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The 'Spider-Man' Reboot Casting Is Down to These Six Actors!

The 'Spider-Man' Reboot Casting Is Down to These Six Actors!

The Spider-Man reboot is in the final stages of casting and now it is down to six actors to possibly play the role of the young web-slinger!

All six of the young teenagers screen-tested for the highly coveted role on Saturday (May 30) and the actor picked will debut in the role in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The actors were all flown to Atlanta after producers saw over 1,500 boys for the part. Production is currently underway on the film there!

There were previously reports that Asa Butterfield had already secured the role, but those were not true. Casting was only narrowed down to the six actors in the last couple weeks.

Click through the numbers below to meet all six actors…

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  • Sandy McFarlane

    …….that is the lamest collection of white boys i have ever seen.

  • MonicaCMayfield

    ✔✔✔✔ $83 per h0ur @mi12//


  • Casey C

    aaaaand it’s a lot of whitebread. again. FFS Marvel is it so hard to not hire another white actor?

  • mafragias

    how many times are we going to see another spide-actor get bitten by spider on screen? #samestorydifferentactor

  • Equinox

    Spiderman?!?! Again!?!? God dammit wait a few years first!! Whats with all the spiderman movies every year!!! Come up with a new “man” or woman for that matter!

  • Tris

    Please tell me. But I am not the only one sick of all the Spiderman recasting?

  • MollyBD

    Asa Butterfield.

  • 99VOFN

    …….this is the third time they’ve rebooted it…..

  • Joy B Angie

    Why dont you just add ”One Direction” in their.

  • Naynay

    I’m in my 20′s and have seen 2 different spidermans already like Bish plz I’m done with these little white boys kissing little white blond girls bring some diversity bring some novelty and for God sakes bring someone who’s gonna stay for more than a couple of movies

  • Terror2Great

    If you’ve been following the story, The new Spider-Man won’t have an orgin story, it’ll take place with him already being Spider-Man

  • JM

    If Asa Butterfree or whatever the hell is name is gets it, I will riot. I swear. The only one I could dig as Peter Parker is Charlie Rowe. GOD What dull choices!

  • masimons

    The theory goes they need a actual much younger actor because there are so many avenger and solo films planned need one who could age into the role. All for your entertainment enjoyment of course.

  • mafragias

    that’s a change…

  • mafragias

    but still , why would they reboot it again. don’t they get bored?

  • Dory Phore

    If that’s the case, they wouldn’t cast him so young. Also, the deal with Sony is meant for a third SM movie in 2018.

  • Dory Phore

    Asa’s people have been spreading rumors that he’s been cast. Ha!

  • Dee

    no thanks.

  • Ana

    All these kids look like they’re 12. I’ve already seen five Spiderman movies, don’t really care to see another. Why didn’t they do the Miles Morales storyline if they just wanted more Spidey? At least then it would’ve be a somewhat fresher take on Spiderman, instead of dragging us through another Peter Parker movie.

  • Dean Jameson

    like a fugly One Direction.

  • lizer

    Why does everyone want a black spider man? What makes you think a movie will be better just because he is black? FYI Spider Man is not black! He is a skinny nerdy white kid. Just leave it alone. Besides, Miles Morales storyline is new and he isn’t even known by most people. Everyone knows who Peter Parker is and he has the best stories and villans. What does Miles Morales have? He has nothing!

  • lizer

    I am sick of all the Political Correctness morons pushing for a black Spider Man. Even though he is not even black in the comics.

  • lizer

    How is him being black gonna make the movies better? In what way? What ever happened to hiring a person based on acting talent? You have to also think that you should hire people who look similar to the character they are playing! Peter Parker is not black sorry to break it to you.

  • Barbie_Klaus

    So? Lol just because he’s not black in the comics means there can never be a black spiderman?? BUT it’s fine when non-poc characters get casted to play characters that are poc?? ummm okay. BTW I don’t even care about what race he is just sick of the rebooting tbh.

    @tris yes, it’s getting boring now. Even though I know this is for upcoming “CA: Civil War” movie. This list is… no only two of them look like they ‘might’ could pull it off (Tom, and maybe Charlie)

  • AmandaRBull

    ➧➧✥➧➧✥ $83 per h0ur @mi36//



  • DavidL

    Where’s Dylan O’brian?!

  • Ian

    I love Miles, I’m on my 8th collected volume of his stories and am really enjoying the character. And I get people are becoming tired of seeing recasted Peters on screen. But this is THE definitive Marvel movie universe, and Peter is first and foremost Spider-Man. He deserves one last go at being in the MCU, what may be Marvels greatest achievement. Then after that, sure Miles can be Spider-Man for awhile. But in the premiere movie universe, Peter has spent the last 50+ years earning his spot in the line to get in, before Miles Morales.

  • Ian

    Peter Parker is white. Miles Morales is black. This is about Peter. If they suddenly made Peter black that seems like an insult to Miles as a character.

  • SoCal Indi

    None look like Peter Parker to me! Try again please!

  • Naynay

    Where did I even said he should be black you moron ! What happened to iring a person based on acting talent ? well bish what happened to giving everybody a chance to even apply for the job ! I wasn’t even refering to spiderman being black but I said bring some diversity to the cast, we’re not in the 60′s (when the comics where created) when everybody was white everywhere, there is different shades of color in the world and I’m just tired of seeing white men in every leading role there can be, It’s like Avengers! a bunch of white men flexin and shit, Green Lantern is black in my mind and he was white in the movie so do not even tell that there is no problem, Obviously they favor casting a white man rather than giving everybody a chance I’M NOT EVEN BLACK BTW

  • Terror2Great

    Marvel is making the new Spider-Man movie, not Sony. They casted him young because they want him to be in high school.

  • Terror2Great

    They rebooted it because TASM was terrible and didn’t do as well as they hoped, and also because Spider-Man plays a huge role in Civil War

  • Dory Phore

    Did I say Sony was making it? The deal between Marvel/Disney and Sony is to REBOOT the franchise, which is why they cast Peter Parker as a teenage (he’s JUST starting out)–that’s my point. You claim the 3rd reboot won’t be an origin story, and I am saying that it will be, which is why he’s cast young.

  • Terror2Great

    Marvel has confirmed that it won’t be an orgin story, hell hes going to show up in costume in Captain America Civil War.

  • Coco

    They changed the race of at least two characters so far in the MCU, and it was not a big deal at all. Also, there is a black Spiderman: Miles Morales. Do you even read the comics? Perhaps after two different Peter Parkers, we need something different.

    You all say race doesn’t matter to you, but as soon as someone mentions perhaps having a black Spiderman, everyone flips out. Why?

  • lizer

    The studio however wants Peter Parker. Not Miles Morales. What is your problem if Marvel wants to do Peter one more time? Spider Man is not black for the last time! You can’t call folks racist when they all say Peter is not black! Its the truth. Miles Morales storyline isn’t even that great. The Spider Man movies will flop probably if he is the new Spider Man.

  • lizer

    Calling me names because I told the truth? Loser. Yes you were alluding to wanting the next Spider Man being black when you started to trash white folks for no reason. Peter is white, not black. You know nothing about comics so be quiet.

  • lizer

    Exactly. Everyone knows who Peter Parker is, not many folks know who Miles Morales is and his story line isn’t even that great. How can you compare a great character with over 50 years of amazing stories with a character who only came 4 years ago and has a mediocre stories? Marvel obviously is going with Peter Parker since that’s the Spider Man everyone knows and knows the stories.

  • Coco

    Because the most recent Spider-Man film with Peter Parker was a grand slam.

    When you say “Spider-Man is not black”, you are incorrect. Spider-Man is black. He is also white. Both are Spider-Man, whether you like it or not. When I speak of a black Spider-Man, I am not speaking of Peter Parker. I am speaking of Miles Morales. However, changing the races of characters is something that has been fairly common in the MCU so far- Nick Fury and Ben Urich, previously white in the comics, are portrayed with great success by black actors. And what is the big deal? What if the best person auditioning for the role was black? Would you get pissed off and bitch about him being cast? Is the black actor any less qualified for the job because he is black? Can you really not put aside race for one movie?

    Truth be told, I would have liked seeing Miles Morales as Spider-Man. However, I really don’t mind Peter Parker being the Spider-Man they chose. I don’t know enough about any of these actors to call them good choices for Spider-Man, but I know I’ll likely enjoy the movie nonetheless.

  • Brimfyre

    Your back is breaking from all your white guilt. You lost this battle buddy. Time to pretend to be outraged over some other non-issue. Good luck.

  • Brimfyre

    It’s not an origin story. Christ. They have said as much over and over and over and over again. Either you live under a rock or you are jus being outraged for attention.

    High School does not equal origin story. He was in Highschool for years in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. Those 100+ comics aren’t consider an “Origin Story” just because he is young.

  • Andrew Frederick

    can we get a spider-man that does not look like they still ride bakes with training wheels? Than again, I personally this version of spidey is just an attempted by Disney to get the rights to him. Once they officially get Spidey they might use him right.

  • Zachary Nixon

    If you think Ben Urich was at all a good move by Marvel, then idfk why you’re even here. Not to intentionally spoil the plot of Marvel’s “Daredevil”, but killing Ben was quite possibly the most idiotic thing they could’ve done in the series. If you are a true fan of Spiderman, OR Daredevil, you would know that Urich is a massive character. Even in the comic book’s Civil War, if you have read it.

    All we want is our 60+ year old character to stay the fricken race that they were made to be. Minor characters like Nick Fury with huge stars portraying them is an alright change, but altering a big character that most comic book fans have been reading for ages is simply the most retarded thing a movie company could undergo doing. Personally, I could care less if it’s a 15-19 year old kid, as long as he is the correct skin color.

  • Zachary Nixon

    If Asa Butterfield becomes Spiderman, I swear I’m gonna break something. (not to be rude, but I’d be so mad)

  • Coco

    What does killing Ben Urich have to do with the color of his skin? I wasn’t making a point about the character, or what happened with the character- your complaints have nothing to do with the actor, but the writing. I’m not sure what you’re saying. The actor is a good actor, who has won several awards. His performance was not affected by the color of his skin. I can tell already you’re not comprehending what I’m saying.
    The second part of your argument is so childish and racist, I’m not going to address it. I can see you’re an idiot, and conversations with idiots rarely go anywhere, so I’m not wasting my time.

  • lizer

    How is he racist for saying we should keep the character the way he already is? BTW you are wrong. Peter Parker is not black but white. So that means Spider Man is white too. They are the same person. Miles Morale’s Spider Man is not the same as Peter Parker’s Spider Man.
    Its you PC idiots who are making race an issue, not the fans like us. If you are so bothered by why the studio wants to keep Peter Parker the way he is , go send them an email or a petition.
    Besides, Miles Morales is a 12 year old kid in his version of Spider Man. You honestly think that version of Spider Man will be a hit? You are wrong.

  • lizer

    The most recent Spider Man had issues with Andrew Garfiled and Sony, thats why they decided not to go for a 3rd one. He wants to do other movies. They did not fire him because they were unpleased with him or his work as Spider Man. The movie did alright at the box office but it was not a grand slam. You are making up things now.
    I would like to see Miles Morales when his story actaully gets good. So far his version of Spider Man is not that good and need to improve. Right now, its Peter who has the best story, characters and plot lines. Not Miles!
    You seem pretty pissed off yourself when you bring up the fact that you don’t want a white actor playing a white character. You make no sense and you seem to come off as the true racist. Not me,.

  • Coco

    You have no reading comprehension. Have you passed the ninth grade? A Spider-Man was white. A different Spider-Man was black. Therefore, there is a white Spider-Man and a black Spider-Man.
    He, and you, are saying that a black man is not qualified for a job. You are saying that skin color should disqualify someone for a job. I don’t care who plays him- black or white. You are the one making race an issue by saying that skin color is so important that he HAS to be white. If they cast him with the wrong eye color or hair color, are you going to bitch as well?
    What you or I say have no influence over what happens in the long run. It really does not matter. Interestingly enough, Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, is open to the idea of a black Spider-Man (particularly Donald Glover), and takes the stance that I do: whoever auditions the best for the role deserves the role, regardless of skin color. I go by what Stan Lee says over you any day. You are irrelevant, to me and to everyone else.

  • lizer

    Haha you are the one with terrible reading comprehension and its obvious you know nothing about the comic books.
    I will not argue back and forth with you but you are dead wrong. Nowhere did I imply black actors are untalented for the part. You are making that up. Peter Parker is Spider Man. He is the true Spider Man and he is white. How is it racist when people want to keep him the same?
    You are just a huffy PC moron. Your opinion doesn’t matter to the studios since they seem to already be going with Peter Parker again. So get a grip buddy. You are the one being racist when you bringing up race issues.
    When casting someone to play a character from a book or a comic, it matters who they chose and how close that person is to the book character. So yes, race in a way does matter but not for racist reasons you dummy. Its about keep true to the book or comic as much as possible. You can’t have a black Harry Potter or a black Frodo Baggins either. Peter Parker’s Spider Man is white and that is a fact. Miles Morales doesn’t even have a good plot to begin with so why chose a mediocre character to make a movie on? So yes, Spider Man is white. Miles Morales, Ben Riley, etch all other Spider Men after Peter Parker just don’t compare. Peter Parker is the one and only Spider Man to most people and sorry if that hurts you. Now go have another tantrum over it.

  • lizer

    You are irrelevant to most intelligent people anyways so no point in wasting time to reply back to a low IQ troll like you either. Typical PC idiot. I did not say anything racist at all other then they should just keep Spider Man the way he is. Changing his skin tone will not make the movie any different or better. The movie will most likely be a flop since most people are not interested in seeing Miles Morales anyways. Most people I know don’t even know who he is.

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