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'Suits' Season 5 Scoop: The Cast Previews Harvey's Struggles, Donna & Louis' New Working Relationship, & More!

'Suits' Season 5 Scoop: The Cast Previews Harvey's Struggles, Donna & Louis' New Working Relationship, & More!

Pearson Specter Litt is back in business tonight for the season five premiere of Suits! recently caught up with the cast on set in Toronto where they opened up about all the different relationships on the show

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is of course dealing with the aftermath of Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaving him to work for Louis (Rick Hoffman), and Harvey surprisingly seeks outside help.

“I imagine she’d be thrilled to find out he’s in therapy,” Sarah told us. “Gobsmacked and thrilled. She is a strong woman, but he’s her kryptonite in a lot of ways.”

Gabriel was happy to navigate those new waters. “It shifts the dynamic for season five and it gives us more space to figure out what that really means,” he said. “It allows for Louis and Donna to work together and it allows Harvey to explore this bigger picture thing, which is where we’re starting this season, as far as his abandonment issues.”

He added, “Harvey is very cut-and-dry, says it like it is…and he uses his confidence to cover what’s really going on inside of him. To see that character go through something that doesn’t make him look like a superhero, I think is awesome. I think it’s great to see the coolest guy on television break.”

Meanwhile, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) are newly engaged, and Jessica (Gina Torres) is – as always – just trying to keep the firm intact, especially since there’s a new guy stirring up some trouble.

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Harvey and Mike

“I don’t think [their relationship] is equal quite yet because Harvey is still Harvey – and large and in charge, for the most part. But I think it’s far more equal for sure. I think Mike has really come into his own. Mike and Harvey aren’t working together on everything anymore. Their relationship isn’t just totally about each other. This season, I’ve worked very little with Gabriel. We have great scenes where we come back together and discuss what’s going on in our separate lives – and we’re looking out for each other. – Patrick

[Harvey]‘s pretty much untethered throughout these first six episodes. Mike definitely steps up and confronts conflict head-on and in a way that is fully capable. And you see Harvey’s trust in him rise. You see his support in him. Mike’s sensitive to Harvey’s journey and I think Harvey respects that. He’s not a guy who outwardly thanks people, but he tries here and there. And then he quickly gets off the subject because it becomes too intimate for him. – Gabriel

Mike and Rachel

They clearly really really care about each other and have been through a lot together. I definitely root for them, but there’s a lot that they’re going to have to deal with – Mike’s secret being a big version of that. That’s constantly looming over her head as it is Mike’s. I’m spending my life with a guy who could potentially have police cars show up at our door any day. Or if I have kids with him…you know, who knows? Eventually, you’re tying your life to someone who is living a really unstable fractured existence. I think there are huge stakes involved as they try to get out from under the secret. But I hope they [have a happy ending], for sure. – Patrick

The one thing I love about playing Rachel and she’s been consistent about from the pilot episode – she’s so driven and she’s so ambitious. The same thing that makes her attractive to Mike and makes me attractive to play her is that she has chosen the trajectory that she wants and being in love is something that is a beautiful part of her life, but it’s never going to throw her from what her endgame is…the stakes are really high. All sorts of things can happen to Mike. She’s smart enough to know that she can’t really let anything go off kilter with what her plan is for herself. – Meghan

Harvey and Donna

They are just down the hall from each other. If she wanted to cut it off, she would have left the firm I think – I mean entirely cut it off. She was in a position that she could no longer move forward as his secretary. That’s how she felt. Had he had been ready to have a conversation that he was clearly not ready to have, we learned in the finale of last year, she would have been able to figure out if she could move on as his secretary or not. But since he didn’t engage, she felt she had one option I think. – Sarah

I think there are a lot of different happy endings for them. They both could be OK. I will say this, I think Donna just wants to have the conversation and wanted Harvey to show up in the room as somebody who’s ready to be very mature and talk about their relationship, and acknowledge the fact that they are in a unique situation after 12 years. That they built something. He could not engage. Donna’s point of view is – her conscious point of view – had been until they had that night where he said “I love you” – was he was not emotionally ever going to be her life partner. He wasn’t going to be that guy for her. She’s a really emotional person and she needs someone to join her on that path. That’s why she was always rooting for Scottie and Zoe and everybody else. She was trying to make it work. She was invested in trying to make it work for [him] because [he] was messing it up. There’s some relationship there in all the cases. There’s not none. That’s not a happy ending, for either of them. – Sarah

I personally don’t think you should see main characters get together because as soon as they do, the mystery is gone. So I like that push and pull thing. I’m gonna say that none of us are on the same page on how it should all play out. So if anything, that lends really well to the material. Some people think we should be together. Some people don’t think we should be together. It’s a real maze, and I know it sounds confusing, but for some reason, I think it really works for the show, that we’re all on different pages. – Gabriel

I have a very strong perspective of where Harvey is coming from, but that may be very different from where the writers are coming from. So in that ["I love you"] moment, it might mean that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But it might mean to Harvey, “Look, I love you. You know I can’t live without you. It doesn’t mean we have to be together for the rest of our lives. Maybe it wouldn’t work.” Maybe it does work? What I think is really good about that moment is that it’s so questionable and so up to the audience to include themselves in their take on it. – Gabriel

Harvey and Rachel

There’s so much more with Rachel and Harvey, which has been so much fun. Five seasons of doing this and much of what I’ve done has always been scenes with Patrick, and of course some with Rick and Sarah, but other than that, it’s been very few and far between that I’ve gotten to work with Gabriel. So the Rachel/Harvey storyline…she’s really functioning as his associate this season. – Meghan

I think it’s going to convolute things in a lot of ways because Mike and Harvey have such a close relationship, and now that Rachel is stepping into those shoes, it’s going to spill over into their home life I can only imagine. Also, Rachel is making choices to help Harvey in ways that we haven’t seen her make those kinds of choices. I think that could end up creating a lot of questions for Mike about Rachel. – Meghan

Rachel is a Zane so there is a huge element of her personality type that is not willing to cave. We saw last season she was hospitalized because she tried to do it all. And I think with Harvey, the idea of her failing or giving up is just so not in the cards for her. What you do see a lot more of is Mike going to bat for Rachel with Harvey, and saying, “Take it easy on Rachel.” Because that is always present, I don’t see a version of it where Rachel ever gives up. – Meghan

Rachel and Jessica

In this season, we see a lot more of her being mentored by Jessica, which we haven’t seen a lot of. I’ve had a lot of scenes with Gina, which has been awesome. And Rachel being groomed to be that kind of person. So by series end, I can’t wait for it to be Pearson Specter Litt Zane. – Meghan

It really is becoming that sort of shorthand and that easy rapport. When we saw the flashkback last season where Rachel has her job interview with Jessica, she’s so intimidated, but now you get to see that there’s actually a really lovely comfort level – professionally and also on a personal level. They talk quite a bit about relationships with their dads and with their loves lives. So they are breaking through in a different way, and we could really see something happen there. I hope so. I love working with her. – Meghan

Louis and Harvey

I think Louis really attempts to… I think he feels for Harvey and has somewhat of an understanding because he understands how valuable Donna is. Louis isn’t stupid. They’re past the rubbing in each other’s faces at this point. Other things come into play that potentially cause issues between the two of them. – Rick

The traditional nemesis, there’s a new character. His name is Jack. He comes from the 38th floor, the accounting floor, and he starts coming in and talking about billable hours and how Harvey gets more money than the rest of the people. So there is this money issue that’s going to go on for quite a few episodes. You see this guy who basically feels like he’s never gotten to the level of Harvey, and that Jessica has handed him things. He’s become the star of the firm. And Jack feels like he’s due and he comes at Harvey pretty hard early on in the season. He tries to make an alliance with Louis, and Louis obviously screws a million things up to make it so much harder for Harvey. – Gabriel

Donna and Louis

She still stands up to him. She’s Donna, but she would never be [subservient] to anybody. She probably never has been. Out of the gate, it’s been challenging. Everything isn’t copacetic. Not only is he scared that she’s going to leave him, but then as things develop, things aren’t necessarily going smoothly between Harvey and Louis. So of course, that puts her in a difficult spot. She’s loyal as a secretary to her employer, but then she has her separate relationship with Harvey. – Sarah

I think, if anything, I think their relationship up until this point remains intact. I think there are potential pitfalls that Louis would run into that Donna sort of saves him from, as usual. But she does that with everybody in the firm. There are some really fun scenes between the two of them. – Rick

Harvey and Jessica

I think you’re going to see a lot play out. We’re going to get a lot closer to him and his backstory. You’re going to learn a lot more. There’s room for that and we have to create room for that. As far as Jessica goes, you’ll get that soon. She doesn’t stop being who she is, which is first and foremost the head of this firm. And if you’re putting my firm in jeopardy then, something’s gotta happen. – Gina

It’s the chess dynamic and she is the Queen. She has the pawns around her looking after Harvey making sure he’s not screwing up. There is some of that dynamic. There are some times when she brings him in and says, “You need to get your sh-t together.” – Gabriel

- Reporting by Sharon Tharp (@sharontharp)

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