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James McAvoy & Wife Hit Venice

James McAvoy & Wife Hit Venice

Fresh-faced Scottish actor James McAvoy and British actress wife Anne-Marie Duff rub noses during the opening ceremony and the Atonement Premiere of the 64th Annual Venice Film Festival on Wednesday in Venice, Italy.

Duff is nine years McAvoy‘s senior — Duff is 37, McAvoy is 28. The couple met while filming Shameless, an offbeat British comedy drama television series. James and Anne-Marie celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary this October.

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • KrungKrung


    here’s a video for y’all. hope you like.

  • [~Famous~]

    huh? ummm okay?

  • Adrienne

    Mmmm, love James McAvoy. Just saw Becoming Jane last night and he was fantastic in it!

  • laura

    I love him! He’s gorgeous and a talented actor…his chemistry with Anne Hathaway in Becoming Jane was amazing.

  • e

    Oh God, Im so jealous of his wifeeeeeeeeee

  • Lolly

    LOVE HIM!!!!

  • Nana


  • pipi

    Love him, he’s soo talented.


    OK! I guess that old snatch is the best! that is what my 23 yrd old tell me!

  • greaty

    They look BEAUTIFUL together! I wish them all the best! True love doesn’t care about the age difference.

  • the_original_nika

    Yes, true love doesn´t care about age.
    Except those, that only want younger peopla to make them feel young and important =x.

  • KrungKrung

    9 Magnus

    don’t like gays eh? i see how you are.


    James McAvoy is an amazing young actor.. He was awesome with Forrest Whittaker and Kerry W. in Last King of Scotland and lord becoming Jane was sweet!!

    The wife is a FUGLY FUG!! It’s like Beaty & The Beast in reverse! Damn James, WTF???

    You could have dated me!

  • chi-chi

    He is so charming in Becoming Jane.

  • 2985

    JJ, what’s the importance in mentioning that Anne-Marie is nine years James’ senior? I mean, that isn’t even newsworthy. I doubt you’d bother with it if it was the other way around. Why is that even part of the entry?

  • Israel

    ‘Shameless’ is (was??) the vest british series EVER!!!!!

    Anne-Marie Duff was awesome! I didn’t know they are married.

  • blah…..

    What’s wrong with Hollywood ? the leading actors are getting shorter and shorter.

  • elisa

    My God! What’s going on in young actors’ heads? Especially talented and handsome actors…He is cute and really good (I saw him The Last King of Scotland, Becoming Jane and Inside I’m dancing). Now I look forward to watching Atonement. But THAT WIFE?!? She is ugly and old, and he should have married someone his own age. How did she bewitch him? Because that’s the only explanation I can come up with…
    As for his performance in Becoming Jane, now that one was really enchanting!!!! Both he and Anne Hathaway were splendid, and his eyes expressed so much passion and desperation at the same time!!! And his height has nothing to do with talent (come on, we are not talking about Tom Cruise…)

  • Sarah

    20, I think it’s just his wife who is 9 years older than him. Up against Keira Knightley, he wasn’t small. Don’t forget high heel shoes!

  • Lolly

    Elisa: You’re a bitch. Maybe he fell in love? James is an intelligent, talented man. When you insult his wife, you insult him.

  • Lori

    Anne looks like Princess Diana from a far. I like the pixie hair cut on her. I can’t believe she’s almost 40. She looks pretty good for that age. I was glad to see that James’s mother came too. She’s kinda pretty.

  • BenedictCumberpatch

    Anne and James are amazing and they share everything with their friends. I know cause I’m one of them. Anne is a terrific shag too!! :)

  • DominiCooper.

    Agreed with ben. Anne is a great shag. James isn’t too bad either. :)

  • J

    :( Shes pretty :(

  • JamesMcAvoy

    i don’t appreciate that. you know you all didn’t sleep with me or my wife!

  • maz

    anne marie has got short hair cos shes playing joan of arc in a play

  • StellaZara

    Hmm. I really think both are great actors. But to be honest..she looks like his mother..all the best to them, important thing is that they are in love.

  • SickleCell

    both are gorgeous. i wouldn’t kick either out of bed for eating crackers…wonder if they’re kinky like that??

  • Lindsay

    yea! i love him! hes a really good actor:)

  • Adriana

    Oh Lordy, I love me some Anne-Marie. Massive girl-crush.

    I went to see her in Saint Joan at the National Theatre on August 2nd, and almost fell off my seat when I saw Mr. Duff himself sitting across the aisle from us. I consider it one of my greatest achievements that I didn’t immediately start giggling uncontrollably, although it was a very close thing. Deep breaths.

    Anne-Marie, for those who don’t know her work, is a breathtakingly good actress. Chillingly good. Electrically good. She may not be as glamorous as Keira Knightley (who I also think is terrific – you just want to buy her a pint, don’t you?), but if you’ve ever had the priviledge of seeing Anne-Marie, there’s no question that McAvoy is a very, very lucky boy indeed. And he knows it. His eyes were on his wife every single second of her performance, absolutely mesmerised, and when she came out for her bow, he leapt from his seat to be the first to give her a standing ovation. It was an incredibly tender moment.

    I wanted to pinch them both on the cheek and wish them well. But I resisted. With difficulty.

  • Nikki

    James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway really looked good together in Becoming Jane.
    I wonder if they would end up together if both are not involved.
    I have never known McAvoy until Becoming Jane.
    Little did I know that he played Mr. Tumnus and had a supporting role in The Last King of Scotland. He was remarkable as Nicholas Garrigan! I am pretty sure he will soon get an Oscar.

  • River

    i hear they are in line to play a real life couple in a scottish movie that just got picked up. at least the producers are hoping that they, james and anne, will take the parts. Could be very exciting.

  • Debbie

    Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves – Anne Marie being nine years older than James is NOT newsworthy – how different the attitude if the other way around eh? And yes, James is gorgeous and sexy and all that, but to call her old and ugly, just because of a bit of jealousy or envy, when lets face it YOU don’t have a chance in hell – get real.. That poor woman is maligned for it, when she to is a great actress, when they both met on a critically acclaimed show and both have gone on to do high profile work. How must she feel to only be considered as worthwhile because she was lucky enough to end up with James? Like someone else said, if you think so much of him, do you really think he would be interested in anyone other than his equal, with qualities of her own? SHAME ON YOU! GROW UP

  • http://WWW.GDESIGNWEB.COM Georgiana

    James is absolutely perfect! Very smart, passionate, sexy, funny, charming… I just adore him. I hope he is very happy with his wife although I will not lie to you people. I would love Anne Hathaway and him to be together, but I guess only because I never saw his wife. I loved “Becoming Jane” and I guess I would like the story to continue but, welcome to real world.. :)
    Anyway, like I said I hope he is very happy and wish him luck in life.

  • http://rtfr fdf

    he is buffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is ugly!!!!!!!!!!
    it shud be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love from stalker

  • Cheryl

    Some of you folks have made very meanspirited remarks concerning Anne Marie Duff. Apparently James thinks she is awesome and believes she is going to be a great life partner or he wouldn’at have married her. And I, too, wonder what the value was in mentioning that she is nine years older than e. Who cares? If he were older than she not one word would have been printed. I think it is time for people to start taking a look at why they make meanspirited remarks. Isn’t there enough “nasty” in the world?

  • Shara

    This man rocks!He must have great passion in his real life relationship to be that great on screen.

  • naz

    im sorry yes he may like her but he is just too good for her, she is pretty but not hot enough for him, his upcoming film penelope looks good and he looks totally fit! was that really james mcavoy who really sent that message

  • naz

    im so jealous of his wife!!! he is soooo hot especially in his upcoming film penelope. he is such an amazing actor, i never realised he was the guy who played mr tumnus. and i cant wait to see his film with angi joli. was that really james mcavoy who sent that message?

  • jonquil

    They look BEAUTIFUL together! and and stop jealous of his wife she so BEAUTIFUL and Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

  • Sheryl

    I just recently found out that James McAvoy and I share the same birth day! (Jan.1) Only he’s a year older – anyhow, I remember watching an interview of his on YouTube where he mentions something about that he lives a life that others might find truly boring because he feels like such an old man at his young age (truly enjoys only the simple pleasures in life – reading, hiking) and felt like that even at age 15. And when I heard that, I was like “Yes that’s SO me! I’m 28 but I feel like I’m an old woman stuck in a young woman’s body.” And because of that, nine years ago, I ended up marrying someone 10 years older than me, and so far we’ve been blissfully married (James & Anne are 9yrs apart, right?) Anyhow, because of his “simple” personality, I totally get it about why he was attracted to and chose to marry a much older woman…maybe it has to do with being born on that same particular day?
    Anyhow, I’m not quite sure if that really was James Mcavoy on this website who had placed a blog on comment #26. But James, if you’re reading this, I’m not sure if you found my similarities with you in this blog to be coincidential or anything but, as there are many other similiarities I stumbled upon, with what you’ve mentioned on some interviews, that just about freaked me out myself…for all I know, you just might be my long lost twin…- a year apart :)

  • christy

    i love james! he is goegeous. just watched atonement and becoming jane. talented actor, and beautiful eyes!

  • Leli

    James I think that you can do better than Anne. Sorry Anne.
    He is hot and your not.

  • Tori

    OK. It’s like when Anne was 8 and James was a baby . They’d be going out. Eow!

  • Anne

    I Think that you should not be writing those kinds of things.
    You guys are just jealous i have him and you don’t. So suck on that.

  • Tori

    We are not jealous. He is going to dump you for somebody much younger that you, better looking and much more than you will ever be.Ok! that is what i got to say grandma

  • Tori

    You got to face it.James has worked with beautiful actors such as Kiera Knightley and Anne Hathaway. You are trash . your better of with my grandpa. He’s about your age . maybe one year younger.Not that bad.Call me.

  • JamesMCAvoy

    Ok. I’ll try them other apples. If you know what i mean?

  • JamesMCAvoy

    I am sexy !