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Zayn Malik's First Solo Song 'I Won't Mind' Released By Naughty Boy - Listen Here!

Zayn Malik's First Solo Song 'I Won't Mind' Released By Naughty Boy - Listen Here!

Have a first listen of Zayn Malik‘s new demo “I Won’t Mind,” which is being produced by Naughty Boy!

“Let the music do the talking guys. thank us later. :) x,” the 30-year-old DJ tweeted about the song, which is Zayn‘s first solo track after splitting from One Direction.

Naughty Boy added, “There is nothing but love for what was left behind. thats why we don’t mind. ;) #2016 #zaughty #zindabad.”

In case you missed it, Naughty Boy and One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson got into a fight on Twitter over Zayn earlier today!

Zayn Malik – “I Won’t Mind”
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  • manchir

    Okay I heard that he was going solo. I was a bit disappointed in him the fact that he didnt make proper statement about the real reason why he is leaving except that 22 year old story. BUT this fast?????? Not even a week is passed and we already have a demo???? Cmon Zayn. I thought you are better than this.

  • Vollant

    Louis is a messy bottom smh

  • higuys

    Please know this was recorded months ago. Naughty Boy just loves to start pointless drama. It’s sad how people are so quick to turn their backs on Zayn.

  • manchir

    Maybe you are right. But im still disappointed. But if this is how naughty boy is, i guess zayn, at least, should think of working with more trustworthy person

  • eternalozzie

    i regret giving this guy the benefit of the doubt … i thought he left to clean up his life … it was just over an ego trip

  • Mrs.K

    This boy has zero grace or dignity.. He barely left and already releasing songs?!

  • Mike1288

    Lol what a tool. So he quits right before people pay to see his band in concert cause he wants to live a normal life now he goes solo. Not good for the career bro.

  • xyz

    I dont know about his grace or dignity, all I know is he has 0 talent, much like his group mates. No surprise….

  • Mike1288

    Becaus Zayn is the one who left and decided to say it was because he wanted a normal life. Naughty boy did not make him do anything. Blind worship is what your experiencing right now. Zayn is a grown man who decided to screw fans over including you.

  • Lisa

    this is a ballad. this is great! a song that can show his vocals.

  • Lisa

    song was made months a go mate. from what I’ve heard he isnt the only one from the group to make solo music.

  • LoveIt

    Love that song. He has a great voice.

  • Guest

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  • manchir

    But he is the only one that is making solo music and going to release it. Idk when it is but it is almost very predictable that he is going solo

  • vn_102

    Is he seriously going solo with that horribly boring and flat all around song? It was such torture to listen to and it was worse than Selena Gomez awful song.

    Such bad timing to release new song when all of 1D fans were still mourning about his departure, and made him came off as too desperate to cash in while he still can.

  • Lisa

    the band isn’t going to last forever so he might be the first but he won’t be the last.

  • matt

    Well that was fast


    it was recorded months ago, further proves that zayn already had intentions of going solo. not because he is 22 years old and want to live a ‘normal life’


    how disappointing… not even a week! what about having a ‘normal’ life like every 22 year old.

  • Raspitou

    So he says he leaves the band so he can be a, “normal 22 year old” but immediately releases solo demos. Mmm-hmm.

  • Naynay

    The song is good as for the dramas I don’t know bout yall but WHO F@#KIN CARES ???? All we need is good music so if he’s with or without the group I don’t care as long as he keeps releasing that kind of music

  • Lillian

    so much for ; Oh god I am so depressed, I can’t deal with fame, I just want to be normal. So let’s go Solo!! Yes Of course, I see your point kid.

  • Guest

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  • LM

    the song is boring but he has a great voice, his voice like Sam Smith

  • Mr. X

    He needed to break away – he’s got talent and couldn’t do anymore with the other guys. He’s growing and so is his music. His new song is good.

  • ✌️

    Its not a solo song, its a demo that was written for one directions album months ago but never made it. Naughty boy is just trying to create drama. stop falling for it

  • higuys

    Why continue doing something you don’t particularly enjoy anymore? Isn’t that a bit selfish of the fans? He recorded this track months ago before ever deciding to part ways. Harry’s done the same. It’s not blind worship. It’s called supporting. I’m sorry but he needs to take care of himself and do what feels right to him then just hiding behind the mask of happiness just to please fans.

  • higuys

    Harry Styles has recorded tracks without the other boys. I’m sure the other members have done the same. He hasn’t even decided on going solo yet. That track was just supposed to be on NB next album.

  • okaythen

    Why isn’t anyone talking about how good nice this song is??? All you people care about is that he released a song a week after he left 1D. As higuys said this was probably recorded months ago. So lay off and enjoy the darn music.

  • siennagold

    If Zayn wanted to be a solo artist, he should have at least told his
    fellow band members about it. They have been together for several years now and he should give Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis some respect and not just leave them in the dark. To leave the band in the middle of a worldwide tour is irresponsible. Especially since we now know that he has been lying all along saying he was stressed and wants a normal life. If he thinks he’ll be another Justin Timberlake then dream on. :D

  • eternalozzie

    because the song sounds like it was mixed by an 11 y/o on their macbook … it is very poor quality music