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Just Jared's Most Popular Actresses 2014

Just Jared's Most Popular Actresses 2014

There are less than two weeks left in 2014 and as we head into the new year we are going to recap the best in entertainment throughout the last twelve months.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be bringing you a bunch of recaps including which celebs our readers have made the most popular over the past year. First up is the top actresses list and check back soon for top actors, top music acts, top models, and more!

This year’s list of top actresses includes a new Oscar-winning actress, a couple of new mothers and some others who are currently pregnant, a few ladies who have been in hot relationships this year, and more.

Did your favorite actresses make‘s cut?

25. Nicole Kidman
24. Halle Berry
23. Scarlett Johansson
22. Charlize Theron
21. Hilary Duff
20. Jennifer Garner
19. Katie Holmes
18. Jessica Alba
17. Lupita Nyong’o
16. Shailene Woodley
15. Amber Heard
14. Nina Dobrev
13. Nikki Reed
12. Lea Michele
11. Emma Watson

Click inside to find out who were’s top ten most popular actresses of 2014…

10. Emma Stone
9. Blake Lively
8. Dakota Johnson
7. Michelle Rodriguez
6. Jennifer Aniston
5. Vanessa Hudgens
4. Kristen Stewart
3. Mila Kunis
2. Jennifer Lawrence
1. Angelina Jolie

WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE actress of 2014?

How does this list compare to last year? Check out that list now!

*FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction. The number of posts on each actress during the year is also a factor.

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  • Beautylover

    Amanda Seyfried is wayy more popular than half of these unknown actresses right there ! crap list !

  • Joann

    Why is Jenifer Aniston number 6 she is not popular. She never gets hits?Friends has been showing reruns for years.Her acting is terrible.She only gets awards that she pays for.She is a TV actress and not a good one.But it is your Blog Jared.

  • Selmoush

    Vanessa <3<3 !!!!

  • elisa

    go back to your cave crazy jolie fan, why can’t you leave her alone ?? why dont you do the same coment about vannesa hudgens or michelle rodriguez who are in the same list without even make a movie this year?? seriously stop bashing aniston, even if you dont like her she IS popular and has many fans just as angelina stop being so childish

  • kris

    what a classy list :D michelle rodriguez at 7

  • kellyf

    You seem mature.

  • mr

    Blows my mind that Lea Michele made this list…guess it’s cause of her gigolo boyfriend. She’s not as fan friendly as she was before. I guess what everyone said Cory made her a better person. Her new gigolo is only worried about how much money that she spends on his lazy butt. No proof that the dude works, not the kind of person I’d want as a role model for my children.

  • ruth

    That has made Nikki Reed as an actress this year to appear on this list, not in any TV series, has not done theater, she does not release any movie, all she has done is to become the GF of Ian Somerhalder, and get you JJ give it all possible publicity, this list is a fraud. There are other young actresses who really made things ham to be on this list and are not

  • Myskina

    Aniston number 6 and Scarlett 23? WTF?

    Where is Amy Adams┬┐?

  • tom

    where’s MARGOT ROBBIE? im not voting

  • anya

    F–k off. I am not even an Aniston fan but to say she is not popular is a lie. Why don’t you go rant off on Michelle Rodriguez, or Lea Michele? What have they done that is so news worthy?
    Angelina is popular because of being called a brat in the Sony leaks, marrying Brad Pitt and directing a flop movie. She is about as relevant as Kim K.

  • YouDon’tKnowMe


  • Johanna Rena

    I think Jennifer Aniston should be # one. I love comedy Jen does it so well.!!

  • Jen the Hag

    excuse me JustJared became popular because of Angelina Jolie fans way back 2005 . Aniston thread got only got few fans posting because she’s irrelevant and had string of movies that bomb in the box office and are straight to VOD. She even had to pay for her own awards !! What a LOSER .. even Kim K is more popular than TICKY!! bwahahhahah!!

  • VanityInsecurity

    Angelina Jolie!

  • iLoveMe

    No Megan Fox? No Margot Robbie? This list is BS. Half of the list is has-beens and played out Twilight stars. BOOOO Jared.

  • Lexi

    One of these actresses is on here because she turned herself into tabloid fodder and she has very aggressive PR rep who has the paps on speed dial. No one needs to see pics of her going for coffee everyday with her girlfriend.

    I guess that’s what she needs to do to try and be relevant, since she’s unemployed and has been snubbed for any awards this year. Doesn’t look like any directors are clamoring to work with her, no buzz about any new projects.

  • anya

    Did you not read my comment? Or do you not know how to read? I said I don’t care about Aniston but to say she is not popular is a total lie. Brad and Angie on the level of Kim and Kanye. Okay?
    Seriously f–k off and get a life instead of living inside Brad and Angelina’s arse! I don’t give a crap if JJ became popular because of Angelina. Now they are on Kim and Kanye’s payroll.

  • Ana Esteves

    lol you crazy Brangelina fans

  • Jen the Hag

    You f@ck off Beyotche if you don’t care about JJ then what are you doing here dickhead!! Go back to FemaleFirst or Dumblisted!!

  • Jen the Hag

    Yeah TICKY should stop paying for any nominations she looks pathetic!!

  • Jen the Hag

    You are not Aniston fans but your defending her to death!! Ashamed to admit you’re her fan???

  • aEE

    yeah like how she has been making movies throughout this whole year. lol

  • Frank

    Fuck off why go off on other cause someone went off on one of your fav. Popular doesn’t always mean they have done new worthy things.

  • Frank

    She is on the list cause haters like you go around and feel the need to comment on every story about her. You guys are just giving the money to the paps and Jared to keep posting stories about her.

    Why do you even care what she or her BF does?

  • Johanna Rena

    JJ only got popular since A.J. Well then she sure did need Brad to be relevant. TY Finally someone said it.Needed Brad

  • Pink Dot

    How is Jennifer Aniston still famous? She’s made a couple of great movies (The Good Girl, Office Space, The Iron Giant, etc.), but other than that her career has only been revolved around playing Rachel Green from that overrated show Friends. She barely has any range as an actress, and yet people say she’s amazing. She’s not even that good-looking. She’s very average looking, not one of the most beautiful women on Earth. The most overrated celebrity today.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Scarlett Johannson all the way. Amy Adams too. Come on folks!

  • honeybunn

    We know this is a lie if you say Angelina is number one. She has no friends and she said that her self. She is the most hated women in Hollywood. Need I say why? Jennifer Aniston is loved by all in Hollywood. She is number one.

  • honeybunn

    And so do I. Jen is very popular and loved by all. No one likes Angelina cheating, home wrecker, Jolie.

  • honeybunn

    why don’t you go back into your cave hater. this comment was probably made by Jolie herself.

  • Jen the Hag

    you know all of these because you’re best friend of Jennifer Aniston or you just hallucinating???? And you know all about Angelina Jolie because you live with her up close and personal or just by reading all tabloid lies?? No wonder you Anistoloonies are called TABLOID ADDLED PSYCHO!!

  • Pink Dot

    No, this is not Jolie. This is someone who is sick to death of her overxposure and crappy rom coms. Someone who is sick of this dull, botox-wearing woman showing up in every magazine and every article on the internet for doing boring shit like washing her hair. I WANT HER TO GO AWAY.

  • Jen the Hag

    did you see the rating of People’s Mag Award where TICKY got the Best Performance for an Actress .. Only FEW PEOPLE WATCH it bwahhahahha!! That’s how popular your idol !! and if she is love by all HW why does no popular director wants to get her and her movies all went directly to VOD????? Bwhahaahah how delusional!!

  • zend

    are you serious? this is based on…

  • Jen the Hag

    This is based on how many people view/click on a celebrity’s thread here in JustJared. Angelina is # 1 because a lot of people (fans or haters) read everything about her and post in her thread. So if you post hate about her it also counts too.. so thanks to all the fans and haters !! LOL!!!

  • jilly

    Jennifer is wonderful! Last night I watched People’s Magazine Awards just because of her. Her first award of the season and many more coming. Love you Jen, keep up the great work!

  • jilly

    Jolie has her cyber team working it 24/7.

  • jilly

    I think the JP fans should be ashamed of themselves, own it anya!

  • jilly

    If they could pay and get nominations, JP would’ve been nominated for at least one thing, don’t you think?

  • jilly

    Well, so far she’s been nominated for SAG and Golden Globe and for sure will be for Oscars. Won the People’s Mag and guess what, JP wasn’t even mentioned last night. Not even for the weddings of the year, LOL!

  • jilly

    Jolie’s whole life is a lie! She’s been exposed, sorry to burst your bubble!

  • jilly

    Why don’t you go away because we the people love Jennifer and can’t get enough of her. She is real and sweet and just wonderful, opposite of Jolie.

  • Nathan

    Is this rated by most comments?

  • jilly

    Yes, exactly!

  • anya

    LOL do you have mental issues? You should be ashamed of yourself seriously. No I am not an Aniston fan but what you are saying is a lie. I called you out and you are butthurt! I think you need to go visit a shrink. I bet you have no husband/boyfriend or partner, since you seem so invested in a vapid and stupid celebrity couple who don’t give a sh-t about you! F–k off you loser! Even Angelina would think you are a loser if she were to meet your sorry ugly arse! Your english and writing is poor! You are incredibly uneducated! Please go get an education for your sake.

  • anya

    Another person who is stupid and has terrible English, Next idiot in line please!

  • anya

    English Mother f–ker. Also please somehow show you have an education- Oh wait, thats right you are too poor and stupid to be educated. No University would ever accept you into their school! Not even as a janitor! You would spend the whole day looking up and defending Brad and Angelina, a celebrity couple who doesn’t even know you exist!

  • SunnyBae

    The cover is blown. She has been revealed to be … A very powerful & polite woman.

  • SunnyBae

    Go see her movies and prove your love. Her last movie made 200,000 bucks. Lol