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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Son is a Production Assistant On Their Film 'By the Sea'!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Son is a Production Assistant On Their Film 'By the Sea'!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s son Maddox Jolie-Pitt is officially a working man!

The 13-year-old son of the power couple was just revealed to be a production assistant on By the Sea, their new movie venture together.

“It’s so weird,” Angelina, 39, said of having her son working on the movie in her latest magazine cover. Check out Angelina and the handsome Jack O’Connell on the cover of DuJour magazine’s latest issue – where she also talks about directing Brad in the film!

By the Sea is expected to hit theaters next year.

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  • vickifromtexas

    so sweet and adorable. <3

  • vickifromtexas

    hello to all of the the lovely jolie-pitt fans. i miss seeing groundcontrol and falp.

  • Love Conquers All

    Brad and Angelina are the coolest parents in the entire world. Sweet that they would include their son to learn the experience from the itself.

  • Randy Miller

    This is what style looks like Kim Kardashian!

  • Michael Pesl

    Love them both. She is sooo beautiful inside and out!

  • Robin Gleason

    Angelina looks stunning and brad looks gorgeous. They look lovely together. The trailer looks incredible and it seems Angie is the right person to direct such a movie. Louis was an incredible man and this movie will carry on his inspiring legacy.

  • Whamo

    Ridiculous. so some 13 year old kid from an extremely wealthy family is getting paid good money and taking a job away from someone who is actually qualified needs the work and is trying to get into the industry. Nepotism at its best.

  • juju

    only a troll n a hater would find something wrong in a a couple teaching their son valuable lessons
    the value of work, responsability etc

    at that age the small jobs we get is often at a family or friend business

    it’s not about the money it’s about teaching

  • I make enough with these

    She is so beautiful.

  • Whamo

    The valuable lesson here is you don’t need to work for anything, life will be handed to you at the expense of others.

  • juju

    it’s hilarious how u crazy trolls minds work

    i worked in my aunt shop when i was maddox age
    it was my parents away of teaching me the value of work, responsability etc with people they trusted n in a secure place

    maybe if your parents would done that to you, you wouldn’t be spending 10 years hating n trolling a couple of actors n their fans because a divorce it was not yours

  • Dawne

    is ‘this’ your idiocy at its best? Now go play ‘diddle me’ your fave game and leave the intelligent conversation to the normal folk.

  • Dawne

    clearly you don’t work so blame Maddox………moron.


    This is not new info. Brad said this during his early promos for Fury so why has JJ made a whole new thread about this now………is it to dilute the avalanche of comments that would accrue on Angie’s DuJour cover thread? Did JJ get his orders from you-know-who to ensure that JP threads dont expose the embarrassing thinness of certain others……especially those with “jittery oscar” feelings? LMFAO


    Zing! LOL

    Slay, Dawne. I wonder why these m*rons make it so easy? lol

  • Whamo

    intelligent conversation! LOL, you’ll not find that here with you loons.

    “Oh look how gorgeous Heroina is”
    “Brad and Heroina love each other so much”
    “They are such a beautiful family”
    “Ticky is horrible, she tries to do everything Heroina does”
    “Heroina is such a humanitarian”
    “She does NOT have an eating disorder she is naturally thin”

    “God bless the Jolie Pitts

    This is the extent of your “intelligent conversions” for the past 10 years, every day, 24/7 365

    Looooons Bawahahahaha!


    Gotta bring this over. Everyone needs to see this vid more than once.

  • thelookoflove1365

    I posted on the other thread that this video made me cry. Angie is really a very caring person, no wonder Brad & his family love Angie.

    Waving to Vicki & thanks Phool & other fans for bringing/sharing articles & videos.

  • bap

    I loved it!

  • vickifromtexas

    hello, my friend. i hope all is well with you and yours.

  • Whamo

    Your job is to sit on your fat ass and say the same thing for years on end. Clearly you have no LIFE!

  • Passing Through

    busted norah mackenzie • 6 hours ago

    There will be no court of law. The statute of limitations is in effect.. that applies to criminal and civil court charges. This will play out in the public opinion. And because there will be no legal charges some people will think the allegations are true and shun him and others will say he has not been charged with anything and not proven guilty and still support him


    Busted -

    The statute of limitations doesn’t apply to civil cases. You can file a civil suit at any time. That’s one reason why the court system is always so jacked up. People file civil suits at the drop of a hat. A woman he allegedly raped in 2004 filed a civil suit and her laywer had 13 other women who were ready to testify. He settled out of court in 2006. I thought I’d read that several of the women were contemplating filing. If they aren’t, then they should. Cosby’s got a shiteload of money and when all else fails – hitting someone in their pocketbook always pisses them off. At this point if they filed civil suits there’s such a thing as a ‘preponderance of evidence”. You’ve got 13 women so far who are all telling essentially the same stories. They’re giving dates and locations, many of which can be verified because the alleged rapes happened when Cosby was working – either on his tv shows or on the road doing stand-up. If they’re attempting to use public opinion to try the case, they’re doing a pretty darned good job of it.

    BTW – Slate wrote a story on the sitch with Cosby yesterday. I won’t post it but here’s the link for anyone who wants to read it -

  • Passing Through

    tweet • 7 hours ago

    All of these SMA tweets about Brad crack me up. Inevitably, no matter who Peeps chooses, this happens every year. It doesn’t help these guys that Brad took his shirt off in Fury and everybody was like, “I can’t believe he’s 50!” and his co-stars saying he still looks like he did in Fight Club doesn’t make Peeps’ decision any easier. But they know he doesn’t want it and won’t cooperate with an interview, so they give it to someone who will.

  • Passing Through

    lucy KLazar19 • 8 hours ago

    They’re never jealous of other actors getting attention in their movies, where x is acting as if she performed every role in Crack is Whack, herself. You notice she never, ever mentions the actress that got the real attention in Crack, the woman that played the maid. X would die before she uttered that woman’s name.


    OK…this made me laugh. I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right. Ticky’s never mentioned Adriana Barrazza. All she’s talking about is not wearing makeup and “digging deep” like she dug a Dumbwater well. Since Barrazza is the one who the critics said stole the movie – then why isn’t Cinelou pushing her for an Oscar? They strenghten the chances if you do a 2-for-1 push, but Ticky doesn’t want to share the weak little spotlight she’s trying to shine on herself.

  • Passing Through

    Crap! I didn’t realize there was a new thread…let alone 2 new threads. Now I have to move all of my comments. Shite!

    aimee well • 8 hours ago

    Brad had the haircut first for 7Yrs in Tibet…then later, Gwyneth got her hair cut for the film Sliding Doors. Brad has changed up his hair for different roles long before he ever dated any famous actresses


    Putrid cut her hair because she liked Brad’s haircut…which Hair Boy had cut for him. She didn’t do it for Sliding Doors. Later she’d say she had but that’s not what she said when she first cut it. She was scared spitless to cut her hair short so Brad took her to Hair Boy and held her hand while Hair Boy cut her hair. Yes, Putrid was as needy and neurotic as Ticky. Still is neurotic. She seems to have gotten over being so freaking needy though. And yes, Brad knew Hair Boy long before Ticky did. That just happened to be a coinkydink that they both used Hair Boy. Ticky got possession of Hair Boy after Brad dumped her…but not until after Hair Boy cut and colored Brad’s hair platinum blond for the M&MS premiere. Ticky sort of issued an ultimatum after that – and Brad couldn’t trust Hair Boy not to talk about him to Ticky, so it was no skin off his nose.

  • Passing Through

    Also – from Vulture…a timeline of the Cosby mess -

  • thelookoflove1365

    So a troll is mad that Maddox has a job & he is jobless. Maybe if he quit posting here & look for a job, he’ll have one? Most of us, our first job experience at 12+ was through family/relative business or connection. Not Maddox fault that the trolls’ entire family are probably on a guvmint dole out, hence, no job to dole out to let younger generations learn the value of hard work.

  • Passing Through

    Guest • 5 hours ago

    Read nicko’s comments on the link below at the very bottom before Sasha deletes them. He was actually at the premiere and is saying Unbroken was so good. I hope he is being truthful


    He seems legit enough but you never know.

    Also, I had to laugh that my crack about Ben Affleck not being as big a star as Angie seems to have hit a nerve with someone. So I responded and told him to take a poll – who’s the bigger star Angie or Affleck and people would say, “Angelina Jolie or who?” And even better – go abroad and take same poll. Ben’s not that big internationally and anywhere you go people know Angie for her humanitarian work – and for being married to Brad and for their family. I said for them to call me when the Queen makes Affleck an honorary OBE. Let’s just say I dont’ think my phone will ever be ringing off the hook…

  • Passing Through

    Doutzen • 4 hours ago

    Here the DuJour Magazine feature:

    “I was feeling my worst, with the diet and the effects of preparation, and the only way I could possibly see him was if someone were to expedite the journey,” he recalls. “And Angie arranged for a helicopter. The same weekend, she organized some of my closest people around a table to have a meal with me. That exceeded the requirements of a director. It made me think how I had kicked the shit out of myself for two months before starting the film, but all I wanted to do was be on set and repay the favor. That isn’t a conventional actor-director relationship, so for her to make me feel like this was a two-way investment was so important.”


    Another great interview…and we didn’t have to hear about Jack not wearing any makeup…

    This story above that Jack tells is sort of the essence of Angie, isn’t it? Taking care of her lead actor when she really didn’t have to – and when most directors wouldn’t? Who cares if Unbroken wins awards? Angie’s clearly about more than just the movies she makes – or the awards that could come as a result of her work.

  • Whamo

    When I was Maddox age I was working on a horse farm, a job I went out knocked on doors and got myself.

  • thelookoflove1365

    All is well Vicki, thank you & I hope yours too.

  • fyi
  • just saying

    Brad probably shouldn’t have made 7 years in Tibet, the movie got him a lot trouble, he got banned by chinese, the guy he played was a Natzi which caused huge controversy during the release of the movie, he broke up with goop, his dad had heart attack almost died.

  • anustin



    His breaking up with goop was a good thing……..he was on the verge of marrying her, for chrissake, and if theyd gotten married, she wouldnt have been as easy to get rid of as the fat tick. For one thing, goop would have had Brad’s babies and then he would have been tied to her for life (shudder) even if he DID manage to divorce her when he found out how unfulfilling life with her was (as he would have, eventually) and go on to find the real love of his life, Angie.

    And btw, Brad is free to go to China.

  • Passing Through

    Love Conquers All • 4 hours ago

    That right there shows why Angie is the forceful power in Hollywood along with Brad. Angie is truly the queen of Hollywood, not JLAW, Streep, or Bullock.


    No need to shade those other actresses – especially since Angie said she had to fight for months to get Unbroken greenlighted. If any one of the others wanted to direct there’d be studio that would be more than happy to give them the opportunity. Shite. Someone is letting the Ex-Robobride direct so letting Meryl Streep direct would be no-brainer.

  • Passing Through

    juju Guest • 3 hours ago

    You can’t tell the trolls anything. Even if Angie had only made 1 movie in the last 10 years instead of 4 they’d still say, “I thought she said she was quitting acting!” She didnt say she had. She said she INTENDS to in the future. She has said she’ll do a few more. That means retirement from acting is not imminent. It’s that ugly reading comprehension thing again…

  • Wonderbust

    that video was absolutely beautiful.

  • lurker

    fat tick needs to fire her stylist even her fans are not supportive check out the comments

  • Passing Through

    Phool • 3 hours ago

    William HagueVerified account‏@WilliamJHague

    Delighted that today the International Protocol was launched in Bosnia – that suffered so much from #sexualviolence during the war in 1990s


    I bet Angie’s really happy about this, too. Again – she doesn’t need to be in politics to help changes get made.

  • joam

    Ty jj ;)

  • tweet

    Crystal M. O’Brien ‏@SeeMmOh 42m42 minutes ago

    Critics predict ‘Selma’ Will Win Best Picture … via @HuffPostEnt

  • tweet

    Jeff Masters ‏@jeffmasters1 now1 minute ago

    at the office googling “Brad Pitt Fight Club shirtless”. we do really important work here.

  • lurker

    lol sorry for the off topic but ticky in that white blouse copying angie with her fat bloated filler face not a good combination

  • Phool

    Paley Media Council @paleyMC · 3h3 hours ago
    @Unbroken79 unfortunately this session is off the record and not live streamed. We will have photos afterwards though.

  • tweet

    Ellen Houlihan ‏@elliehoulie now36 seconds ago

    PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men Alive: Still Sexy After All These Years – BRAD PITT 4 eva,,20315920_20867368_30237798,00.html … via @PeopleMag

  • Passing Through

    Love Conquers All • 2 hours ago

    Did anyone read or see Anna Wintour talk trash about the decision to put Kim K on the Vogue cover? At this point Wintour should be packing her papers and should be fired. Even though I really can’t stand anything that is Kim K but what Wintour did was just too un-professional. What a bittch.


    LOL! You know Meryl’s character in The Devil Wears Prada is based on Anna Wintour, right? She’s a Grade A beeyotch. Everybody knows that. I hadn’t seen that she was trash talking her decision to put KK on the cover but I’m not surprised. She knew it was a bad idea even while she was doing it. Since Vogue’s sales are relatively steady she won’t be losing her job anytime soon.

  • shoes4life

    She always remind me of those Cabbage Patch Dolls with the close eyes.

  • Wonderbust

    I really don’t want to share this because you all will mess up my chances but tickets go on sale next Tuesday for the Unbroken showing at MOMA. I’m pretty sure tickets will be gone in like one minute. Someone on imdb said tickets were gone for A most Violent year in like 7 minues. Tickets are only $12. I’d die if I scored a ticket.

  • Phool

    Royal British Legion @PoppyLegion · 2h2 hours ago
    Fancy going to the premier of the Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie and Staring Jack O’Connel @JackO__C? Book at: