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Teen Choice Awards 2007 Latest News, Photos, and Videos

Josh Henderson @ Teen Choice Awards 2007

Josh Henderson plays the bad-boy nephew of Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) on Desperate Housewives but the 25-year-old singer/song writer first had his brush with fame during WB’s reality TV series Popstars 2 and the short-lived pop group Scene 23. Josh, 25, spoke with Just Jared on Sunday about an album in the works… and stuffed animals!

On if he’s still in touch with any of his former Scene 23 bandmates: “Dorothy is a good friend. Laurie a little bit but Dominique and Monique, I haven’t seen.”

On what his career’s been up to: “Still doing Desperate. then my music. I’ve been working at my music for the last three years. Trying to get a single on the radio before Christmas.”

On the best holiday gift he’s received: “This was a long time ago but Teddy Ruxpin. I got one of those [stuffed animals] and I flipped. I wish I had one today. You might be able to get them on eBay but yeah, Teddy Ruxpin was the coolest.”

On a favorite gift to give a girlfriend: “Anything that’s spontaneous and a little out there. Something that’s a little different. I like things that are not so generic. Flowers are always fun and all that stuff is great but they might expect that if you’re taking them on a first date. For special occasions, you should do something special, get something made, something a little different.”

On the best gift he’s given to parents: “I’ve taken my mom on vacation. hot hot hot summer and cold cold cold winters. I try to get her the coolest and newest massage chairs. She enjoys anything I give her.”

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Miley Cyrus @ Teen Choice Awards

Miley Cyrus was quite the sweetie pie at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards this past weekend.

When asked if she’d pose with an “I LOVE JUSTJARED.COM” sign, even though Miley wasn’t familiar with my site, she was more than willing and said, “Now I know where to get my celebrity gossip!”

The 14-year-old Disney star picked up two surfboards for summer artist and for best TV actress in a comedy with Hannah Montana. That show also was named best comedy TV program.

Tidbit: Cyrus gained her nickname “Miley” because she kept smiling (“Smiley”) as a youngster.

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Teen Choice Awards 2007 Photo Gallery

Emmy Rossum Pinks Out @ Teen Choice Awards

Emmy Rossum looked positively refreshing in hot pink Malandrino at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (her first TCAs).

“It felt very end of summer, very raspberry sherbert!” she said. Before pimping, Emmy shared about her upcoming album and her naked pool parties!

On her new album: October 23. It’s called “Inside Out” on Geffen Records. It’s extremely personal. I think there are very emotional songs that are very auto-biographical that was just piano vocal. And also there are some songs are very layered. Some songs are sexier and some are more honest, so I hope there’s something for everyone! Probably one or two of them [are dance-able]! But mostly it’s introspective music. I wanted to create it to take you away from the world as an escape from the rush of everyday life.

On how her sound is different than other artists: “It’s ambient pop. It’s really honest and sensual and fresh and the album is mostly me. It’s a lot of rich-layered vocals. 150 vocals on one track sometimes — it’s different sounding. I write for, I hope, real women. A lot of women on Top 40 are objectified. And I hope I can write for real women and show them in a way that’s honest and beautiful and sensual.”

On her touring in the near future: I just did a performance. Hopefully that’s the first thing you guys see. I’m also going to do Good Morning America and Leno towards the end of the year and then some other performances in at the beginning of next year in New York.

On her naked pool parties: “I went skinny-dipping at my fifth birthday party at a pool party that wasn’t supposed to be a naked pool party. But I didn’t know that because I didn’t like wearing clothes when I was younger. But thank God I don’t do that anymore!”

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Lauren & Audrina @ 2007 Teen Choice Awards

The Hills stars Lauren Conrad (in her own design) and Audrina Patridge (in Le Rok) stopped backstage to speak with for a little bit about their love lives and the upcoming season of their reality TV show. In between interviews, Mac commercial model/Live Free or Die Hard star Justin Long ran up to hug the girls, saying, “I love your show! My friends and I watch it together all the time!” Audrina and Justin took a picture together! Here’s the interview:

Audrina on her love life: “I’m dating someone but you’ll see everything [on 'The Hills'].”

Lauren on her dating life: “I’m not dating any ONE . . . . ”

Lauren on where they’ll put their surfboard: “On a place on our wall. Because it matches the colors of our living room!” (Lauren picked up for Choice TV Female Reality/Variety Star, and ‘The Hills’ won for Choice V Cast Video.)

Audrina on her relationship with Shannon Leto: “That was like two years ago! They filmed it but they didn’t show it. We’re still friends. He was just busy. He’s a really nice guy but I’m still so young. I wanna have fun and not be held down or committed. And he’s always on tour. Way too hard.”

Lauren on her recent lunch with Jen Bunney: “It’s a bummer. The paparazzi keep taking pictures of stuff that happens! It gives it away! There’s a reason that we’re meeting, though. Dun dun dun.”

Lauren on her butt slip: “When I was a sophomore in high school, I was in ASB (Associated Student Body) when we did the pep rallies. We couldn’t get people to participate in the activities, so they would pull the ASB kids out. I got called up to do Blow-Up Twister. That’s when the REALLY low-rise jeans was in and mine weren’t stretched. I was doing some really weird Twister move and I bent and my pants [motions] and my butt came up. And I was wearing granny panties! It was filmed and some girl on yearbook staff really didn’t like me. So she decided to replay it at the end of the year like the yearbook video, so that will always haunt me.”

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Sophia Bush Backstage at the TCAs

As expected, Sophia Bush was a complete doll when I ran into her backstage at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, where she picked up three surfboards in all the categories she was nominated for (Choice Movie Actress, Comedy for John Tucker Must Die, Choice Movie Actress, Horror/Thiller for The Hitcher and Choice Movie Breakout).

The One Tree Hill star was hilarious to talk to! She even complained to me about the work-out pictures I posted of her doing lunges with her trainer.

I asked, “Oh, you mean these? [motions lunge]”

Sophia laughed and explained, “Yeah, those!!! I looked awful!!!”

She was kind enough to pimp my blog and later spoke about her pet pooches, Patch and Ozzie. “Those are the boys,” she said proudly. “Those are my kids.”

Added Sophia, “I’m not one for stereotypes. I don’t like to judge a book by its cover. It’s the reason why I can’t comment on Kevin Federline because I don’t know him. My one-eyed pitbull that people are terrified of is a rescue and was abused. But he’s the best dog hands down I’ve ever had. And of all the animals that frequent the set where I work, he’s the best with babies, the best with kids and that’s something no one would expect. And you wouldn’t expect a 152-pound French mastiff, who looks like a gremlin on steroids to be a lap dog and to be the sweetest animal on the planet. It’s always nice to surprise people. I bring him to set everyday. He’s been everywhere with me but unfortunately, he couldn’t come up to Canada with me when I was shooting John Tucker and I thought I was going to die. My trailer was plastered in photos of him. My dogs surprise people and I enjoying surprising people.”

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