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Angelina Jolie Talks Marriage, Her Health, Family & More with 'WSJ'

Angelina Jolie Talks Marriage, Her Health, Family & More with 'WSJ'

Angelina Jolie Pitt stars in this gorgeous black and white photo shoot for WSJ‘s new issue, where she’s been named the 2015 Entertainment/Film Innovator.

Here’s what the 40-year-old actress, director, and humanitarian had to share with the mag:

On filming emotionally difficult scenes with Brad Pitt for By the Sea: “It was not easy. We just had to be brave and say, ‘OK, honey, we’re strong enough to do this; let’s somehow use this to make us stronger.’”

On her health: “I want to make sure my kids are never worried about me. Even if I’m going through something, I make sure they are very aware that I’m totally fine. I’ll stop and make a joke. I talk to them. I never, ever want them to have that secret worry and feel that they have to take care of me.” Brad adds: “I’ll tell you this about her surgeries: Once the decision was made, she was on the operating table two weeks later. You have to understand that this is a woman who never knew she’d make it to 40. This is a woman who had watched her mother, aunt and grandmother become sick and eventually succumb, all at an early age. Her drive, her absolute value in herself, is defined by the impact she can have during her time here”for her kids and for the underprivileged and those suffering.”

On domestic life: “We wake up, we make breakfast. In our domestic life, we’re Mom and Dad. And often we’re dorky Mom and Dad, which the kids find ridiculous.”

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Credit: Peter Lindbergh/WSJ
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    Hi to all the lovely ladies here at JJ! Jolie Pitt Stop (
    will go public for one full day starting at 12nn PT on Thurs., Nov 5th
    for the AFI Fest World Premiere of “By The Sea.” And again on Thurs.,
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  • busted

    Thanks for the head up.. so will be there.

  • busted

    These really are some of the most beautiful pictures of her in a long time. I can’t stop looking at them

  • JustThat

    The Queen of Hollywood !

  • gemdiamond

    Thnx, JJ!!!

  • gaslight

    These joint interviews are just so sincere and from their hearts.Great photo shoot from WSJ breath takingly beautiful photos.

  • gaslight

    Brads words sure hit home, and I hope they hit home to their Stalkers and leave them alone.


    Aaaahhhh the abundance of riches continues………schweeeeeet.

    I cant get over what a rich meaty read this is:

  • liss

    Ahhh I love her so much

  • Beck

    Another new thread, my head is spinning. So excited for tonight! The wait is almost over.


    Kinda O/T

    I cant tell you how annoying it is to have to register to comment on an article. And it seems every d@mn site demands that. Its bad enough i had to create a phony ‘personal profile’ and register on facebook so i could do some stuff online and it is a relief to realize that some news sites just require you to have a facebk or disqus etc. for you to be able to comment on their site.

    But when you have to do a registration from scratch……..who has the time for that??!!

    Take this great WSJ article on Angie:

    I’m sure most of us would go there and comment if it didnt require a ‘from scratch’ registration. I just read the article and theres one comment there……a nice comment from a mature gentleman. That was made all of 9 hours ago. But if we JP fans could have used our disqus a/c to post, we’d be all over that site, rt?

    I mean, there was no other reason on earth for me to get a disqus a/c except to be able to comment on JP threads on JJ.

  • yolly

    Good morning to all JP fans. Take care. Leaving for work , will check this later. So happy to see all the pictures and read their interviews. God bless the Jolie Pitt family.

  • 50ftQueenie

    By the same logic it would also be overrun with trolls. They thrive on being anonymous. Probably they have regular posters that post on a whole slew of subjects.

  • 50ftQueenie

    Wow, I can’t believe the premiere is here already!! Where has the time gone? Only one more week and hopefully many of us will get to actually see the movie! Although I have had no luck finding show times in Toronto.

    So excited!

  • Icetea

    It is heartfelt interview.. Its just not easy what they have to decide and all. As for working together its a great thing no matter what.

  • Mulan

    Woohoo, what a wonderful suprise! Angelina looks absolutely gorgeous! She could’ve been a professional ballet dancer. I love all the pictures and the article in WSJ. I have a lot to catch up but will do that later time. Hi to all you JP fans, especially PT. I don’t have the time to read your postings anymore, but some of my brothers still read your postings and tell me everything. They think you are a awesome blogger. :-) Have a great day!

  • Lily

    Another thread, i can’t keep up with it.

  • snakeskin

    These are some of the most beautiful pictures Angie has done.
    Peter Lindbergh got his wish to photograph her.

    All those who talk about that she can’t show her body, think Angie just schooled you.


    “So many times, people divorce very quickly. To me, if this film has a message, it’s that you have to try to weather the storm together no matter what. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

    I have a very strong feeling that the enablers of the fame-fattened tick are gonna take this quote of Angie’s and try to use it for the benefit of their bunny boiler stalker.

    Rmbr, in the infamous VF/Sept/05 article, that self-indulged fvcker, in trying to blame Brad for the failure of their merger, said he didnt want to stay and work it out like she wanted to do, etc., etc., etc.

    But the whole bunch of them would have missed the crucial prerequisite for weathering the storm together; i:e, the parties would have had to be traveling in the same direction prior to the storm. They would have to have been growing together; they would have had to have the same level of consciousness about life and its meaning to them; have the same hopes and dreams; have a similar outlook on life, etc.

    All of which a strong couple like B&A have; like other couples who successfully weather storms together have.

    Couples who begin their ‘marriage’ believing it has a definite shelf life; that it will ‘run its course’ and when that time comes, then sayonara!; and who pledge at the outset that when the parties stop growing together then its time for sayonara, dont have a snowball’s chance in h3ll of weathering any storms.


  • WandaBread

    I think Angelina was speaking from personal experience. She got out of her first marriages pretty quickly. They both only lasted 2 or 3 years.

  • busted

    I think she is talking about the characters. Roland wants to work it out.. Vanessa is the one pulling away.

    Thank GOD she did end those marriages.. and so glad Brad didn’t want to “work it out”..sometimes marriages need to end. I

  • Dawne

    I am experiencing vertigo from spinning from one thread to another……….I had hoped there would be a thread on the VF Italian issue cause they are my fave pics of all time of the JP’s. But I shan’t complain amid this abundance of riches.

  • Felinelilly

    Wonderful interview. Angelina, and Brad, always have interesting things to say. People of substance rather than vapidity.

  • Dawne

    For Queenie:

    DId you see the cabinet Trudeau put together………..equal men to women………physically challenged, Inuit, Sikh, Afghani, …………an amazing reflection of our multi cultural values and female equality. He has gotten off to a superlative start.

  • Passing Through

    I saw a new thread last night before I went to bed and now Jared has another another. When it rains it pours. And then after next week we’ll be back to having a 3-month drought unless there are set pix from Cambodia…

  • Dawne

    I think he spent years trying to work it out and finally realized he didn’t love her enough to continue. He also realized they were just really different people with radically different life goals. I am still awed that he tried as long as he did.

  • Dawne

    Yeah, feast or famine.

  • WandaBread

    Could be a little bit of both.

    Yep. Very true.

  • busted

    I was thinking about that.. I better soak it all up..

    decided to work from home today.. not getting much done.
    thank goodness I have the job I do; nobody checks up on me.. hehehe..

  • aimee

    I think Brad tried, especially in the begining. He used to say therapy wasn’t for him and yet soon after marrying Aniston, she dragged him to counseling. He tried, then he turned into a donut, only to finally wake up and realize a marriage can’t survive if the couple wants different things in life.

  • Lily

    I think Angie said that because she is from a divorce family, divorce is hard for a family with kids especially very hard for kids.

  • Lady Valeria

    Ughhhh, yes.

  • Icetea

    The movie sound like a good relationship etc drama. I want to see what the story line is. But I’m a kind of worry that crazy chick will be one of the first to see it as she always do to their movies (lol) and ruin/spoilt it by telling it as she did for one of their movies.

  • 50ftQueenie

    Yes!! What a breath of fresh air he is to Canada already. And what a standard to set in the international community. Finally a politician that is all action instead of meaningless words. So happy I voted Liberal 😉.

  • Dawne


    I saw your reply but it did not post for some reason. Yes, we have elected a man who is a true reflection of this country’s values. I am going to post a link for you that is priceless……….don’t miss a word of lyric……..

  • sera

    I think Angie was ok with the WSJ shoot because she is probably tired of all the tabloid skinny stories. She looks amazing.

  • aimee

    That hasn’t stopped Radar online’s bs.

  • Lylian

    I agree with you. I believe Brad did try to make his marriage work. He was married to JHair for 4 years. He went back to Jhair even after he had fallen in love with Angelina to see if he could salvage his marriage.

  • aimee

    But I agree, she looks amazingly beautiful, healthy, and happy.

  • Lylian

    Agree. these photos of Angelina by Peter Lindbergh are gorgeous.

  • neer

    I love the style of photographer Peter Lindbergh. He has done AJP on WSJ mag. He also photographed AJBP on Vogue (Italian Edition). Those are my fave new sets of pics of them.

    As what the photographer said, “You don’t shoot the architecture of a person – you shoot what comes out of them to you.” Hence, he brought the natural shot of his subjects which is better than the ones that looked artificial (on other celebs). As I understand, it was his wish to photograph AJP…. and he got his wish. And I really love the results.

    I think, AJBP have a new fave photographer.

  • 50ftQueenie

    Lol very creative, makes you shake your head that it took 10 years for Canada to wake up. But the liberals had a lot to sort out in that time too. I hope Trudeau keeps his energy and hopefulness and doesn’t become jaded and lose his values.

  • ali7

    Anyone noticed that the JP don’t TV shows to promote their movie instead do a lot of magazine cover

  • 50ftQueenie

    Really. She looks like an average thin woman. She has skinny arms and it gives the impression that she is thinner than she really is. I have skinny arms too and the same protruding wrist bone that Angie has. I wouldn’t say I have an eating disorder by any definition lol.

  • theful

    gosh so many threads in one day and I haven’t finished reading the old ones yet…

  • Lady Valeria

    I have a friend who’s Canadian and she was SO excited about Trudeau.

  • aimee

    Am the same. Any extra weight goes to my stomach. No matter how much I gain, my arms and legs remain thin.

  • Lylian

    BTW, just have to say: I’ve never seen Anna Wintour smile so much or look so animated – ever – in a photo, as the ones I’ve seen when she’s chatting to the Jolie Pitts.

    LOL! Anna Wintour – fan grilling Angelina and Brad. How deliciously cute is that!!

  • aimee

    Brad’s never really liked doing those night time talk shows.

  • aimee

    I was kinda hoping Angie would do theTonight Show to make up for last year.