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Jamie Dornan Stalked Women to Prepare for 'The Fall' Serial Killer Role

Jamie Dornan Stalked Women to Prepare for 'The Fall' Serial Killer Role

Jamie Dornan is currently beginning his Emmy contention campaign for The Fall, and while talking about preparing for his role of serial killer Paul Spector, admitted that he stalked women!

“The first series, I did do a couple of things to try to get inside [his mind]. On the tube, which is our underground system,” Jamie told the LA Times, before stopping himself. “Can we get arrested for this? Hold on … this is a really bad reveal: I, like, followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt like to pursue someone like that.”

“It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way,” Jamie added. “I’m sort of not proud of myself. But I do honestly think I learned something from it, because I’ve obviously never done any of that. It was intriguing and interesting to enter that process of ‘what are you following her for?’ and ‘what are you trying to find out?”

Watch the entire chat with Jamie Dornan below…

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  • GFW

    He obviously fell into character and wasn’t caught doing it. I think it served him well. He’s got an average guy look so I’m sure, unless he would stare too long, he wouldn’t be noticed especially if close in age. If ‘caught’ he could chat her up.

  • Hazel

    “It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way” and if she noticed that a man was following her would she feel the same way? No she would not. I know he wouldn’t do any harm to that woman but she wouldn’t know that so this is just creepy.

  • Lilly

    He can stalk me all he wants he’s adorable, id offer to help him prepare for his role and offer to look terrified lol

  • loops

    “It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way,” Jamie added. “I’m sort of not proud of myself.”

    the F wrongs with you?
    look at all his sexually repressed stans excusing this behavior. Disgusting.


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  • Join the conversation

    He played another stalker in 50 shades of grey, but because he played a bilionaire it was romantic. -_- (stupid people)
    He sucks as Christian Grey, but he played Paul Spector really good. I liked that show; I thought his character had died, but I guess not.

  • GFW

    In the acting profession it is called research. Most actors who perform well in their parts do it, research.

  • GFW

    Is it creepy when actors go to NASA and work with astronauts who might tag along anonymously. Or go to kink clubs to witness their activities under the premise of ‘checking out the place’? Actor’s do this kind of research for every part available. Why judge him for trying to get as he said, “The first series, I did do a couple of things to try to get inside [his mind].” inside the mind of his character? I’d prefer he did than try to fake it would would have shown up in his performance, dig?

    I’d like to know what all else he did?

  • Utope

    That is creepy!

  • bubbajolee .

    LOL! That’s not even close to being a good comparison. Stalking is a complete encroachment on someone’s privacy & rights. The fact that he didn’t give a SINGLE THOUGHT to the woman or how she would feel about being stalked shows he has NO common sense what so ever.

  • bubbajolee .

    In ANY profession, it’s called stalking. PS: most actors don’t break the law or invade someone else’s rights in the name of “research”.

  • GFW

    No it is not.

    You’d be surprised what an actor or actress will do. Visit whore houses to play one. Watch them from afar or try to blend in, same thing.

    He was not breaking any law. If he didn’t admit it no one would know.

    Actor’s go to great lengths to get inside the mind of a their characters even visiting them in prison, on death row, beyond that.

    You seem to have a personal problem with Jamie more than what he openly admitting to do to get into character, that’s your problem, not mine.

  • GFW

    I think he did own common sense and kept on the down low so well he never got caught. I think he was good at ‘stalking’ to apply the thinking of Paul for Jamie. I think he was brave to say he did it to get into character and should not be judged for it. IF he did not admit no one would know, get it?

  • Butters

    If found out I was the one he was stalking

    I would have a sexy party ;)

  • Penny Dreadful

    Seriously, he’s a weirdo. He plays weirdos and he loves to do that because it lets him be weird in a way he can’t be in real life, at least not openly. He could have talked to actual stalkers and stalking victims. He didn’t have to actually stalk a woman — and if he REALLY felt he needed to do that, he should never have revealed it.

  • loops

    Delusional. I work in Theatre and come into contact with actors all the time, so that’s BS. Stalking is Stalking.

    Have you heard of Colin Firth or James Mcavoy “filth” talking about taking their “research” to this extend, interfering with some peoples lives in this disgusting manner? NO, they haven’t. Because they CAN act. Researching is reading stalkers’ journals, watching psychoanalytic videos etc.

    He’s sh!t in the Fall too, wooden as hell.

    “You seem to have a personal problem with Jamie more than what he openly admitting to do to get into character, that’s your problem, not mine.”

    LOL YOU certainly have issues.

  • GFW

    No need for name calling. I’d say the “issues” are clearly yours.

    No stalking isn’t stalking when it’s research for a part.

    Jamie can act. We’ll be seeing more of him, trust me. But I don’t follow Jamie. I just saw The Fall and Fifty (for free) but also know a lot about the topics of both: child abuse, which he does a fair job in his lack of display, that ‘wooden’ performance is very natural for these core-wounded individuals too afraid to open up, share, frozen with fear and self-loathing… for starters and let’s not even get into shame and guilt.

    I saw Filth. I would presume Colin did enough research for his spy movie. James does research as well. Do they all say something about what they do? No.

    Keanu Reeves slept with homeless drunks for a role. The examples far exceed expectations.

    The “wooden” part IS part of their make up as repressed self-isolated humans incapable of the bubbling of emotions us ‘normal’ folks can exhibit easily.

  • loops

    They might hang out, work at some place etc, but You’re missing something, people’s consent. This about stalking women is creepy as F.
    Yeah, you’re delusional as hell if you think this is valid research.
    and His acting is Sh!te. BYE

  • GFW

    You’re a fraud.

    It is valid research. All research, for some, is unethical in some ways. No harm done, you know? He told us… didn’t have to. A real “creep” would have kept mum about it.

    Unflappable is how these folks are and often have no true reason to be anything, but.

  • loops


    You’re mental.
    “No harm done” Have a nice day, crazy @ss stan.

  • Tigerlilly

    So he isn’t just a on screen weirdo he’s a full time weirdo O_o

  • GFW

    Whatever, but you don’t work with actors at all. You’ve no idea what they’ll do to get into character, nothing.

    Maybe you’re a failed actor who is jealous of Jamie’s success? His future? Are you some old fart reduced to harassing people on a gossip site for jollies? Hmm.

  • GFW

    I think he said he followed someone to get the feel of what his character did? Ghee, blow it out of portion why don’t you? Now you think you can shrink him like an armchair quack? Not fair either.

    He might regret sharing this by now, but he’s the one laughing all the way to the bank, getting movie offers, in love with his woman, has a bright future and isn’t ragging on anyone on an internet gossip site.

  • Butters

    All of you are blowing it out of proportion like a 13 year old girl on the rag. He said he decided to follow her off the train amd so he got up and followed her and suddenly was like “what the hell am I doing?” Amd turned around me left. None of apparently have never been “stalked” before. Stalking involves invasion of someone’s life. Not just follow them for 5 minutes up the street then turn around. They break into your home. Steal things. Dig up information on you. Have a shrine dedicated to you in their home. Big difference. Stop stretching his words out to be something their not.

  • Butters

    The emmy’s disagree with you on his acting capabilities…

    You have a right to your opinion. There are those who think Anthony Hopkins can’t act. And in MY opinion. They are delusional when it comes to talent. HOWEVER, an opinion isn’t a fact, nothing more than a personal perspective. Self representation.

    To truly believe your opinion is fact no matter what the opinion is, is self contradiction. Somewhat insane in itself.

    And as for the “stalking” although I wouldn’t call following a women for all of 2 minutes before changing your mind and turning around, stalking, but once again, that’s just my opinion. We all have dark thoughts. Every. Single. Person. On this planet have dark thoughts. There are theories that we don’t remember some of our dreams because they are dark and sometimes sexual and so hence we block them out because they scare us. I believe it to be true due to doing group talks in our counseling I do for college. People aren’t specific about certain details in their dreams but people have expressed fear for themselves after these dreams. They think there is soomething mentally and spiritually wrong with them. I too, have had disturbing dreams that frighten me, because it’s me doing dark deed. The problem is society refuses to admit that humans are both evil and good at the same time.

    So to judge Dornan for this act, when we ALL have had dark thoughts and visions, is hypocritical in nature.

    It’s different when someone murders someone you love dearly because it’s a human reaction to loathe the person that stole something precious from you. But In this case, Dorman is no threat. So quite frankly, it’s irrelevant.

  • Casual Observer

    Boy, you can really tell who the Dornites are on this thread. They will defend him no matter what he does. I think they are the real creepy ones. Lol

  • Butters

    I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun. Lol only the good die young, bitch. 😈

  • Casual Observer

    Your comment illustrates my point exactly.

  • Nic

    Just had to let you know. That person used a song reference and probably was telling you that they don’t care.

    You know… Billy Joel?

    Come out Virginia, don’t let me wait
    You catholic girls start much too late
    Sooner or later it comes down to faith
    I might as well be the one
    Only the good die young.

    It seems as though you didn’t get it. I thought it was clever. Lol. I know, everyone listens to Beiber and Gomez and less talent these days. So it’s hard.

    Amd if Dornan was following me I wouldn’t care too much either. Some of you need to lighten up. He admitted it to being crazy but you all pretend he didn’t say that bit.

  • Casual Observer

    No, I didn’t get the joke and am not sure how you read into the comment what you do. Frankly, I could give a sh*t about Dornan or his rabid fans. I just find it amusing the lengths they go to all over the web to justify anything he says or does. Pathetic really, but to each his own I guess. Cheers!

  • Nic

    Anyone who has good taste in music can see it is a Billy Joel song. Obviously you have to be younger than 20 not to recognize the lyrics. Because anyone I have ever met whether their music taste extends to Billy Joel or not, they can recognize the song.

    They say there is a heaven for those who will wait
    Some say it’s better.
    But I say it ain’t
    I’d rather laugh with the sinners, than cry with the saints.
    The sinners are much more fun
    Ohh, only the good die young.

    I know every Billy song like the back of my hand darling

    And nothing is being justified if there is nothing to justify. He said out loud “what the f*ck am I doing” than went on to say he turned around and left. He followered her for probably 5 mins before realizing it was a crazy idea. He also went on to talk about the fear of his daughter being in the same situation and the fear he felt. I mean, did you not watch the video??? Stalking is too harsh of a word because it isn’t even the correct definition. Stalking, following a person HOME. Finding their phone number. Calling them all hours of day and night. Break into their homes. Steal things, specifically clothes or hair. Or more specifically, underwear.
    But Jamie followed someone for 5 mins and suddenly he’s a serial killer?

    Amd believe it or not, we’ll all end up following someone at least once in their life. My mother did it because my father wouldn’t tell her where I was. So she had a friend tail him until they found me. But I guess my mother was a stalker? Or made the person she had follow him a stalker?

    I’m not a “rabid” fan. Just a fan. I’m not like psycho Michael Jackson fans who continue to love him despite molesting children. I don’t see that here. And now we have every fake feminist out there trying to turn men into satan incarnet and opressing men. I don’t know about any of you fake feminists but I am not okay with opression against anyome. Been there, done that, based on skin color not going to let it happen to anyone else.

    Unlike most women who give women a bad name, I don’t exaggerate things out to be worse than they really are. Maybe it’s because I have truly suffered in my time and actually know what it’s like for it to be WORSE, I don’t judge innocent people.

  • Butters

    HAHAHAHA! Thank you!
    When I first read her response I assumed she didn’t know the song. Because almost my whole comment is the song, so if she knew it was a song she probably would’ve commented more on the fact that I was a smart ass, or something. Lol I was like… Oh well… She might figure it out on her own. Lol I confess I’ve done that before. I got cocky online once and was being just as judgmental as she was (assuming she is a she) I mean we’re all human. We can be vultures sometimes. I think it was some sort of quote and i arrogantly responded somehow, don’t remember it was a long time ago. The person never wrote back but I heard the quote being said and felt absolutely stupid later on. Lol. What we do to others both negative and positive comes back times 3. So don’t worry. :)

  • Casual Observer

    You don’t understand, I really don’t care about this particular stalker issue with Dornan. I’m just pointing out the lengths of justification his fans go to to make him look good on ANYTHING he does or says. Can you not see that??? Perhaps not if you have the Dornan specs on. Anyhoo, I’ve really said all I care to on this at this point so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Butters

    If you don’t care, than stop posting insults about people you don’t even know. It’s that simple….

  • jana

    I have enjoyed all of Jamie’s work. Loved The Fall. Good Luck
    Liked what you had to say GFW