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Ben McKenzie & Morena Baccarin Are Expecting a Baby Together!

Ben McKenzie & Morena Baccarin Are Expecting a Baby Together!

Gotham co-stars Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are expecting a baby together, their reps have confirmed to Just Jared!

News of the 37-year-old actor and the 36-year-old actress’ bundle of joy was revealed in some court documents for her upcoming divorce. Morena filed documents asking a judge to award her full physical custody of her one-year-old son with estranged husband Austin Chick because she is pregnant and cannot fly back and forth to Los Angeles, TMZ reports.

Morena is reportedly at the end of her first trimester and they are very excited about the baby. Pregnant women are not supposed to fly in the later trimester.

It was just revealed earlier in the week that Ben and Morena were dating.

Congrats to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

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  • sky

    Damn that was fast….was this an affair.

  • selma

    I loved how Ben McKenzie was on Corden talking about how he wouldn’t get a tattoo because he’d regret it. Oh, Ben. There are bigger “mistakes” in life than tattoos. I hope this isn’t one of those.

  • Casey C

    does nobody in Hollywood actually wear a condom?

  • notnews


  • Jen

    Hopefully he will never see his child as a mistake….

  • Jojo

    very fast move…

  • Esa Cortez

    Why is that any of your business?

  • Esa Cortez

    You’re fucking weird to know so much about one person who doesn’t even know you exist…

  • Jezza

    Damn! The ink isn’t even dry on her divorce papers. Oh well, Mazel! The kid will be very cute!

  • reader

    Congrats to them and their family!

  • The Batman

    Why do care you care so much then?

  • noahwayne0

    what a slut, cheated on her husband, and now wants to take his son away from him?

    wow, some people are stone cold monsters.

  • IMO

    Wow she is quick…i thought it was just a PR stunt…i hope it is for sure Ben’s baby and this time she will take care of her own child, let’s see how fast Ben will run up the hill from her as previous hubby did

  • Marquis de Sade

    So much anger! Have you been gettin’ enough fiber in your diet? When was the last time you got laid?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Yeah, she didn’t even let her poonani get cold.

  • IMO

    she is saying that she wants full custody over the child bc she can’t fly to LA bc she is pregnant but that didn’t stop her from flying to Emmy’s…hypocracy and gold digging here

  • Little Paper Stars

    You know what’s really awful is the fact that they haven’t actually been able to break this or not themselves. It’s only out there because TMZ went and found court documents. Ick.

  • IMO

    that’s why i think this baby needs a DNA test

  • suk bin


  • Casey C

    person states they’ve seen one interview in which the man said one thing, and that’s ‘know so much about’?? bwhaahahahaa

  • Casey C

    it kinda reeks of one. her husband filed for divorce only two months ago,and she’s said to be at least three months along.

  • Casey C

    while I’m not a huge fan of hers, he’s actually seeking spousal support from her, not the other way around so not gold-digging. if anything, he is.

  • IMO

    i am aware of that, which will make you think WHAT can drive a man to do such thing? and the reason must be ugly

  • Giggs11

    My thoughts exactly…
    Press Release Monday: They are dating
    Press Release Thursday: They are pregnant
    Tomorrow’s Press Release: They’ve eloped. SMH
    She was quick to fill that significant other position. Poor Ben instant family for him, a one year old and another on the way. Ugh watching Gotham will be tainted.

  • IMO

    well let’s wait and see if he will running up the hill away from her but supports the baby as a southern old school guy or if he lost his mind in middle age crisis and will mary her for few years before he will run up that hill…

  • Casey C

    actually its increasingly common when the wife earns substantially more esp in Hollywood- her annual salary is rumoured to be around 1.5 million. IF she did cheat, his chances of getting that support are much increased on the basis she might just want him to go away quickly and hope he’d sign an NDA so he couln’t go around town as the injured party and smearing her name. if a guy had cheated the press’d get over it, but if a woman cheated (and ended up pregnant) they’d be like wolves and her career could take quite the dent

  • IMO

    well u’re right though there is still a BUT … cheating is bad both ways and yes woman would be treated harshly, but she is a mother for god sake and soon to be a mother again.And her ex is a father who take care of the child while she was…well you know….the situaition is ugly enough, she with all her reps could have deal with it other way,and her hubby is in this industry too he is aware that females will rip him in shreds for his demands…and that brings us back to square one….smth ugly and huge should have happened what made him act the way he did and her to break pregnancy and dating news along Emmy’s and season premiere

  • Casey C

    Part of me suspects that they went to the Emmy’s together to ‘break’ the dating news as part of a PR way of handling things, because they’d have known court documents are often public and that the pregnancy would be found out, so they were sent together rather than individually so dating would be known BEFORE the pregnanacy broke. but thats cynical little me. i suspect that bts her and his PR people are scrambling like crazy. its a super ugly situation, BUT they’ve nobody to blame but themselves. if you’re married, you don’t cheat. its simple. and if you really really really want to, you need to sit down and figure out why – are you no longer in love wiht your partner, or just want the danger – so that you can respect your partner enough that if you no longer love/want them, you can separate before separating your co-star from his pants. but that’s me. i have a really hard attitude towards cheating. were they married/living in LA or NY? because New York is, I believe, an ‘at fault’ state unlike California.

  • IMO

    dunno where they married but i do know that the info about divorce leaked from her reps few months ago and she was painted as a victim of a greedy hubby,later come out first rumors about dating but with no confirmation only ppl who visited fans on set divided in two groups in comments one saying she was chasing him, others saying he took what was offered. And here comes what i think….pregnancy is such thing wich you are unable to hide and such thing that nowdays rarely comes by acciden’t betwen grown up ppl.So it looks like (at least for e) that pregnancy was a huge surprse for Ben as well and when she decided to keep the baby PR team started to try to make this thing less ugly bc in the beginning they tried to paint her as a victim but she is a cheater in reality.

  • jane

    was prolly having an affair w/him the whole time. her other kid is only 1? geesh.

  • jane

    TMZ rocks!

  • Grobanworldnews Internationalf

    Were they having an affair? She’s not even officially divorced yet and she’s already having a baby with another man?

  • Nicola

    That certainly escalated quickly.

  • Nicola

    It’s incredibly weird that you find someone retaining information from a late night interview to be odd.

  • Tia

    She didn’t cheat she and her husband have been separated for over a year. He filed for the divorce at a later time that’s all. They were broken up even before her child was born.

  • Tina Brooks

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  • Mara

    Woah. I didn’t know they were a couple. That threw me for a loop.

  • Casey C

    your timeframe isn’t possible. their son will be TWO in one month, he isn’t only 12 months old. if he left before the baby was born – according to you only a year ago- then he’d have to have left her more than two years ago. sorry, nope.

  • Gaia Johnson

    She may have been having an affair. Most likely, this new relationship won’t last.

  • tiff Christie

    i love that show.. Wow, their together , that’s nuts…. I think it’s hilarious how people love to play detective, and speculate their asses off on situations they know nothing about, other than what they can stitch together from the tabloids….Her. and her husband could have been on a split, before the divorce for all you know.. Junior detectives/moral police hard at work i see.. Anyways, that actress i’m sure could give a damn, what people think of her private life

  • MsEh

    Men are assholes. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Deal with it.

  • Jenny from the flop

    that’s so ratchet! because this bitch hooked up with the actor who plays jim gordon and got pregnant, they’ve totally ruined barbara and the show. this is no longer gotham. cancell it!

  • IMO

    a lot of men are assholes but even at their worst they can’t compare to cunning,greedy, manipulative ladies who have no stop pedal or morals when they dig for gold and fame and aerican citizenship

  • IMO

    a lot of men are assholes but even at their worst they can’t compare to cunning,greedy, manipulative ladies who have no stop pedal or morals when they dig for gold and fame and aerican citizenship


    They’re not in Hollywood. The show is recorded in britain, in Canada. The brits are too primitive stupid to know what a condom is, so that’s why they wouldn’t know to use one

  • Ause Ekel

    I didn’t even know they were dating. Cute, congrats to the new couple!