Kelly Clarkson @ Good Morning America

Kelly Clarkson @ Good Morning America

Kelly Clarkson rocks out to a four-song set during ABC’s Good Morning America summer concert series in NYC’s Lincoln Center on Tuesday morning.

Dressed in a slightly belly-baring top, the American Idol champ performed “Never Again,” “Sober,” and oldies-but-goodies “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and “Since You Been Gone.” Kelly‘s latest album My December drops TODAY!!

You can download Kelly’s GMA performances here, here, here and here.

20+ pictures inside of Kelly getting her GMA on…

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Credit: Rick @ KCE; Photos: Peter Kramer/Getty
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  • wow

    Hmmm I dont even think shes even trying to lose weight. You go girl! Worry about ur weight all the time is too exhausting. just live life and eat beacon!

  • dali

    I just don’t know why she doesn’twear more flattering outfits.

  • fire canabis

    YOU GO kELLY! Don’t worry what the haters say! You do look good! For all we know, it could be skinny chicks that are puking over the toilets saying that! If you feel comfortable about your body, then that’s all that matters! AMERICA, TAKING LAXATIVES ISN’T HOT! PLUNGING TOOTH BRUSHES DOWN YOUR THROAT, IS DISGUSTING, AND IT MAKES YOUR BREATH SMELL BAD! leave My girl Kelly alone. Wake up American SKinny whores…this is how you should look(minus the little breast)Thick, and sexy as hell!

  • Mmmmm

    The next Janis Joplin

  • Mmmmm

    Well minus the drugs .. LOL

  • Julotta

    Yes, let all the haters go back to their “Brangelina Love” threads. That being said, WTF do you call those jeans Kelly’s wearing? Easy access pants?

  • [Famous]

    What happen to this chick?!?

  • dali

    I’m not a hater and I don’t think that she needs to lose weight. I just think that she doesn’t wear the most attractive clothes.

  • cutie pie

    and you people want to call beyonce fat. now this picture of kelly is fat but hey do your thick thing girl

  • Miss Windjammer

    She just needs to learn how to dress for her body. She clearly makes very poor fashion choices.

    Can we nominate Kelly for What Not to Wear?

  • Linda

    I have one suggestion for Kelly. Buy a full length mirror.

  • kb

    Seems like a very nice girl – but who in her entourage, or whatever, lets her go ON STAGE like this? Must be the same people that are in Britney’s crew.

  • [Famous]

    Everyone saying ‘do you Kelly’ to bad doing her isn’t helping her career any.

  • Shoegal

    she needs to hire better stylist

  • sillyme

    I don’t think she looks THAT bad. At least she doesn’t have a muffin top…well, not quite.

  • bogota

    she really needs to dress better for her body

  • LaLa

    how can she be chuncky in her arms, thighs and face but have a perfectly tight tummy. Even the sides of her lovehandles are pretty tight.

  • Don

    I don’t see a “tight” tummy. I see someone on the verge of being chunky with clothes that make her look awful. What a shame as she used to seem fairly cute. With outfits like that I can think of a lot of terms don’t go with cute or nice girl.

  • HottieTottie

    Used to like her a lot more before she was infallible.

  • HA

    ) 19 HottieTottie | 06/26/2007 at 1:51 pm
    Used to like her a lot more before she was infallible.

    I agree. This album is just not good.
    Where were all of her fans? the place was nearly empty compared to the other concerts the’ve had on GMA this past week. Hannah Montans had HUGE crowds, and Kelly had a handful of diehards? yikes. I’m smelling a Hannah M. #1 album this week.

  • Jessica S.

    She dresses just fine. She looks like a normal girl…

    And her album is amazing. If you have nothing nice to say… don’t say it at all! Especially when it’s ignorant.

  • Junky

    I love those jeans….

    And the top, when you are a bit heavier, it’s good to wear something cut in a Vee shape. Perhaps it needs to cover her tummy a bit more, but actually I think she looks sexy this way, in these clothes. And I’m not a fan, don’t really keep up with modern music. Maybe that’s why i like her clothes… reminds me of the 60′s a bit.

  • Matiana

    She’s chunky – no doubt about it. She either has to loose the weight or learn to dress appropriately for her size. I have no issue with chicks being over weight as long as I don’t see body parts squishing out in all directions.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    She does either need to dress appropriately for her size or lose weight if, she wants to wear the sexy stuff. Wearing sexy revealing clothes you, got to be thin or it will show all you figure flaws like, big hips & thighs and booty or a muffin top. I know. I don’t have a problem with Kelly being overweight. She’s still pretty and has an amazing talent. She’s the next Janis Joplin minus the drugs! I used to be overweight myself and hated the fact I, couldn’t wear sexy stuff without, looking chunks. I decided to loose the weight because, I was miserable. Whatever. Kelly really should or would be a great canidate for, “What Not to Wear.”

  • lisa

    I was at GMA this morning and OMG she sounds so much better in person. SHE WAS AMAZING. I was front row and shes’s really tiny and pretty. She’s not chubby, shes just average weight. =)

  • lk

    At least she’s has a pretty face, unlike Britney Spears who has an ugly face

  • lilflowa

    Im sorry but she needs to lose weight and get back to her old figure….thats my opinion! her old figure was perfectly healthy and fine…here she looks podgy and like she gonna buss out of her jeans……way too chubby….

    Chunky arms and squishy face= uncute!!

    Clothes dont help either i bet she doesnt even look that bad but the close emphasise all the wrong areas love!

  • Tucker

    She looks awesome! She is so hot! And I love the clothes, she looks amazing! Every body go buy her album! Its #1 on itunes!

  • Noone

    I love Kelly and all but she needs to fire her stylist. That shirt is gross. I mean it’s cool she wants to be healthy and all but showing your stomach like that when you do not have the body for it is gross.



  • AP44

    OMG people, ya’ll are awful! Haters! Go 2 hell!
    I think Kelly is so awsome! She doesn’t worry about what she wears. Kelly quoted on Elle magazine: “Hell, I wore pajamas to high school.” And anyway why would her style matter when all that truly matters is her awsome personality, music, and voice.
    And btw, Buy Kelly’s “My December” in stores now!

  • chocola

    she’s fat!!!!!!!! but cute!!!

  • sarah

    she sing very well!!

  • not a hater

    She is chunky and her clothes aren’t flattering the shape she has. Someone said it earlier and I agree…she’s not trying to lose weight. What happened b/c she was slimmer and i mean **much** slimmer, before.

  • LiLBabIexx16

    Kelly is soo talented she doesn’t look bad AT ALL i think she is such a good singer and i think she looks alot better then alot of really skinny celebrities. and im glad she is not following all the other celebrities that are anerexic and are scary skinny.


    I agree with fire canabis, skinny girls are starting to make me ill. Kellys curves show what a real beautiful girl is like. She shouldnt diet at all! Her belly, thighs, and everything looks sexy. This is what a true woman is. GO KELLY!

  • Olene Montezuma

    thanx cosas sorprendentes:)

  • Greg Tibbets

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