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Taylor Swift's Brother Makes Epic Video Response to Kanye West's Lyrics About Her

Taylor Swift's Brother Makes Epic Video Response to Kanye West's Lyrics About Her

Taylor Swift‘s younger brother Austin just made an epic response to Kanye West‘s mention of Taylor in his new song “Famous.”

After hearing that Kanye rapped about having sex with Taylor, the 23-year-old took to his Instagram to share his response.

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In the video, Austin throws some major shade and picks up his pair of Yeezy sneakers and throws them right in the trash!

“Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again,” he captioned the video.

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  • Sim

    Good, Kanye’s batshyt crazy, that demented fool should be shunned.

    And how do you make someone famous when they had already WON Album of Year at the Grammy’s ( award Beyonce and Kanye haven’t won) the highest honour in music industry.

    Out sold both Kanye and Beyoncé COMBINED for their albums released that year.
    And she that stage at MTV cause BEAT out Beyoncé’s only #1 hit in a decade.

    This is Swift’s fault too, you don’t make friends/ nice with ghetto blacks, they’re the first snakes in the grass
    Notice Beyonce, JayZ or Rihanna ( once supporters of each other) weren’t at his show.
    Beyonce used Chris Martin’s friendship to takeover with her racist black power agenda Super Bowl. JayZ screwing over Rihanna’s with her album release knowing his wife’s tour and album was coming out.

    That bitch’s Super Bowl was her fat ass alone, except the minute she gave to her so called ” best friends” ALL SNAKES IN THE GRASS.

  • dgr57


  • Marie Bano

    You need to calm down and stop being racist. Why are you dragging Beyonce into Kanyes mess and foul mouth. This spectacle of a disaster that is Kanyes life has nothing to do with Beyonce. Beyonce stood up for Taylor and had her come up on stage with her after Kanye rushed the stage to steal Taylors spotlight, I see you have forgotten that.

  • cobten

    Which version of the Colonel Bogey March is he whistling? The cheeky war version?

  • millerz

    and TMZ says their Taylor source says Taylor gave the “OK” for the lyrics as she realized the joke..

    Yea Ok? Wheres the joke in those lyrics? “Kanye’s getting blasted by Swift fans who think he’s taking a shot at her. Not the case.” TMZ needs a new source thats not a Kardashian. Her friends are blasting Kanye.. 3 of whom were in attendence at his show tonight.. GIGI HADID, KARLI KLOSS AND JAIME KING. and then this EPIC video from her brother. I HIGHLY DOUBT Taylor even KNEW

  • j k

    so they have to insult your sister to realize his “fashions” are shit?

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Which makes a powerful statement except he already paid for the shoes.

  • tia maria

    there is nothing epic about his response

  • Aoedele

    Ignorant w/ a keyboard. Gross.

  • Aoedele

    Thank you! And would these sites find another word than “slam?”

  • johnny1248

    Does anyone realize that Taylor Swift is such an overrated artist and got sick of always seeing her always in headlines every day ?

  • Gina

    I smell a PR stunt. All parties are in on it. Mark my words.

  • Conte435

    Kanye fan calling someone else ignorant

  • Conte435

    Don’t delude yourself
    There all the same , Rihanna’s even on this song with Kanye about Taylor Swift.

    I guess you didn’t see the interview where few months Beyoncé fdefending Kanye charging the stage.. How he just so passion about fights for ” good music”

    The heifer defending Kanye while complimenting her own mind numbing music.

  • Sim

    My point is even more valid, just read that Rihanna is on this track with Kanye , figures.

    All snakes in the grass

  • Sim

    Are you a toddler .. ” gross” .??

    Your comments on other posts about how you” love ” Kanye’s new music.

    Don’t know what’s worse Kanye or his racist, misogynist fans.

    He’s great when he makes derogatory remarks about white women, even his wife.

    But they would lose their shit if he made a derogatory song about a famous black women,
    like Beyoncé.

  • Sim

    Only a twisted doucebag would blame Taylor because Kanye is using her name for publicly $ to promote his music.

    How can you be ” overrated” if your sales match your fame,
    what’s overrated is trash like Kanye , who last album in total had 600 thousand albums to date.

  • Sim

    The were shoes that he most likely got for free , like every other celebrity and their brother who have wore them.

    And he threw them in the garage … Were they belong with the trash just like Kanye and Kardiasan family.

  • Sim

    Think that’s your ass you’re smelling.

  • Gina

    My ass smells like fresh lavender, bitch.

  • Aoedele

    He’s racist? How? Misogynistic yes, but how is he racist?

  • Aoedele

    Yeezus sold over 700,000 copies in the US alone and was his most critically album to date. That “overrated trash,” has won 20 Grammys, where are yours?

    Ever thought they’re both using each other? Of course Lilly white Taylor can’t be that calculating.

  • disqus_tu0VPi4B9Z

    Well it is not the first time for West to insult Taylor. I think she needs to be more careful with the people she choose as friends. West and his Kadashians family are fakes. They’re only interested in fame and attention and they like to use others. So it’s time to learn the lesson. Get out of all about this false family! It is so stupid see how many artist look for be related with them.