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Maddox Mania in Prague

Maddox Mania in Prague

What a cutie pie!

Maddox Jolie Pitt, 5, is off to school at Lycée Français de Prague on Friday in the Czech Republic, where dozens of onlookers watched from afar.

Good dad Brad dropped him off, Momgelina and her brother James Haven picked him up.

All those little school girls are so drooling over Maddox! Is it because he’s wearing another one of those Boho Skull Inky Dink Tees?

15+ pictures inside of Brad & Maddox in Prague…

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brad pitt maddox school
maddox jolie pitt prague 02
maddox jolie pitt prague 03
maddox jolie pitt prague 04
maddox jolie pitt prague 05
maddox jolie pitt prague 06
maddox jolie pitt prague 07
maddox jolie pitt prague 08
maddox jolie pitt prague 09
maddox jolie pitt prague 10
maddox jolie pitt prague 10a
maddox jolie pitt prague 11
maddox jolie pitt prague 12
maddox jolie pitt prague 13
maddox jolie pitt prague 14
maddox jolie pitt prague 16
maddox jolie pitt prague 17

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • Dancer

    Thanks for keeping us updated Jared! It is appreciated. Love this family.

  • naia


  • Ugly Aniston

    opps 2nd LOL

    Both PAPA Pitt and son Mad looking GOOD!!! :-)

  • loli

    what a cutie pix and a cutie boy
    the dad is not cutie, he’s hooot ^^

  • NY Lurker

    Brad looks so proud of his son – the smirk on his face is just precious…..

    I’m still voting for you MF – paying off people to do it, why not????

  • Ugly Aniston

    the school girls are all eyes on MAD .. PAPA Pitt outshine by MAD ..LOL :-)

  • Andrómeda

    Lovely pics…Mad looks happy, and Brad too.
    I would love to see a photo of Mad, Pax, Z and Shi together….

  • angelah

    thanks for the addt’l father and son pixx, j@red! Mad’s such a qt..

  • l

    I think Brad’s hair is going gray and that’s why he’s wearing that hat. you can see the gray in his goatee.

  • mickey

    That kid so knows he is star.

  • sprite

    Great pictures. But I think Angie and James picked up Maddox a different day. He has dark sneakers on here, and the one with Angie he had bright white ones on.
    Still get to see all the pictures. Thanks Jared.

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pics!

  • julia

    thanks Jared, how cute are they!

    I love this picture.

    all the little girls swooning..

  • Vanessa

    Very cute. But those people are really rude just standing there and staring at them. I mean, I know it’s BRAD PITT

  • hanna

    TMZ, X17 and Splash have a vid….


  • Vanessa

    I know it’s BRAD PITT, but they should at least not be so obvious about it.

  • Mmmmm

    What a mess, that poor kid is subjected to the stalking as well ..

  • Jane Public

    Glad to see our little Madd Madd.

  • Kat

    OMG!look at the smile on Brad Pitt’s face. Looks like he is chuckling! And the looks of those girls at the back. Have you noticed that not a single one was looking at Brad. All eyes were on Madd. Man, this boy is strutting the strut. The confidence and self-assurance is already there.

  • susie

    hanna- I will put it up for you. Thanks :)

    at the school

  • More pics
  • Kat

    and this is the boy who described Shiloh beautiful the first time he saw her. he is going to steal so many unsuspecting hearts LOL. angie is right. Brad is really strong for these boys. Look at the way they cling when they are with angie.

  • hanna

    thanks susie, my head is spinning, confusing which threads must be first, and look at other site so much pics today,
    btw. your boys have a secret things for your mother’s day ?

  • Lynn Campbell

    Brad and Maddox are both looking great and have two of the cutest smiles anywhere. :)



  • hanna

    Susie, have you read, we have a clown here, that she said, chin ( i like you called that) going to have shiloh and makes her dressing cute, what a joke…

  • indiesr

    Awww..what else can you say :D

  • Maria

    once again , many thanks Jared!

    awesome pix. Madd got the the look. Brad got the chuckles. All the little girls are swooning over Maddox… the cutestest thing evah!

  • jeff

    Hi, my name is Maddox Jolie-Pitt. I’ll have an order of psychotherapy with a heaping side of drama, please. Extra drugs, too. Thanks.

  • susie

    hanna- no problem, yesterday was confusing for me because there were so many threads! Last year my older son made mea notepad
    with a drawing by him on it and a paper flower bouquet at school and their father had them give me some flowers he bought. Happy Mother’s Day to you, do you have this holiday there? :lol:

  • BCBG

    Awwwwwwwwww………Mad is so cute. He seems taller from the last time we saw him. Papa Pitt is so pourd. The way Mad conducts himeself shows he has confidence !!!

    Much much love to this family, as always.

  • lora

    Such a cute cute pic! What a little superstar madd is. He is a doll.

  • hanna

    susie, aaaww an flower sweet, sweet, yes i have off for sunday, i bet your boys this year have a special for you,

  • boomstick

    This kid is 5 and you all are trying to turn him into some sort of sex symbol?
    There is something wrong in your head.
    All those girls look they are 12 years or older. I doubt they are ”swooning” over a kindergartner.

  • susie

    hanna- hmmm, the Chin is going to have Shiloh? too funny, someone is definately a clown because I am laughing at such a ridiculous thing to say! :lol: :lol:

  • Léo

    it’s my school !!
    Today, I saw in the afternoon Angie and her brother with Maddox !!
    Beautiful family !!

  • susie

    hanna- oh good, I hope you 2 enjoy sunday. My older one will have something for me from school and I will probably get flowers again. We are meeting some friends at the park sunday morning, play and eat :lol:

  • Mmmmm

    boomstick Says:

    Exactly, those girls are in aww because there is a celebrity there not because Mad is one of the most sexiest child … lol but the cult members have no other sense other then to worship, they worship and think that JP’s body guard is hot. oh yeah and the cute cheerios that Z eats they even worship those too. (rolling eyes)

  • susie

    Mmmmmm, that’s right doll, Mickey Brett is damn f*cking hot!!!!!

  • blue eyes


  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    susie Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 2:06 pm – flag comment

    Mmmmmm, that’s right doll, Mickey Brett is damn f*cking hot!!!!!

    Damn right, he is. :lol:

  • hanna

    Brad looks hoooot, and his bodyguard also cute, i think his main Brad bg,i saw him (pics) when they were in Pune airport headed Mumbai,

  • http://htt// IV
  • susie

    yep, mickey b has sexiness down!

  • l

    everyone thinks Brad has a sexy walk. to me it looks like he needs to poop.

  • piper, with a low

    Lycée Français de Prague, ehh?

    And Maddox was in a French immersion school in NOLA…

    Preparation and consistency… chew on that, haters!

  • P

    why a french school?

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    l Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 2:12 pm – flag comment

    everyone thinks Brad has a sexy walk. to me it looks like he needs to poop.

    Is that because you need to go poop right now? Figures. :lol:

  • hanna

    To : IV (42)
    i can not vote at people site, they just give me the pictures with procent, btw i had once vote for Angelina, but once, then i couldn’t, well Angelina must the first, give me a clue, please… I’ll vote

  • JP Fan

    I like this video from X17. I noticed one of the moms I think held back the kids to give them space. Watch the little girls giggles after they enter the school.

    VOTE for Angie and Brad please! Am I right you can only vote once on People for Angie?