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First 'Pan' Trailer Is Packed with Action - Watch Now!

First 'Pan' Trailer Is Packed with Action - Watch Now!

The first trailer for the film Pan, which features Christina Perri‘s song “I Believe,” has just arrived and it’s loaded with action and our first glimpse at footage from the film.

The movie stars Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, and young Levi Miller as Peter Pan.

Pan is the story of an orphan who is spirited away to the magical Neverland. There, he finds both fun and dangers, and ultimately discovers his destiny — to become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan.

The movie will hit theaters on July 17, 2015. Check out the new character posters below…

Pan Trailer
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pan trailer 01
pan trailer 02
pan trailer 03
pan trailer 04

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  • FerCat

    Amanda Seyfried with a British accent sounds different. She almost seems taller.

  • Living in a box

    I adore Rooney Mara but cast her as Tiger Lily is a huge slap in the face.

  • Roman

    Of course they had to call this “Pan” because god forbid us adults think its a kids movie and choose not to go…

  • FerCat

    She does stand out rather oddly. It might get better with further viewing.

  • Ohyouknow

    Of course they made Tiger Lily white. Can’t have it any other way now could we!?
    Here’s something you’ll never see: Wendy Darling played by a Native American/Indian or black actress.
    They only whine, bitch and moan about how actors must look like the character if it’s the other way around – anything to suit their own agenda.
    And spare me the “It was a colorblind casting and Lupita Nyongo auditioned”. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to throw that excuse out by the producers, nice one, “we tried and just went with the best actress”.
    But Wendy remains white. I see how that goes.

  • Seyfried Fan

    she looks really gorgeous like she reminds me Angie in the tourist ! but i’m seriously disappointed that the movie doesn’t give her credit !

  • Von

    Oh shut you whinny racist , when they cast a black actor for white role no one caress…
    You don’t like don’t go and see the movie.

    Especially when the authors white and it’s folklore in white culture , the same can be said about Annie , white author , white culture
    How is Annie , a character that’s red hair and freckles played a major role in the story, now 2014 a black orphan from Harlem .

    Black people don’t even write their own stories , just want to co op existing ones.
    Or Fantastic Four, or Star Wars, Marvel on and on

    Sick and tried whiny racist and their double standards.

  • smmy33

    Is looks really, probably bring my little cousins , they’ve love it.

  • mandyz

    So proud of Garrett!!! Can’t wait to see his portrayal of Hook :D

  • Ohyouknow

    You’re a f-cking moron.
    No one cares? People like you froth at the mouth at the mere thought of casting a black person in a traditionally ‘white’ role.
    F-ck me, even ACTUAL characters who are meant to be black get you bent out of shape.
    How about Rue from hunger games? Even the author stated that she was meant to be black, as in dark brown, black but you had illiterate scum like yourself who convinced themselves that she was meant to be white even after the author herself said otherwise! You can’t make this up.

    They didn’t put the actress who plays Annie in ‘white face’. They didn’t put a red wig and freckles on her, but look at the sad pathetic casting for Tiger Lily – She actually looks hilarious in her faux “native” gear.
    I’m sure this will flop, just like the last airbender so no worries, I won’t be watching this piece of crap.
    You really want me to list all the whitewashing Hollywood has done? Where does one even start!?
    How about Katniss? Even the author said it was crap casting.
    And black people don’t write their own stories? What are you even talking about you ignorant twat?
    Just because you’re too lazy to look for it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
    Here’s a start you lazy sh-t:
    Hollywood is a machine, a white supremacist oeprating machine. Of course you won’t see any black stories ont he big screen unless there is huge backing. But try independent.
    Have a nice day, racist! (and google the meaning of the word).

  • Ohyouknow

    Exodus was “white culture”, right? Don’t make me laugh.

    Cleopatra, also “white culture”? Ivory skin, violet eyes Cleopatra (lol).

    Tonto too?

  • Ohyouknow <—– this link will show you all the whitewashing that's been done in the movie industry.

    Absolutely ridiculous in this day and age.

  • Von

    That’s how limited your knowledge is,

    Cleopatra was Greek and a Roman citizen came from a longline of Greeks rulers of Egypt from Alexander the Great , the first Cleopatra was Alexander the Great’s sister.
    Not going to go into a history lesson, put read a history book instead making racist comments on blogs to perpetuate some black victimhood.

    And what is your point, was the story of Cleopatra written by someone black , no

    And what are blathering about Exodus … The story of the Jews, written by the first Jews in Hebrew what that have to do with black people.

  • Ohyouknow

    You are so stupid, I don’t even know why I bother.
    No, Cleopatra is said to be of mixed heritage, Ethiopian black (mother) and Greek (white) father.
    One thing is for sure; She was not white skinned with violet eyes. But keep trying to rewrite history, you’re good at that.
    My point you idiot was that the characters in exodus are played by white actors when they are meant to be black or dark skinned (the actors were given tans). Y’know, like Egyptians? Or are they white too now? Remember when jews (ashkenazi), italians, irish etc weren’t considered white? See what I mean? Defintions change but certain thing remains and that is actual SKIN color. And you cannot argue that Egyptians are *White*, fair, skinned.
    Jews, what kind of jews? Are you saying they were ashkenazi? LOL and so called “white”? No, the jews of THAT time were not fair skinned at ALL hence the f-cking tan on the actors. They could very well be black since it takes place in AFRICA, you know that place?
    Facts are facts, it doesn’t matter who writes it, although, clearly it does when people make up their own facts. This is how you get whitewashed.

  • Von

    Yawn, you blather on about stupid crap, Rue isn’t black in the novel .
    First it’s a white novelist again, second her looks are open to interpretation , described as someone who spends all day outside is dark , with brown hair … Not black

    The only people who probably complained about her casting , were racist like, the same who thought Jennifer was to white to play Katniss .

    I don’t have to look cause I’m not black and don’t give a shit about black cinema or films.
    And really cry me a river , there are many millionaires that are black , especially on the entertainment industry.
    Instead of Brad Pitt, why didn’t Oprah fund 12 Years a Slave .

    Instead of Will Smith remaking movies that were famous white main roles and just changing then to black
    Annie , Karate Kid

    Why doesn’t he and other wealthy black artist JayZ , not help develop black writers work

    O because it’s about a quick buck, go and whine to someone else.

  • Ohyouknow

    Nope, try again.

    Rue is black. Author said so herself.

    Katniss is of mixed heritage, olive skinned and meant to look ethnicially ambiguous.

    “She has dark brown skin and eyes…” <— straight from the book.

    Maybe look up a color chart? What does dark brown look like to you? Also, author herself said she was meant to be black, not even light brown like the actress who played her, but dark chocolate brown – BLACK. Deal with it, racist.

    You don't have to look "cause you're not black"? Wow, talk about lazy and ignorant…no wonder you're such an idiot.
    Oprah has funded other projects and given huge amount of money to schools and helped black kids go to college. What have you done? Besides riding the waves of white accomplished individuals? How pathetic.
    Anyway, you're clearly a racist piece of sh-t troll. Uneducated, bitter, nasty. That's you.
    The only one whining and making up sh.t here is you.

  • Ohyouknow

    Also, the reason the author didn’t state the “race” was because “race” does not exist in the hunger games! It takes place in a dystopian future where race doesn’t matter because everyone is so mixed and they go by skin color instead of the man made term “race”. But you’re too stupid to realize this, naturally.

  • Pretty Little Mars

    Gross whitewashing once AGAIN (ie. upcoming Exodus and Gods of Egypt films). Tiger Lily was a problematic character to begin with but I have a hard time believing that they couldn’t find a Native American actress to play the part. I guess this is just a remember to everyone that according to Hollywood people of colour were never anywhere ever, but white people were everywhere all the time even in made up fantasy stories…

  • Pretty Little Mars

    Just to clarify, Rue IS black, as described in the books… Perhaps you should re-read them and pay closer attention.

  • Sim

    No she isn’t written as black , it not clear.

    If it was why don’t you post the quote.

    Rue is described as someone who spends all day outside , dark with brown hair and eyes.

  • Pretty Little Mars

    “She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that, she’s very like Prim in size and demeanor” (p. 45). That is BLACK. Why do people have such a problem with blacks being portrayed on screen and in novels? It’s 2014.

  • Sim

    If the author wanted to make her black she could have written her black , since you can’t post one quote describing her as black or brown skinned.

    And your seriously fixated about making up the ethnicity of characters.

    Where is it ever said the book does it say Katniess is mixed.

    You instead rant & insult .

    The author purposely left it open interpretation by calling her dark and brown hair and eyes, instead black hair and eyes.

  • Sim

    ” It isn’t said the she had a slave mother”
    that speculation and not founded on anything but conjecture and wishful thinking

    But the facts are , the Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled ancient Egypt for round 300 years, until the Roman conquest of 30 BC

    The were famous for protecting their bloodline and because ancient Egypt the royal bloodline was carried through the women Pharaohs breeder with their sisters and aunts to keep the bloodline pure.

    Cleopatra was no different and had married both a brother and uncle.

    So why would her father have breed with a slave , when the Ptolemaic Dynasty main concern was keeping their bloodline pure.
    All rulers of the Ptolemaic family had to marry their brother or sister to keep the line of succession pure. They despised their slaves and even after centuries only spoke Greek and why all Egypt court documents are in Greek.

  • Pretty Little Mars

    I just replied you with a direct quote from the book describing Rule as black. Please refer to pages 45 and 98 in the book.

  • Pretty Little Mars

    I just replied you with a direct quote from the book describing Rule as black. Please refer to pages 45 and 98 in the book.

  • FerCat

    She said it was almost like a cameo. But if you notice the cast credits it says “And Amanda Seyfried”. That ‘AND’ thing carries weight, usually implies a big star with a small but significant contribution.

  • Sim

    Here history for dummies :
    The Ptolemic Period included several queens in Egypt named Cleopatra, the most famous and influential being Queen Cleopatra VII. One of the most fascinating women in history, Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII (Ptolemy Auletes) and Cleopatra V. During her lifetime, Cleopatra served as the last pharaoh of Egypt, married two of her own brothers (as was custom in the royal family), won a Civil War against her brother, Ptolemy XIII, was mistress to and fathered a son (Caesarion, Ptolemy XIV) with Julius Caesar, and met and married her love, Mark Antony. Cleopatra’s reign ended with her suicide, at the age of 39, after she and Antony were defeated by Octavian, Caesar’s heir, at the Battle of Actium.

    Those are facts , not some pathetic need to make her daughter of some slave , that somehow would have been allowed to live and even rule.

  • Morgana

    Amen to that.

  • Seyfried Fan

    Yeah i’ve read that interview where she said that it was almost a comeo but they got her role wrong they said she was playing Mary Darling when she isn’t playing her.
    but yeah i’ve seen that credit at the end now thanks !

  • Sprite

    meh.. nativity and the deep blue sea… or time bandits styled movie. Da Goons wit.

  • Ohyouknow

    Slave? Talk about being brainwashed and wishful thinking.
    Stop taking history lessons from Hollywood movies.

  • Ohyouknow

    By your logic, describing someone like Prim as blond and blue eyes shouldn’t be read as her being ‘white’, she might as well been a black girl with blond hair and blue eyes.
    Furthermore, I have already quoted and specifically written WHY race ( a social construct) wasn’t mentioned. The book is set in a dystopian future where they don’t go by “race” or countries.
    The author herself has stated this.

  • Ohyouknow

    Just like your quote about Ethiopians (blacks during that time) automatically being slaves.
    Seems like you’ve been watching one too many Hollywood productions.
    You have no idea what Cleopatra looked like. The little we’ve seen makes her look like a modern day Horn of African, not an ivory skinned, violet eyed E. Taylor. Too much wishful thinking coming from deluded idiots like yourself.

  • Sprite

    ‘nice pan’ !