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Celebs React to Dallas Police Officers Shot & Killed at Black Lives Matter Protest

Celebs React to Dallas Police Officers Shot & Killed at Black Lives Matter Protest

Four police officers have been killed and several others have been injured following shootings at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

In a statement released by Chief Brown, the Dallas Police Department said: “Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally. Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition. An intensive search for suspects is currently underway. No suspects are in custody at this time. We ask that any citizen with information regarding the shooting tonight call 214-671-3482.”

After the initial statement was released, it was confirmed that an additional officer was shot and killed.

Celebs like Olivia Wilde, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Don Cheadle, and many more are reacting to the news.

Click inside to read what more celebs are saying about the shooting…

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  • VanityInsecurity

    f*cken celebs have an opinion over everything.. like stfu for once everything is so PR related can’t take anyone of them seriously.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Oh please! Just yesterday over half of these celebturds were calling the cops corrupt and all ! Now they want to express condolences to the cops who were killed by those awful BLM protesters? Disgusting!

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    See how hypocritical these celebsturds are? Just yesterday they were proclaiming that child molester was innocent and suddenly they want to express condolences to the cops who got killed by those bandits?

  • AeeJay

    These are the same damn celebrities that condemn the police when they shoot someone.. you just can’t condemn the blue and then sympathize with them.. like please already go live your lives in your penthouses snorting coke & worry about your fading looks.. no one values your opinions! Hypocrites!!!!

  • Koos

    police-men in the USA dont try to talk things over first, THEY SHOOT RIGHT AWAY!!

  • Guest

    Frankie grande isn’t a celeb

  • Bryant Larsen

    I know other people are thinking it too: when you champion obviously anti-police groups like BLM….this is where it leads

  • Von

    HAS lead to it for the last few years, crime rates especially violent crime has increased in some cities by double digits.
    And police departments like Dallas and Baltimore see sharp decline in police, while crime is going up.
    Police killing have increased 5 years annually, why put on a uniform and badge for these cities, if something happens officials through them under bus and to only get vilified by celebrities and media culture.

    age of Obama
    And will get worse under Hillary.

  • 777

    Thank god Azealia Banks’ account is shut down.

  • Sondra786345

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  • Von

    neither are most of these people, doesn’t stop this site from calling them celebrities.

  • Lenny

    Look at names, it’s always same piece of shit celebrities who foment hate and divsion then spout their token bullshit to look they gave a crap, when it enviably leads to what happened in Dallas.

  • NerdyBirdy

    yah whatever HYPOCRITES!!!

  • Conte435

    Problem is social media has given a voice to too many stupid fucks with chips on their shoulders, so they’re actual small world view has out size influence especially with the liberal national media, who’ve been pushed to be even more partisan and liberal as their influence declines.

  • Conte435

    tomorrow the news narrative will be: the shooters were completely unaffiliated with black lives matter, and laws must be put in place to ban “assault weapons.” has anybody else had enough of this yet?

  • starfan

    This is a tragedy on many levels. The 2 men shot to death by Police Officers was tragic to watch. One question I have is that although these 2 men did in no way deserve to be killed – why carry a gun on your person? Even if, by law, you can carry a concealed weapon, why would you want to have it on you, tucked into your back pocket? My family also owns guns, but we only use them at a gun range and for shooting skeet. They are locked up in a special case at home and transported to those places in those cases in the trunk of our car – even though we have a legal permit. This is not to say that these men should have been shot to death, no excuse for that – but why would you have a gun tucked into your pants? Now the cycle starts. Dallas – a city not involved in the 2 shooting deaths of the 2 young men, yet over 10 police officers are shot & 5 die in the line of duty. Will this help solve the problem of unnecessary shootings of black men? Violence does not stop violence. Have guns if you want, but it seems best to have them locked up at home or in the trunk of your car. Its just not worth the hassle. Is thst fair? No, but it’s not worth one life lost.

  • :)

    These are the same celebrities who call for riots and protest after someone is shot by police. These are the same people who create songs and a culture about sex,drugs, rape,and violence. These are the people who need to stop influencing the culture and creating racial, gender, and political divides. Celebrities want to help the blm, minorities, and women? Invest your celebrity dollars in the education and social issues surround the African American, minorities, and women in communities STOP giving us violence!

  • el douche

    Both blm and police are to blame. Both sides have been acting retarded and continuously adding fuel to each others respective fires while the rest of america burns.

  • sydney jane

    The Black Lives Matter movement may have started out with good intentions, but unfortunately, they were taken over by the police-hating radical left wing of the Democratic party. And, I bet these cop killers are all Hilary supporters, too (only saying that because the media is always quick to point out if they find that the “shooter” is from the right).

  • Pacman Wiseguy

    being against police high handedness is not the same as being anti-police. we are a free society. folks can critique the police. in at least few of the incidents the police have been trigger happy.

    the real elephant in the room is crime and complete breakdown in African American neighborhoods

  • Pacman Wiseguy

    while the cops response might have been heavy handed or excessive in many cases it beats the life of me to why a lot of these black men do not comply with police.

    if the cops say lie down just lie down. raise your hands just raise your hands. at least you live at the end of the day.

  • Christine Collado

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!uf191w:….,…..

  • AntikytheraDevice

    Their empty Twitter and Facebook posts fucking disgust me. No backpedaling now, this is what you fuckers wanted. Enjoy.

  • Kyle Millert

    This country was founded on protesting. No taxation without representation and all that. People are dying under ugly and very easily avoidable circumstances with no remorse from the very people who swore to protect them. The law is flawed and weighted against many people. That’s a fact of life we all live out every day. When I was little I looked up to police officers and wanted to be one when I got older but once I hit my 20′s and realized how dangerous it was to nonwhite and crossing paths with a police officer all of that admiration turned into fear. Recognizing that police officers aren’t infallible superhumans and need to be held accountable for their actions like every other citizen is not the same as hating them.

  • Wendy Goldeen Nhanicee


  • Cezar

    America have a very big social problem since the day the first Black Slave Man was kidnapped and forced to work for a rich White man in America.
    The racism is endemic in America.
    For me it´s revolting and incomprehensible the form Blacks and Latinos are discriminated and treated in America. Beginning with the derogative and discriminative term of calling Americans with black skin with the pure racist, divisive and xenophobic term of Africa-Americans.
    Black Americans need to stand up, they can not permitted this constant bulling and killings of Blacks by the Police and by the powerful racist American minority. Blacks need to have proud and fight for their race, yes, fight for the right to be a equal American citizen and not a Africa-American citizen of 2º class.
    Blacks must to realize that racism exist because the white racist is afraid of the Black race because they know Blacks have some genetic qualities that make them specials and the white racist is afraid because deep inside them they know Blacks are a superior race.
    Did you ever ask why Blacks are more strong, more tall and more fast them other race in all World ???
    Why the Blacks dominated Basketball, Box, Baseball, Athleticism and many other physical sports ???
    Why the Blacks are more sexual and have bigger sexual organs ???
    why the Blacks have more rhythm , are better dancers, have great voices and have a dominate presence in the music culture ???
    The Black race have conquer many sectors of our society, only some sectors we see few blacks, like Science, Literature, Banks, Big Corporations, News Corporations, Industrial sectors, Oil, Mines, etc. but i believed we don´t see many Blacks in this sectors is because education and opportunities. But with access to studies, education and investment the Blacks will be so successful in this social sectors just like any other race.
    The Black race are the race that we, all the humans in the world come from, they have the oldest and more genetic mutations in their poll of genes, the Black race are the fathers of all the other races in our Planet.
    So it´s time the Blacks in America to stand up and begin to scream to all world that Blacks are a PROUD RACE, without fear or any complex Blacks need to embraced the SPECIAL HUMAN QUALITIES they have and start to live in America or any other place with all the dignity, respect and nobility that Black Race deserve.

    PS: the guy that kill the Policy was a danger criminal and need to be judge but i never saw a Police organization or a State Government to decide to do a execution and assassinate that criminal with a Bomb delivered by a robot !!!! WTF…. where did we are going??? did this is legal?? did the Police have the right to kill the man just because he was a Police Killer??
    Next time we will see Drones with machine guns flying in the street killing and bombing any person . The Police is doing something very danger.

  • Sim

    His motive was as you’d imagine, provoked by Black Lives Matter rhetoric.

    And on that: Why is rhetoric only a concern when uttered by right-leaning people? Everything they god-damned say is apparently likely to incite some maniac somewhere; but Black Lives Matter can march down the streets chanting “WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS! WHEN DO WE WANT THEM? NOW!” and this has no propensity to incite cop-killing at all.

  • frabn

    Very true and sad. BLM is now a slogan for anti-police rioting and anti-white genocidal decrees.

  • frabn

    And don’t forget that Barry will say the shooter was misguided, confused and angry, and that he “could’ve been my son”.

  • frabn

    I agree. For every bad cop that does something like this there are 1000 more good ones. We never hear about them though. We never hear about the heroics. We always hear about the overreach and heavy handedness. And radical BLM supporters that fuel the fire are always seen as victims. Both feed into each other and make matters worse.

  • Lenny

    People don’t facts ” spam” my comment lol

    That’s the problem with idiots like you, moral equivalency were none exist. One was child rapest who had a illegal gun on him and police were called because he was threatening to kill people, resisted arrest and the other was a traffic stop gone wrong, this happens to a nonblack person, the police kill them unlawfully, we expect them charged, it doesn’t turn into a excuse to riot, kill and loot
    Obama and his minions have control over the federal government these last 8 years, including the Justice Department and FBI, all who have finale say if a cops are charged .. So all this is for what,?? Blacks control the power structures , Black President , Black head of the Justice Department, Black head of Homeland Security
    This isn’t about black lives or justice ( obviously look at crime in black cities) it is about race agitating
    Then to compare their deaths to acts of war, coordinated ambush and using sniper rifles (hunting guns no one demands be outlawed) shooting at dozens of unsuspecting police just doing their job, protecting the rights of people like you to rally
    Killing 5 innocent men who did more keep anarchy off the streets and protect citizens these pathetic celebrities could dream.

  • frabn

    I can tell from your English and your very warped view of America that you are not American, and your opinion is clearly based only on what social media tells you.

    Fun fact regarding slavery, countering the very first statement in your rant: Concerning Africans that were “kidnapped” and “forced to work for rich whites in America” – who did the kidnapping? Let’s look at historical facts. That Atlantic Slave Trade, which saw thousands of Africans used for slavery during the European colonization period, was perpetuated BY AFRICANS.

    Slaves were bought by Europeans from African tribal war leaders that kidnapped their fellow man or enslaved them after wiping out their tribes, villages and individual ethnic groups within their region to assert their dominance. They then sold these slaves and captives en masse to European colonials, who then transported them to the New World.

    Slavery is nothing new, and has existed for many thousands of years. Contrary to the uneducated beliefs of many, slavery is not a “white” thing – it has forever been perpetuated by Africans and Arabs. It is an invention of inter-tribal warfare among African ethnicities and Arabs. In fact, slavery STILL exists in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

    Know your facts.

  • Lenny

    “Never hear about their heroics”, about this the worst mass killing of cops since 911.
    You know when everyone was running away from burning, crumbling building and cops were running towards them.
    Think any of these loser celebrities would risk thier lives for complete strangers. All they’re good for, is #hashtags activism, spreading hate and inflammatory rhetoric.
    How about the” black lives ” protester who said once the shooting started a cop saved his life.

    We are being indoctranated by the left who want to destroy all fountains of Western society for last 2000 years.
    How come none these people ever know any of the cops names killed this year , besides last few years.

  • frabn

    The guy that was shot had an extensive criminal record dating back over 25 years. He should’ve been locked up and had the key thrown away over a decade ago. Instead, because of the warped justice system, he was still out and free. Unfortunately his lifestyle was going to bring him into this kind of conflict inevitably with police or some other entity that would have gotten him killed.

    EVERYONE is ignoring his heinous background – vicious domestic abuse and battery charges, countless charges of armed robbery, and his latest – failing to register as a sex offender. Such a charmer and upstanding citizen.

    I’m not condoning his death, but there was only one path for this mongrel to take. It’s just sad that it happened the way it did.

  • labman57

    Which of the following is abhorrent?
    1) People rationalizing the shooter(s?) actions because of the recent shootings of young black men by police.
    2) People capitalizing on this tragedy by blaming the entire BLM movement.
    3) People politicizing the tragedy by claiming “it’s Obama’s fault”.
    4) All of the above

  • frabn

    If that was true, there would be reports of several thousand police shootings on a daily basis. It would also mean the African American population, which is believed to consist of roughly 14% of the USA, would be reduced down to 5% or less.

    Obviously, this is not true.

  • frabn

    The guy shot in his car was a licened concealed carrier and to my knowledge had no record. That was disgraceful and should never have happened.

    The one who was pinned to the ground and shot had an extensive record and as a career felon should not have had a gun, as it was illegal for him to have one.

    Sadly, the warped mentality of protesters in this day and age is to retaliate and kill, no think things through.

    This murder event has only made matters worse. Whether they realize it or not, these protesters are angering people even more. They are pushing people to vote for Trump. They are widening the racial divide. This is just the beginning.

  • frabn

    Exactly. When such events happen, and a BLM protester, exactly as you pointed out, says a cop saved his life during the shootings, it gets buried. The leftist media wants to bury it all and show us only the violence at hand. It’s disgusting.

  • Lenny

    Read a history book you idiot, it was the Islamic conquer of Africa in the 7 th century by Arabic armies that brought slavery as practice to Africa, perpetuated by African tribal practices that would sell waring Tribes kidnaped to slave traders.
    The Arabic slave trade of African’s close to 20 million was double that of tran Atlantic slave trade and lasted until fall Turkish empire , who’s slave trade of whites was over 5 million.

    Slavery and indentured servitude is practiced parts Asia , Middle East and Africa.

    Why haven’t black migrated to live under black majority countries and laws last 200 years of freedom, wasn’t Liberia and Haiti created from freed slaves . Over 100 million Eurpeans migrated in the 19 and 20 century to the new world countries that had less then homelands just for a chance different life, less then million blacks in America at the end civil war and decades late, no stopped them from leaving.

  • Lenny

    A 19 year kid Dylan Noble was gunned down by cops in Fresno, California, on June 24 no police arrested or released from duty.

    Unarmed, no record, 4 bullets to the chest while lying on the ground.

    No riots and no revenge killing of cops and no celebrities #hastages… Oh the kid was white , so not the right colour for today celebrities social justice warriors.

  • Gina

    None of them ever said that cops should be killed. That is not the type of justice that is being sought & that is not the answer. Wanting justice and having sympathy for the cops killed are NOT mutually exclusive.

    Don’t bother responding because I know you’re only gonna give an ignorant response and I won’t give you the satisfaction of roping me into your racist BS. BYE!

  • Gina

    None of them ever said that cops should be killed. That is not the type of justice that is being sought & that is not the answer. Wanting justice and having sympathy for the cops killed are NOT mutually exclusive.

    Don’t bother responding because I know you’re only gonna give an ignorant response and I won’t give you the satisfaction of roping me into your racist BS. BYE!

  • MetalQuintessence

    Eventho I am one of these ppl who think that all ppl should have right of a say, including celebrities, however in this case I agree.

    Most of these tweets and other public statements are empty and meaningless, with no purpose other than to show that “X” celeb “cared” and “showed compassion”.

    I understand when they express that they feel angry, sad or whatever, but I mean wtf good does a tweet like “Stay Safe” does?

    It’s a good wish, only if you hadn’t contributed to adding fuel in the fire earlier.

    Yes, all lives matter, including some black and some police lives too. Namely those who aren’t out to kill you.

    But spreading hatred and separation doesn’t help.

    What about the fact that there are also white ppl killed by black policemen and some of whom weren’t charged for it. Yes, black ppl are killed more often by police than white ppl. What does it matter for each individual?

    Lives are not just a statistic.

    For the family and friends of any victim, they don’t care about that. Should they suffer less, bcs the chance of him being killed was less.

    Even if the fact is such that there are more unarmed black ppl shot by police, still BLM and shit like that is not the right way to go. You’re only creating more separation between races and you’re not actually trying to fix the actual problem. It’s been more often used by celebs like that guy at the BET awards who was praised for his inspirational, albeit racist speech. After which no one was more interested to help black ppl have less struggles. There were only shit like Jesse 4 pres. Such ppl only these tragedies to boost their own career and public image while doing nothing to help victims. Take Bono for example and his “charity” life long work. Did he helped anyone in Africa for the past decades? The situation there is still the same and even worse. So is the case with these new “humanitarians”.

    The right way is to try and stop the killings regardless of race or color. Bcs, even if the cases of white ppl are much less, they still exist and that concerns white ppl as well. So why not work together against the problem instead of separating yourself?

    I can understand the actual victims feeling that way, but celebs and other public speakers who aren’t directly affected by such a tragedy, e.g. they haven’t had a friend or family killed, should try and do their best to address it in a better way instead of acting like egocentric spoiled brat whiners spreading hatred and separation.

  • Lenny

    So is the DOJ gonna get involved in this obvious hate crime against White Police?

    Will be interesting to see how Loretta Lynch balances the recent cop shootings vs. last nights BLM-inspired ambush and mass slaughter of police. That the shooter and the BPPO facebook page said more attacks coming is very unsettling.

    Somehow I think she’ll manage to call us all racist gun nuts….Gah, so cynical and depressed at this point.

  • Lenny

    If this can happen in Dallas, where they haven’t even had one of the grievance-mongering, media-saturated deaths, it can happen in any city.

    And it’s not too far to jump from “kill white cops” to “kill white people.” DC sniper anyone?

    And if the Confederate flag had to come down because of Dylan Roof, then BLM has to be banned because of Micah X. Johnson.

    *Sorry he actually said kill white especially white cops… So ah is there flag the media can blame this one on.

  • Lenny

    “His motive was as you’d imagine, provoked by Black Lives Matter rhetoric.”

    A study in contrasts.

    White perp in Charleston said that he “wanted to kill black people”.

    The news media, bellowing at the top of their lungs: “DID YOU ALL HEAR THAT, AMERICA? THE GUY SAID HE WANTED TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE!”

    Black perp in Dallas said that he “wanted to kill white people”.

    The news media, using their hushed whispery voices: “It’s far too early to speculate regarding motive. Don’t be hasty. Let’s not jump to conclusions here.”

  • Lenny

    Who are you kidding there video chanting in New York rally last year
    BLM chanting ” want do we want, dead cops” some such vile rhetoric.

  • Gina

    They don’t speak for the entire movement and your bitter ass knows it.

  • Dimme

    Actually he had a record and was a gang member.
    The media as usual is hiding anything that doesn’t support their narrative
    But doing searches on the web, you can see his social media profiles and arrest record.

  • Dimme

    Isn’t that abhorrent , it’s almost like when the Church shooter according to the media and democrats acted with the entire South and the Confederacy to boot…