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Brad Pitt: School’s Out, Scream and Shout

Brad Pitt: School’s Out, Scream and Shout

Brad Pitt takes 3-year-old son Pax and 2-year-old daughter Zahara, to their last day of school on Friday morning at the American Embassy compound in Prague, Czech Republic.

Looks like Prince Pax and Princess Zee both got haircuts and new hairstyles. Dress to impress for their last last day of school!

And Pax is rocking a new pair of sunglasses. Hey, they’re cooler than than the red ones he sported back in Vietnam!

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brad pitt last day of school 01
brad pitt last day of school 02
brad pitt last day of school 03
brad pitt last day of school 04
brad pitt last day of school 05

Photos: Renato Marzini/Splash News Online
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  • gala

    did they cut her hair?

  • just me

    2nd? Just kidding! Just want to say hello to BAMPSZ fans

  • Angelina

    seems so…the hairstyle looks weird. i liked the old look better but oh well. they’re usual. i love how they carry there children around

  • cant resist

    Couldn’t resist this. Saw no one has posted yet so i did!!! My first time ever. Go Angelina !!!!

  • Natalie

    Zahara is a doll.

  • madisos

    hi Brad

  • Bit me

    Zahara hair is in a ponytail

  • Belle

    its a new haircut for Princess Z and its difficult to say from the pic but it kinda looks like it is braided on the top. im not that sure though.

    and Pax is just adorable with the sunglasses. He reminds me of an Asian version of Brad.They have some semblance.

  • Zenith

    Oh! how cute!

  • Aretha

    It’s in a ponytail braid for God’s sake.

  • delilah

    Makes my day!

  • emmy

    cute kids,cute dad,cute family

  • rosafay

    I know this family are getting tired of us gawking at them…but you rock, Jared. Pax is way too cool like his Dad. Sure Z is like a princess. I just like the way they carry theirs kids around.

  • anustin

    see that 1 with a sun gla.priceless!

  • Me thinks

    I love Zee’s new hairstyle.

  • tina

    Cute family! Those backpacks look heavy and seem to be falling off their little backs and arms.

  • cute cuties

    Just the cutest. All the camera flashes may really have been bothering Pax’s eyes, hence the shades. Zahara looks somewhat disinteresed in the paps in these pixs. Brad is loving being daddy to his brood. Who would have thought that he would roll this well as a father of four, he does appear to be a natural. Angelina struck gold with him.



  • Dragonfly

    Aw, Pax wants to mimic his Daddy. I reminds me when Brad gave himself a mohawk in Namibia and he and Maddox had matching looks for a little while.

  • L in Houston

    How cute! I wonder if Pax asked for a pair of sunglasses.

  • anustin

    no more school for papa more pix also!j,we can not afford that yo!just love ur site!

  • Lilikoi

    Adorable! Love these kids and their parents!!


    GAWD You People kill me. They have her hair in a ponytail. You A holes are such followers. Jummping on whatever JJ says and riding it to death and making it stupider then it really is. You people must be just lowering it down to pathetic level.

    Anyway I am glad to see them, I can’t wait for them to relax and get away from the paps soooo losers like you people don’t over analysis every picture of them you see.

  • cutie

    pax looks so much cuter than his usual cuteness lol hes so fly now with his new haircut and sunglasses…he looks cool anyway i think he doesnt have a mohawk because the vietnam people dont have that in their country and i think angie was supporting maddox mohawk because its part of his race or something , i dont know im just taking a guess but who knows maybe she will have him have a mohawk next month or year lol if she wants to make them look equal or something

  • captd

    Good Morning. Thanks JJ for the new pics. Love this family. Will be glad when they are back in the USA, however. Although we seem to get fewer pics then. But they may be happy to get some alone time. When is Angie finished filming? DOes anyone know?

  • pemberley

    Adorable! Princess Zee looks a little tired.

  • cutie

    how was a mgihty heart..i havent watched it yet but me and my sis cant wait to cuz it looks good and everyone loved it soo….

  • Lyn

    You look so cool, Papa Brad!!

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    Princess Zee is so adorable and just too precious for words.

    As for the poster that asked if Zee had a haircut — No but her hair is in a ponytail, tho.

  • cutie

    brad wore that hat when angie and mad were with him at the beach , they had lunch togather , rremember that same hat..he wore it excatly at this time..maybe something is up ith why he wears it starting may lol but he still lokks good

  • ntt

    Good morning everyone. Jared, how do you know it’s the last day of school for them? BTW, I like this new format. Thanks Jared.

  • Andrómeda

    Good morning!!. How are you today?. Pax looks good with the sunglasses, just like dad.

  • Krystal aka preggy

    Her hair is in a side ponytail..eery one chill out damn..she looks bute

  • Mediterranean

    I love Pax!

  • mezgelina

    how are we going to get so many updates if the kids don’t go to school?? what will happen? i can’t go back to the days where i got to wait for new pics once a week!! hey bampzs fans!!!!

  • gismo

    share 112.356:

    sweet children.

    what a fantastic dad.

    bla bla bla … … .blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………….

    you are so stupid!


    the film ” Ocean Thirteen ” is a flop, a mega-flop.
    the film must pushed and he uses the children for it.

    this is poor!!!!!

  • cutie

    yeah but we wont see the same pictures everyday , the waiting is gonna be ecxiting..cant wait to see zee and shi in the swimming pool lol with their cute bikinis see this is ecxiting right!!!

  • Passing Through

    Pax is killing me with those shades! It’s so funny to see him display some of Brad’s coolness. It looks like he’s adjusted to his new life just fine.

  • susie

    Andro- hi hon, how are you? :lol:

  • African Girl

    Oh no! I see the makings of “Haircut gate”. If you look carefully, you’ll see that Zee’s hair is in a ponytail.

    Whew….we dodged the bullet on that one. Can you imagine what the JP Critics would say if Zee got a hair-cut….

    First there be the a loud gasp heard around the world, then clutching of the chest in shock, some faintings and finally…. the usual litany of criticism (masked as concern of course)

    Oh my God, that witch….why did she cut Z’s hair. This is child abuse, someone call Children’s services?
    She cut Zee’s hair because she doesn’t know how to control African Hair and…and she’s too lazy to bother.
    No….she cut Zee’s hair because Shiloh’s hair is not as long as Zee’s”
    Nah-ahn, she cut Zee’s hair because it’s almost as longs as hers”
    Zahara is going to lose her heritage”
    Poor Zahara, she’s gonna be traumatized by this.
    I am not a hater but (insert whatever complain the tickles you fancy)
    If she was just gonna cut her hair, why did she adopt her?
    Oh, oh now you know she only adopted her for publicity. She knew one day….cutting Zee’s hair will bring her attention. Yes, yes, that’s it.

    Emphasis on She (AJ) coz as we all know, AJ is the root of whatever is wrong in the universe.

    Anyway, Pax is a little cutie. He’s definately taking after his daddy and older bro.

    Thank you Jared and top of the morning to all (yes even to you critics…sitting at the computer, spitting nails coz you have nothing to complain about)

    Oh by the way Jared, nice try on the 10,000 character thingy….lol.

  • Cuckoonest

    Everyday it’s the same…photos of them dropping off the kids at school, then picking them up… Ah well…

    Still, thanks jared!

  • TiaBia

    Cuteness and coolness!!!

  • Michael C


  • anustin

    #40 african girl…..thats funny,but true!

  • anustin

    anjie get crucified if she cut zaharas hair.

  • Passing Through

    Jared – can you get rid of the alternating colors again, please?

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pictures. Pax is rocking those shades :), he is so adorable and Z is a doll.

    BTW: I like the new format :)

  • African Girl

    38 Passing Through : 06/29/2007 at 9:20 am
    Pax is killing me with those shades! It’s so funny to see him display some of Brad’s coolness. It looks like he’s adjusted to his new life just fine.

    Lol…I was thinking the same thing. Honestly there’s something BP-ish about him and even Maddox. The same way you can see a little of AJ in Zee and Shi…and before anyone jumps down my throat about genes and bloodline, I meant in mannerisms, facial expressions and all around aura.

  • http://jj Audrey

    Love this family. If they go on vacation now,we may not see more
    pics for a time?

    Love your site Jared will always visit.

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    Looka Pax in those sun glasses…how cute is that?