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Jeremy Renner & Wife Sonni Pacheco Split After 10 Months

Jeremy Renner & Wife Sonni Pacheco Split After 10 Months

Jeremy Renner and his wife Sonni Pacheco have split after secretly marrying ten months ago, TMZ reports.

The divorce documents, filed earlier this month by Sonni, cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split – and there’s some surprising information listed in the documents as well.

Sonni is demanding that Jeremy return her “stolen” passport, birth certificate and social security card. Sonni also says a prenup is in place, but should be invalid because of “fraud.”

She wants spousal support and custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Ava. She also wants him to pay her rent and moving expenses.

Jeremy and Sonni didn’t reveal their marriage until September of this year.

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  • PlayNice

    Sonni sounds like a gold-digger. I’m sure he didn’t steal anything from her. She sounds like a drama-queen and she wants to make sure she has a shot at his money by claiming “fraud” of his part.

  • GFW™

    Nailed. I’m sorry for this. These fast and furious relationships are a red flare to those not involved. I hope the same doesn’t happen with Sophia and Joe. Seems like infatuation more than anything else from my perspective, what I see, read. Like they say, love with you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

  • Danae

    Wow, I wish people would stop accidentally having children. But well, once you have a child with a Hollywood star, you are set for life. So maybe it wasn’t accidental at all.
    And Jeremy doesn’t really seem to be that bad…

  • Cate

    I don’t think anyone is surprised this sham marriage didn’t last.

  • shoes4life

    She’s not going to get anything hell they were only married for 10 months. That marriage could still be just annulled.

    I knew this was going to happen. He probably wanted a child and they agreed and now the inevitable has happened. She will do her best to keep him from seeing his daughter unless he pays to see her. The only thing she is entitled to is child support and in CA that will be more than enough to live, eat, buy a home and send their child to private school on.

  • Guest

    Baby mama/ beard is more like and I suppose a fraud allegation might be a threat because someone wants more money to keep her silence about what’s really going down.

  • Doryphore

    His gold-digger/baby momma is HALF his age. I bet he thought she loved him.

  • Vy Nguyen

    Poor Jeremy, I think he felt obligated to marry. Then again stolen documents? That sounds weird. What’s going on here?

  • forrest gump

    10 months jailtime for her has come to an end!!

  • Betty Bucket

    Will he come out now?

  • FormerLamark

    It was only the matter of time. An aging old man and a much younger fame-money wh#re…How would it have ended, if not so? But she’ll live very well in the next 18 years from the child support…

  • Askars_lvr

    Oh dear! Beard contract fail big time!! Fire his agent and lawyer for hiring the wrong beard!

  • dalovelee

    If she were a gold digger why did she file for divorce? A gold digger would stay in the sham marriage and spend up his money easily living separates. Especially once she has his child.
    As for her passport and papers..if he has them (those are government own papers) even in angry splits that would be a dumb ass thing to do, steal government documents.

  • YeahWrite

    well color me surprised. *snort*

  • YeahWrite

    are you kidding? she will have more than enough money to live on, trust. and, this way, she can actually appear in public every now and then.

  • Jennifer Fielding

    I never did like that guy. He’s just not Matt Damon. So glad they finally got Matt to come back to the Bourne franchise. I’m excited!!

  • Jay

    Sad. I don’t know why we revel in marriages breaking up.
    I can understand relationships, but marriages should be left alone. These are people trying their best to make it work. ON that day they believed they had found that one person that would love and share everything with them. Why do we celebrate broken marriages.

  • anagram

    LMAO! YW! (* we’ve missed ‘ya)

    From her instagram, looks like the gold-digging fame whore has already found her next Sugar Daddy Target – Jim Carey.
    It’s why she’s hitting the “divorce” button now.
    And, how is it she was able to travel back to Vancouver over the last 2 years — if she didn’t have a passport? (*cough* such B.S.) Her gf’s have picts of her there .

    Yeah, no gold-digging fame-whore here.

    Wonder when her real “modelling” past will come out?

  • tamahome

    I don’t get some people .. why must they always think everyone is gay ? I have no clue on his personal life , and i like him as an actor so this marriage thing didn’t work ,, big effing deal that’s life . people move on end of story . I don’t see the need to diss the guy . Nobody here knows the real truth . Whether she trapped him with the kid or not something was amiss in the relationship !

  • Pati

    WTF not beeing Matt Damon has to do with it!?

  • Arwen Kivlis

    Well who didnt see this coming! You just dont marry the woman you split up with just cause she is carrying your child. There are much better ways to handle things without dragging the poor child through an already failed marriage…

  • xyz

    Exactly. Now he’s back full time at his trannies and homosexuals….

  • sid

    well, duh! he only married her because of the kid, of course they were going to split.

  • Gina

    The fraud being in this case that he is actually gay, not straight? In which case she should file for an annulment. However, we all know that she was in on the gag from the beginning.

  • Karen Alyson

    Serious question. It seems clear to me this was an opps! baby, because if she was a surrogate then she married him knowing he was gay and I am sure that would have come with an airtight non-disclosure contract. If he is bi and she found out then that would be grounds for divorce due to infidelity not fraud. Could the fraud be because it was strictly a green card marriage, in which case they would both be implicated? Or is it more likely a question of the declared income? In my opinion she probably expected that she would spend all her time mixing with famous people and attending red carpet events, but the reality is that she is just a comfortably off house wife with a husband who doesn’t like the spotlight, works away a lot and wants to spend quiet time with his family when he is home. It is Renner’s fault for sleeping with a party girl, but I can’t blame him for trying to give the kid a proper family.

  • suk bin

    c’est charlize theron qui sera heureuse …

  • treadmilllurve

    He seems a nice guy and a solid actor, but horrible movies in terms of the Bourne and Marvel franchises. He’s better offer doing more serious roles. I don’t care if he’s gay but what’s with these actors and their fame-wh0re partners? George Clooney, Mel Gibson, and Alec Baldwin come to mind. Is it that hard for them to a meet a serious, nice person? Michael Weatherly has a nice marriage with a normal woman.

  • truth

    Completely agree. We know your gay Jeremy we are not stupid.

  • Nicola

    I don’t think that was the problem.

  • Supper

    I hope this leads to a super messy divorce. I will stan her for life if she will reveal some big scandal about Renner.

    VH1 or Bravo please give her a TV show!

  • YeahWrite

    IDK… is posing in your underwear on all fours with a dog collar “modeling?” I think I just heard Heidi holla “hell no, you ain’t me.”

  • darkeclipse1

    he’s stupid to marry her. (just because of their daughter) he’s an actor with $$$$$$$$$..

  • anon

    Go on twitter look her up, the page has all pictures that her friends must of submitted, her working in the Adult Entertainment field, stag parties, etc.

  • anon

    the gold digger will be 28 this year. She was 25 when she got pregnant. She looks 45 in the Daily Mail photos, skinny and a horse face. Back on drugs it appears.

  • anon

    You under estimate Renner & his camp. She had nothing in her name. Had to ask to use the Land Rover they shared? Meaning, it was not in her name also, just an additional insurance driver. That was his escort for 2 years, they have their bases covered on her. Her past is horrid!

  • anon

    He is not backing down, he already denied her “settlement” he has nothing to hide, appears she is scared now. Legally, she is not entitled to anything of his over the past 10 months.

  • anon

    Sonni was NOT getting the luxuries and got fed up. She does not even have a car in her name. That is why she tried to settle with him and he denied her settlement. She will walk away with nothing. He has nothing to hide, Sonni has a horrible past and must be scared to death if this goes to court. Sonni thought he would throw her a few million for what? Trapping him. The most you will hear is he did coke with her while she was his escort.

  • anon

    No s.he is not entitled to a thing, that is why she tried to settle out of court – He would not budge & denied her settlement. Sonni has nothing in her name not even the Range Rover she is “asking” to use. Now she is driving a used car. 10 months of marriage. Sonni will run back to VC, she knows what her past would do in court.

  • anon

    Sonni used that to bring out the “drama” in the case. She knows where her passport is, she was in Canada last month.

  • anon

    If this becomes messy, Sonni is the one with years of Escort, Stripping, ripping of johns. She is done, never will have a career, never had a Hollywood career. Renner is not afraid, he has nothing to hide. If he did, Why did he deny her out of court settlement. Think about it. Look at her in the Daily Mail online, back on the drugs. Look at his pictures from November 19th , moving furniture out of his home. He threw her out. Sonni Pacheco twitter has all her naked, escort, stag parties that her friends send in pictures. I was surprised but not shocked.