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Michael B. Jordan Responds to 'Fantastic Four' Casting Outrage

Michael B. Jordan Responds to 'Fantastic Four' Casting Outrage

Michael B. Jordan has written an article to address the controversy behind his Fantastic Four 4 casting as Johnny Storm!

“I didn’t want to be ignorant about what people were saying. Turns out this is what they were saying: ‘A black guy? I don’t like it. They must be doing it because Obama’s president’ and ‘It’s not true to the comic.’ Or even, ‘They’ve destroyed it!’ the 28-year-old actor wrote on Entertainment Weekly.

He added, “Some people may look at my casting as political correctness or an attempt to meet a racial quota, or as part of the year of ‘Black Film.’”

“To the trolls on the Internet, I want to say: Get your head out of the computer. Go outside and walk around. Look at the people walking next to you. Look at your friends’ friends and who they’re interacting with. And just understand this is the world we live in. It’s okay to like it,” Michael closed.

To read the rest of Michael‘s article, visit!

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  • shoes4life

    Comic Fan boys & girls are going to eat him alive!

  • RationalActor

    They say any press is good press in that biz. And, for what it’s worth, it really is perfectly fine — disturbing expectations, i mean. What the heck else is a comic book movie going to do that’s socially responsible? Portray more extra-national LEO as saviors? Show how teamwork overcomes all? New times, new directions, new themes.

    Its fine.

  • The Last Word

    You tell ‘em Michael!

  • Jason Reignbos

    OMG! This is ridiculous. Everyone knows that Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) is, in fact, Captain America!

  • EEScoop

    Considering Johnny Storm has been a white guy for the past 54 years. It’s truly an odd choice to cast him as a black guy….

    At least with Miles Morales taking over for Spider-man there was a significant reason in the comic books.

  • John Q Publiq

    Um, no. Johnny Storm is white. Thor is male. I’m fine with the white Green Lantern being replaced by a black Green Lantern, because that’s part of the Lantern Corps storyline. And The Vision? His origin in the new movie is tenuous at best to the comics. Movie-makers change things for movie-goers, knowing full well they will upset the fanboys. Some movie-makers care deeply; some don’t. Don’t like it? Then don’t go. Not liking it is why I don’t watch Arrow on TV. Terrible interpretation/change from the comics. I’ll still go see Fantastic Four, though, and deal with the ‘sacrilege’. I just want it to be good.

  • The Ultimate Nerd

    What an arrogant jackass. We hate this movie because it has no resemblance to the comics in anything from tone to story to costumes to casting. Even just with the casting he isn’t the worst choice, that ho or goes to the teeny tiny shrimp of a man Jamie Bell playing a big street tough and football star, or maybe KD Lang as Reed Richards.

    In any case this victim complex is just pathetic. No one would be complaining if you would have made a film that doesn’t spit on 60 years of comic history to make something “grounded and gritty” that takes nothing from the source material but the title, then to add insult to injury gives the team generic black outfits with such absurd additions as springs and bungee cords on Reed, all in the name of keeping the rights away from their rightful home.

    TL:DR: Get over yourself MBJ, we hate this movie because its a cheap rights grab with no relation to the Fantastic Four.

  • Retina McCormack


  • fouroneniner

    michael relax ….whites are born racist and prejudice

  • fouroneniner

    michael relax ….whites are born racist and prejudice

  • jennyv12

    the big deal it wasn’t that he is black, it was that his sister is white

  • Paige Downs

    Question….is johnny storm defined by his “whiteness”? Is it central to his character? NO, so why the big deal over casting a black person? It’s a damn fictional character.

  • Nathan_Explosion

    I call BULLSHIT on Michael B. Jordan’s statement. I would be equally pissed if they changed Spawn, Blade, Black Panther, or Bishop to a white male.Or if they all of the sudden change X-Men’s Storm to a White or Asian female character. It would be ludicrous to do so. It’s story book history and consistency we are looking at, not race you idiot. I for one will be holding out on watching this film.

  • Deflep

    Simply because it is not only a fictional character, but a historical character that is over 60 years old. Would you have a white character play the role of Kunta Kinte. Would you have an Indian play the part of Chiyo from Memoirs of a Geisha. For years white actors played the parts of blacks and Indians on the big screen and TV. Finally we were able to pull our heads out of our behinds and say that is wrong. Black face is not funny, smothering brown and red make up all over a white person and telling them to hoot and holler pretending to be an “Injun” is wrong. Retconning comic book characters and changing their sex and/or racial background is wrong.

  • devvv

    Everyone defending their anger about the casting is full of BS. It’s a fictional character. Like he is literally a fireball and y’all are mad he’s black? Changing his race changes absolutely nothing, it’s still just as imaginary as it was before. And don’t say the anger is because of the comics, because the same thing happened when Rue in the Hunger Games was cast and she was black in the freaking books. If you don’t like him or the casting or him, that’s fine. Just don’t go to see the movie, but don’t try to justify you ignorance.

  • Alex C.

    He is coming off like an ass! People are upset at the storyline change. There was no need for it. If it was The Fantastic Four, keep it that way. There are many Black characters. I for one am waiting for a Luke Cage Iron Fist movie. This movie looks like its going to suck anyway.

  • Michele V

    Anyone who is actually outraged by the casting of an actually talented actor in a comic book movie needs to get some real perspective. There are actual real problems out there in the world.

  • devvv

    Let’s take a look at history 60 years ago when America was disgustingly racist. He was written as a white person, because the country thought all PoC were inferior. He was written as a white person 60 years ago because he wouldn’t have appealed to racist white America, and it seems like very little has changed in these 60 years. And you clearly didn’t understand her comment bc your examples were of two characters who had identities rooted in their ethnicity. So, yes it would be wrong to cast a white person as an African slave or a Japanese geisha who had stories that focused on their race. Casting a black person as a completely fictional fiery-human mutant is not nearly the same thing.

  • EEScoop

    Iron Fist is getting a Netflix show similar to Dare Devil.

  • EEScoop

    lol most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day.

  • Matthew David Cooper

    That is a racist statement against white people. You’re a bigot and a moron.

  • Alex Constantine

    Fans of James Bond threw fits over the decision to cast Daniel Craig in the role for the same reason that FF fans resent Hollywood for giving the Human Torch role to Jordan. Racism has nothing to do with it. Fans want a movie to breathe life into the comic book fiction that has captivated them for decades. Hollywood’s problem is ego. A director sets out to “improve” the product, indifferent to the fact that the reason it is successful in the first place is that its creators knew what they were doing. In the ’60s, Batman was made campy. Fans of the sulking, indomitable crime fighter were outraged for good reason. The character was never campy, and redefining him for a shallow viewing audience — pandering — was something of a crime in itself. The fans want Lee and Kirby’s vision minus the camp and adulteration. It worked. It has been a success for 50 years. Changing essentials of the formula will only frustrate the fans, who would welcome a black Torch if that’s who Johnny Storm is. But it’s not, just as Craig does not resemble the Bond character as moviegoers think of him. It is Hollywood’s idea, not Kirby’s — and notice that his vision is very strong in film and television these days. They are finally getting it right … with terrible stumbles along the way. Fans have had enough of the stumbles. They want flight.

  • fouroneniner

    dont stress michael….whites say jesus had blue eyes and blonde hair….racism and prejudice has been ingrained in them and you can’t change their minds… they want all your kind to perish and suffer….

  • Matthew David Cooper

    I don’t tend to post on stories like this because it usually ends up with me being attacked by idiots, but I feel that it is needed here. We are supposed to be so enlightened in the modern age, and yet people make all of these negative comments over something like this.

    Should Johnny Storm be black? It doesn’t matter. When I watch this film, and I will, I will judge it on how much I enjoy it, not on whether the actors look like their comic versions.

    Comics are not sacred, and should not be used to insult a man who is simply doing his job, which is to entertain us. They should certainly not be used to incite racial hatred. When Stan Lee wrote The X-Men in the 60s, it was his attempt to show the racial tensions of that era, in the struggle by mutants to be accepted. It was a sign of the times. Now times have moved on, and we should realise that we are all one race.

    The Kingpin was black in the Daredevil movie, Harvey Dent was black in Batman 89, Pete Ross was black in Smallville, and yet none of these casting decisions caused this kind of pathetic backlash.

    If, by chance, Michael B Jordan reads this, I have a message for him. ‘Never let this incident stop you. I wish you all the best in your future movies, and I hope that this film spawns many sequels, with you as Johnny Storm. These bigots are small, shallow people who care about nothing but themselves.’

    As a final comment, to all haters. Any comments or replies to this defending your moronic opinions will be ignored, so don’t even bother. Anyone wishing to support Michael by replying, feel free.

  • Bob

    I don’t see it as a whiteness issue. A fictional character who has been one race for over 50 years has been replaced by an actor of a different race. It makes less sense that his sister in the movie is still white. Would you feel the same way if a man was cast as Wonder Woman? Is Wonder Woman’s sex central to her character? I am not familiar with the Fantastic Four comics beyond the basics, but considering that these siblings are now different races, wouldn’t the filmmakers now have to create new familial backstories for them? I’d imagine that those two being blood relatives is central to their characters and audiences would be more invested in their plights if they shared blood than they would for half siblings or if one is adopted.

  • Jan

    Wow, perfect response! You Go Michael!! Love love love!!

  • rspyke

    Prejudice is common to humans in general.


    I get where Jordan is coming from but I also believe that characters shouldn’t change. If Johnny Storm was always white he should remain white because that’s what he always was. It’s like turning Jimmy Olsen in the new Supergirl series black. He was always a red head in the comics. It would be like making a movie about Martin Luther King Jr but having him played by a white actor. What they could have done to satisfy the creativity is say that a rift from an alternate universe opened up and this is the Johnny Storm of an alternate reality. I personally don’t like Fantastic Four but despite the controversy I wish Jordan well. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

  • Matt Mwhat

    by making the character a different race, you are steering away from the source material, by having to add back story, you are literally changing the story….

  • Weeping Mary

    Good for Michael. How many times has Hollywood blatantly and unapologetically cast White people in Black roles…including Super heroes. Hell, Jem and The Holograms is about to come out and the character Shana in the cartoon is clearly a Black girl with a curly fro. Ummm, the new movie character of Shana is a White girl, so guess what…it happens across the board. Personally, I don’t care one way or another. If it’s a fictional character, then there should be creative liberty to portray the character however the storyteller (producer, director, etc) visualizes the character. Kind of like how a poet can write a poem, but it’s up to the reader to interpret it. And having worked for casting companies, I know first hand that there are many times a character may have been originally written one way but by the time it hits the screen or stage, the character is completely different. Like Rudy from the Cosby Show was originally written to be a boy character. There may be a pre-production character break down calling for a tall blond and then by the time it hits the screen, it’s a short brunette. These things happen all of the time. Now if it’s a true character, like when Charlton Heston played Moses or Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra and let’s not even talk about the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings, then that’s when I have a problem. But fictional characters are product of creativity. My only problem with this particular topic is when people want to be biased and cry what’s unfair when their own kind have been given the same privileges. So for people criticizing Michael B. Jordan for portraying this role, wake up, stop being unfair, do your research and understand this thing happens all the time across the board with races and genders.

  • Parisjok

    we are a rainbow of colors as humans. let all of our arts show that. change is hard but on our daily walk thru life we see all colors and all nationalities every single day

  • plez

    Reality check. MLK Jr was a REAL person. Johnny Storm is not. Storm is a Fictional Superhero.

  • dsr_nyc

    Was there something specifically “caucasian” about his backstory? Susan’s adopted. They’re siblings but not by blood. Takes about 5 seconds to cover that big difference.

  • JEN

    Cry baby…we are not uneducated….thanks for the category. I make more $$$ than you .

  • Bob

    What is your source regarding no blood relation? The Fantastic Four Wikia ( and an article here ( state they are blood related.

  • TiredofthisCrap


  • TiredofthisCrap

    Catwoman has been black, Catwoman has been white. It’s 2015 why are folks so bent out of shape of a fictional character.

  • Charb

    Michael B Jordan is awesome for making this statement. Keep doing your thing Michael and helping to educate those ignorant, close-minded, racist trolls. It’s about time Hollywood started showing the world how it really is – diverse with all walks of life with all diverse cultures!

  • Lola

    Omg are you an idiot? wonder WOMAN has literally the word WOMAN on the name, so YES it’s central to the character that she is a woman, now if she is white, black, yellow or red is not central at all! ALSO TRY TO UNDERSTAND HOW GENETICS WORK, its possible for biological siblings being from two different races.

  • Lola

    I honestly think this movie will flop hard, but MBJ will be the best part of it.

  • Bob

    Try to follow me lol. The movie or adaptation in some other medium would be called Wonder Man. The name of the former character is not central to the story. Wonder Woman could be called Amazing Woman and it has no bearing on her character. So now that you hopefully understand where I’m coming from, how would the character’s new sex change :0 the events of the stories being adapted?

  • Spunky

    F the haters I’m so stoked for the new Fantastic Four!

  • Bob

    I missed the genetics part. I don’t know if I should try to converse with you as you are ignoring or misunderstanding the idea my post was conveying: this is a historical fiction of 50 plus years and the filmmakers changed the race of one character and thus affected the familial dynamic of at least two characters in the process. This dynamic, I’m confident, was used for dramatic purposes for several story lines in the comics. In pursuing this change, they have to further change elements of the Fantastic Four lore to accomplish the initial change of race. I am stating that these reasons are likely the cause for uproar among many of the fans instead of racism.

    Concerning the Torch being the biological son of 2 white parents, lol, this is a movie for mass audiences not a scientific documentary. Whatever the likelihood of this phenomenon is, most viewers will not be able to suspend their disbelief and this will further corrupt the established lore of the comics. As a filmmaker, would you want audiences to suspect his mother cheated on his father for the entire movie? You put a smile on my face, cheers!

  • you’sajoke

    Here, here.

  • you’sajoke

    Tell it!

  • you’sajoke

    You people are the jackasses bashing a movie before you even see it and only because it’s not marvel. Be mad at marvel for selling the rights

  • VanityInsecurity

    As a huge fan of comics in general, I would have liked to see them cast an actor true to the character, whether it’s a fictional character or not, we have a visual of that character it’s not like a novel. Comics are graphic & visual. With that saying.. I wouldn’t want a character like Panther or Blade to be portrayed by some white guy..OR a character like Storm. My biggest issue is the actor’s response calling fans trolls & stereotyping them as if they are geeks who spend more time online then the actual world is degrading. That would make me not want to watch this movie NOT a black torch..

  • Cyber_Me

    Tell ‘em Michael! I really like him, he’s a fantastic actor who speaks his mind!

  • Blake_Griffin_isnt_Black

    But all those things are true. Dude, you didn’t get in on merit, sorry… get over it and be happy that you have a cool job and a great payday.

  • Blake_Griffin_isnt_Black

    Every single time a white actor plays someone that’s maybe traditionally native american, black, asian or otherwise there is a complete OUTRAGE! Groups come out of the woodwork and are so offended and irate, it’s not even funny. God forbid people are a little shocked when a white comic book character that has previously been portrayed on the big screen by a white actor is suddenly black. Personally, I don’t care as the last FF movies sucked but whatever, just wanted to explain it to some people but usually people are too angry over such issues to think.