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Cara Delevingne Responds to Richard Madden, Calls Him 'Desperate'

Cara Delevingne Responds to Richard Madden, Calls Him 'Desperate'

Cara Delevingne is responding to Richard Madden after he called her viral interview “unprofessional” and she is NOT happy with him.

The 23-year-old Paper Towns actress tweeted directly to the Cinderella actor on Tuesday afternoon (September 15).

“I have no idea who you are but I think it’s little desperate for a grown man to be bad mouthing someone they don’t know,” Cara said. “if you really want attention that badly, try focusing on your own work and not other people’s.”

Cara also retweeted a meme that a fan made that showed her giving side eye. Click inside to see that!

Make sure to read Richard‘s comments if you haven’t seen them yet.

Click inside to see what else Cara Delevingne posted on Twitter…

Here is the tweet that Cara retweeted:

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  • JM

    Watch out Richard, or else Cara and her BFF Taylor Swift will try to start a twitter war with you like Taylor does with EVERYONE and makes this whole thing about something its not and then all of her fans will carry it on. It’s really just a mess…

  • zewrok

    Why does she act like she was 12?

  • Max

    She needs to go away ASAP!!!

  • Em

    He’s so right though

  • kingeromer

    She just proved his point.

  • susan

    She just proved his point. If she honestly can watch that interiew and disagree with him then she’s as ignorant as ever.

  • Francis

    I really liked Cara. It’s such a shame

  • cloco

    Some pseudo actress think they can do anything.
    Time for her to know that it is not so.

  • Jezza

    I expected as much from this spoiled brat!!

  • deusexmachina

    Your rude and defensive Cara it seems you like to act out like a toddler you want people to just accept it. Try acting your age and understand what decorum is because you have none. People who are supporting you and defending you are they themselves are in the same position as you are they act like toddlers who keep saying no or trying to be different because they think it’s cool to be snotty and bitchy. But for anyone who wants to be accepted by society there are rules to follow if everyone don’t want this then understandably chaos will ensue.

  • la petite bonnieux

    Omg. SHE’S lame

  • LilE

    Hmmmm. Obviously in the minority here, but “professionals” rarely feel the need to call out others when their actions don’t affect them. WHO is he again?? Exactly.

  • Esoteric11

    Old news. I agree with Cara. She was fine.

  • kmoliver

    I love the “I have no idea who you are,” as if he’s some nobody. Except he was a star of one of the biggest television shows in the last decade, and a lead in one of the year’s biggest films that grossed more than $500 million worldwide. Her little movie that she couldn’t even do good press for? It’s grossed less than $85 mil. Yay for you Cara, you’re the worst.

  • luna

    And a grown girl answers on Twitter to ne sure That every social medias and medias can see That she missunderstand what he means…..
    By the way he is soooooooooo RIGTH the cinéma start to become more and more cheap: Beauty better then talent

  • luna

    An actor from game of throne who gonna be in lots of movie next year with really talented and known actor… and wait caara did paper town, really good this one really good…

  • Roman

    Who and who?

  • Fah Q

    Ok at this point I would implore Richard to not respond to the woman with mental capacity of a twelve year old. Calling someone desperate for their age while @ing them is lower than dirt…

  • VanityInsecurity

    She makes no sense! First off he wasn’t talking about “her work” he was talking about how unprofessional you are.. and EVERYONE knows who he is was on the best show on TV..Game of Thrones. take a seat B.

  • AeeJay

    right? who doesn’t know who Madden is.

  • Jezza

    Would love it if someone flooded her Twitter with his pictures. Seriously, though, I don’t really doubt when she says doesn’t know would he is. She comes across as self absorbed and not really up on a lot of stuff.

  • Jezza

    Would love it if someone flooded her Twitter with his pictures. Seriously, though, I don’t really doubt when she says doesn’t know would he is. She comes across as self absorbed and not really up on a lot of stuff.

  • dalovelee

    Why shouldn’t he comment on what he saw? She’s full of herself. I guess she thinks she’s going to band together her Twitter brigade on anyone agreeing with her could be an immature as she is.

  • dalovelee

    maybe new talent needs to be schooled and her silly blase attitude might play well in modeling but there are many actors who would be grateful to be able to do interviews

  • elisa

    she is so inmature, he was giving his opinion and he was right !!!! and who does she think she is to look down on him??? he was a major character in the most watched television show in the last years, what has she done besides this teenager movie?? and by the way he is a real actor not a wannabe model/actress without talent

  • Angie

    why do the haters always feel the need to involve Taylor Swift in all of this? Taylor is friend with Cara, she is not responsible for her twitter actions and FYI, Taylor apologized to Nicki and all is forgiven, they are friends now. Have you seen the twitter love fest they had after the VMA’s?
    It’s always amusing how the haters reach new lows every time and then, they are the ones who complain Taylor Swift is overexposed when they are the one who wants to talk about her all the time even in news articles that does not involve her, pathetic really.

  • Sanna Leena

    Because she’s a disrespectful brat

  • Sanna Leena

    Cara is a disrespectful brat! She was on press tour in Germany with Nat Wolff. On a morning show she sat between Nat and the interviewer and everytime the woman asked her a question, Cara turned away from her and talked to Nat. She didn’t even really answer the questions. She just started giggling and talking to Nat about other stuff. Cara not even once talked to the interviewer directly. I didn’t get why she was so successful as a model, but as an actress she is so much worse!

  • Jenny from the flop

    Keep going, so your agency will fire you negative c*nt

  • the question

    Is he famous for something?

  • ♤•Ballpark Frank•♤

    Call the banners.

  • Ash

    Taylor Swift is the biggest assh*le in showbiz right now. Like Katy Perry said, she’s like Regina George in sheep’s clothing.

  • LiiL

    She never watched Game of Thrones… the only thing what’s came in to my mind is SHAME!! :D

  • Amber

    Careful Cara. That’s Robb Stark you’re talking to.

  • CB

    Hey Cara, the ADULT and mature approach would have been to say nothing! Richard was absolutely right with his comments. They asked him a question and he answered. The more she tweets and responds just shows how young and immature she really is.

    And no matter if you’re a fan or not, everyone knows who Richard is. He was an integral part of the biggest show in Television history…silly girl.

  • YupVideoFever

    Do you think they start dating this or next year?..

  • Vy Nguyen

    Silly and pathetic Cara, you just proved his point. Dumb ass! And to denied your knowledge of who he is is just lame and stuck up.


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  • sas318

    She really looked grumpy and angry in the interview. If she chuckled and acted more pleasant, no one would be talking about it. The interviewers were really disrespectful and insulting, but she could’ve reacted better by laughing it off knowing she was in the public eye, but she looked angry the entire time. Maybe after this blows over, she’ll learn to at least grin more. I searched for photos of her, and she rarely grins, let alone crack a real smile. She also looks a lot like Avril Lavigne.

  • yoyo

    She answered to his opinion like a little brat, sometimes because truth hurts. Game of thrones is very popular right now, even more than the Paper town movie

  • Little Paper Stars

    So Cara’s not a a GoT fan. I’ll take him and his actual talent over her and her hyped up career any day.

  • Penny

    She is an ungrateful bi*tch. If you watch interviews with her she is rude, extremely sarcastic, egotistical and unattentive to the interviewer. I am not interested in watching anything with this girl in it.

  • 3casr

    And the white privileged self-absorbed twat attacks again… Omg, when will this stop!?

  • Kris

    And she proved him right. He also is a bigger movie star than her.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Naynay

    Honestly I don’t know who he is either so what’s the big deal ?

  • Kris

    not just ‘even’ more… but WAY more popular than her movie

  • Clance

    She just proved his point by him saying she is immature.
    Its funny how she is calling him a nobody and all. He was on Games of Thrones for gods sakes. Everyone knows who he is. How many people know Cara or can recognize her if they were asked? She is the nobody in reality. I don’t recall Paper Towns grossing to over 500 million like Cinderella did. Cara’s part in Suicide Squad is not big too. She is not the star of that film so its hilarious how she is calling a star from GoT a no-name and all.

  • Clance

    And he is handsome as hell. Cara Delvegine is ugly. I honestly don’t know how she is a model or an ‘actress’( if you could call her that). Not only she doesn’t have any sort of acting talent, but she is fugly as hell.