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George & Matt Go Into Cruise Control

George & Matt Go Into Cruise Control

Bachelor boy George Clooney takes a boat ride around his the Lake Como villa in Italy on Wednesday with Ocean’s 13 co-star and pal Matt Damon, his Argentine-born wife Luciana and their daughters Alexia, 9 and Isabella, almost 1.

Ocean’s 13 opens next Friday, June 8.

10+ pictures inside of Clooney and Damon‘s family cruise…

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01 george clooney lake como villa
01 isabella damon matt damon
02 george clooney lake como villa
02 isabella damon matt damon
03 isabella damon matt damon
george clooney lake como villa 01
george clooney lake como villa 02
george clooney lake como villa 03
george clooney lake como villa 04
isabella damon matt damon

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Olycom
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  • Mmmmm

    Wonder why he doesnt ask B&A? Maybe those comments about her were half joke and half truth. Hmmmm …

  • Ike

    How do you know he DIDN’T ask them? And besides, they are both working on films at the moment.

  • tanique33

    just when i can’t love this group more, the lake como pics come out. it’s always nice to see how tight they all are.

    must go vomit now, at the mention of B&A, when they really had nothing to do with this story. UGH.

    thanks jared.

  • lori

    # 3 | tanique33

    Good thing George didn’t ask YOU to go on the boat, since you seem to get sick very easily.

  • Nice pics…

    Isabella is cute…

    It might be hard to go on a boat for a day of leisure when your filming two movies, just saying.

  • twokids2

    WOW, George has lost a lot of weight. Anyone knows if he did it for a movie role?

  • maxine

    Alexia and Isabella.. BEAUTIFUL names and beuatiful girls.

  • Sheesh…

    Your erection for the JP’s is such a hard one LOL…It’d be one thing if they weren’t handling their professional responsibilities with their films but since Jared’s been kind enough to post pics of them this week doing that why would you wonder why George didn’t ask them? He didn’t cause’ they’re busy. Maybe next time. It’s gon’ be alright girl! :)

  • tanique33

    haha lori. not easily, you’d be surprised how many people are turned off from that topic. or rather, the worship of the couple. so, trust me, if it were my first time seeing them mentioned out of the blue, it would not be so vomit inducing.

    um, but if i were on the boat with george, he could damn well talk about anything he wants to.

  • boohoo

    Matt seems like such a good dad to both the girls.

  • roxy

    I’m starting to wonder about you your obsession with B&A is really frightening. This is George and Matt thread, and here you are with your hate. By-the-way I love Matt, I think he has a really sexy a$$ smile. He could be my sexiest man alive anytime.

  • Anglina collects orphans

    Matts baby is gorjess best lookin baby around just beautiful.Matts a star.

  • Anglina collects orphans

    matts baby is so beautiful the best looking baby ive ever seen besides violet.papa damon.clooney is so different not just rite.

  • roxy

    Matt’s baby is cute

  • Amy

    Do you really wonder why Brad and Angelina weren’t invited? Weirdo.

    Cute baby.

  • http://dcjean idiotposter-angelinacollectsorphans

    wow…theyre so happy and normal unlike some twat poster who collects pester on angelina thread becoz she’s a drunk,has a whale body , no baby and no hubby….oh so sad , she can’t even adopt an orphan mogoose. so sad so, love song rocking her brains tht made her CRAZY, all she had is just a computer to droll on angelina baby, so sad, so saddddddddddd

  • its me …)

    # 15 | Amy @ 05.31.2007 2:24 pm

    Because they have to work?

  • KBS

    Not sure why Brad & Angelina have to come up on every thread. This is about George and Matt and I love the pictures of them and the family. Hope they had a great time.

  • Diana

    That baby looks so cute … we need close-ups!

  • joey

    matt is a nice kind soul with a family,his little girl is gonna be a star.i am a big fan of matts bourne him in glasses hes fine.gc is getting so old now he better be careful and get a wife and children.

  • http://dcjean angelinacollects-intelligentposters

    well kbs , george and matt also come up on j/p threads,fair enough unless u make deal about it.

  • cb

    George is not looking healthy – do not like the weight loss. Love the fact that the this group looks like they have a true friendship, and not just something for the cameras.

  • julie

    Wasn’t Mat’s wife brazilian? Last time I checked she was indeed!
    Oh whatever… Great family

  • You/Me

    I really like Matt and am glad to see that he and his wife are still going strong. George looks yummy as usual, I think this is the healthiest he has looked in a long while. Don’t know why people are saying he is too thin, he is older and needs to watch his health.

  • Clooney Fan

    George is thinner than normal. I remember he was ill a few years back. Very illhe said with some sort of spinal infection. I hope it’s just for the film he’s doing now. Is it called Leathernecks or something like that?

    Anyway they all will be back in the US at the premieres of Ocean’s 13. Matt’s baby daughter is adorable.

  • Mediterranean

    George and Brad joke about each other because they are friends and they do have fun together. They are close and this is the reason they feel comfortable in each other’s company.

    George is also comfortable with Angelina. He surely knows when he jokes about her, she will undertand it.

    George made sure to all of us that he likes to joke around with HIS TRUE FRIENDS!

    George, Matt and Brad are close friends and it is so obvious that they do enjoy each other’s company.

    Matt seems that he is a nice guy. Isn’t his wife from Argentina? Wish them happiness.

  • LAM

    I think there is no problem who comes up in whose thread. If you are a fan of George, or Matt or Brad, these people are inter-related topics as far as threads are concerned. Let us not be to much on putting boundaries. All of them are in Oceans’ 13, the last episode. Yes, we always mention Matt and George on Brad’s photos too. Fair is fair. Everybody knows how close George and Brad are, and Matt too.
    Thank you JJ.

  • Cynthia

    Hahahahaha! George Clooney is a such a kidder, he once said in an interview that he put a bumper sticker on Brad’s car that said ‘small penis on board’! Not a fan of none of these guys but that was priceless!

  • just saying

    George doesn’t want any kids of his own. I am not so sure that he even likes them.

  • hello

    Is Matt’s wife from Argentina?

  • gc

    they’re met in Miami, Florida, she was bartender when Matt went to the bar that she worked, she is italian, and she the true love of Matt

  • Fan

    Great article contrating George to Cary Grant,,2082170,00.html

  • lurkersville

    Geroge don’t want kids. Jen Aniston don’t want kids. They make a good match.

  • Mediterranean

    His wife is from Argentina.

  • Angie is on fire!

    Matts wife I thought was raised in Spain but is italian.

  • busted

    #21#18=twokids2==talking and answering herself hahahahaha so pathetic and are you the poster Black to?

  • busted

    oh and+twokids2==angelina colls.orph.,sicko twokids2

  • MJ

    I love Matt. It’s good to see he’s getting some time off to spend with his family. He is far sexier than either George or Brad.

  • lola

    15 | Amy @
    Do you really wonder why Brad and Angelina weren’t invited? Weirdo.
    Do you know Brad is in Montreal filming Benjamin Button and Angie is in Prague finishing Wanted ? weirdo.

  • lola

    # 33 | lurkersville @ 05.31.2007 5:21 pm
    Geroge don’t want kids. Jen Aniston don’t want kids. They make a good match.
    But George love brunette, independent, confident, pretty woman. not the bleach,insecure, clinging manly lookin Aniston.

  • Ok # 38 | MJ

    Whatever troll-ee hahahahah Matt is a sweetheart and very talented but sexier,for you maybe,if youre being honest, but me thinks youre a troll-ee trying to pit the jps against one another and Matt or George or Brad,to bad we love all em ,hahahaha!

  • mosquito hawk

    oh and+twokids2==angelina colls.orph.,sicko twokids2 ,Mmmmmm = HUVANISTON PAID TROLL.

  • ana

    Matt´s wife is brazilian , not argentine.

  • A Person

    Luciana is Argentinian she is not Italian but Spanish and she looks more mestezo (sp)

    The babies are so very cute.

    For whomever that said George needs to be married and children (or something close to this) George doesn’t need to be married with children not when he has his hetro life partners Brad and Matt.

    Ben maybe a little pissed though.

  • shane

    I do not believe they are truly friends with Brad. I also feel their little interview was more truthful than anyone atually realize. The continued to call Angelina his wife. Brad had a falling out with Matt over this. Also, George has been sick of Brad a long time ago.

  • whateveryouwant

    ^^ yeah because you know everything, hiding in their wall and stuff.

  • wilder

    I believe all their interview is true. Their children do have a blood fued, and it’s a will known fact that Zahara is the dominant Queen on one side. One day, Zahara busted a cap in George’s eye for her daddy Brad, and that’s why George had to get plastic eye surgery(but it’s not evident on screen). And Matt didn’t have a fall out with Brad over him calling Angelina Brad’s wife, they had a fall out because Shane said so.

    It’s all true.

  • KrungKrung

    i think the JP’s are invited too but maybe they didn’t make it bcuz of some commitments like movies n stuff…


    Name: Matt Damon
    Birth Name: Matthew Paige Damon
    Height: 5′ 11″
    Sex: M
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: October 8, 1970
    Birth Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    Profession: actor
    Education: High School Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Harvard University (majored in English; dropped out)
    Husband/Wife: Luciana Barroso (Argentinian; waitress; met in Miami 2002; engaged in September 2005; married on December 9, 2005)
    Relationship: Odessa Whitmire (Ben Affleck’s former assistant), Winona Ryder (actress; dated 1998), Claire Danes (actress; dated 1997), Minnie Driver (actress; dated 1997)
    Father: Kent Damon (retired investment banker; divorced in 1973)
    Mother: Nancy Carlsson-Paige (professor of education at Lesley College)
    Brother: Kyle (scluptor; born in 1967)
    Daughter: Isabella (born on June 11, 2006; weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces)
    Step daughter: Alexia (born in 1998; mother: Luciana Barroso)
    Claim to fame: as Will Hunting in Gus Van Sant’ Good Will Hunting (1997)
    Contact: Click here

  • jq

    45 | shane @ 05.31.2007 10:59 pm
    Only the best of friend will joke like the OC gangs do. bcos they knew each other so well that that none will bother with those snarky jokes. Brad had consider Angie’s his wife even without the legal bonding, that’s what he said in the GG RC. To Brad and his buddy, Angie is Brad wife, babies momma.partner and companion. deal with it!! Jen., Gwyneth, Juliet, Robyn are all his past. and Brad never look back. he told Billy Bush of Hollywood Access, He is NOW happy with his life and don’t want to change anything.
    Are you trying to tell us just like the haters said before, every one in lalaland hate Brad and Angie, but who had project arranged till 2008 and his better-half was working now and will be working with one of the most respected director in Hollywood. and let’s see who’s out of work for more than 2 yrs ?