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Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift‘s celeb-packed “Bad Blood” music video just opened the 2015 Billboard Music Awards and it is so epic!

The video features a ton of the 25-year-old entertainer’s BFFs including Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Ellen Pompeo, Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, Serayah, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, Lena Dunham, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Kendrick Lamar, Mariska Hargitay, Cindy Crawford, and Hayley Williams.

Joseph Kahn, who directed Taylor‘s “Blank Space” video, also directed the “Bad Blood” vid.

Taylor has been teasing posters for her video for weeks and we can’t believe the video is finally here!

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

Taylor Swift – “Bad Blood” Video
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taylor swift bad blood video posters 01
taylor swift bad blood video posters 02
taylor swift bad blood video posters 03
taylor swift bad blood video posters 04
taylor swift bad blood video posters 05
taylor swift bad blood video posters 06
taylor swift bad blood video posters 07
taylor swift bad blood video posters 08
taylor swift bad blood video posters 09
taylor swift bad blood video posters 10
taylor swift bad blood video posters 11
taylor swift bad blood video posters 12
taylor swift bad blood video posters 13
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  • Rose Vasquez

    This video should be renamed to “Look how many famous friends I have” PATHETIC. All this hype so they all appear less than 5 to 10 secs each?? Though this was going to be a short movie, epic my ass

  • Jenny from the flop

    She copied Britney Spears

  • jane

    maybe more of “i’m trying to guarantee everyone likes my song by putting at least one person in the video people will like”

  • trailpath

    That was so underwhelming I’m almost shocked. Swift’s team is so thorough with her image….how could they let this one slip? It came off as a commercial for her posse. It’s kind of mean girl-ish considering the inspiration for the song (katy perry). I still can’t get over how it had zero story….it was like lets just throw together all of Taylor’s famous friends and some sci-fi stuff and everybody will go WOW! This video had SO much hype/promotion and this is the final product? It’s mind blowing.

  • Allie Maine

    What happened to the rest of the song? All it was , the chorus or the hook! Wtf was that? Taylor Swift please do not turn into Mariah Carey were you going to have rappers you don’t need in your great songs.

  • Rose Vasquez

    Well this is going straight to the top on Vevo, thats what counts right? Is like Fuck good music, fuck content if my video is getting 10 million views in 10 seconds

  • Анджелина Франческа

    So lameeee & boring. Really disappointed.

  • dani

    its like she took scenes from Divergent and The Hunger Games

  • saad rock

    mess video ….britney spears teas

  • Roman


  • Wa Coimbra


  • Rose Vasquez

    Let’s watch Toxic so we can start forgetting this mess

  • Sam

    So selena is KATY?

  • b324

    Ooooh wait, is this the song that was suppose to be a big like EFF YOU! to Katy Perry?

    LMFAO! Now it makes sense as to why she had every single “friend” in that video and made it a big to do.

    The Regina George comment is making more and more sense now.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Will do right after pretty girls been performed

  • Effy

    Taylor continues to show her immaturity with shoving how many “celebrity” friends have. Any respectable celeb are smart enough to limit their Hollywood circle to a FEW, as they continuously say it’s hard to trust other celebs in Hollywood.

    Swift was obviously a nobody in high school, so now that she’s “famous” she desperately wants to be the hot, popular girl that everyone loves. She’s psycho and if she continues to be this egotistic, she’ll head down a crappy path.

  • Josh Osuna

    I had so much expectative for this overhyped video, thinking it would end up being some kind of gaga-esque music video, 8 or 9 mins probably and have actual story… but no, underwhelming. Katy 1 – Taylor 0

  • YupVideoFever

    Loved the video, mini-Kill-Bill…and Cindy Crawford…the goddess!

  • meagan

    Pathetic and laughable video!

  • PlayNice

    I’m sorry, but I expected more. That pretty much sucked.

  • Ana

    I laughed the entirety of the video. First off, Taylor Swift is trying so, so hard to be sexy. To see her trying to walk sexily wiggling her hips, sitting in a car twirling her hair and trying to be some sort of ‘sexy bad ass’ is so awkward. Secondly, All this hype and this is the product? Essentially a Toxic/Kill Bill knock off with some Tron and Sucker Punch references for good measure, with ridiculous CGI explosions (did Michael Bay direct this?) And I don’t get this bass heavy, rap version? That and the fact that she’s essentially only singing the chorus and having her celebrity friends chewing up scenery for almost 4 minutes. If this was supposed to be her big f*ck you to Katy Perry, she may want to try again-this is just embarrassing.

  • Savannah Olivetti

    All you haters can go and fuck yourselves! i feel like a majority of you will hate ANYTHING that Taylor does just because she’s Taylor and that is pathetic!

  • Barbie_Klaus

    After ALL that “hey meet ____” this short ass “video” I expected WAY more than this. If she was smart she would’ve pulled a gaga or made this into a mini movie music video. sighs oh well this version of the song is kinda better.

  • Thump Drag

    what is this, Too Many Cooks?

  • Avril

    It actually has a storyline. If you can’t get it then you shouldn’t blame Taylor lol.

  • Avril

    Actually just 3% of those women in the video are Hollywood celebs lol.

  • Avril

    Because she wrote the entire song?… oh wait, Britney doesn’t write songs.
    Becuase she plays instruments?… oh wait Britney doesn’t play instruments.
    Becuase she made a video about female power… oh wait.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Because she freaking copied the video dumbass! 😂😂😂😂

  • Avril

    IDGI Has Britney ever made a video about female power? LOL

  • dalovelee

    OK..this video is 100% dumb as sh*t..But her demographics eats this sh*t like oreo cookies. Not only is she desperate to shove and PROVE she has so many famous wonders why she didn’t shove Beyonce, JLo, Madonna, Kim Kardashian or Rihanna..BTW Where’s Kanye West at? Since now she’s wants to show she’s all down with rappers.

  • melinda

    I think the main problem with the video is because it was over hyped and so people expected so much more. That was the biggest mistake that Taylor made with this video and a friend told me the same thing.

  • AmandaMNauman

    ♪♪$89 /hour on the internet@me24//



  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Why you trying praise one artist by neglecting other artist?

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    And why fight for every cent with streaming services and then waste money on payed pr posts and plotless video.

  • mandyz

    Sorry but that music video was a mess. Even a true Taylor fan would say that’s way over hyped with way too much production over a bland song. Get real, the music video was ridiculous in a bad way.

  • Rose Vasquez

    Who should we blame then? her team, her celebrity besties? Ourselves?

  • Rose Vasquez

    Why do you end all your comments with LOL? Are you that stupid?

  • Rose Vasquez


  • Rose Vasquez

    If someone makes that video I will love him/her FOREVER!!!

  • Alex

    I started an online petition to get a director’s cut or an extended edition of the “Bad Blood” music video. If you have any interest in this happening, sign and share the petition! Taylor loves making her fans happy and I think we would all be very happy.

  • Baseliner

    Britney Spears’ womanizer+toxic= Bad Blood

  • Kat

    LOL Britney has at least co-written almost half of her songs on her albums firstly. Secondly, Britney plays the piano fluently. And thirdly, yes, Britney has made several videos that give some message of female empowerment. Toxic and Womanizer to name two of them, which is why people are comparing them, because even though aesthetically they have a lot of similarities, the concept is also quite similar. Lastly, if I were you, I would educate yourself before you speak because you just made yourself look like an idiot who has no idea what they’re talking about and is just making aimless desperate claims, to be quite frank with you.

  • Naynay

    Exactly what I thought I mean, I love Taytay (not for that song) but like she has like 20 of the most successful models/artist/actors … and created all that hype for a 4 minutes video ??? like I was waiting at least a 7 minute short movie, and there’s no storyline, it’s like look at us ! we look so bad ! we look so fly ! OMG i’m so sexy but where’s the story !!!!!
    All these nicknames for a bunch of girls acting pretty and cheezy (not intentionally), I mean it’s just an ok video nothing huge like it was announced

  • Jenny from the flop

    Don’t play dumb swift fan. The whole look, red wig = explosion . Don’t kid yourself child 😂

  • Anisha_Leon

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  • TeamBella76

    Hey it’s not good your the pathetic one ! Open your eyes.

  • TeamBella76

    I don’t hate Taylor BUT this wasn’t good ! Should of had a real director and real actresses in this because it was cheesy and the song kinda sucks. Taylor acting wow not going to get an Oscar anytime soon sorry !

  • matt

    Y’all need to chill out it’s a music video, it’s women having a good time and being powerful. The only thing I’m mad about is a man rapping instead of Taylor’s verses

  • Scarlett

    It’s basically just a rip off of a bunch of movies, there’s not an original idea in it. There’s not even a cohesive narrative. We get it Taylor you know people.

  • tia maria

    considering all the hype around the video, it was pretty lame.