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Did Kate Middleton Wear a Tiara to King Charles' Coronation? Princess of Wales' Accessories Broke Tradition in a Big Way But Featured Tributes to Queen Elizabeth & Princess Diana

Princess Catherine‘s (aka Kate Middleton) accessories broke tradition in a big way at King Charles‘ coronation on Saturday (May 6).

The Princess of Wales attended the big day with her husband Prince William and their children Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte in tow.

Per usual, she was stylishly dressed and accessorized. Perhaps even less surprising is that fact that the jewels she wore were touching tributes to loved ones and fellow members of the royal family.

Going into the coronation, the big question was if Princess Catherine would wear a tiara (as is custom). We even looked at what were likely to be her three top choices for headpieces and how much they were worth.

Spoiler alert: She skipped a tiara but wore something else in her hair! We rounded up details about some of her most important accessories.

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The Richest Members of the British Royal Family Ranked (& You Won't Believe How Much Wealthier King Charles is Than Queen Elizabeth)

The British royal family is arguably the most recognizable royal family in the world, and its members have amassed impressive fortunes.

With King Charles formally ascending the throne on Saturday (May 6), there’s renewed interest in the family, including in how much its various members are worth.

We did some digging and looked into some of the most recognizable members of the royal family and ranked them based on their estimated net worth. Believe it or not, the new King is significantly wealthier than his late mother Queen Elizabeth.

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Queen Camilla's Coronation Wardrobe Features an Item First Worn by Queen Elizabeth at Her Coronation

Queen Camilla‘s coronation day wardrobe will include something that Queen Elizabeth first wore when she was crowned Queen.

Details are being revealed about what the Queen and King Charles will wear when he formally ascends the throne on May 6.

The King’s wardrobe also features a callback, his to something that his grandfather, King George VI, wore at his 1937 coronation.

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Royal Family Shares Photo of Late Queen Elizabeth with Her Great-Grandchildren - And a Few Children Are Noticeably Missing

Kensington Palace is celebrating the late Queen Elizabeth‘s 97th birthday with a never-before-seen photo.

On Friday (April 21), Prince William and Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) marked the first birthday since the Queen‘s passing with a sweet photo of Queen Elizabeth surrounded by almost all of her great-grandchildren taken by Kate last summer.

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queen elizabeth with her great grandchildren

King Charles Remembers Mom Queen Elizabeth on First U.K. Mother's Day Since Her Death

King Charles III is remembering Queen Elizabeth II.

The 74-year-old royal shared a sweet throwback photo on the Royal Family’s official Instagram account on Sunday (March 19), the first U.K. Mother’s Day since her passing last year.

The photo features himself as a little boy with his mother, as well as Camilla, Queen Consort with her late mother, Rosalind Shand.

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Sarah Ferguson Shares Sweet Update on Queen Elizabeth's Beloved Corgis

Sarah Ferguson reveals how the late Queen Elizabeth‘s beloved corgis are doing.

Following the Queen‘s passing at the age of 96 back in September 2022, it was revealed that her two Pembroke Welsh corgis, named Muick and Sandy, would be going to live with the 63-year-old Duchess of York and her ex-husband Prince Andrew, who live together at the Royal Lodge in England.

In an interview on Wednesday (March 8), Sarah gave a sweet update on the corgis.

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Sarah Ferguson Reveals the Reason Why She Feels 'Liberated' After Queen Elizabeth's Death

Sarah Ferguson is opening up about how Queen Elizabeth‘s passing has affected her.

“I am growing much more in my own voice now,” the 63-year-old Duchess of York said in a new interview.

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