spent time with her here, and this was also the location where he, Suri, and Katie were photographed by Annie Liebowitz for Vanity Fair when Suri was a newborn, along with both families. On this property he invited Oprah to videotape his response to all the negative press he received after jumping on her couch, arguing with Matt Lauer, critizing Brooke Shields, etc. And these are things the public knows and saw via pictures & video. Surely there must be a lot more moments he shared with Nicole, Penelope, & Katie that we don’t know about. One can only imagine the memories that Tom Cruise remembers sitting in the living room, drinking some hot tea or just being there. Today he is with none of these women or their families. Its like the last scene in The Godfather Part II where Al Pacino is sitting all alone in the large compound in Lake Tahoe that he once enjoyed with his family and friends. In the movie, Michael Corleone sells that property too. Just too many memories. Time for a new beginning and the incoming cashflow won’t hurt, getting rid of the overhead for this parcel will be a relief. Tom also QUIETY SOLD the apt he owned in the American Felt Bldg in New York that Katie and Suri lived in when she appeared on Broadway on All My Sons. He is unloading real estate and ghosts of days past. Smart move Tom Cruise.

  • Valais

    Ghost? Or maybe it’s just unloading since it’s just him and he hasn’t used it in years. I think he owned a couple of NYC places so let go of one of them. That is a lot of upkeep for something that isn’t used much anymore.

  • NG

    I find it interesting that the article on Daily Beast and the Wendy Williams segment say what a lot of posters have written about Katie that she was mainly known for auditioning to be Tom Cruise’ wife, then Mrs. Tom Cruise AND then Dawson’s Creek (which came out 11 years ago), and whenever any “civilian” would make that comment about Katie, her diehard fans like Nathan and Annie, etc. would say HATERS or some other negative comment. And now to hear Wendy Williams say this on a popular talk show and the video uploaded to YouTube, that she also had NOT heard of Katie until she auditioned to be Tom Cruise’s wife or Mrs. Tom Cruise only reinforces what the public has always thought about Katie. What I found UNBELIEVABLE & INTRIGUING about TOMKAT is that no one was buying their charade and they didn’t seem to “GET IT” that the public wasn’t buying it. They were intriguing to me for many reasons and none had to do with romance. Their marriage was always plagued with “Who’s Suri’s real father?, Is Tom Gay? Was it a marriage contract? Did Katie marry Tom Cruise so she can have a career like Nicole Kidman? Why did Katie put Suri in this situation knowing at one point she would be a Scientologist? etc. etc.” There were many questions about their union and now that they are divorced Katie is on the cover of People magazine telling the public that she doesn’t want to be remembered for her marriage and subsequent divorce to Tom Cruise? Doesn’t Katie realize that speaking mainstream, she was known for being Mrs. Tom Cruise and all the baggage that comes with that (Church of Scientology, etc). I think it must be very hard for Katie to get sound advice about her career. Everyone around her is on her payroll: lawyer, publicists, agent, stylist, nanny, etc. Good luck to Katie.

  • olivia123

    I would bet good money the Disney trip last weekend was part of this new campaign from all last week.There are much more pictures then the few on the Daily Mail and many of them imo appear to be invited pap pictures.

  • olivia123

    Ouch. Add Fox News to the list. This commentator said she should be sending TC a Thank You card because she was C or D list before him. The others just said the same: Get a good role or new relationship but acknowledged she is on the cover because of Tom .

  • Soniaintown

    Yeah, right. The former Mrs. Cruise doesn’t want you to define her as the released beard, rather, she’d like you to call her as Suri’s mom.

  • Soniaintown

    Difference is, never heard Nic complained about her being defined as former Mrs. Cruise. Nic earns her place and fame and so blessed to be with Keith.

  • KFlop

    The internet is very negative about ‘katie holmes’.