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Camilla Belle Praises Katy Perry for Calling Out Taylor Swift

Camilla Belle Praises Katy Perry for Calling Out Taylor Swift

Camilla Belle is speaking out about the Twitter feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The 28-year-old actress retweeted Katy‘s tweet about Taylor being hypocritical for saying Nicki Minaj “pitted women against each other” with her diss about the 2015 MTV VMAs.

And then Camilla wrote, “@katyperry Couldn’t have said it better…”

Camilla was rumored to be the subject of Taylor‘s 2010 song “Better Than Revenge” after she started dating Joe Jonas following their breakup.

While she and Camilla may still be on bad terms, Taylor has made up with ex Joe, and they were recently spotted on a double date together.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Camilla Belle’s tweets?

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  • Michele V

    I think it’s safe to say that yes, Camilla, you could have said it better. Grammatically, at least.

  • MollyBD

    Who is Camilla Bella? How is she relevant to this discussion? Is she a musician OR just someone’s ex-girlfriend?

  • tjpm

    I think Taylor has issues when it comes to competition…and I mean she has dated like tons of guys, let go gurl….live and let live Taylor!! I think they are all mean girls…

  • Jenny from the flop

    this is the gift that keeps on giving. waiting for miley cyrus to be the next to expose her. first we finished ariana, now taylor 💅🏻

  • mashedpotatoes

    Camilla who?

  • Jay

    She dated Joe Jonas while he was with Taylor Swift. She basically broke them up then she dumped Joe Jonas.

  • Mike1288

    So basically she should just sit down. No one ever feels bad for “the other woman,” what doesn’t she get about that?

  • Mike1288

    Except for the fact they are ALL annoying and need to grow up.

  • Becky Call

    Who is Camilla Belle and is her forehead for real or is she trying out for a “coneheads” show???

  • Mike1288

    Idk why they think people are going to just turn on Taylor in a month everyone is going to go back to loving her because at the end of the day Taylor does things that prove she is a good person (albeit immature). The amount of charity she does is quite large and that’s what she should focus on. Besides its not like Taylor is sexist, she calls out plenty of guys too.

  • Revengefan0101

    Camilla Belle should just mind her own business and continue making straight to DVD movies.

  • this is madness…

    No kidding, Perry’s tweet was painful to read…

  • j k

    Small-time celebrity-turned actress.

  • sas318

    Don’t know who she is, but writers are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for any tiny ounce of gossip related to either of these ladies. Stop it already. The two main players already dealt with this.

  • Kelly

    They are too full of themselves! What is Katy complaining about anyways, she just exiled nuns out of their convent! Camilla just wants attention because nobody cares about her!


    Was waiting for Katy Perry to make a move. A bitter, jealous woman will always jump on the band wagon. Camilla makes two.


    so, taylor was dating joe and this camilla girl came and broke them up and then dumped joe. joe is currently dating gigi hadid who is one of taylor’s BFF. wow hollywood is small. #recycle

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Wasn’t it Nicky who tweeted only skinny white girls get nominated???? If that’s not provoking!!!! If Taylor didn’t respond, she would of been declared spineless or a snob. Damned if u do and damned if u don’t. I think she was perfect Taylor: Called her out, than gave her the Benifit of the doubt and when the dumb nigga got called out on it, she caves. Doesn’t matter how u try, these “people” will always be done in. Slavery happened over a 200 years ago. Get over it. At one time or another, some race, religion, culture etc. has been victimized out of ignorance. Now: black people are more violent (to themselves especially) than ever. The only thing I see they are getting out of it is bitter.

  • Davis

    It’s true though Taylor is bad for going against women

  • JM

    Daaaamn T Swift’s little slip up has everyone taking shots at her. Hit ‘em while they’re down Camilla!

  • Effy

    You all seem incredibly brainwashed by Swift. She is a two faced brat who continues to play the victim card and has absolutely no problem calling other people out, yet she can’t handle it when people call her out. Find better role models than a pissy Queen B.

  • Ethan Erickson

    katy perry must have been home schooled.

  • MaryCHollars
  • Raspitou

    I’m not a big Swift fan or anything, but I have to side with her.

    Katy Perry and Camilla Belle are drawing a false equivalency. They are saying that Taylor Swift’s belief that women shouldn’t be systematically pitted against each other for no good reason (in the media, as part of artificial and manufactured “competition”) should apply to how Swift has slammed them.

    But these are two different things.

    The first type, what Swift is complaining about, is related to empty competitiveness. For example, the media will manufacture conflict and artificial rivalries, etc, which are so not necessary.

    But Belle and Perry were slammed because THEY DID SOMETHING SPECIFIC. It’s not a random “being pitted against each other” thing. It’s because Belle stole Swift’s boyfriend, and Perry stole Swift’s tour dancers while being her ‘friend’ in front of her. In other words, they got taken down over very specific grievances.

    Belle and Perry got “taken down” due to a personal tiff…which is different than the manufactured “woman vs woman” general rivalry that gets created out of thin air.

    I rest my case.

  • Baseliner

    i’m just happy to see that not everyone is “friends” with taylor

  • Camilla Belle ITALIA

    Right Camilla ! Brava <3

  • Alicata

    Who really cares about any of this???

  • tinamarie76

    I couldn’t have said this better. Thank you

  • Dmac

    No, she starting dating him quite awhile after they broke up, but Taylor wrote a song about her anyway.

  • Dmac

    I am sure you would respond to if Taylor wrote a song about you. Especially when she stating dating JJ after he and Taylor were already broken up. Taylor writes songs about people and is shocked when they push back.

  • Dmac

    Actually no she didn’t she dated him after they broke up, but Taylor wrote a song about her anyway.

  • Dmac

    And yet she wasn’t the other women. Taylor and JJ were broken up when she dated him, but Taylor wrote a song about her anyway. Did you not read the article

  • kellyf

    So instead of fake rivalries, women should be creating real rivalries, and they should ACTUALLY try to take down other women instead of being subjected to made up fights? Katy’s argument wasn’t about how real each fight was, it was that you can’t say you’re for women supporting each other, and then out of the other side of your mouth write songs just to tear down another woman. Taylor is a hypocrite of the highest order.

  • tinamarie76

    All these people on here are acting like they’ve never said something bad about another women. I’m 39 and I know that I have. Just because you put out there that you dislike a women for whatever reason doesn’t mean you don’t support all other women. And so what if she writes music about it. She’s not the first person to write a mean song directed at someone else and she certainly won’t be the last. She just happens to put it out there more. I’m not even on a side here because I’m to freaking old to care but every person here judging Taylor for this are freaking hypocrites. So pot meet kettle.

  • Jay

    Um no, Taylor Swif and Joe Jonas were together while he was filmig his song “lovebug” that’s when he wanted to pursue a relationship with her, which led to the dumping of Taylor Swift a month later.

  • kellyf

    I certainly have too, but I’m not going around preaching about supporting women. I just think it’s laughably hypocritical for her to act like she believes so strongly that women should support each other when she has made millions writing songs to tear other women down.

  • Memoi

    Seriously how old are these women???? Their parents must be so proud =(

  • Memoi

    All these girls are morons. Ill give Taylor the win on this one simply because at least she apologized — even though we all know NIcki WAS throwing shade at her.

  • Mavis

    Taylor is now best describe as the good girl gone bad. I was a dedicated fan until March 2015. Her dating Calvin is also not doing her any good but for now she thinks she is in love. Her new boyfriend is seen as part of the Jazzy and Kanye Group as Calvin is part owner of Tidal and it is the most selfish and greedy business ever setup and not fan friendly. I hope by the time she realizes this it will not be too late and a lot of her fans still love her for who she was but deep down they (myself included) are all wishing she will do things differently.

  • Judge Dredd

    Traylor Trash Swift. Screw her and screw her airheaded fans.

  • Leyzzle S

    Belle didn’t stole anybody. A man is not a efing toy for you to stole. He have his own brain and make his own decisions