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Amber Heard Leaves Court with Bruised Face, Granted Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Leaves Court with Bruised Face, Granted Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard looks somber while making her way out of a court house on Friday morning (May 27) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress had a bruise on her face, which she claims was given to her by husband Johnny Depp in a domestic violence incident last weekend.

Amber was granted a restraining order against Johnny and he must stay 100 yards away from her until a hearing next month, according to TMZ.

There were other requests that Amber had, including the right to live in the family house, to keep Johnny away from their dogs, possession of their Range Rover, attorney’s fees, and spousal support of $50,000 per month. The only other thing she was granted was the right to stay in the home.

While leaving court, Amber remained silent and was mobbed by photographers and television crews. See the video below.

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  • Lili

    It her best acting job, after filling for divorce she was at Tiffany bruises free.

  • Fader

    Johnny is the new Chris Brown, Dr.Luke, Sean Penn. He’s a loser and Disney will never hire him again.

  • leila

    they still have to release the latest pirate movie, they already loss a lot on his surgery. Shut production down for a month. They will try to save/help him. Too much money on the hook

  • Little Paper Stars

    Wow, she even bothered to go for the Range Rover.

  • 777

    I don’t know why so many people are quick to call Depp a saint. The guy is an addict, has been for years. Alcohol makes you do a lot of stuff.
    Oh, and if Amber was doing all of this for pure gold digging reasons, this wasn’t the way to do it. If she’s lying, she won’t get spousal support or a job in this industry. Filing for divorce 2 days after his mom past away is another stupid decision. These aren’t the moves of a gold digger, for the sole reason that they’re not smart.

  • Little Paper Stars

    According to this she wasn’t granted spousal support, only the right to remain in the house

  • 777

    This wasn’t the final hearing though. She did get a restraining order which means the judge thought there were enough evidence to keep Johnny away.

  • Elphie-chan

    It’s so sad, Hollywood will always chose Johnny over Amber. I might say her movie career is over.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Chile…this is a lot to take in. Vanessa Paradis is sipping wine on her balcony right now and toasting to Karma

  • Wendy

    So the cops said there were no signs of injuries when they were called…she was seen the next day without bruises…and then shows up to court with a “bruise” that looks more like a scrape to me. And she looks like she’s trying wayyyyy too hard to look sad. All after he asked the judge to reject the spousal support did this come out. Seems to me like she’s hoping for a big payday from Depp to shut her up. Even if it’s not true, she knows it will ruin his reputation enough that he would want her to stop. She’s a smart little gold digger.

  • Pat Kerr

    So she can really act. She can kiss any amicable divorce/settlement goodbye. The dirt is going to be flying in both directions and the acting skills of both them will on display for months.

  • VanityInsecurity

    disgusting vile woman.

  • Ash

    Ikr? A true lesbian at heart. Lol!

  • Kaitlyn

    The guy often goes in full character to children’s hospitals. He doesn’t announce to press or make a big deal at all. He does it because a little effort from him can cause a big emotional impact in a suffering child. That doesn’t make him a saint, but in comparison to many other celebs then people like Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Johnny Depp are being more than just “movie stars”

    Now, IF the new news is true then that’s a bummer for fans and his image. But it doesn’t change the fact that Amber Heard is gold digging. She may be younger than him but she’s not a child. So get up and leave and even file charges if you want. But to demand money? Why?

  • Kaitlyn

    Restraining Orders aren’t hard to get. And when you consider the timing of it then you have to question “Why now and why not a week ago when the incident happened”.

    I’m not saying anyone is innocent here. I’m just saying that she’s putting on her best performance for the crowds.

  • 777

    Depp has history of drug and alcohol abuse. He also has a history with women. Check out some rumours about him and Kate Moss. Just because he’s doing one great thing, doesn’t mean he can’t do other despicable things.
    Amber might be a bitch and a gold digger, but the fact that so many people here are still convinced that this is all a part of a masterplan is pretty ridiculous. Instead of thinking that the reason she filed for divorce 2 days after his mom past away is the abuse, they think she invented the abuse because she got backlash. Everyone is sure he’s lying because he’s the beloved superstar and she’s the young actress (and not a good one) that manipulated him into marry her.

  • Elphie-chan

    Right on Kaitlyn! Why is Amber asking spousal support? She a gold digger and her movie career is over. Ok what if Johnny hit her, than why she asking for money. Tina Turner never asked for money from Ike. Just saying.

  • 777

    The second she asked for divorce 2 days after his mom died i thought something big happened. No one is that stupid.

  • bbm


  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Oh please, you can tell she is milking it all the way.

  • shoes4life

    Oh boy, I see Johnny chose a nutter. This could go very bad for him, if she put in a good show. Stay tuned…

  • Domino

    Was waiting for the people who would defend her just because she’s a woman.

  • 777

    I’m not defending her because she’s a women. I’m defending her because it’s too easy just to blame her than the beloved actor. Also, the signs are there, if she’s just a gold digger who made this whole thing up, she’s the most stupid gold digger i have ever seen.

  • Domino

    I’m not even a fan of his, honestly. It’s just blatantly obvious! Her entire “carrier” has been about making headlines. There are a lot of “celebrities” who have been abusers, it doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re an abuser then you are one. But there’s also many crazy bitches out there and as far as I have known who this girl is, that’s always the way she’s come off.

  • 777

    She might be a bitch, i don’t know her. I’m not even a fan of her, and i actually like a lot of Depp’s movies. I’m just looking at this situation logically. You people are basically saying that this girl was smart enough to manipulate him into marrying her without a prenup (!!!) yet somehow she was stupid enough to file for divorce 2 days after his mom died. That just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Kyle Millert

    Wow. I feel like a dick. Think it’s high time I mind my business about these two. No matter how much they suddenly transform into fame whores trying to break-neck to get you to notice them when they want you to go see their crapy movies, this may be a more serious issue than anyone realizes yet. …. Though I hear she didn’t have those bruises right after filing divorce and was shopping in public which doesn’t ring true for an abuse sufferer who has to live in public eye. Even if she covered it with make up at the time or tried to talk to Johnny privately after filing and he potentially attcked her, this one’s a little fishy so far.

  • Leyzzle Swizzle

    johnny’s is also over

  • Dee

    wasn’t she shopping yesterday? after the divorce announcement??? I know make-up can hid things, but this doesn’t make sense…

  • Dee

    Johnny’s not a saint, but alcoholic doesn’t equal abuser. His whole fam hated Amber because they knew what she was planing.

  • Dee

    Did she have one?

  • Kaitlyn

    Not arguing but let’s consider where we’re talking. Just Jared. There’s a dozen articles about Johnny Depp, the psychotic domestic abuser. But where was this kind of scrutiny when the Kardashians crashed their car, or their bodyguards attack fans or Bruce Jenner freaking KILLS someone with his negligent driving?

    I’m not defending Depp. I’m just answering your question as to why he gets more bonus points than most people would in a similar situation. As gossip hungry readers then we’re familiar with how disgusting celebs are. So when there’s a ray of hope that some of them may only be 49% gross then it’s hard to just turn on them without first questioning the accusers.

  • Amber


  • 777

    Are you seriously suggesting that the Kardashian family doesn’t get enough hate from the internet?
    And it’s not getting bonus points as opposed to someone who isn’t famous, it’s getting bonus points as opposed to his alleged victim. People here are 100% positive that she made up everything. How do you know?

  • Domino

    You’re talking like she’s supposed to be the brightest crayon in the box. Again, you’re trying to give her too much credit.

  • Maggie P.U.

    He was gone…and there is a instagram of her partying that Sunday night. There is another article stating that. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Love the “new” look

  • Elphie-chan

    LOL, Well she will be in Aquaman movie.

  • Elphie-chan

    If Johnny career is over then he rich. Why
    is Amber asking spousal support? She a gold digger and her movie career
    is over. Ok what if Johnny hit her, than why she asking for money. Tina
    Turner never asked for money from Ike. Just saying.

  • 777

    No, you guys are the ones who gave her too much credit, saying that she somehow made Depp marry her without prenup. Also, you don’t have to be super smart to know that filing for divorce 2 days after his mom died is the stupidest thing you could do.

  • TUTU

    Considering JUSTICE LEAGUE is filming right now in London in which she is set to play Mera… I really doubt she would have “cooked this all up” for PR or any other sick reason people are coming up with to defend Depp. This is her biggest role she’s landed in her career, so it makes no sense for her to jeopardize it by going into so much personal and legal drama in public. She must have really felt like this marriage was destroying her emotionally and now physically.

  • Mimilarue82

    this is real bullshit. If she was a victim of an abuser why would she ask to stay in the family house? who in their right mind would ask to stay in a house with such dark and traumatic events..just because of that request I believe she is no victim but its all an act. It doesn’t matter if its fake, the damage is done and that is all she wanted from the start.

  • niagirl

    Unless he popped her too. She let him go with no fuss.

  • Becky

    This girl is known to have a nasty attitude. She is not a nice person. I’m gonna have to call BS on this story. She needs to pull herself together.

  • 😼HH😼

    And………the DC movies is NOT really good movies. Might be something else if it was from the Marvel movies. Seems to me she has taken the playbook from one Madelina Ghenea (if you don’t know, look her up) on how to fight back and try to screw a man over.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    oh-my-god what is going on???

  • Elizabeth Martin

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  • Kaitlyn

    Never mind. You’re getting very emotional over this and all I’m doing is giving you the psychology of gossip readers. I’m not looking to argue with you or defend celebrities. I was just participating in a discussion.

  • 777

    LOL, i’m getting emotional? Over 2 celebrities that aren’t my favourites or that i hate? Ok, good to know.

  • Ulysses Joyce

    you are getting emational since you are an SJW and you have feels over reals.

  • 777

    Sure. Don’t even know what SJW means, but ok.

  • Ulysses Joyce

    Well it means Social Justice Warrior.