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Madonna Falls On Stage Backwards at BRIT Awards 2015 (Video)

Madonna Falls On Stage Backwards at BRIT Awards 2015 (Video)

Madonna took a nasty fall as one of her dancers appeared to be removing her cape on stage at the 2015 BRIT Awards held at The O2 Arena on Wednesday (February 25) in London, England.

The 56-year-old entertainer was performing her hit single “Living For Love” when something happened where she was pulled totally backwards in a catastrophic fall backwards into her dancers.

We hope Madonna is okay! Right after the fall, she got back up and danced like a total pro. Watch the scary moment below!

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madonna addresses her fall im fine 01
madonna addresses her fall im fine 02
madonna addresses her fall im fine 03
madonna addresses her fall im fine 04
madonna addresses her fall im fine 05
madonna addresses her fall im fine 06
madonna addresses her fall im fine 07
madonna addresses her fall im fine 08
madonna addresses her fall im fine 09
madonna addresses her fall im fine 10
madonna addresses her fall im fine 11
madonna addresses her fall im fine 12
madonna addresses her fall im fine 13
madonna addresses her fall im fine 14

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  • Naynay

    I guess love didn’t lift her up Haha

  • Andzik

    I’m not feel sorry for her. She still thinks, that she’s 20, hellooo, you’re NOT! And this voice.. terrible, only backing vocals made good job.

  • Von

    My whiz that was funny… But she doesn’t fall the person pulling her cape pulls her right off the stage LOL

    That dude is fired , it not dead by the end of the night .

  • Jenny from the flop

    I don’t know what’s more funny: Madonna falling or jj calling living for love a “hit” single

  • martina

    I felt really sorry for her, but she handled it like a real professional. However, her singing was more embarrassing, the back up singer did all the job for her..Madonna sure is a hard worker, professional and perfectionist, but her voice is weak and when she shares the same stage as Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith, she can try and put a big show with dancers and costumes to hide that fact but cant fool anyone.

  • j k


  • jay

    C’mon shes an old bird who got back up and performed. Surprised that fall didnt wind her. Life doesnt end after 20 btw

  • SimplyS

    The lyrics to her song realy matched that situation “You watch me fall….I´m gonna carry on”. She could have given it her all after the incident but I guess she was too upset. So her vocals really sufferd.

  • Askars_lvr

    Well some peon just got fired!

  • Penny Dreadful

    No words, no words. Only fits of giggles, giggles.

  • Penny Dreadful

    I watched it a dozens times and SHE didn’t untie her cape fast enough. You can see her trying to untie it but she didn’t finish in time for the pull. No one’s fault but hers.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    The Queen has been dragged for filth…. #ctfu Madonna I hope you took your centrum that morning… What is going on today!!! ?????

  • shoes4life

    Granny will feel that in the morning. She lucky she didn’t break a hip.

  • Jeff

    You are ridiculous. She’s a showgirl and she can do it better than anyone else out there. I don’t think there is an artist who at one point taken a stumble on stage. She got up and kept going. That’s what pros do. Enough with the ageism. I have feeling you eat too many cookies and aren’t as in good as shape as this “old lady” :)

  • Carter

    Or, possibly the stylist who tied it, or the designer who made it.

  • Jen

    She should’ve listened to Edna…NO CAPES!

  • Heather Gelabert
  • Guest

    Her “art” is as shallow as anything you can thing of. But you can’t deny she works hard. I find her stunts/themes unsophisticated and lame. It was geishas and Japan about 20 years ago. And this bullfighting them is really lame.

  • Victoria Elizabeth

    Someone’s getting fired…..

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Hey stupid she fell for goodness sake. Your vocals would be a little shaky too if you fell.

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    You obviously know nothing about music. I bet you think that junk gag gag does is art

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Get your ears cleaned out jerk off. And don’t forget to buy a hearing aid for that 28 year old out of tune “jazz” singer who actually broke her hip. Also, if it sounded good to you don’t you think it’s because of the lead singer, dummy?

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    No but your favorite gag gag did. Oh she’s only 28!!!!!

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    It seems like you took your jealous pills though

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Haters need to be fired!!

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Duh. Of course after a fall it would suffer. But I guess you were counting on that😒

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    But hate would bring people like you down

  • SimplyS

    Oh Boy, I´m not a hater! I am a fan of hers, buy her records, been to her concert. That doesn´t mean I can´t be honest!

    I just meant that she could have turned her anger of the situation into a great performance. But maybe she was hurt and coudn´t do it…. But please stop seeing haters everywhere!

  • Elisia

    Sorry, but has Armani not heard of velcro or magnets?!

  • ana barros

    That awkward moment the Material got to the girl!

  • Ericka Del Valle González

    Rolo e yuca.

  • Naynay

    Where do you see hate ??? I see a joke, poking fun at, even mocking but hate ??? nowhere hun don’t nobody got time for that over here

  • shoes4life

    Sorry to break it to you, I am no Gaga fan.

  • martina

    I meant that her voice is weak in general or maybe mediocre would be a better word for it, no need to call me stupid :*

  • plypl

    THE GAME MADONNA FALL is launched on Google Play

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Her voice is fine and you know it! Live singing, Evita, Sooner or Later at the 1991 Grammies, Mother Father unplugged on live morning show, Crazy For You, even the latest Grammie performance where isolated vocals were CELEBRATED. Either you’re deaf, you’re head’s been under water or you’re just a delusional hater. She has proven time and again that she can have a strong voice. Stop expecting Mariah Carey like singing all the time.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    OMG !
    I was shocked, when I saw her falling !
    Thanx to god, that nothing worse happened to you, Mo !
    The performance was excellent !
    (and I do not mean the fall, coz´ the fall a tragic coincidence)
    Mo-Excellent-Power-Performances-ForeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrMo, Yo !
    217, give me 5, makes 222, 168 !
    Highhhhhhhh 6 !!!!!!

  • Carrie1912

    Nope, she sucks. And so do you.

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Yeah sure. That’s why she’s the number one selling artist, a legend to the younger singers and the most sought out live vocalist and performer in the world you twat! Please, thirty years of “bad singing” ? Really?

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    You suck as a human being

  • TiredOfTheHaters

    Well I don’t poke fun at people I like. There’s a way you laugh with someone(a clean joke) and a way you laugh at them.