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Noel Gallagher Slams Prince Harry & Royal Family: 'What A F***in Shit Life'

Noel Gallagher is not a fan of the British royal family.

The former Oasis musician spoke out about how he thinks the royal family is a “s*** show” during a recent interview with The Matt Morgan Podcast.

“Prince Harry, surely no one takes him seriously? He’s just a mad little kid,” Noel first said, commenting about the Duke of Sussex, who recently stepped down from his senior royal role. “I don’t like do-gooders in general, they f***ing wind me up.’”

He went on, expressing that he actually feels sorry for Queen Elizabeth and the other royal family members.

They’re apparently having a “s*** time as they can’t do what they want.”

“They’re quite mad the royal family,” Noel says. “What a terrible f***ing s*** life they must lead, it’s just service, what a load of w***.”

He continues, “We grow up thinking what a life they lead. Living in Buckingham Palace with f***ing boring ****s all day, what a f***ing s*** life. Can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything, f***ing going to Kenya on holiday.”

Earlier this year, Noel made headlines for his views about wearing face masks during the pandemic.

“It’s not a law,” Noel claimed. “There’s too many f***ing liberties being taken away from us now…I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus it’s on me, it’s not on anyone else…it’s a piss-take. There’s no need for it…They’re pointless.”

On top of that, he has also spoken out about these two popular singers.

Noel Gallagher Publicly Insults Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

Noel Gallagher is publicly slamming Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, and fans are rightly not happy about his remarks.

The former Oasis founding member appeared on the Funny How? with Matt Morgan podcast over the summer and talked about his notion of the modern day rock star.

“Music now is style over substance. I find that these young ­people in the music game – they f**king look great, they’ve all got tattoos and the image and all that f**king bollocks but really they’re just s**t, they’re not saying anything,” he said. “The biggest-selling acts are s**t, whereas when I was growing up the biggest-selling acts were the best acts. The biggest band in the world was usually the best band in the world. Now the biggest thing in the world is f**king Taylor Swift. What?! F**k off.”

“There’ll never be another David Bowie, there’ll never be another Marc Bolan, there’ll never be another Freddie ­Mercury, proper rock stars. I don’t consider myself a rock star, I’m more of a songwriter/grafter, I mean proper ­flamboyant rock stars,” he continued. “There’ll never be people like that because musicians will never make that kind of money and the ones that do like Ed Sheeran, f**king whatever. There’ll be no more private jets or David Bowie rocking into King’s Cross Station dressed as a Nazi, they’ll be none of that any more, because ­people will be cowed by social media.”

Amid these baseless statements, fans got “#NoelGallagherisoverparty” trending on social media.

Noel is no stranger to creating drama, especially after what he said about the COVID-19 pandemic recently.

Noel Gallagher Refuses To Wear A Mask Amid The Pandemic: 'They're Pointless'

Noel Gallagher has made some controversial comments about masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While speaking on the Matt Morgan podcast, the Oasis founding member admitted that he thinks masks are pointless in defense against the virus.

“It’s not a law,” Noel claims, referencing the UK’s suggested practice of wearing one in public spaces. “There’s too many f***ing liberties being taken away from us now…I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus it’s on me, it’s not on anyone else… it’s a piss-take. There’s no need for it…They’re pointless.”

“I was going up to Manchester the other week and some guy’s going, ‘Can you put your mask on,’ on the train, ‘because the transport police will get on and fine you a thousand pounds,” he explained, recalling a chance meeting with a mask-wearer. “But you don’t have to put it on if you’re eating.’ So I was saying: Oh right, this killer virus that’s sweeping through the train is gonna come and attack me, but see me having a sandwich and go, leave him, he’s having his lunch?”

Noel continued, “Why do you have to wear one when you’re having a f***ing haircut, but you don’t have to wear one in the pub?”

Other celebrities have spoken up and refuse to wear a mask, including this big name athlete.

Noel Gallagher On Oasis Reunion: 'I Sincerely Hope Not'

Noel Gallagher stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (August 6), and revealed what he will do with the Oasis masters once he acquires them in about five years.

“I will be selling mine to the highest bidder,” the 52-year-old entertainer told Seth. “What would I keep them for? So my kids can benefit from them? No no no, I’m gonna sell them, buy a plane, but a yacht, I want a chimp with a top hat, and I’ll have my rocket. And then I’ll just leave the kids with the other stuff from the 2000s.”

Noel added of a potential Oasis reunion with his brother Liam, “I sincerely hope not.”

Noel Gallagher also talked about life on the road, allegedly singing karaoke with Bono and sharing his love of English football with his kids.

Last month, Kate Beckinsale was spotted hanging out with Noel in London.

Noel Gallagher Plans to Sell His Music to the Highest Bidder

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Kate Beckinsale Watches a Concert with Singer Noel Gallagher

Kate Beckinsale is in London right now and she watched Bob Dylan and Neil Young‘s concert alongside another famous rocker!

The 45-year-old singer was spotted hanging out with Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher while attending the concert during the Hyde Park festival on Friday night (July 12) in London, England.

You can check out the photos of them together on TMZ.

It’s not likely that there is anything romantic going on between the two stars as Noel is married and seemingly still in a relationship with wife Sara MacDonald.

Ashley Benson Celebrates Her 29th Birthday with Cara Delevingne & Celeb Friends!

Ashley Benson follows her girlfriend Cara Delevingne out of Chiltern Firehouse in the early morning hours of Thursday (December 20) in London, England.

The former Pretty Little Liars actress was joined by a bunch of celeb friends while partying the night away for her 29th birthday.

Joining the stars were Cara‘s sister Poppy Delevingne and husband James Cook, as well as cute couple Matt Smith and Lily James, singer Noel Gallagher, Rose McGowan, and Sienna Miller.

Earlier in the week, Ashley and Cara kicked off her birthday celebrations by visiting the Winter Wonderland theme park, according to Us Weekly.

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Chris Martin Thanks Noel Gallagher After He Missed Manchester Benefit

Only one member of Oasis – Liam Gallagher – showed up to the One Love Manchester benefit show while Noel Gallagher missed singing with Chris Martin at the show this weekend.

Liam slammed his brother Noel for missing the show, but Chris has different feelings.

“Thank you @noelgallagher for giving your blessing and encouragement to play don’t look back in anger and live forever on sunday,” Chris tweeted via the Coldplay earlier this morning. “Everyone knew in advance you couldn’t be there physically, so thank you for being there in spirit and for lending us those incredible songs.”

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