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Bobbi Kristina Is Not Awake, Says Whitney Houston's Family

Despite Bobby Brown announcing that his daughter Bobbi Kristina has awaken from a coma, new reports seem to point to that not being true.

Whitney Houston‘s family is denying that Bobbi is awake and that there is just “minimal” reaction, like an eye blink.

“She’s in the exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility,” the family told TMZ.

Bobby made his announcement during a concert on Saturday night and said that Bobbi is awake and watching him. We hope that day does come soon!

Ariana Grande Slays with Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' for Honeymoon Tour (Video)

Ariana Grande sings her heart out while giving an amazing surprise performance of Whitney Houston‘s classic song “I Have Nothing” during her The Honeymoon Tour concert on Wednesday (April 8) at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif.

The 21-year-old singer was joined by songwriter/producer David Foster on piano for the performance.

WATCH: Surprise performances from Justin Bieber during the same show!

“He’s one of the [most] incredible songwriters of all time and I can’t believe I’m actually about to perform with him,” Ariana said while introducing him to the stage. “We’re going to do one of my favorite songs of all time. It was my go-to song to sing at a gay bar, a karaoke bar… anywhere. So I’m actually going to get to perform it with him right now. This is such a surreal experience.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ariana Grande’s performance of “I Have Nothing?”

Ariana Grande – “I Have Nothing”
ariana grande slays with whitney houstons i have nothing 01
ariana grande slays with whitney houstons i have nothing 02
ariana grande slays with whitney houstons i have nothing 03
ariana grande slays with whitney houstons i have nothing 04
ariana grande slays with whitney houstons i have nothing 05

Dionne Warwick Hospitalized After Eerie Shower Accident

Dionne Warwick was hospitalized last week after falling in her shower at home.

The 74-year-old legendary singer slipped and fell in her shower at her South Orange, New Jersey home on January 24 and was taken by ambulance to the local hospital, according to TMZ.

Dionne underwent ankle surgery and was released Thursday.

If you didn’t know, Dionne is the cousin of Whitney Houston, who died three years ago in a bathtub. Her shower fall happened almost exactly one week before Bobbi Kristina Brown almost drowned in a bathtub over the weekend. All the connections here are so eerie.

We wish Dionne a speedy recovery and continue to keep Bobbi Kristina in our thoughts.

dionne warwick injured in eerie shower accident 01
dionne warwick injured in eerie shower accident 02
dionne warwick injured in eerie shower accident 03
dionne warwick injured in eerie shower accident 04
dionne warwick injured in eerie shower accident 05

Rosie Perez Blames Lifetime Movie for Bobbi Kristina Tragedy

Rosie Perez is blaming Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic as what caused Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s tragedy over the weekend.

The 50-year-old actress returned to her gig as a co-host on The View on Tuesday (February 3) and made the comment during a Hot Topics segment.

“Just thought about the movie that came out, and this is no disrespect to Angela Bassett because I love [her], but this unauthorized bio of her mom must have killed her,” Rosie said. She then realized she used a poor choice of words and clarified her statement.

“That was terrible phrasing,” she continued. “It must have hurt her deeply to watch that. We forget these people are human beings. We put them into the tabloids, and we forget they’re human beings.”

Rosie Perez Blames Lifetime Movie for Bobbi Kristina Brown Tragedy

Whitney Houston Biopic Trailer Gives Us Small Glimpse Into Her Life - Watch Now!

Check out the brand new trailer for the Lifetime Whitney Houston biopic!

In the Angela Bassett directed-biopic, the 48-year-old music legend is played by Yaya DaCosta.

“I think we as fans, audience…those that looked on—we thought we had some say in it. We really didn’t have any say in their love affair,” Angela recently shared to E! News about the biopic. “The say we have is of ourselves and our capacity to love, to love ourselves, to love one another and to just spread more love and joy in this world. But we really thought we had a say in their love affair…I think it’s a magnificent journey and I hope it will be a reflection into our own lives.”

Whitney Houston biopic

Barry Manilow Duets 'I Believe in You & Me' Live with the Late Whitney Houston - Watch Now

Barry Manilow took the stage at The View on Tuesday (October 28) to perform a revamped version of Whitney Houston‘s hit “I Believe In You And Me.”

The 71-year-old legendary musician took the original vocals from Whitney‘s song and inserted his own vocals in to create a duet.

Whitney, just by herself, I had to push myself away from the speakers. She was standing right next to me. I was singing with her and then I’d go for the Kleenex,” Barry said on the show about recording the duet.

Barry‘s new album My Dream Duets is now in stores, and also features the vocals of John Denver, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr., Dusty Springfield, Andy Williams, Louis Armstrong and Judy Garland.

Barry Manilow Duets ‘I Believe in You & Me’ Live with the Late Whitney Houston

Lindsay Lohan Never Handled Whitney Houston's Body, Coroner Says

Lindsay Lohan might have claimed that she handled Whitney Houston‘s body bag when she worked at the morgue, but the coroner is saying that is not true.

The 28-year-old actress says she was singled out during her time doing community service. “It’s different for me than it would be for other people – like, no one would really have to work at the morgue in LA and roll a body bag for Whitney Houston,” she said in a new interview.

A coroner’s official has told TMZ that no one from any court-ordered probation program came into contact with Whitney‘s body. The singer died on February 11, 2012 and the autopsy was performed the next day with her body being gone by morning. In fact, she was never placed in a body bag after she died.