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Iggy Azalea Responds to Azealia Banks, Breaks Silence on 'Black Issues'

Iggy Azalea Responds to Azealia Banks, Breaks Silence on 'Black Issues'

Iggy Azalea has taken to her Twitter account to address the Ferguson and Eric Garner issues after Azealia Banks called her out for remaining silent on the topic.

“its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen… Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t huh?” Azealia wrote on Wednesday evening (December 3).

“👀 I see all hell broke loose while I was at rehearsals today,” Iggy tweeted soon after and then returned to Twitter a few hours later with a very well-thought out response.

Read it in full below!

Click inside to read Iggy Azalea’s complete message to her fans…

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  • beara

    Who the ef is Azalea Banks anyway. She sounds like a racist to me. Thank you, Iggy, for putting her in her place.



  • jassyonyae

    Azalea Banks is literally a trash talker and such an embarrassment. Literally known for that more than her “music”. I am SO TIRED of her. I am glad with Iggy’s response

  • IBeThePapi

    Iggy’s response was a literal cop out.

  • Nightwish

    Shut up, Banks! You would love to suck the entire free world into your overblown, overhyped race war. You can be a tool of the sick u.s. media, but dont expect everyone else to take sides in your personal agenda against Iggy. Go on being a contentious lowlife, but have respect for people who are truly out for peace personally, and who respect all others REGARDLESS OF RACE

  • Felicia Renee

    I couldn’t name a damn Azalea Banks song to save my life…Her highly ignorant ass should focus on putting a hit on the billboard charts instead of criticizing Iggy

  • KillSasukeHaters

    AZEALIA Banks is a phenomenal rapper-singer who resides mostly over seas. Her and Iggy had beef in the past and so this issue here was Azealia Banks just being real about issues and calling her out. She’s not racist she fawks a lot of white men and talks about white men in her songs. From her recent Twitter postings nothing came off as racist as she didn’t say she wanted to kill all white people because of this and that. Musically, Azealia Banks the most talented, creative, originality filled, female rapper and singer we have to date.

  • beara

    Well she comes off as an attention seeking troll…..

  • beara

    Cop out for what? She ” won that battle ” fair & square.

  • Clark

    Banks has a new album out and thinks she’s a star now, and can get away with saying whatever she wants. Her, and people like her (grimes) probably don’t think their idiotic tirades will come back to haunt them and their careers.

  • Clark

    She is racist. Read her racist tweets, and tell me you’re not a double standard holding racist apologist if a white woman said any of this nonsense about black people. Or maybe you’re of the ilk that think she can’t be racist on the basis of her gender and skin color and not her dumb words….how racist and sexist!

  • Clark

    I’d love to see what Banks has to say in response.

  • Tara

    So someone has to threaten a life in order to be racist? Read her latest tweets. They are completely racist.

  • Tara

    Iggy’s response was MUCH more mature and sophisticated. She handled a racist person looking to make trouble well.

  • Freddie

    Stop being sensitive. If you want to know what racism is read iggy tweets before she became famous. All of them are screenshot on google.

  • Clark

    Do any of them say “i might need to kill a (human being of a different skin color) in their sleep”? Or “I don’t know why I just start generally hating people who look a certain way”? Banks talks about it like it’s cute and we’re supposed to like her hate because it’s against white patriarchal whatevers.

    Do any of Iggy’s tweets resonate as anything other than casual racism, which Banks has surpassed by a mile? People who convey casual racism can be changed. It may stem from hate, but more than likely stems from social ignorance. Banks is full of stupid hate.

    Iggy might be young and say some dumb shit, but at least she sounds like she can be sensible in the face of real issues. Banks, on the other hand, thinks that white straight men are fodder for her hate grinder, and is most likely doing the “jack off motion” when she “apologizes” for hurting anyone’s feelings. You know, because white’s not really a color, and can’t be discriminated against.

  • Clark

    Also, let’s make one last point.

    What about white people being murdered in neighborhoods residing of mostly african americans? Should we say “why are there crimes like this, and why are gangs growing in lower income areas?” or “black people are dangerous?”.

    Maybe, just maybe, Banks can’t see past white. Maybe her perspective is that of a racist moron who thinks that hating white people is the answer. Maybe she should watch American History X and take into account that hate is a disease that can infect anyone.

  • Freddie

    She mainly dates white guys… she jokes about killing white man and you get mad over it but iggy calls herself a “Run away slave master” and whites tell black people “Its just a joke, get over it”. So get over it.

  • Ana Esteves

    Iggy’s response was spot on. Bravo!

  • Andrew

    Azealia is trash.

  • Andrew

    Pls, Azealia has said WAY worse and more recently. Ignorance and stupidity does not justify more ignorance and stupidity. Plus Iggy has obviously learned not to say anything like those SUPER old tweets or whatever if they’re even real.

  • Clark

    Would you accept “i’m not racist cause I sleep with black guys”?

    Also, there’s no context to whatever Iggy said in your comment, and I also noted it as more than likely social ignorance that shouldn’t be tolerated, but that it’s not hate in and of itself.

    For some reason, though, Banks is being tolerated. Can you explain this to me?

  • Andrew

    Iggy’s response was the right one. Meanwhile the other proceed to keep trashing Iggy’s artistic style with ignorant statements and questions while ignoring the serious issue affecting the black community she seemingly used to get at Iggy in the first place.

  • gir

    Nane al the White people who are being murdered in black neighborhoods? White people usually move out when Black people move in as for Black people being dangerous what about the White people who goes into schools and movie theater and killed innocent people for no reason, so stop acting like White people don’t commit crimes because they do they just don’t report it on the news.

  • Kara

    The only way Banks keeps herself somewhat relevant is by trashing famous artists. She is nothing but desperate.

  • Sonic Highways

    I hear their names all the time like who are they?

  • Tyler

    Banks was definitely in the wrong here but quit calling her racist. Do you know how ignorant it is to call a black person racist? Her so called “racism” towards white people is nothing compared to the very real racism that black people still face. This is coming from a white guy, by the way.

  • plez

    Black people can be racist and just because there is a greater degree of racism in the world toward black people does not excuse her.
    Banks should be a shame to be using the death of young black men to become a bigger attention wh*re.

  • Arch Stanton

    You sound like a Republican cunt.

  • Tyler

    What’s the worst thing that has ever come from “racism” towards white people? Hurt feelings? LOL

  • KillSasukeHaters

    And you’re a roach

  • KillSasukeHaters

    Hmmmmm maybe i conveniently forgot those but she isnt racist. I can assure that…before sll this she has racist trolls troll her twitter. She said it makes her have racist thoughts. I doubt she is going to go out and kill a white man because hes white.

  • BeautifulDreamerK .

    I’m starting to think that you need to be black to have a hip hop career. Any other person of color or no color simply can’t rap without being tested how knowledgable they are in th black culture. “You can’t rap like us, bc you’re not supposed to sound like that.” if you look it at reversed, aren’t people discriminating iggy bc she’s supposed to sound like stereotypical Australian “g’day mate” when she doesn’t? I’m not even an iggy fan. I’m just confused to why she’s getting so much hate from the black community. Justin bieber was welcomed (he hangs out with may weather for God’s sakes) eminent was welcomed… I don’t know. Maybe bc she’s a female who happened to be white. I get where banks is coming from but it seems like she’s projecting more on iggy than she should. Shame bc I like her stuff. We’re not in the 60s, we should be UNITED, not tearing each other down.

  • BeautifulDreamerK .

    lets say iggy did comment about ferguson- do you know how many people would say, ” white girl needs to sit down. She can’t talk. She’s never experienced racism, blah blah blah” but in a way, she is. Double standard. She gets criticized either way. And again, Im not even abut fan of hers. I just dont think it’s fair. It’s very brave of her- a white chick going into hip hop- dominated by black men were chicks are hooooeeesss in the club and where the females can’t be taken seriously without twerking or rapping about anacondas.

  • Mike1288

    Azalea banks seems to like to pickfights. At the end of the day who wants to here a white girl talk about this subject. She can not even fathom what it is like to be black. She is from Australia where they do not have the same problems we do. Banks needs to sit back down and ask why other rappers (who are actually black) are not speaking out. Besides the only case that they should be focusing on is the one in Ny. That looked ridiculous on the cops part. We all know what happened in Ferguson and michael brown was not innocent. People would pay more attention if people chose there battles more wisely rather than jumping on every case without knowing the facts.


    and yo mamma is fat-snicker


    Azalealia is black trash-she has no class, is ignorant and basically a POS. Shame on her. Iggy is a true star.


    No, idiot-Nightwish is right-Azlaeai is simply uneducated black trash


    probably ghetto street trash talk…


    no, dumdum, whites have indeed been murdered by racist blacks-tens of thousands actually


    one is black trash and the other one is Iggy

  • Mike Donovan

    she is anything BUT phenomenal. Her music is shit

  • bambina b

    Every race has criminals AND racists.

  • dogdog305

    Iggy makes a lot of money off of the black community and has a black boyfriend ,and didn’t’ say anything about ferguson until banks called her out .You guys are just proving that media would rather hear a white girl talk even when it comes to black issues.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Maybe she sounds like a troll, but like a racist? Get off it.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    What do she say that’s racist ?

  • Jo

    The problem with this is, rather than do or say something about Ferguson herself, even if she’s just repeating herself, Azealia is just starting something with Iggy over what she perceives to be a lack of support to the cause. Just because Iggy hasn’t tweeted anything or made any official statements doesn’t mean she’s been silent about it in her personal life. Azealia is using a national crisis as a means to be shady towards Iggy, someone who she’s had a well known beef with before and that comes across immature. I get Azealia’s point, that Iggy makes money off of “black culture” but calling her out like this is wrong.

  • dogdog305

    she didn’t win anything, Banks forced her to talk about real problems. She would have never talked about it if it wasn’t for banks.

  • ashleystrain

    Ariiiigghhttt let me be the white girl who defends Iggy and makes everyone lose their shit. Azalea Banks is a homophobe so I don’t give a fuck what she has to say about anything. Supporting one cause of civil rights while shitting on another is garbage. Also Iggy made a good point that you don’t need to blast every single fucking thought rattling around in your head on social media in order to prove to people that you support a cause. Iggy’s exact tweet was, “Also try not to judge anothers support or ‘lack there of’ solely on if they have ranted on twitter about it, thats not right or helpful.” This was a cheap shot by Azalea who is detracting from the real issue over a personal issue and who has nothing better to do than sit on social media and practice mental masturbation while artists who actually sell out tours have rehearsals to go to.

  • dogdog305

    yes ghetto street trash like the song “pu$$y” by Iggy Azalea

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