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Brad Pitt Provides Explanation for Bruised Face: 'Road Rash'

Brad Pitt Provides Explanation for Bruised Face: 'Road Rash'

It sounds like Brad Pitt took quite the tumble!

The 51-year-old actor has released a statement following an appearance at the 2015 Light Up the Blues Concert, where he sported a bruised face.

“This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops,” Brad‘s rep told Just Jared. “Turns out if you then try to stop your forward momentum with your face, the result is road rash.”

He added, “Regardless, I wasn’t going to miss the Autism Speaks benefit the night after – wonderful people and I was honored to be a part of this important event.”

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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Does anyone know who plays guitar in the JP family? I think it is Mad, right? I’ll bet that’s a gift for him.

  • Lily

    I hope Angie kiss the bruise 1000 times. I bet Brad’s manager phone rang like crazy this morning.

  • Lily

    I think so too

  • toastie postie

    Ouch. Very fortunate, that is all that happened. Slipping on stairs is dangerous.

  • busted

    Brad and Madd play. Brad said he plays badly but enjoys it.

  • busted

    Poor conspiracist. Nothing to talk about now.

    Glad it wasn’t something worse.

  • JPFamily

    Well I hope that shuts everyone up now.

    Shame they had to include that leech also, ugh:,,20913899_20689231_21304595,00.html
    PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Women: Then & Now
    See the gorgeous icons who’ve earned the coveted title – and find out how they’ve gotten more gorgeous with time

    Most Beautiful 2006:

    When she was featured on PEOPLE’s cover, Jolie had already distinguished herself as a humanitarian who regularly went on missions to developing countries, distributing food to the poor, even sleeping on frozen ground after a hard day’s work. Her beauty regimen was just as un-diva-like: a little face powder, mascara and a dab of Vaseline on her lips.
    Now: What makes Jolie, 39, who will next star opposite her husband Brad Pitt in By the Sea (which she also wrote and will be directing), feel beautiful? Being appreciated by longtime partner Pitt. “I’m with a man who’s evolved enough to look at my body and see it as more beautiful, because of the journey it has taken and what it has created,” the mom of six told W. “So I genuinely feel even sexier.”

  • hotmess

    Its funny I always think BP downplays his talents. I sure he plays pretty well. He’s mentioned playing over the years and even back thing he stated he was bad, I’m like yeah right tell us anything – LOL

  • Susan

    Brad plays guitar and he was teaching Maddox.

  • busted

    Do you remember his play with Ed Norton on the Penis Song.. LOL

    He says he makes up songs for the kids too.. That is sweet.

  • a fan

    Brad is very humble, he always downplays his talents.

  • lucy

    I’m the world’s worst to run up and down the stairs. I’m so careful about my children and the stairs, gates, and telling the older one she has to walk very, very, slowly, going up, or coming down, and to always hold on to the railing. But me, I jump the gate because I’m always in a hurry, it seems. I need to get a “Life Alert” to hang around my neck. LOL

  • SALT

    well, I know Angelina has a nice cure for that :)

  • a fan

    Brad still looks hot with bruise.

  • trt

    When you’re hot, you’re hot. That bruise will fade away. It’s the born with fugly features that’s hardest to erase.

  • JPFamily

    Video of Brad and Jack Black from last night:

    Cr Team-Jolie – People May 4:

    There was another UNSC meeting on April 15 regarding Women, Peace and Security/PSVI – this is a transcript of the speech from Ambassador Wilson :
    “If we are to end sexual violence in conflict, we must tackle its root causes as well as its symptoms”
    Statement by Ambassador Peter Wilson, Deputy Permanent Representative of the UK Mission to the UN, to the Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security

    Thank you Madam President for calling this important debate and for giving it a lot of publicity through Twitter.

    I welcome the Secretary-General’s report. It really is a vital framework for all of us and I particularly wanted to thank you Special Representative Bangura for your briefing and your brave and tireless work alongside the Team of Experts, and UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict. You really are an example to all of us and every time you speak you give us new energy in this fight. I also wanted to pay particular tribute to Hamsatu Allamin. What you just said just now is really important testimony for all of us and I was particularly struck by how you talked about how you are using resolutions of this Council, including 1325 to make a real difference on the ground and I think that that’s a reminder to all of us about what all of this is about. We are essentially together creating norms and creating a sense of energy that allow people to take real action on the ground to change people’s lives in this important and very controversial area.

    One year ago yesterday, when 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in the town of Chibok, the abductions shocked the world. Abductions, enslavement, sexual abuse and forced marriage of women and girls are central to Boko Haram’s methods of operations. As the fight against Boko Haram continues, we reiterate our support to colleagues from Nigeria and Chad, and to all Members affected in the region.

    This anniversary is a stark reminder of the task we face to end conflict-related sexual violence. The Global Summit held last summer in London led to a number of important and ambitious commitments and I wanted to highlight just three of them.

    First, the AU’s launch of a pilot project in the Central African Republic. Secondly, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s commitment to implement its action plan and thirdly, a number of countries signing up to the call for action on protecting women and girls in emergencies. Those are just some of the issues that we’ve worked hard on to implement and to deliver real change in the countries that are worst affected.

    But the rise of extremist non-state actors such as Boko Haram and ISIL is now one of the greatest threats to our goal, as others have said. Sexual violence has become a tactic of their terror. There are three key ways that I think that we can fight this.

    First, we need to do more to support affected countries. The need of survivors is great; this report highlights that more medical, psychosocial, legal and economic support is urgently required. Whatever support we provide, we must ensure that women and girls are at the heart of it.

    My country is committed to this approach. In Syria, we are providing counselling for survivors of sexual and gender based violence as well as clinical care, reproductive healthcare and cash assistance to particularly vulnerable households. In Iraq, our Embassy has established working groups to promote women’s rights and combat the effects of sexual violence. And we support activities including legal assistance and support groups for women. We have given $1.5 billion in humanitarian support to the Syria crisis.

    The UN also has a particularly important role to play. We strongly support the Secretary-General’s recommendation for greater links between Women, Peace and Security and fighting extremism. We hope that this will be addressed in the review of resolution 1325 this year and I very much welcome what Spain’s Permanent Representative has just said about the energy and commitment that the Spanish Presidency will bring to this in October.

    Madam President,

    Second, national military and security actors must be responsive to survivors’ needs. More focused training, incorporating gender and survivor awareness, and better information sharing between military and civilians is part of the solution, but so is making our police and military more representative of our societies, with greater recruitment and promotion of women. Until that happens we are not going to make real, substantive and lasting progress on this.

    UN peacekeepers and police can also do more to address the needs of women and girls. We need to empower peacekeeping personnel to prevent and respond to sexual violence. That must be central to pre-deployment preparations at all ranks and fully integrated into mission-wide objectives and mandates, as France has emphasised earlier. We hope that the Peace Operations review later this year will reflect these important recommendations.

    Thirdly, we must ensure greater accountability, for all perpetrators – and governments who do not uphold their responsibility to protect the vulnerable in society. Our support, whether improved training or more female personnel, can help encourage victims of sexual violence to come forward and help end the stigma associated with this crime.

    We must match this with more investigations and more prosecutions, including through the International Criminal Court, to show that there is no impunity. We also encourage States to implement the International Protocol on Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict, launched at the Global Summit in London last year. This important tool can help national and international justice and human rights practitioners to effectively and protectively document sexual violence and pursue accountability for these crimes. The United Kingdom has so far supported and trained practitioners on the Protocol in areas as diverse as Bosnia, DRC, Nepal and Colombia. We have also raised awareness of its importance with international faith leaders, bearing in mind their often unique position of influence with survivors.

    Madam President,

    Let me close with this point. If we are to end sexual violence in conflict, we must tackle its root causes as well as its symptoms. We all have a responsibility to end gender inequality and discrimination in our societies. And in this Council we have a unique responsibility to prevent conflicts that allow sexual violence to thrive.

    Last year resolution 2171 affirmed that human rights violations and abuses, including sexual violence, can act as indicators for impending conflict. If we are to uphold international peace and security, this Council must heed, and act, on these warnings to prevent conflict taking hold. This is difficult work. It is not work that this Council is brilliant at, but it is an area where we can make progress using the tools that we have and we need to use whatever evidence we have to make progress here.

    By doing that, we will give women and girls around the world a future that those at Chibok were denied.

    Thank you.

  • Ella

    Felicity Jones: Pitt’s the best boss!
    Felicity Jones has called Brad Pitt “the best boss” after working with him on True Story.

    The 31-year-old Oscar-nominee had the pleasure of working alongside the Academy Award-winning heartthrob on the gritty drama that hit cinemas in the US on April 17.

    And the British beauty has nothing but fond memories of the pair’s interactions as his company, Plan B, oversaw production.

    “He is the best boss in that he lets everyone just get on with their work,” Felicity told Entertainment Tonight of Brad’s leadership style.

    It was a sentiment echoed by co-star James Franco. The 37-year-old hadn’t previously worked with 51-year-old Brad and was pleased to find he was just as nice as he had imagined.

    “He is so, so nice,” he told the website, adding, “He was really interested in the kind of the things I was doing.”

    James once again teams up with good friend Jonah Hill in the flick. James takes on the role of Christian Longo, an accused murderer who has assumed the identity of disgraced New York Times journalist Michael Finkel, played by Jonah. When Finkel attempts to track down Longo, a deadly game of cat-and-mouse ensues.

    Speaking of the very different roles they are playing this time around, which couldn’t be further from their usual light-hearted comedy duo fare, James admitted it was somewhat of a risk, as fans are so invested in seeing them “get along” onscreen.

    “I think people naturally want Jonah and I to get along when they see us in a scene together. They become interested in the relationship – just because who we are and our history and from other kinds of movies,” he explained.

    For Felicity, it was an experience in itself working with the pair, who are both accomplished actors and fellow Oscar-nominees. And even more so due to the fact they took on such diverse characters in this particular film.

    “I have such huge respect for them,” she gushed. “They push boundaries and they care about film so much and [they’re] always trying new things, so it’s great to work with them.”!&nItemID=30924

  • changeling

    Soot Bull Jeep is the Korean restaurant where Brad and the 5 kids went to dinner on Friday, Apr. 24. It is one of the best Korean b-que restaurants in LA. Someone took a picture of them and posted it in the restaurant’s website. It was posted at 9:37 pm LA time. No bruise yet.

    ““This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops,” Brad‘s rep told Just Jared.

    It must be Viv that he was carrying up the steps in the dark when he tumbled Friday night. The cell camera must have missed Viviene, she’s seated opposite Pax.

  • Bumble

    Poor Brad, glad to hear and see he’s ok, it could have been worse.
    On another note thank god Angelina was in NYC because you know how conspiracy theorist the hen tabloids and Aniston hens would have spun it, blame Angelina LOL.

  • Bumble

    Come on now , don’t go blaming Vivi for every Brad fall LOL.

  • lucy

    Shiloh is certainly giving whoever took that picture the evil eye. Must have her father’s second sense about paps or people that want to intrude on their privacy.

  • Bumble

    LOL i was going to say that Shi is giving Zee side eye to the photo hog.

  • lucy

    True, if you have 5 kids with you, as a parent, I know you’re carrying a lot of their stuff for them.

  • Bumble

    Parents are always their kids gofers LOL. I’m just glad he is ok and didn’t hit his head or injured his eye wearing glasses sometimes minor accidents can cause major impacts. Angelina will kiss him better.

  • Zoee
  • changeling

    On her return flight to LA before boarding the plane, she must have already known about his fall. I was looking at all the photos and there was not one that she was smiling or looked happy. A little worried maybe.

  • busted

    There are pics of them smiling and laughing with Jamie. So I don’t think this is serious at all. People fall.

  • Passing Through

    Shite…how long have I been posting in the wrong thread? Again! Oh well…

    Brad in flip flops, huh? Yeah…right…sure. Brad’s got some Native American ancestors. You know his Cherokee name is “He Who Never Shows His Feet In Public,” right?

  • changeling

    Yeah, I am probably overthinking. No big deal.

  • Susan

    Jack Black was so funny as the auctioneer, especially when he said, there was another guitar, the twin to Brad’s.

  • Passing Through

    Dawne • 5 hours ago

    G.D. CNN drives me nuts sometimes…………during one of the morning shows, the Press coverage one……..used an example of someone with high profile raising awareness………and they used Clowney and Sudan……….Angie has gone on forty plus missions, is a Diplomat and has stacked up amazing ‘put her money where her mouth is’ projects; all over the world, but old Clowney and his three trips to the Sudan is the ‘go to’ example. Is it mysogyny or stupidity…………..likely both.


    Misogyny. Men admit that women can – and do – can change the world? Not gonna happen. Why do you think they’re gunning for Hillary so badly? It was bad enough that a black man was given 2 shots at it. But a woman? They’re all probably thankful that she’s at least a white woman and not ethnic.j Still…they don’t want a woman running things. Might actually get some shite done, ya know. Can’t have that. So Angie getting props for her work over Porgie’s 3 seconds of work in Sudan? Not gonna happen that often. Porgie wouldn’t even be involved in Sudan if Brad hadn’t met Angie, but you never hear him or anyone in the media acknowledge that, do you? Nope. And you never will. Porgie had zero interest in international affairs before Brad went to work on M&MS with Angie. Brad was already intersted in those issues – and you can read that in some of his interviews going back to 2002-2003 – but Porgie? Nothing that didn’t involve how much taxes he was going to have to pay on his Italian villa…

  • Bumble

    Angelina Jolie Understands the Severity of the Syrian Civil War

    Actress Angelina Jolie, who also served as a Goodwill Ambassador for 10 years, was promoted to special envoy in 2012. Jolie is angered, to say the least, about the deaths in Syria. Reportedly, Jolie has worked on 50 field missions in 30 different countries, including Syria. She is very adamant in being able to find a way to put an end to the cruelty and murder that is going on in the war. She asked the U.N. to work together to quickly find a solution. Jolie is an ambassador that has a deep understanding of the severity of the Syrian Civil War.

    Syria and the death rate there is absolutely incredible, at 220,000 deaths in Syria just since 2011, it is ridiculous that something extreme has not been done. These are mostly innocent people, most of whom are trying to find a better life. What is happening there is very wrong, and people through most of it have been clueless to just how bad it is there. The terrorist group ISIS, has not only killed over 220,000, but displaced 14 million Syrian citizens.

    United Nations Syrian envoy, Steffan de Mistura, has invited opposition groups and syrian government to be at the peace talks next month, in Geneva. However, there will be now terrorist groups represented at the peace talks. This will be low-key negotiations between these countries, over the next four to six weeks, to hopefully put an end to the civil war that has plagued Syria these last four years. Hopefully, there will be others as passionate as Jolie, that will make a difference in changing the way things are in Syria

    During the meeting, in which Jolie spoke to the U.N. officials, it was stated by all who were there that this war is not getting resolved by peace talks. The peace talks have brought very little relief, and the neighboring countries of Syria are experiencing host fatigue, from all of the Syrians that have fled from their country. There has never been a displacement problem from war, like this one has been, now everyone who was there to support can no longer do anything from the worsening violence. Doctors beyond borders can no longer do their job, or people like Jolie, that have tried to bring a little bit of relief to the absolute terror that engulfs the country of Syria.

    Jolie went on to talk about the suffering that has come from the indecision of the United Nation’s ability to protect innocent people. She spoke to them about their responsibility to do these things, and basically told them they need to get things done. We need more people, like Jolie, that understand the severity of this war.

    Ms. Amos, a fellow ambassador talked about banning attacks on schools and hospitals, and talked about authorizing a fact-finding mission to find out which communities need help the most, and which have been completely cut off, so they can receive the help they need. Which is exactly what Angelina wants, and can most-likely make it happen sooner.

    Let’s discuss how this disastrous war started. In the city of Deraa, there were protests in the streets after some teenagers were tortured and killed, after painting revolutionary slogans on the wall of a school. During that protest, the government opened fire and killed several people, and after that more and more people took to the streets. The people begged for President Assad to resign, and the government doing things with force just caused the people to be more angry. After that, the opposing began to take up arms and protect themselves.

    There is so much evil going on there right now, that if you do not agree with the law that is there now, you will be tortured. The campaign of terror in Northern and Eastern Syria has caused mass killings, amputation, and public execution. The terrorist group ISIS is taking control, by any means, of Northern and Eastern Syria. There was also an Arab Spring uprising that has turned into a proxy war. The U.S. now has 5,000 rebels fighting in IS for the protection of innocent people.

    It is clear that the U.N. needs to come to an agreement on a plan of action, because things will not get better. That is why we need passionate people like Jolie, who understand the severity of the war, and to help push towards making a decision and acting on it.


  • busted

    “He Who Never Shows His Feet In Public”..

    I laughed out loud at that.. But maybe he only wears them at home.. But yeah I don’t see him in flip flops.. but girl that was funny… HWNSHFINP.. Perfect

  • Susan

    Not sure you would be carrying a child upstairs in the dark, stairs are tricky.

  • Susan

    Flip flops, LOL.

  • busted

    It’s understandable. That’s why it’s so nice when fansites have more pics. you see all of them.

  • SALT


  • Passing Through

    hotmess Go Figure! • 4 hours ago

    You have to realize that AJ has no middle man whereas others do. Even BP has Cynthia Pete to go through sometimes. I noticed this in the Sony emails if you wanted to deal with AJ it was directly whereas everyone has a middle man so there’s that to take into account. She’s about her business and none of the fluff that surrounds the industry.


    Angie cut out her middle man when she got rid of Geyer. But, in the Sony emails they did sometimes deal with Rich Klubek instead of Angie, so it’s not like she doesn’t have anyone at all. It’s just that, as she told THR last year – she’d rather deal with people directly herself. Does that make her a control freak? You betcha. And given the way people make freely with her reputation I don’t blame her at all. It’s her neck on the line. I’m sure Angie lets Holly weed out the wheat from chaff, but at the end of the day if anything’s being done in her name – she wants to be the one making the decision.

    Whereas with Brad – Andrew Dominik said “There’s always a process involved if you want to see Brad.” That because Brad doesn’t want to deal with the minutiae and the bullshite because he’d rather be spending his time on the things that matter the most to him. And based on the fact that he didn’t make it to Porgie’s wedding…I’m gonna say Porgie ain’t too high on his list of people to get back to. Brad’s got 6 outside businesses & projects aside from acting (Graft, the winery, Plan B, Pitt-Pollaro, MIR and JPF (and their various projects). As Fincer said – he’s a busy fvcker.

  • Passing Through

    BH • 4 hours ago

    Some possible reasons for Brad’s boo-boo:

    B) He bumped into a post while running from Ticky stalking him and his kids in LA.

    D) As his prosopagnosia is getting worse with age, he decided to get something on his face so he can recognise himself on the mirror.


    BBBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’d have gone with B if Ticky wasn’t in NYC yesterday. Looks like D is the winner…

  • Bumble
  • toastie postie

    Join the club. But you are too young for that. Take care, for them precious need you.

  • toastie postie

    LOL. Hope Adam Sandler doesn’t steal that from you. Make sure someone sees that farce and let’s you know.

  • Passing Through

    busted • 3 hours ago

    Brad looks just fine.. and the bruise doesn’t seem to be bothering him.


    I hope he’s finished shooting his part in TBS or else they’re going to have to put makeup on it or delay shooting the rest of his scenes.

  • wika

    Flip flops?! Well that’s news. At least we know he shows his feet at home LOL!

  • Passing Through

    trt Passing Through • 2 hours ago

    When you can’t land a movie role, you go to NY and find a broadway play that you can star in or just be in even if it’s off, off, off broadway like in Jersey or Milwaukee.

    Her last resort is Branson, MO where she can show her musical prowess.


    Uh…no. No Branson. Brad would have to hire the SEAL team that killed Bin Laden to keep his family safe. No worries though. That biitch wouldn’t come to Missouri when she was married to Brad so there’s no way she’s coming now. Career saver or not.

  • toastie postie

    That was indeed a good one. I unfortunately have joined that club. Sigh. Nosy six grader asked, during lunch recess, me, “How come you are wearing socks with sandals?” Hey! The socks had girly lace cuffs! Jeez, fashion critics everywhere. I started to say, on purpose, “Well, you see I have this toenail…” She didn’t let me finish. She said

  • Bumble

    Jean Black will do the concealing job, I think he’s wrapped up his scenes.

  • toastie postie

    Hmm. Maybe he wore….horrors…sock with them. I know, I know, don’t hit me…ouch!

  • Passing Through

    lucy • 2 hours ago

    That’s not Brad, the hens said Brad was OLD, and FAT. This must be an imposter, because this Brad is hot and lean. LOL


    Haven’t you heard, Lucy? They claim Brad’s been wearing ManSpanx since they were seen on that boat last September and they said he had a beer belly. Then he showed up in NYC a few days later to film that Scorsese short for James Packer’s new casino resort – and didn’t have a beer belly. They said he was wearing a girdle. It’s right up there with the hair plugs they claimed he’d gotten in 2007 when he was wearing the newsboy cap all the time when they were in Chicago.

  • wika

    He could. Japanese do that LOL.