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Matt Damon is Bourne Again in Germany

Matt Damon is Bourne Again in Germany

Picture perfect couple Matt Damon and wife Luciana attend on Tuesday’s premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum at Potsdamer Platz Square’s Sony Center CineStar in Berlin, Germany.

Matt was recently asked where he keeps the Oscar he won for Good Will Hunting. He answered, “It ended up at my apartment in New York, but then my apartment was flooded. A sprinkler broke while we were out of town. It was really weird. It was about two weeks after my daughter was born and I’m sure it was like one of those deals you make with God. We had a pretty hard labour and I’m sure at one point in that labour I said: You can take everything in the world away from me, but please don’t take my wife or my daughter.’ And two weeks later I got a phone call and they said: ‘Oh my God, I’m in your apartment! Everything you have in the world is gone!’ And I was holding my daughter and I said: ‘Okay, don’t worry about it. We’ll fix it.’ And I’m sure on some level there was some kind of cosmic deal I made for it. So all the stuff is in storage so I don’t know.” Poor guy!

10+ pictures inside of Matt Damon rocking out Germany…

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Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty
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  • Maniston

    His wife is not attractive. She has very ugly feet.

  • Ebba


  • Ebba

    Shit, I was NOT first.
    Oh well..
    His wife is cute. Matt is not that hot.
    Good actor though.

  • cutie pie

    omg this woman is so tanned on this picture i thought she was black. damn cant we even have our skin color dammit

  • snakeclocks

    What is wrong with Matt Damon? For a man as famous and as rich him he could have picked up a better and hotter looking latina. Matt Damon worked with Eva Mendes, why didn’t he hook with her. This chick is plain butta.


    Lord I cum everytime I see Edgar Ramirez! Nice meat!

  • Jane

    Wow, he’s on top of the world right now, isn’t he? I hope this doesn’t get to his head, with this kind of success there is always a price to pay. He seems like a good guy but in some of his recent interviews I’m sensing a bit of arrogance.

    Oh yeah, his wife is okay, nothing special, but yeah she got a big ass big toe on her!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    i feel like i’ve seen these exact pictures before.


    I don’t lame matt for marrying Ms. Fugs, she would be loyal.. Eva Mendes is a DUMB broad. Have you ever read one of her interviews? You will want a prefrontal lobotomy after that experience..

    Back to hotter things, EDGAR RAMIREZ is the hotness.. Licking my thick lips!

  • Jess0

    I think his wife is beautiful. He must really love her.


    Cutie Pie, Luciana is that Tanned because she is Hispanic.. Hispanic is actually was reserved for Dominican republic and Haiti (Formerly Hispanola). Hispanic is not a race. You can have black, white, Indian and a mixture of two or three.. Eva Mendes definitely has black, JLO, Salma has Arab, and many Arabs are mixed with African from Saudi to all of North Africa.. You can see Shakira has black in her and she also has Lebanese.. So These people will Tan and can look black if they stay in the sun long enough.

    jessica Alba tries to run, but her father is a very dark Mexica. I am sure a lot of people don’t know that in the 1600′s in Mexico there were 1/2 a million African slaves. Though there are some villages still and a lot of art etc, most Africans in Mexico assimilated in the Spanish/Indian population.. So Alba is worried about being called Latina, she might even be mixed with black blood..LMAO..

    Hispanic is an ETHNICITY, that means that Luciana most-likely like alot/most of other Hispanics/Latino/a has African Blood.
    So when she is in the sun, the melanin shows.

  • Boss

    THANK GOD FOR CRAZY_HO!!!! Someone who actually has some education! Very well said Crazy_HO. Anyway, I think Matt and his wife look great together and he shows exactly where his priorities are in this interview. His wife and daughter come first, not his career, not money, not fame, but HIS FAMILY. And obviously Matt showed that race or ethnicity do not matter to him when he married Luciana. He is a good guy.


    She is not pretty to American standards, but she is attractive and she must be SMART!! Matt is an intelligent guy, he doesn’t want a dumby around.. She has a nice color.. That is not a tan, but her natural color.

    Yes @ #11, people are oblivious reality of Central and South AMerica..
    All of those countries had some form of slavery, some more than others..

  • Jane

    I wonder if he is getting tired of promoting his movie, I know I’m getting tired of hearing about it.

  • Someone

    I really love him. He seems like he loves what he does but by the look of his wife they just seem very non Brangelina we’re adopting the world happy. I respect them.


    Crazy Ho;
    Edgar R. is just gorgeous. yummy. I can’t get tired of him.



    Matt does a lot of work with Africa. He is a very conscious and intelligent man. I love him!

  • Petty Girl


    what shoes is Luciana wearing? Any idea? I LOVE them.

  • bite me

    Luciana is a very beautiful woman… did u guys want him to marry a generic little barbie

  • pancakebottom

    He likes dark meat.

  • to cutie pie

    cutie pie i take it from your post your young, and your post have gotten better, but baby girl please stop playing the race card every
    chance you get, there is a place for everything, this is not the
    forum for it and as a black women those silly comments are embarrassing,to you and to those who take the race issue serious.

  • me

    They are both ORANGE. Can’t understand what he hs in common with a bartender. You wonder why he didn’t marry someone with an education or a career. Seems kinda un-selfconfident of him.

  • Adoring Fan

    That’s what happiness is! Love Matt and Lucy. Grounded and Solid.

  • bdj

    Cute couple

  • nana

    Hell Affleck married horsefaced Garner, so not all celebs marry good looking people.

    It’s obviously not a requirement to marry a celeb. Even you have a chance.

  • Katie N

    My respect for Mat went sky high after reading the interview. He is a very intelligent (Harvard educated) man and he goes for intelligent women. Not cookie cutter blondi bomb shells. They are dime a dozen. This woman is down to earth, pretty and comfy with herself. Acomplished, confident men do not need blond, trophy wives to feel manly.

  • Sarah

    not that bad

  • Love Matt

    Thanks Jared! :D

    Love these pics, especially the second one. Matt is awesome!!!

  • Fan

    They make a good couple, and of course Matt could have married any one he wanted, she may not be pretty, but if Matt married her she might be a great person and it’s making him happy and that’s what count. I admire Matt very much and I’m happy for him. Luciana is making Matt a Happy Man!

  • amanda

    Sadly most of the mean comments about Matt and his wife are from sad brangelina fans who are pissed that at one point Matt had made jokes or had a comment taken out of context about brad and angelina. Get over it.

  • yuck

    She’s not pretty or good looking, but her dress is gorgeous!!!

  • Someone

    It’s really cute, in the Bourne Ultimatum you can see his wedding band mark on his hand in some scenes.

  • Jane

    Lucy is really beautiful and they look to be a happy, settled couple.

  • peace

    To Amanda-He’s very good friends with both Brad and Angelina.

    Great actor. Great personality. Smart. Seems down to earth.

    Love them.

  • A Certain Smile

    Matt is a great actor and handsome. A 5’10 man is not short. His wife is beautiful and has a beautiful complexion. Just because she was a bartender does not mean she is an idiot. I can’t see him marrying someone he could not have a conversation with. Again this has nothing to do w/Jolie-Pitts and the people making negative comments are not their fans. There is no reason to bring them up in every friggin thread.

    The Bourne Ultimatum is great but the best is still the first one, The Bourne Identity. At least you can see the fight scenes.

  • ANGE

    They make a cute couple. Luciana wore a red dress of this same style at
    the premier of OCEAN 13 back in june.

  • evita

    To Crazy Ho, what ignorance…if Mexico had slaves it is because Mexico was called New Spain at that time and it was the Spaniards who brought them…if anything the Slaves ran to Mexico to be free from the Whites in the United States…I must be of Indian race and of Mexican or Hispanic ethnicity and just might have a little black but I am damn proud of it. You more than likely have black in you too or some race other than your own…Luciana is beautiful and so is Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez, what difference does it make if they are dark…they are still beautiful.

  • Nicole

    Matt is badass! :)

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Matt said Angelinan is one of his really good friends. There is no beef bdetween Matt and Brangelina.

    Luciana is truly lovely. Refreshing to see hi with a “real woman” Love her complexion. Wow. Her daughter is that dark too so clearly it is genetic (I mean her daughter before Matt).

    I think she is a breath of fresh air and is the kind of girl you marry. Good for Matt. I much prefer her than Ben’s Jennifer Garner who seems so hard and buff and kind of too muscular. Luciana looks like a lovely girl you can take home to mom.

    Latinas really have a glow about them.

  • whitegirl

    no i dont think so amanda…..we are brangelina fans are happy the way they are because they look so natural, and there is nothing fake about them….not like the ex of brad…she is all about faking it….

  • j-ro

    someone award him the sexiest man alive title already! he is hot! and his wife is lovely. enough with the haterade!

  • http://deleted lulu

    41 Blunomore :

    ======== Brad was with a junkie before, everyone in HW knew his X-wife was a chronic users of “happy”. Brad is now with the most beautiful,supportive and compassionate woman in the world.lucky Brad, lucky Matt.

  • http://deleted BAMZS forevah

    Brad and Matt are good friend, Angie had said before they are good family friend, WE love Brad and Angie ,of course, we love Matt and Lucy.


    Great film! – Where fashion and music talk meet!

  • blabla

    Kirsten Dunst wore that same dress many years ago for a London premiere.

  • lole

    luciana is beautiful just not perfect plastic like some people in hollywood would like to think they are by bleaching their hair, changing their real teeth, coloring their skin, boob jobs and nouse jobs ect… she is a NATURAL BEAUTY and the only thing isn’t perfert is her teeth as they are not perfecty on line but i much prefer to see real teeth than fake.

  • cutie pie

    to crazy ho: thanks for the history lesson, and to the one who addressed cutie pie: yes im young but that is my opinion and i still say her tan looks a bit fake, but thanks for not getting racist and letting me voice my opinion. i still say black and brown skin is beautiful more so than paleand if that was not true all rhese people would not be geeting sun tans so much even though it looks fake. i am black and light skinned i have a complexion of honey colored, because of mixed white in my family . i dont say im half white , i dont want to be half white ( wonder why) i say im black . we all have mix in us. but my skin color is of honey color and im proud of it. no long tanning for me. but that just me so leave me to be me, im not hurting anybody, at least it aint racist. thank you

  • cutie pie

    so a whole lot of races have african genes in them so why is it so much racism? answer that and why if a kid has a white mother and a black father which that combination is taking over why is that kid considered black. some say because black is dominate over other colors. but a lot of other mixed kids like white/chinese white/anything else always claims their mixed both races. but black and white always ends up black. answer that crazy ho. you seem to be smart and not racist with your opinions so i respect you. but if someone wants to get racist with me i will give it back and a whole lot more. but crazy ho i respect you because you can give your opinion with out disrespecting the other person.

  • Lollipop AKA Angelina

    Hey nut jobs? Do you honestly think that Matt is going to come out “on the record” to say anything negative? All those celebs walk that fine line of “of course I like her” HW is high school magnified by 10 thousand.

  • Lollipop AKA Angelina

    Btw Matt ROCKS!