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Brad Pitt: More Daddy Duties!

Brad Pitt: More Daddy Duties!

Brad Pitt picks up his kids – 3-year-old Pax and 2-year-old Zahara – from the American Embassy compound on Tuesday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Most definitely the cutest picture of Zahara to date! Watch video of the Jolie-Pitts leaving the embassy here.

Mr. Pitt also dropped off and picked up a super smiley Maddox, 5, at his French school in Prague on Tuesday. Video here.

Partner Angelina Jolie has been busy filming her latest action thriller Wanted.

20+ pictures inside of Brad, Maddox, Pax and Zahara

Just Jared on Facebook
01 zahara smiling
02 pax school in prague
03 pax jolie pittschool in prague
04 brad pitt american embassy
05 brad pitt holding zahara hand
06 brad pitt black sweatshirt
07 brad pitt maddox school
08 brad holding zahara pax
09 brad pitt holding maddox hand
10 brad pitt maddox school
brad pitt maddox school 01
brad pitt maddox school 02
brad pitt maddox school 03
brad pitt maddox school 04
brad pitt maddox school 05
brad pitt pax zahara 01
brad pitt pax zahara 02
brad pitt zahara
pax jolie pitt
zahara smiling

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press,
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  • http://htt// voice

    If a woman doesn’t want to carry Brad‘s baby.
    Which man you want to have a baby with? I don’t say he the best daddy ‘but he one of them.

  • julia

    Thanks Jared.. You are the best!

  • jenna

    Look how happy those kids are!! Thats what counts.

  • Mediterranean

    Nothings is much more beautiful than the smile of a kid!

  • jacie

    so cute!

  • http://htt// voice

    Where is post JJ ? I love this family.

  • Mrs. Smith

    OOOH! Thanks Jared!
    What a great way to start the day! LOVE THEM! Too adorable that Madd. Zee looks like she is tugging on dad’s hand to get a move on it. Pax is gonna have to catch up here.

  • http://htt// b

    Z is smiling

  • cateyes

    Brad looks like a Happy Dad!

  • EasyEve

    And for those who say that Zahara never smiles……..Check out the smile on her now!!!

  • Sasha

    What a lovely smile from Zahara :)
    Brad, Keep up the daddy duties and looking FINE.

  • Mmmmm

    Still find it very strange that the “so called” B&A fans do not have an issue with paps stalking them but do stalking other ppls kids. Does really sound like love or loyalty to their beloved family .. maybe because they posse selfish need for their fix? Just a thought .. feel free to pounce now and/or throw the book of brangelina rules of being a fan at me (rolling eyes LOL)

  • Jess

    Aww! The kids are just so sweet! Maybe mommy and daddy could pick up the kids with little Shi on day?

  • mercredi

    This is my cutest Lil’ Zee Pic EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cutie!

  • Amaya

    I’m reposting this from the last thread…And Zee is adorable!

    Hey everyone, I was just watching the View and Rosie quickly mentioned a documentary that PBS will be airing this week called “Sentenced Home”. Here’s the description. Also, there’s a link to the schedule on there so you can find out when it airs in your area.

    Putting a human face on controversial immigration policy, SENTENCED HOME follows three young Cambodian Americans through the deportation process. Raised in inner city Seattle, they pay an unbearable price for mistakes they made as teenagers. Caught between their tragic pasts and an uncertain future, each young man confronts a legal system that offers no second chances.

    As part of a large group of Cambodian refugees admitted to the U.S. in the early 1980s, the deportees and their families found asylum in Seattle’s grim public housing projects and hoped for a piece of the American dream. But, as “permanent residents,” the refugees were not afforded the same protections as American citizens. Under strict anti-terrorism legislation enacted in 1996, even minor convictions can result in automatic deportation. For some, this means being permanently separated from families and homes because of a minor offense—such as the case of Loeun Lun, who fired a gun in the air as a teenager to protect himself from a gang attack.

    Told through interweaving stories, in the voices of the deportees, their families and friends, SENTENCED HOME explores what it’s like to be deported along with the social, historical and political reasons behind the deportees’ fate. Along with family man Loeun Lun, who fights to stay together with his wife and children from behind bars and across oceans, audiences will meet former gang member Kim Ho Ma, who struggles to come to terms with his identity in a country he doesn’t understand. Also introduced is an introspective Many Uch, who looks to redeem himself by taking advantage of what time he has left in the U.S. to give today’s Cambodian American youth something he never had—the ability to play little-league baseball.

    SENTENCED HOME follows Lun and Kim Ho Ma all the way to Cambodia. There Lun begins building a tiny shack for himself amidst rice paddies, while Kim Ho tries to contain his anger and frustration at U.S. immigration law, and the lack of opportunity in the city of Phnom Penh.

    Meanwhile, as Many Uch leads his baseball team, inspiring members of the Seattle community to re-think their negative opinions of the deportees, his own deportation status hangs in the balance of an unblinking legal system increasingly deemed unfair.

  • Check splash

    Splash has the video, their bags are bigger than them, they look so little. Very cute.

  • Schae

    #mmmmm:Sorry your not worth it……… What a lovely family, and that Z she sure is daddy’s little girl.

  • mercredi

    Thank you Amaya, for the link. I have to tivo that.

  • http://htt// kiss me

    Wow! Z prove to haters ,she can smiling.

  • cool bampzs

    seems to me z is enjoying school and the paps for just a few moments. What a lovely smile. I thin she is a little bow leg from the post of pics meli posted last thread. Whether she is or not she is still so adorable with her big cheeks that i like to pinch.

  • LadyLuck

    WoW this is the first time that I see a post and the comments or not up too 600. Bu n-e-ways Love Z’s smile she looks so happy

    PS: thanks Jared for your web page I truelly enjoy IT

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread!

    Princess Zahara is gracing us with one of her beautiful smiles. Both she and Pax are just to precious for words and so adorable with their backpacks.


    Check splash Says:

    IA, their backpacks are bigger than they are. It was the same with my children when they were that age.

  • ida

    cute pic thanks jj.ignore mmmm he, she or it is a loser.z is so cute smiling

  • lurker

    The video is adorable, they look so tiny!

  • ntt

    Z and Pax are so cute, and their dad so sexy. It’s to B&A’s credit that Z is a happy little girl now.

  • piper, with a low

    Yay… a Zahara smile. ;)

    But deep down, I was hoping that there would never be a readily available piece of evidence contradicting the haters’ whine.

    She’s only 2, but I hoped she would have adopted En Vogue’s refrain

    … neeevah gonna get it… never gonna get it… neeevah gonna get it… never gonna it… neeevah gonna get it… never gonna get it… neeevah gonna get it… woo woo woo wooooooooo…


  • To Jared

    Jared, could you be an angel and add in the main pic of the thread the pic of Mad smiling? It would make one adorable collage.

  • Frenchy

    That’s cute. Brad looks like he has his hands full. I hope the the paps were not too close and that these pics are from long lens cameras.

    At their age, school means playtime. Z’s adorable and her hair is finally starting to grow.

  • Anadin

    awwww, very cute

  • ida

    lurker says where is the video please

  • Estelle

    Thank you JJ for the new thread. Z is so adorable, now I know why she can have almost anything from her daddy. ( OH Angie, you will have a handful with her).

    Thanks Amaya for the info. I will try to watch it.

  • oldlurker

    Jared, could you be an angel and add in the main pic of the thread the pic of Mad smiling? It would make one adorable collage.
    Yes please!

  • cb

    Long live Princess Zahara! What a cutie patootie.
    Pax is cute too, and I’ll always love Madd dog.

  • suspicious package

    How can anyone not melt seeing this man with his children? Of course, I feel badly that the paps are stalking the kids’ school….but man, they seem to be dealing with it the best they can. No matter what they do, they’ll be hunted down by paps.

    Absolutely LOVE seeing this man with his kids. Here’s a guy that really, really wanted kids and it shows in each and every gesture.

    Uh, where’s JenAn? Not back from the imaginary meeting with the imaginary producer yet? That cracked me up!

  • Lady G

    piper, with a low Says:

    May 15th, 2007 at 12:19 pm – flag comment


    ROTFLMBOPIMP — stop it piper, with a low!

    btw I love that song — En Vogue were da bomb back then.

  • ida

    mad is adorable i love all the pics.WHEN IS THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL STARTING?help please

  • seb

    Is he the best looking dad in the world, or what? Brad you’re just getting freakin hotter and hotter and HOTTER!

  • ida

    amaya thanks for infomation, i love interesting and educative stuffs, i will watch it.

  • reply

    there is something seriously wrong with z’s legs. sad but true.

  • http://justjared love me say J

    I think Z is adorable, but they need to start dressing her more like a little girl, than a boy..

  • luvmebabe

    Thanks Jared!!! The kids are so happy and CUTE!

  • Strange coincidence?

    One said that Angie and Brad broke up, they show up everday in front of cameras everyday accidentally

    One said that Zee never smiles, she starts to smile suddenly.

    One said that Brad is not happy with Pax’s adoption, Brad takes Pax in his arms and pose to the cameras accidentally.

    Brad and Angie know how to act in front of cameras.

  • piper, with a low

    The video is too cute. Like Angelina says, Z is pretty dominant… she was the first one out of the door, but Baby Girl failed to remember that Daddy is bigger and stronger than she is.

  • piper, with a low

    Lady G Says:

    May 15th, 2007 at 12:26 pm – flag comment


    Fcucking A, they were.

    And way better than Destiny’s Child, IMO.

  • elektra

    I Love seeing Z smile!! Yeah, Z is really beautiful!!

    I saw the Splash Video and i notice that Z walks a little strange!! So it’s just me or anyone else thinks that Z walks a little strange???

  • ida

    will be back

  • You/Me

    I’ve been lurking through most of these school drop-offs and pick-ups but I just had to comment on this one.
    Zahara is TOO cute, I freakin LOVE that huge grin she’s got. Anyone who says these kids aren’t happy is loco,lol. :-) And that pic where she is laughing and yanking on Brad’s arm like she wants to take off running. Adorable! Someone was hyper!
    Mad laughing up at Brad. SIGH. These kids are cutie pies. Pax looks quiet but interested in everything going on around him.
    I think Pax takes after Brad, quiet and intelligent, taking in everything while Zee is like Angie, constant movement and full of excited energy. Love them.

  • Just Jared

    Added Maddox smiling back to the main image…

  • Nu nu

    Strange coincidence?
    Zahara and Maddox had a meeting with CAA and Brad’s PR team, their agents advised them to smile for the camaras, after hours of negotations and taking advice from their lawyers, they agree to play along with Pa and Ma. But they want new rooms and toys, Shiloh read the contract and passed, she thinks she’s too hot for that kind of crap.

  • Something wrong?

    Something wrong with the way Zee walks; is it because of her illness when she was adopted? Something wrong with her bones? Anybody knows anything?