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Jessica Simpson's Bomb Ambition

Jessica Simpson's Bomb Ambition

Jessica Simpson‘s movie Blonde Ambition is a big bomb. It’s going straight to DVD!

“It is going straight to DVD domestically. It will only come out in theaters internationally,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “The movie is absolutely horrible. It’s just a bomb, mainly because of Jessica’s acting.”

Jessica‘s rep denies the rumors: “It’s definitely a theatrical release.”

A movie studio rep is unsure: “The final distribution plans have not been confirmed, so it would be premature to comment at this time.”

WOULD YOU PAY see “Blonde Ambition” on the silver screen?

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  • Diana


  • Christine

    aww that sucks =/

  • Orange Clockwork

    “WOULD YOU PAY see “Blonde Ambition” on the silver screen?”

    HELL to the NO!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Oh F@CK!! There goes the F@CKING neighborhood!

  • Belle

    Eh, I think not.

  • Dirty Cougar

    You know what? With the short curly blond wig on she, resembles Sally Struthers when, All In The Family was on. Doesn’t she look like Archie’s lil Goal??? Too Funny! LOL!

  • Tarah

    Not a chance!!

  • peppy

    i really don’t see jessica as an actress as a matter of fact i really dont see jessica as a singer either the only thing she had going for her was newlyweds i cant see her in five years still making the big bucks sorry

  • please no

    the woman can not act. period.

  • mackenzie

    no no no

  • Dumdums

    I’ve seen third graders express more emotion and personify their parts better than ‘Jessica normally speaking’ while wearing homemade cardboard costumes.. in a play about Fruits and Vegetables R good 4 U!!!

  • Kevin

    What’s that on her head? LOL

  • HEY!!!!!!

    No way!!! Jessica who??

  • joseph

    noo!! no way jose, why would anybody see this woman in any movie for that matter, i dislike her soo much, and i want to punch her in the face when i find mugshot of her with her big wide whale-mouth open, like she wants to have it as her signature look, soo annoying

  • nika

    Not even if it cost a mere dollar.

  • LOL

    I remembering seeing the sneak preview trailer and laughing out loud! It was so horrible!! A comedy preview should have you laughing with the story and the characters, not at the idiotic premise of Jessica being considered an actress.

    In fact I heard she turned down the part of Gemma Jameson (porn queen). I think it had to be the other way around since Jessica’s acting skills make a porn star look like an Oscar contender.

  • angie!

    im sorry but just by looking @ her hair, you can tell that the movie isnt gonna be good. lol

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe she’s getting paid for playing herself but with a different name. :l

    Seriously she should bugger off thinking people actually care about her.

  • Sarah

    Jessica Simpson is probably going to win an award for this movie…a razzie for Worst Actress. Oh and Worst Wig of the Year.

  • ll

    NOOOOOOOO…get the chipmunk away!

  • Tracy

    Who would pay to go see Jessica Simpson actin like her blonde self in some dumb movie? I’m not.

  • j

    I love her but she needs to stop making movies and go find her “sweet kisses” voice again.

  • jazz

    What a horrible wig.

  • louveciennes

    I’d pay NOT to see it. The only “acting” I’ve ever seen Jessica Simpson do is in those painfully horrendous Direct TV commercials where she riffs on her Daisy Duke character, and it’s so bad I think it gave me cancer. What is with her constant bizarre head movements in that commercial? She looks like a dashboard bobblehead.

  • Nana


  • Prix

    WOULD YOU PAY to see “Blond Ambition” on the silver screen?

    I wouldn’t go if you paid ME!!!!

    Did you really have to ask?

  • tessa


  • Nando


  • Cynthia

    Hell no, I would not pay a penny to see Jessica act like an imbecile! They might as well pack that film up and release it in the year 3000!

  • shoes4life

    I think not.

  • Sara Lee

    I’d pay to see her sentenced to life in prison

  • NoBritFanHere

    no. won’t even watch it on tv.



    i hate it! if they spent millions on this movie why only $5 on the wig…if is one of her hair products….EWWWW!

  • flatazz

    She’s a goner :(

  • Olivia

    Remember Jessica in That 70′s Show and The Dukes of Hazzard?

    Yeah, me neither. She should stick to what she knows. Pizza Hut and Direct TV commercials, and selling her crap-tastic beauty line and fake hair.

  • your daddy


  • Yily

    I can honestly say I will not see Jessica’s movie mainly because I’ve seen her act and she cannot act at all! She can’t even sing so how can she act! Jessica Simpson is one of the worst actress in Hollywood right now. She’s definitely a big higher on the ladder than Jessica Alba, but still, seeing Jessica Simpson on the big screen will make anybody want their money back. Do not see Blonde Ambition!

  • nancy

    Would I want to see bad acting and a terrible movie??
    Would I want to see Jess’s pouty faces for 1.5hrs??
    Would I want to poke my eyes with a toothpick??
    Nah…I’d rather NOT!!

    Luke Wilson (Idiocracy)…he’s a crap actor too.

  • Truth

    I find her annoying as hell. I think she’ll release a country album and if that’s not successful, she’ll move back to Texas. Newlyweds will probably be the pinnacle of her career.

  • (‘@’)

    I would rather spend $8 on McDonald than go see this movie. I would enjoy my $8 much more!!

  • Carly

    NO way in #ell will I see this movie even if it was free.I will not go see the next one either. She is disgusting.
    She thought shoving her breat in everyone’s face would get people to like her. The public is not dumb. She can’t act, can’t sing. It’s horrible she does not have an education. If she had any shame she would stop, but she steps into another movie and that one will fail as well. This chick will find a man to hook up to just so she can keep her family and herself in Hollywood. I she her as a call girl for her family.

  • sheryl

    Uhhhhhh….long, drawn out “nnnnooooooooooooo.”

  • sheryl

    I’d pay to watch the dog she’s holding in a movie first….

  • Whatever

    Her life itself is a free blond ambition movie. why pay?

  • lo

    You could not pay me enough to go see that movie. Jessica annoys the hell out of me. I have no idea why she’s still in hollywood. She can’t sing, she can’t act. Her last attempt at success, a country album will bomb also. Yeah, her only chance now is marrying a celebrity. See Nick, good guys do finish first sometimes.