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Anna Wintour on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's 'Vogue' Cover: It's Boring to Put Only Tasteful People on the Cover

Anna Wintour on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's 'Vogue' Cover: It's Boring to Put Only Tasteful People on the Cover

Anna Wintour is getting a ton of media coverage after making some rather interesting comments about putting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Vogue‘s April 2014 cover.

The 65-year-old magazine opened up about the controversial decision during an event at the Metropolitan Museum on Monday (November 17) in New York City.

“The first celebrity that I put on the cover of Vogue was Madonna, and that was considered completely controversial at that time, too,” Anna said (via “Now she’s part of the establishment. I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us.”

She added, “It’s very important that people do talk about us.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Anna Wintour’s comments about Kimye’s cover?

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  • disqus_KUearCf20y

    Not that i like Kim but what’s the point of doing something nice for someone and pretend to be friendly with them if you only going to trash them after?

  • Mimi

    You cant gain Vogues credibility back wintour. Its over. You made a sextape star of 72 day sham marriage grace the cover. Sorry.

  • Doryphore

    In other words, Vogue needs to sell, and so it sold its reputation and standards. Thanks. If Vogue hated boring people, then why keep putting Blake Lively and Natalia Vodinova or whatever her name is, on the cover repeatedly?

    Anna needs to be fired, pronto.

  • arwa

    What an untasteful woman she is. She should’ve kept her mouth shout. What kind of manner is this? To allow someone to be on your magazine cover then call them “not tasteful”.

  • kellyf

    Maybe I’m the only one that thinks it’s hilarious that she said it. They’ve acted so self-important (or maybe MORE self-important, is more accurate) since that cover and acted like it validated them. And here Anna is, saying that they only put them on there to get people talking, not because they’re the kind of people that warrant a Vogue cover. It completely cancels out any notion that Kim might have that she’s on par with the types of celebs that usually get Vogue covers.

  • j k

    Wow… major shade? Or what? I don’t get this

  • Natasha

    As long as people keep buying Kardashian crap, media will keep pimping them out. Wintour obviously has no integrity, so she can’t claim to take the high road. She wanted to make money and headlines, and it worked. If you don’t want to see this greedy family anymore, don’t watch their shows, don’t buy any mags with them on the cover, don’t buy any of their merchandise, etc.. Media is all about money and if a public figure is no longer bringing the media profits, then they won’t be featured anymore, plain and simple.

  • Dave Raber

    Of course she feels that way….AFTER she realised everyone no longer took her seriously.

  • Greg Helms

    Wow excellent comment!!!

  • Calvin

    She can say whatever she wants but the truth is once you sell your credibility there’s no way to buy it back.

  • Lisa Johnston

    There is nothing tasteful about those two.

  • Maria E. Segura

    This goes to show you that Kim and Kanye are tasteless people which I agree. Tha tmust have hurt Kim deeply. Too late for excuses Anna

  • b324

    Mouth open for foot.

    Really Anna? You are really telling us that Vogue, the biggest name in regards to Fashion magazines, is into putting tasteless tacky classless people on their cover because people will talk? WHO would be proud of that? Let alone tell the world that?

    Someone needs a talking to, or it may be time for Anna to be let go.

    I’m not saying that you don’t want to put crazy people on the cover to get people talking, sex sells, controversy sells, but to be honest, Vogue has always been pretty safe and boring with their covers. They put the same celebs on the cover, or models to be hangers for clothes. The magazine is about clothes, for the most part, not about the people on the cover or inside. The cover is only exciting for the person who gets it, not for us, the readers. I’m not reading Vogue for articles about celebs and their lives, if I want that crap, I’ll go to US Weekly or People or some other trash mag. I want fashion and clothes and style.

    To me, putting Kim and Kanye on the cover, it was like a big neon sign that said I HAVE NO MORE IDEAS AND NEEDED SOMETHING CONTROVERSIAL TO SELL COPIES. That is what that cover read to me, which may have been the case, or maybe it wasn’t, but that is what you portrayed Anna and if that is really want you want to be known as/for, you aren’t as “fierce” and ahead of the times as I thought you were.

  • Terry Ramsey Haskins

    Vogue is a fashion magazine. when people talk about fashion, they usually end up talking about Kimye…’s usually not good, but they are relevant to fashion.

  • marvin3O

    was that a backhand compliment? so she’s pretty much saying what every other person on the planet is saying… these clowns are not tasteful people AT ALL!!

  • Living in a box

    Is Anna implying Kim and Kanye tasteless people?