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Bethenny Frankel Is Canceling Her 'ReWives' Podcast, Reveals Reason Why

Bethenny Frankel Is Canceling Her 'ReWives' Podcast, Reveals Reason Why

Bethenny Frankel is canceling her ReWives podcast, her Real Housewives rewatch series.

“I’m canceling myself. I’m canceling ReWives,” she announced on the latest episode of her iHeartRadio podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel.

“So in the beginning, the reason I did ReWives was Paul [Bernon, fiance] said to me, someone’s going to do this, and don’t they want to hear from the Tom Brady of Housewives?” she explained of the reason she started the podcast.

“Because I’m a businesswoman, and it seemed like a good piece of business…and then I thought of having interesting people talk about the Housewives episodes because it would just be a vehicle. It would just be talking about infidelity or marriage or children or arguments or different cities,” she continued.

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She went on to say she never really watched other seasons, and that when she started ReWives, it was like watching a new show.

“But as it went along, I started seeing things differently then I used to see them…I’m older, wiser, I’m a mother, I am at a different point in my life. I’m in my fifties. I value integrity and health over making it,” she said.

“It’s just become so toxic now, and it’s got such a bad stain and reputation on it. Overall, it’s gotten embarrassing. And so you guys are right when you’ve said, ‘why are you still talking about it if you left?’ It’s a great question. And I never really really felt great about doing it.”

She went on to say: “I just don’t want to be associated with it, and I want to work on shows and projects that my daughter would be proud of, that are a good role model for her, that are a good example for her and for other women. And this is not holier than thou…it’s me. I’m the problem. It’s me.”

“I don’t think it’s supportive of other women. I think it’s about tearing women down. We can wrap it in bows and layer it in frosting, but no matter what, it’s a franchise that has really thrived on women tearing women down, and I just don’t want to do it anymore.”

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