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Daniel Craig is Super Sweaty

Daniel Craig is Super Sweaty

A sweating buckets (but clean-shaven!) Daniel Craig gets some fresh air outside on the porch of his ultra-posh hotel on Friday in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Bond movie star has been in town with girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell for the past week (and will be for the coming month) to executive produce and star in Flashbacks of a Fool. He was also spotted shooting scenes for Fool at Bantry Bay on Tuesday.

Craig, 39, will play a pleasure-seeking actor whose Hollywood career starts to nosedive in his 40s. The death of his best friend from his English childhood causes him to journey back home for the funeral, and prompts flashbacks to his teenage experiences – including the tragedy that forced him to flee to the United States and a new life.

Cross your fingers for some on-set photos!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Big Pictures
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  • JustCheckin

    The best James Bond..ever!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    also the ugliest.

  • stalin

    i’d do him and make him breakfast in the morning

  • Yeah! !

    not bad, not bad at all!!

  • zowlan

    Do you guys know that South Africa has one of the worst crime rates,no i didn’t think so,these images of daniel craig living it out in cape town, south africa proves only one thing, all the white people in south africa, who don’t belong there are still the ones who are rich and who are benefiting from tourist places such as this one and this will come as no surprise to anyone, but all the rich-white people in cape town all live in gated communities away from the poor shanty towns,and the millions of south africans living in poverty and they say apartheid has ended, don’t buy the hype(in case ur planning to go to south africa for the world cup), it is just so sad that white colonizer came into African terriotry,exploited south africans, took their land away,damn them, how dare they still live in south africa with their expensive and secluded livestyle,peace everyone, just tryin to do my best to enlighten u guys stuck in celebrity obsession

  • R

    dunno, am one of his biggest fans (looks and acting-wise both) but post-007, he is so much more self-consciously hot, which is not hot at all… i love a man who’s that rough-hewn to be somewhat less conscious of his charm and its effect on women, otherwise he becomes not more than another pretty face. he should also go easier on the absolute clean shave and perfectly pressed threads.

  • Jake

    jared he is not sweating, he is wearing sunscreen, and because the sun is directly hitting is forhead,it makes his forhead look shiny, hence giving the impression he is sweating

  • serafina

    great pics. love daniel craig. he isn’t handsome in the traditional sense but he’s damn sexy! not liking this belt he has on though.

  • Yily

    Daniel Craig is a phenomenal actor. I love him as James Bond!

  • liny

    Yes Zowlan, the problem with crime in South Africa is pretty bad, but not in Cape Town – the biggest problem is in Johannesburg.

    I’m sorry to tell you but Apartheid is over, I live in Holland and know a lot of South Aficans. Yes, there are white rich people living there in gated communities but so are there everywhere else in the world. There are also middle class white and black people.

    What the dutch did to S. Africa is horrendous but they know it and they are trying to do something about it. Now, it is the turn of the locals to do something about it – stop blaming people and start working towards a better country. If the South Americans would always blame the spanish for what they did to them for so long then they would be getting nowhere – and so on.

    About Daniel – he’s mighty mighty hot, especially for his age. Him and Gerard Butler and at the top of my list – gotta love those UK accents….

    R – I have to agree with you on that he’s become more full of himself, do you think that maybe he has to behave like that now that he’s Bond? Maybe he has to act the part in and out of the movies. But if that means that we’re gonna see more buff Daniel Craig that’s fine with me.

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    Daniel Craig is probably the ugliest man on earth -to my eyes…

  • Didi

    worst james bond ever

    what a w*nker

  • Carla

    hey liny, you left out James McAvoy- the sexy scotsman!!!!!

    I truly agree with Daniel Craig looking so self-conscious lately! It’s been getting to me as well. For me that makes men like Russell Crowe and Christian Bale stand out more as they don’t care as much about their appearance but their bady language, behaviour and AMAZIBG ACTING SKILLS will always retain that sense of SUAVE!!!!!

  • yoo

    he is so hot and sexy on 007!

  • @BB@

    I love James Bond, but with Daniel Craig he totally ruined the movie to me…it had so much potential but then Craig came and mess it all up. I hate him!!!!

  • rick

    another pirce brosnan fan….get over yourself!!!!!! Craig is awesome at the new james bond movie and i just can’t wait until the next one!

  • Dan Lover

    Is that a ring on his pinky finger? I wonder what that means?

  • Eve

    Loved him as Bond. Best Bond ever. True, tough and WITHOUT those ridiculous gadgets that were just making the character look pathetic and not believable in the previous films.

  • Diana

    He is gorgeous, not you Hollywood prototype – chiseled-nanny looking boy, but a man, and his blue eyes are adorable. Swoon.

  • SF

    I don’t think he is full of himself lately. He has always dressed well, even won awards for his fashion savvy before 007 came along. However he does look great with that great physique of his and he has more confidence and loathing for the press, thus the appearance of self counciousness. Christian Bale is handsome but is wasting his handsomeness by being dowdy most of the time.

  • sincerely

    Hey South Africa is a developing country. But theres too big a difference between the rich and poor there.

    BUT NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE are EXPLOITING South Africa, this is another stereotype that causes misunderstanding. The South African gov needs to be more aggressive in controlling the economy and taxing the rich to make them pay their fair share. I don’t know about Cape Town but in Johannesburg a lot of whites live in different parts. There’s multicultural neighborhoods near Soweto.

    More tourism for South Africa! They don’t promote their own country. It’s geographically beautiful and also beautiful with many different cultures. A lot of Indian and Portugese.

  • Natalie

    His outfit is sexy.

  • Populent

    It’s kind of funny, ‘cos everytime I see his face, it seems to shine! And I have to agree, he does seem to be full of himself… Still, he’s a sexy James Bond!

  • resnic

    What a load of rubbish I agree with SF. Dan craig was always a slick dresser. I remember reading an article for Layer Cake and he was saying that he basically brought his own style and dress sense to the character of XXXX. As soon as i saw that movie i knew he would make a good Bond.

  • marga

    i love christian bale as well. really handsome but he has not sense of style. what’s with the new balance all the time?

  • Dan Lover

    One beard to go..talking of which..where IS Satsuma?

  • ann rejider

    I think that it an improvement that she isn’t in the pictures.

  • Dan Lover

    To Ann Rejider…LOL!!!! Ditto from me! Let’s hope she’s got that message…I mean two thoroughbred racehorses in one picture is glorious…a racehorse and a donkey is not.

  • ann rejider

    Some of the pics I’ve looked at leave alot to be desired. I must say that I don’t get it.

  • Lola

    Guys I met the guy yesterday in Cape Town and he’s anything but self conscious – he’s very relaxed and very funny and soooooooo sexy….he deserves the title sexiest man because his sex appeal is magnified 10 times in person and for looking sweaty, he’s English he’s not used to the African sun. I think people just want to knock him down because he’s actually too damn sexy for his own pants, he and Clive Ownen, any day any time!

  • R

    lola, WHAAAAT??? you actually met him? OMG, if his appeal is 10x in the flesh, how did you just not smack get him nekkid right there!!! They would’ve had to arrest me.

  • paul

    i hav been 2 S.Africa 4 times, mainly jo’burg and yes there is a lot of crime there, i even witnessed a man take a womans purse at gun point but it is still one of the most beautiful places in the world. Cape town is extremely beautiful with mainly petty crimes but it would never stop me going back. And you cannot honestly tell me that if there was a constant danger of being robbed at gunpoint constantly you would not want to live in a gated community what my family does and i know they are safe which is the most important thing. And the final point is everyone i encountered in my trips to S.Africa has been very pleasant so let not stereotype white people as stuck up and black people as gun toting thugs

  • GrrrRobin

    I have to agree with Ann and Dan-keep that far less than good looking Saskia out of the photos! She just saw where he was going and latched on to him like a leech.

    And Pierce Brosnon is far too mych of a nancy boy for Bond.

  • xiaobai(小白)

    I’a chinese frend.I think Daniel Craig is very cool,and I love him as James Bond.At last I say I love him very much.(Daniel Craig 你很棒,加油!期待你的下部007)

  • xiaobai(小白)

    you are very cool!

  • sharmaine

    OMG – Give the guy a break….it’s f***ing hot and I agree – he’s got sunscreen on. I’m sure he’d rather be in less clothing. Love this man…no matter what….lives in a glass cage now, poor guy. Thanks Lola for shedding some light on him (in person).

  • ann rejider

    Why do some people use adjectives such as hot and beautiful to describe you know who? I’ve tried to be objective, but I only see plain or homely even in long gowns. I’m confused I guess. Certainly wouldn’t look twice.

  • Virginia Brayner

    O melhor James Bond de todos os tempos, amei o ator Daniel Craig, eu não o conhecia muito bem, agora não quero deixar de ver nenhum filme dele. PARABENS PELO SUCESSO
    São Paulo-Brasil

  • Virginia Brayner

    Daniel Craig está de Parabéns, é um excelente ator. sou fã dele, e agora vou procurar todos os filmes que ele trabalhou.
    São Paulo -Brasil

  • jelo

    Is she-who-must-not be named really that bad? Its not that she’s not just photogenic? I hope she’s got brains. DC seems to really go for the skinny broads: Kate Moss, Sienna, and the current.

  • lily

    whoever said pierce brosnon is a nancy-boy is being kind. how that soppy tailor’s dummy ever got mistaken for james bond is beyond me. thanks to dan craig, james bond is a real man again!!


    Daniel craig is pure hotness…

    I was disappointed in that Fugly woman he is with, Satsumi Mitchell!

    THe least attractive woman I have seen in ages.

    The funny thing is that Daniel has a lot of sex appeal, and she has no appeal.. I really would like to know what they talk about!

    I read his INTERVIEW in Interview MAG.. Satsunami entered the conversation talking some ish about “biscuits”.. ugh!

    Anywho, Daniel is the best bond. He is a very sexy man, but he must lose the boy!

  • Tesco Girl

    Again, Sokolata, there’s not much we can do about his taste in women..he loves Satsuki and that’s that. :( No point in crying over spilt milk.

  • DBS009

    I agree, that Yoko Ono girl has to go. She’s not helping his career.
    Daniel is so hot I don’t understand the attraction to her. For Pete’s
    sake he is James Bond – he can get the hottest and richest available chick
    in Hollywood. I wish that photographers stop taking pictures of
    her bec. she’s funny lookin and so annoying. She always had this “sour puss” expression on that fugly face. She does look like a horse with the big mouth and protruding eyes.

    Daniel is self-conscious bec. he is painfully shy with the press around.
    I’ve seen a lot of interviews done by DC and he is the most honest, humble and articulate actor around. Now, he is much more careful bec. he knows that every move he makes will be in the news.

  • z

    well said. She also has huge man sized ears.

  • Tesco Girl

    You know, Satsuki has had some nice pics…the Oscars pics were nice as well as a few of the CR premier ones, (Sydney, China, etc)…no??
    Maybe she is scared when she is at these things, it has to be overwhelming for her…I mean some of my personal pics are horrendous! LOL!!! At least she is normal girl..maybe Dan doesn’t want a rich chick? I mean, you said (DBS009) that he is a honest humble actor, then that is what he projects in his choice of women surely. I would be VERY disappointed if he was with a Paris Hilton type I can tell you! :)

  • ana

    daniel is soooooo HOT!!!he has a perfect body,a perfect accent,perfect blue eyes,he is a brilliant actor…but he has to get rid of that gly girlfriend of his-she’s terrible…

  • my two cents

    Dan Lover, its Satsuki.

  • uma

    its so ridiculous that all of u still debating about daniel’s way of choosing his own gf. please, let the man think whats the best for him..

    cmon, if all of you are satsuki, what would u feel,eh? youll feel upset too of me. we like to criticize people and yet we don’t like to be criticize by others..that’s a thing we mustn’t have.

  • j

    hahahahaha…he’s proposed to Sets…too bad to you jealous peeps out there…
    They been engaged since the beginning of summer..check out her finger from the Cannes pics. I wouldn’t be surprize if there’s a bun’ in the oven..