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Iggy Azalea Cancels 'Great Escape Tour' - Read Statement

Iggy Azalea Cancels 'Great Escape Tour' - Read Statement

Iggy Azalea has totally scrapped her plans for The Great Escape Tour after previously postponing all of her concert dates.

Ticket holders were notified via email that all dates on the tour will no longer happen and that Iggy will tour in 2016 instead.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Iggy Azalea

“The Iggy Azalea Great Escape Tour scheduled for this fall has been cancelled and refunds are available at point of purchase. There will be a new tour planned around Iggy‘s new record to be released in 2016 and we apologize for any inconvenience,” the statement read.

ARE YOU SAD that Iggy Azalea has canceled the Great Escape Tour?

See photos of Iggy Azalea’s new and old looks in the gallery below…

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iggy azalea debuts new look 01
iggy azalea debuts new look 02
iggy azalea debuts new look 03
iggy azalea debuts new look 04
iggy azalea debuts new look 05
iggy azalea debuts new look 06
iggy azalea debuts new look 07
iggy azalea debuts new look 08
iggy azalea debuts new look 09
iggy azalea debuts new look 10
iggy azalea debuts new look 11
iggy azalea debuts new look 12
iggy azalea debuts new look 13
iggy azalea debuts new look 14
iggy azalea debuts new look 15
iggy azalea debuts new look 16
iggy azalea debuts new look 17
iggy azalea debuts new look 18
iggy azalea debuts new look 19
iggy azalea debuts new look 20
iggy azalea debuts new look 21
iggy azalea debuts new look 22
iggy azalea debuts new look 23
iggy azalea debuts new look 24
iggy azalea debuts new look 25

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  • Mads_22

    Is that because she didn’t sell out anywhere?

  • Donovan

    There is a god.

  • sky

    Saw this one coming.

  • Naynay

    EL OH EL

  • devvv

    At least there was no BS in the statement about “creative directions” or “perfecting the show.” Everyone knows it was because of low ticket sales.

  • Aleah

    Cancelling a tour TWICE is completely unprofessional. I would hope no one with a brain would stay her fan after this crap (then again, brains and being an Iggy fan are probably not strongly correlated).

  • John Stewart

    I bought tickets because I felt she was at the top last year. I am devastated that she cancelled it, but life goes on and I hope to see her in a future tour.

  • Bleeo

    doubt she can get a refund for what that doctor did to her face.

  • Juan Cocco

    there are no fans thats why she keeps canceling lmao bye!!!

  • Jay

    She is so fugly. Plus she is trash and damaged goods for being with a nig!

  • Infinity Network

    Why did she cancel it?

  • Infinity Network

    Sir, you don’t even have a pic of yourself. Before you go out and judge other people’s appearances, how about you show yours first

  • Infinity Network

    Um, people shouldn’t be fans of her because she cancelled her tour? Literally the most ignorant and childish thing I ever heard

  • Aleah

    Ah yes, repeatedly cancelling tours…the sign of a great artist. You’re so right.

  • Infinity Network

    Ummm, maybe because she’s working on an album? I’m sorry, what do you do? Do you sit in a studio all day making songs, working on your albums, etc? Please try it and see how much energy you have left

  • Kristen

    It’s not like she cancelled because she decided to go on vacation or something. I don’t see why anyone would stop being her fan for cancelling.

  • Kristen

    Wow. People like you are seriously what is wrong with this world.

  • Aleah

    Beyonce recorded an album along with 17 videos, raised a child, performed shows, and maintained a marriage all at the same time. I’m unimpressed by Iggy’s inability to live up to low expectations.

  • Infinity Network

    Um, is Iggy Beyonce? Are Iggy and Beyonce in the same music category? What does Iggy have anything to do with Beyonce?

  • jane

    well, if she truly loved her fans and music she’d perform no matter how many people are in the audience. if it’s because of low ticket sales that she cancelled (or her management cancelled), then it reflects her attitude towards money more than music or her fan base. but she’s still so new to the popular scene that her management is probably directing these decisions anyway and not her.

  • Infinity Network

    Exactly, it’s probably not her making the decisions

  • Aleah

    I’m making extremely simple points, and yet you still don’t get it. The point is that touring in the fall and having an album out sometime in early 2016 is NOT that hard. Almost everyone else does twice that amount or more. If Iggy can’t live up to her multiple promises to tour for her fans and have an album out sometime NEXT YEAR, then she’s weak and won’t survive this business. It probably got cancelled because no one was buying, but going this long after your album and its re-release drop with no tour is still not impressive.

  • Infinity Network

    I really doubt Iggy is the one actually making the decisions about her career. Her management probably did this

  • Aleah

    Regardless, I would at least expect her to do some shows as a replacement for a tour getting pushed back and then cancelled. Even if hardly anyone wants to see her, she should still go the extra mile for those few people. I can think of artists with even smaller fanbases who work harder to please their fans.

  • Infinity Network

    She just listed what she’s going to on twitter

  • TimBean

    Actually, Iggy did say it was because she wanted to perfect the show. She said all this crap about “I’m a psychopath, I just want everything to be perfect for my fans.” I don’t believe her, though. She strikes me as the kind of performer that will jump at ANY opportunity if there’s money to be made, even if it means faking a blaccent and literally wearing topless dresses for attention. It’s not like she’s known to be deep and artistic. I don’t believe she even has that much power within her record label to demand they cancel a whole tour for artistic purposes. Her label probably tells her what to do all the time, and this is just another decision of theirs. I’m sure if they told her she could make a gazillion dollars on a sold out tour where all she did was rap poorly and wear trendy outfits – she would have said yes. Her ticket sales are low, that’s why she canceled it.

  • Andy

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  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    but it’s 3 months till fall

  • BrianC6234

    Aren’t her hit songs collaborations? How would she do those songs? That’s her big problem. You’re in trouble if you don’t sell a lot of albums and your only hits are songs you can’t perform alone.

  • BrianC6234

    I bet you’re really Iggy Azalea, aren’t you.

  • Infinity Network


  • Lisa

    I don’t see why anyone would be a fan of her in the first place. She is horrible both as an artist and as a person.

  • Louise

    Not a shock she cancelled. A new artist shouldn’t be booking 20,000 cap arenas. She would have soldout if she did 5-10,000 cap arenas.

  • Infinity Network

    As a person? Holllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld up. Iggy may not be a great artist but plenty of people like her for what she does. And she is no where close to a bad person

  • Sir Dinkiedick

    Who? What? Where?

  • raleigh
  • Infinity Network

    Do I really have to read all that

  • Infinity Network

    Ok first of all, Iggy DID apologize for anything racial in a recent interview. Second, she ain’t racist. What racist person gets married to a person of the opposite race?

  • raleigh

    i had to read all your ignorant comments, so, yeah

  • Motivated Meow

    I’m guessing Bc no one wanted to go? Lol

  • ColinLongBon

    I’ve worked in music as a manager and A&R rep. More than likely, her label cancelled the tour. Artists, get a cash advance/ touring budget and the label will pay itself back with the profits from ticket/merch sales. The $ amount of the advance varies, but PoP artists of her level of fame and recognition (not to be confused with talent or work ethic) can easily get a six figure budget. If the label foresees getting only a small % or none of the funds back, they can cancel the tour (depending on contracts, the artist can make this call too for the same reasons). Arena tours are expensive; transportation, lodging, dancers, crews, arena fees, promoter fees, distribution fees, INSURANCE for people & equipment. Her people messed up. They created & designed this “artist” by putting her through the PoP assembly line, got a few hits and figured they’d be making $$$ off the cow. However, as a new artist, they should not have assumed/projected her brand could withstand the test of time w/out new content/music, a boring persona, loads of controversy & lack of real talent. Not to mention the sheer over saturation, her being the hook on 4424 other artists songs, and overall jamming her down our throats. Point being, they/she over did it. Too much, too soon and there’s not real substance or authenticity to fall back on or tread with. It’s kind of what she gets for having such arrogant attitude, inflated ego and ignorant message and acting a fool. Road hard and put away wet. That’s what the industry does; it’s a merciful business. Even the most talented artists can be broken in this system (and often are), and more times than not is the slick business minded, thick skinned, shady and steadfast that prevail than the true artists. Everyone in between is a one hit wonder, a disaster or memory. Think about it.

  • JootJoint

    What’s up with this chic, can she perform or not?

  • Anastatia Bagans

    “Both as an artist and a person” lmao stfu you basic hypocritical broad. You don’t know her as a person and those tweets weren’t anything racial. Why aren’t you on every snoop dog post after he called her a “pink b*tch” and made racial remarks about her complexion? Or the MANY black rappers that do? Cause you’re a corny ass follower hating because it’s cool. What’s wrong with her as an artist? You mean to tell me Nicki constantly rapping about getting her assh*le licked is any better? Or drugs? Violence? Guns? foh. You complaining for the sake of it.

  • AngiePangie11

    Iggy has an amazing bikini body- check it here

  • Heauxbag

    By 2016 she’s going to be completely irrelevant, hopefully…

  • Lisa

    God your ignorance is mindblowing.

  • Infinity Network

    Smh you don’t know what ignorance is if you think that describes me

  • Est LA mario

    WHat reason would anybody support her? Just asking. No talent, nasty to the eyes, rude, mean….

  • I Am Spartacus

    The shows weren’t selling. That’s why it was cancelled. Musicians don’t make their money off of selling records anymore, they make it off of touring and performing. So for her to cancel a tour and claim it’s because she’s recording music is a cover for terrible ticket sales.

    I’m in the business and work closely with one of the venues where she was touring, the ticket sales were ridiculously bad. Like 3/4 of the building available.

    She’ll be an afterthought within 2 years. She’ll put out a new album that they’ll try to push but she isn’t very good and as time goes on and more and more videos of live performances come out of her, you see that she doesn’t have the talent to make it long in this business.

  • I Am Spartacus

    Make no mistake this was because of poor ticket sales. Musicians make the most of their money by touring. So for her to cancel, it’s not about creating some new crappy album that won’t sell much, it’s because they couldn’t find people to fill up big arenas.

    She shouldn’t be playing in 12-15,000 seat arenas. She’s a small club performer at best. She’ll be a distant memory in a year or 2.